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man fuck that other anon im loving hearing you talk about your concert experience tell us every millisecond if you want to I for one AM HYPE TO HEAR ABOUT IT (also what was calum like during soundcheck was he cute i bet he was cute)

ASDFGHJKL; THANK U omg Calum was EVERYTHING at soundcheck first off he wore this shirt 

and these shoes (with the rolled pants)

and he looked so good and Ashton asked how he was feeling and he said he was still a little stuffy and Calum pinched his nose and spoke in a funny voice and he did so good during IYDK like his eyebrows jumped and he was so cute concentrating and doing it all in one breath lol and he smiled a lot and his skin was beautiful and so were his tattoos and he and ashton sat shoulder to shoulder and imitated bickering women on Jerry Springer (still not 100% sure why Jerry Springer was brought up lol) and Calum kept talking abt Jerry Springer on a different show but then everyone was distracted by the girl coming up on stage to play her ukulele and Calum was jokingly like oh never mind (& I was like no bby I am listening!!) and when Ashton was being all inspirational and cute and motivating (as Ashton is) Calum was messing with his microphone (as Calum does) like this

but like he was pressing the microphone against his forehead and I was just like ??? bubs what are you doing but he was so cute and sounded adorable with a stuffy nose but he was in such high spirits ahhhhhh it was amazing!!

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Is it true that someone at soundcheck said the n word and michael told security to make her leave???

so some of this is speculation on my end however I do know that the girl yelled it while she was already leaving the area, so my assumption is that she was caught taking a pic or video or audio recording (which u can’t do during soundcheck) and was kicked out for that reason and got upset at the security guard (the main security guard was black and thus why I’m assuming why she went for the awful slur she yelled out) and honestly it was so startling to all of us the boys were like “whoooa” and looked so concerned trying to figure out what was going on and Michael was like that’s not right (which must be where ppl thought Michael asked security to make her leave, but he didn’t) and Ashton said maybe we should move on to the next question (and it was sad bc it was a good question they were answering!) but Luke did a good job of like finishing wrapping up the question to like hold it all together and they apologized and then moved on to the next question

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12 yo me: huh I never want to get married, I don't like the idea of being with a guy forever, I must not be interested in marriage me now: I'm gonna have a wife one day!!!!!! can you believe!!!! I can't wait to meet my future wife!!!! build a life together!!! I love women!!!

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holy shit man i love those horns. they're so aesthetically pleasing???

Piles of sanded horns will always be my aesthetic mmmmMMMMM 

(Sorry for the mantis lol)

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@ these other anons smh why are you bothering ONE person you follow about this instead of going to one of a million resource blogs like writingwithcolor or, idk, google.. like its not that hard to learn how to write non appropriatively

HOENSTLY PLEASE… im not a resource for alot of these questions please dont ask me to teach u how to be respectful im just ranting here im not a teacher…. GO STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What was Luke like?

luke was great! I’d say he was the quietest but his sense of humor was amazing, like that whole post about him just saying the word “straddle” and laughing abt it and then when Calum was talking abt smuggling avocados into Canada Luke almost stole Calum’s thunder telling the story and Calum was like yo bro don’t do that and Luke laughed and he said Chipotle in an exaggerated American accent lol and he said he liked Whole Foods a lot aaaaand idk he was quiet but had like quick small funny things that caught you off guard for being funny?? and his smile was amazing and he did a good job bringing everyone back together after that girl was rude and like being nice and finishing the question and his voice is so nice and his laugh is so fast and quick but is like sunshine??? I love him, and during the concert he was so great too I was definitely enamored with him last night!!

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how are they exotic they're just aliens like I for one am tired of white-coded immortals like if rebecca only made what she knew, it'd be another sci-fi bullshit piece of work with white vampires, white robots, white aliens, white everything, I just don't know how much more respectful the crew can get without just throwing in the towel and basing it completely off european culture which would suck for all the nonwhite kids who watch the show

lol why do white ppl like this even follow me? 


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hey! do u have any good tv show/ movie recs?

tv shows: mr robot, leverage, elementary, unreal, daredevil, jessica jones, how to get away with murder, grey’s anatomy, flesh and bone, avatar: the last airbender, quantico, penny dreadful, sense8, brooklyn nine nine, parks and recreation, jane the virgin, a place to call home

movies: atonement, black swan, the bling ring, skyfall, mad max: fury road, v for vendetta, inglourious basterds, star trek (2009), inception, pacific rim, gone girl, pride and prejudice, interstellar, the lobster, the handmaiden, stoker, the falling, the dressmaker, the social network

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It'd be awful if it weren't for the fact that the show has a diverse crew and a diverse number of characters, including a south asian human family who is depicted very respectfully, and a lot of other characters of color that get to exist as humans? I think they're trying to create characters and cultures that have obvious ties to what children would be able to perceive and relate to? It's not like you have characters talking about chakras or smudging, but I don't know, I wish she'd address it

stop ttrying to tiptoe around it just bc some supporting characters are south asian and there are poc in the show doesnt have anything to do with the fact that it isnt ur cultures she is experimenting with to create a narrative of some vague inhuman species.. 

also ok personally.. like if a nonnative person did this with my culture to try to “ create characters and cultures that have obvious ties to what children would be able to perceive and relate to” i would be upset.. why do they have to be exotic aliens? this isnt her community to do that… o_o tf

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What is your opinion on reposted art and how do you feel when people repost yours with or without credit?

well, if its outside tumblr and they give me proper credit, im super okay with it, but here? that bothers me A LOT and i do not give persmission for that. same goes for reposting without credit. 

google is your friend, it has a very useful tool for reverse searching images (i guess thats whats called), and in my case, there’s always my signature so theres no excuse besides being lazy and not caring. 

so yeah, always give credit for works that doesnt belong to you! *thumbs up*