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Do you think maybe Carmilla jumped in front of the arrow that was meant for mattie?

I think it’s totally possible, and I think something like that would have an important impact on Laura’s views just now as well, as she’s most definitely got it into her head that Carmilla doesn’t care about anything.

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I think Raven was trying to make it funny to make her stop because she knows what it's like to be in that situation. ESPECIALLY considering she too had to hide the fact that she was part of the LGBT community at one time. Yeah, she was rather bizarre during the interview as well but nothing on the level that Michelle was.

Very true. She knows what it’s like, and she did her best to complete shut down the other interviewer. Even with the sweatpants question. Like ANYTHING was better than the topics they discussed. And then THANK GOD she stepped in when she did. Honestly, thank you, Raven.

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I've watched most of Evangelion and I've been really confused. Whenever they talk about Lillith, Adam, and Lilin, I never know which angel they're talking about! What's the difference between the three, and what do they each look like?

Ok let’s start with Adam aka this guy:

You don’t really see this fella much because it was an important factor causing the Second Impact.  You mostly see it like this little bugger:

It’s instrumental in Gendo’s plan for the Third Impact.  It was also the progenitor to all Angels.

Ok, Lilith is Adam’s counterpart or rather the second seed of life that sorta pushed Adam out of it’s rightful place.  It looks like this:

And it’s housed under NERV.  Lilith is the progenitor of all Lilin aka all humans.

The world was originally destined to be populated by Angels aka Adam’s genetic offshoots but Lilith accidentally also ended up on Earth and populated Earth with humans/lilin instead of Angels.

I hope that answered most of your question.

-Admin Adam

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"'He hasn’t treated her right for a long time,' the insider says, adding that Perrie 'is doing great.'" yikes that's shitty of him

ok but is that news lmao we all know he cheated multiple times

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Caliborn was gonna steal Jake's name and be "Lord English": Hes called Lord English because of jake Postscratch jade / Grandma took the English name and his placronym stated "Jake English": Hes called Jake English because of Lord English Explain???

Time loop. Caliborn takes the name, LE terrorizes Earth, post-scratch Jade changes her name to English, Jake’s named after English, Caliborn takes the name and the cycle continues. 

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Sorry if this has been asked a lot before but I couldn't find a post for it. What kind of pens do you use when inking?

I have actually gotten this question a lot and I’ve put off compiling all this information together for far too long. So HERE WE GO. 


  • Uni-ball Stick Roller Ball Pens - Micro Point (For lines
  • Papermate Point Guard Flair Pens - Medium Point (For line variation)
  • Sharpie Brand Markers of Varied Sizes (For spot blacks
  • Prismacolor 20% & 30% Cool Grey Markers (For shading)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll White Pen - Medium  (For white lines)


  • Falcon Tip Steel Pen Nib (For lines)** 
  • Dr. Phil Martin’s Bombay Black India Ink (Primary Ink)
  • Speedball Super-Black India Ink (Secondary Ink)
  • Kuretake Disposable Pocket Brush Pen - Fine (For line variation)
  • Sharpie Markers of Varied Sizes (For spot blacks)
  • Prismacolor Jet-Black/Black Markers (For spot blacks)
  • Molotow Acrylic Paint Pen - 2mm (For white lines

** I don’t know what brand these things are that I get because the packages are all in 100% Japanese. 

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Calum groaning and whimpering as you scratch his back and nip at his neck leaving marks.

visiting calum on tour and the two of you are in the back of the bus watching a movie bc the other boys are shouting and playing video games but obviously since you guys have a secluded area with a lock on the door, the innocent cuddling turns to his lips on your necks which quickly evolves into clothes hitting the floor. and the lock on the door is hinky sometimes so you two have to be quiet and he’s on top with the covers pulled up just i case (bc the boys have seen his ass and dick multiple times but he’ll be damned if they even see your ass) so when he’s finally inside you, his face is buried in your neck, trying to quiet his groans bc it’s been so long since he’s been inside you and you feel so good. and he can hear little whines bubbling in your throat and your nails are digging into his back. “fuck, baby, you feel so goddamn-” he cuts himself off, a small groan slipping by his lips. he crashed his lips to yours, hoping to muffle his noise. teeth were clashing and your mouths were slipping away from each other but neither of you really cared. you pulled away and began nipping down his neck and his hips bucked, whimpering into your ear. “remember you’ve got to stay quiet?” you reminded him, half-teasing. he groaned as you tightened around him, his forehead falling to yours. “fuck it, i don’t care. let them hear how good you’re making me,” he growled.

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I'm curious how'd the darkiplier ball go for you? (/also slides a jar full of different colored eyes towards you)

Oh but the ball is far from ending, dear anon~! 
He’s mostly chilling by the sides so far (at some point showing his fancy robot dance-moves at the dancefloor I’m sure…wtf)
But yea, not really connected much yet, only planned to munch admired the eyes of other participants so far~ But he’s having a good time~

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do u think calling yung lean meme rap is justifiable

honestly…….nah there’s a lot more thought put into it realistically than just being a “meme rapper”

meme rappers don’t go on world tours and sell out shows fam

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In response to Donald Trump's comments about immigrants, Kelly Obsbourne said "If we get rid of all the Mexicans, who will clean all of your toilets?" or something along those lines

oh my god

didnt she think the comment about zendaya was enough…

im so sick of this racist bs