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I sometimes wish I could just be anonymous and walk down the street just like everyone else. Before I was famous I was the girl on the hill with the guitar. I was the girl that just wanted a beautiful view of the beach and now that I’m famous it’s really really difficult to do very simple things. I think its [anonymity] the hardest thing to give up.. - beyonce


Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller did not always reveal themselves as the artists behind FAILE. Inspired by their art and their previous anonymity, Landon Nordeman recently visited the FAILE studio and created double-exposed portraits of the artists. Stay tuned for more #BKMstudiovisits with landonnordeman​.

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INCEPTIVERSARY CHALLENGE: sum up our entire Fandom History in 10 fics

hahahaha, okay, nonnie, i’ll try! it’s impossible to categorically attempt to define and summarize a complicated and diverse fandom with lots of complex fics and views and wildly divergent takes on canon, but as a thought experiment, i hope it’ll be ok!

I should stress there are dozens of fics if not hundreds that could slot into each of these general “categories” and trends, i don’t want to say any of these are like The Definitive Treatment, they’re just fics that spring to my mind as examples of a trend or aesthetic! Enjoy the recs but please don’t take them as like, a declarative statement on How Fandom Was or anything! 

Also, this is an Arthur/Eames History, because write what you know etc.

  • A certain type of very early inception fic, ie the thankfully short-lived ‘Eames is a bad speller and kinda dumb and he and Arthur have “banter” that is regrettably indistinguishable from sexual harassment until he wears Arthur down and then they fuck’ phase of our existence
  • Das Vorbewusste by weatherfront ie the follow-up complete polar reversal, ‘nevermind, Eames is THE MOST BRILLIANT PERSON EVER TO EXIST ON THE PLANET AND IT’S A WONDER THAT ARTHUR DOESN’T MELT AWAY IN HIS FINE SUIT JUST BEING NEAR HIM BECAUSE QUITE HONESTLY WHO COULD BLAME HIM HOT DAMN,’ a phase which thankfully still exists to this day :D :D :D :D 
  • Towards Zero by mirabella ie oh shiiiiiiiit everything is terrible PROJECTIONS ARE THE WORST PLOT TROPE IN HISTORY I’M TERRIFIED AND NO LONGER TRUST WHAT IS REAL, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE WHO DECIDED THIS FANDOM WAS A GOOD IDEA ie that phase when everyone was writing angsty plots with projections and reality mindfucks and i’m so glad we are out of this phase mostly because my heart could not take it
  • Unexpected Plot Twist by ethrosdemon aka that phase when fics were blowing up dreamshare and issuing scathing critiques of the military while they were at it
  • Late Night Phone Call by Sparkledark. I feel like “wildly delightful AUs completely separate from the inception canon but no less memorable for it” aren’t really a phase so much as a staple in this and every fandom, and they’ve been here since the beginning, but when this one was posted back in (originally on LJ for the inception christmas fic exchange in i think 2011) it was just the BEST THING EVER. It definitely counts as a fandom moment, for me at least.
  • Get Lost by winterlive aka that phase when everyone was very introspective and fics were only nominally about dreamshare, but were very much about character explorations, and the sense of vastness that canon left us with, and also maybe an attempt to recreate the aesthetic of SGA fandom here in new space, and also a little about the poignancy of collective creation of narrative, if that makes any sense.
  • Our Man in Africa by witling, ie that, like, 2-year late-fandom phase when it seemed that we had a real infrequency of longer canonical fics (my favorite kind), but whenever we got them, thanks to newcomers like redcat512 and awesome perennial fans like witling and pushdragon and lurrel and laceymcbain etc etc, they were amaaaaazing, and kept the fandom feeling fresh and alive and not stagnant at all.
  • Next Big Thing aka prolly the reason this fandom has spent the last 6 months exploding in celebrity AUs :D

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Where do you think Craquis is?

Cranquis and i have an agreement that allows me 3 guesses of his location per year. Unfortunately, I have used up my guesses for the year, so I can’t really venture a guess now. Also, my location guesses are based on my sleuthing of his blog and are between me and him (her?). 

But I’m currently working on states between New York and California, if that narrows things down for you any. 

Wonderful beautiful perfect Tumblr notwithstanding, some of your other tabs might be making you think…

4 Signs You Need to Spend Less Time Online

#3. You Start Making Sweeping Assumptions

One of the most powerful features of the Internet is anonymity. If it wasn’t for the Internet, a young white guy like me would never have been able to adopt the personality of a stereotypical, sassy black woman for my writing career. But listen up, girlfriend, because there’s a downside. Now I ain’t talking about men that are always sending us pictures of their Johnson like they think they’re God’s gift to women, because girl, if that’s the best God’s got for us, I’m becoming a Buddhist. Nuh-uh, I’m referring to the fact that you start making assumptions about other anonymous people, like you think you’re better than them just cause you don’t work down at the hairdressers no more. And you know what they say about assumptions. Yes, you do.

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wait, you mentioned the inception fandom recently exploding in celebrity aus? i've not been keeping up with new inception fic, but i am a massive sucker for celebrity aus. care to share some recs with this poor trope-loving soul?

I can definitely share the explosion over the last six months with you! Most of these are ongoing WIPs, though, so I haven’t read them! (How I got culled into reading NBT along with everyone else was a delightful accident :D) WIPs are denoted with a * :)

I tried to grab every celebrity AU from the last 6 months but I feel like i’ve missed a couple!


I gave this talk last summer at SHARE Rijeka in Rijeka, Croatia. The venue was an old Yugoslav Navy yacht, which was interesting to say the least.

I shared a few anecdotes from the past few years that have shaped my thinking around anonymity, ephemerality, and creativity. If you can stand my umms and errs (I’m working on it!), give it a watch.