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Project Beyonce: The Unmaking of Dean Winchester in Ten Easy Steps

Project Beyonce: The Unmaking of Dean Winchester in Ten Easy Steps by MittenWraith
Rating: M
Word Count: 37,000
Summary:  Dean Winchester inherited his father’s garage (and their family home, and his 14-year-old genius of a brother) shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Their Uncle Bobby comes down to help Dean learn how to run the business, and Sam convinces his brother to take some classes so he’ll be equipped to expand the mom and pop garage into the classic restoration shop he’s dreamed about for years. Now five years later, a little foray onto the internet to promote his shop leads Dean to a very interesting corner of Tumblr, and a mysterious online friend who only knows Dean as his #Fiance Anon. What happens after more than a year of increasingly fond anonymous correspondence?

Well, here it is - a story about tumblr bloggers Impala67 and Human_Bee-ing forging a profound bond in virtual space. Successful classic car restaurateur, Dean, has never met his tumblr crush and it starts to look that he’d rather have a safe, anonymous friendship than risk losing it through the reveal. The moment Dean realizes that he really really would like to meet the guy, his relationship fears and insecurities come back in full force. Good thing he has Sam and Charlie’s support through all this. It also helps that Cas knows what he wants and is ready to take a risk.

I am a big fan of internet anonymity stories and this feel good rom com fic with plenty of tumblr messaging, misunderstandings, secrets and meddling friends just hit all my sweet spots. I couldn’t ask for more!

anonymous asked:

Where do you think Craquis is?

Cranquis and i have an agreement that allows me 3 guesses of his location per year. Unfortunately, I have used up my guesses for the year, so I can’t really venture a guess now. Also, my location guesses are based on my sleuthing of his blog and are between me and him (her?). 

But I’m currently working on states between New York and California, if that narrows things down for you any. 

anonymous asked:

this might sound stupid, but could you please explain exactly how arthur managed to execute the kick on the second level of inception? I can never quite understand how he manages to make it work using the elevator. Also, do you have any idea how it was filmed, with the actors in the third level "floating" and being maneuvered by arthur? thank you (and also, did you get a webby nomination???! CONGRATULATIONS if you did and even if you didn't I love your tumblr if that counts for anything!)

Haha, thank you! I did not get a webby, i wasn’t really aware that was a thing an individual could get, but thank you for the compliment! :D (OH OH i just realized you meant because of my email screengrab—no, that was Tumblr emailing Tumblr users to tell us Tumblr got nominated for a webby!)

it’s really not stupid to ask about kicks because they’re not really consistent / the explanation for them isn’t entirely sensible, just like everything else about inception. 

The basic idea is that in order to wake up, the body needs to feel falling, followed by the jolt of hitting the ground on impact. (This is what’s called a hypnic jerk—the real-life sensation when we think we’re falling and we jolt ourselves awake.) So in the elevator sequence, they have no gravity, so Arthur has to figure out a way to reverse-engineer a fall+impact. So he uses the explosives that he *was* going to use to blow up the building, in order to create a force that propels the elevator upward. The experience still creates the swooping sensation that the body needs, and the elevator explodes when it hits the roof of the shaft, creating the impact they need to make it up to the top level. 

The really batshit thing about all of this is that on his level, Arthur only has about 4 minutes of real time to figure out what to do, grab the explosives, wrap and move ALL the bodies, fight the last guy in the hallway, and then carefully lay out the dynamite bars, get in the elevator, and explode it with enough time remaining so that it travels up the shaft just in time to COINCIDE PERFECTLY WITH EAMES’ KICK DOWN BELOW.


(i have no idea how they did the bodies because i didn’t really ever watch the behind the scenes stuff. i assume they strapped some dummies on gurneys and then just erased that part in the editing process.)

Wonderful beautiful perfect Tumblr notwithstanding, some of your other tabs might be making you think…

4 Signs You Need to Spend Less Time Online

#3. You Start Making Sweeping Assumptions

One of the most powerful features of the Internet is anonymity. If it wasn’t for the Internet, a young white guy like me would never have been able to adopt the personality of a stereotypical, sassy black woman for my writing career. But listen up, girlfriend, because there’s a downside. Now I ain’t talking about men that are always sending us pictures of their Johnson like they think they’re God’s gift to women, because girl, if that’s the best God’s got for us, I’m becoming a Buddhist. Nuh-uh, I’m referring to the fact that you start making assumptions about other anonymous people, like you think you’re better than them just cause you don’t work down at the hairdressers no more. And you know what they say about assumptions. Yes, you do.

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anonymous asked:

can you recommend some inception blogs?? or Arthur/eames or literally anything inception? I want some on my dash!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: ♥ arthurandeamespornstars​ ♥

A whole bunch of inception fandom blogs (i apologize in advance for how many people i’m inevitably going to leave out but this was all i could scrounge up off the top of my head!!!!! If you should be on here, shoot me an ask and I’ll add your tumblr to the list!)

tom hardy blogs:

JGL blogs

some cool recent arrivals who are cool:

I hope this helps, anon! 

Also, this is a personal plea from me to the rest of the fandom: consider putting your tumblr name on your AO3 profile page so we can more easily identify you across platforms! go to[yourusername]/profile and click edit my profile! here’s what mine looks like as an example.

thank you! welcome to the fandom!

The Internet is an amazing opportunity, socially. We have this opportunity to mature and learn, which is the essence of being on earth — to being the closest person we can be to our actual, real, truest self.

But the Internet also allows us the opportunity to project outward our hatred, our jealousy. It’s culturally acceptable to be an anonymous commenter. It’s culturally acceptable to say, ‘I’m just going to take all of my internal pain and externalize it anonymously.’

The lack of empathy that is created when people can anonymously opine about the looks or actions of others … It’s where we are in our culture. Yes, it does worry me, for the development of my kids and the next generation, that people can be so cruel without experiencing the consequences of being so cruel face to face.

Perhaps the Internet has been brought to us as a test in our emotional evolution. What is growth? What is maturity? It’s being able to experience an external event and creating the space within to contain that experience, to see it through the filter of who you really are, to not be reactive. To see someone in a dress you don’t like, and instead of writing from a username like shitebomber207: ‘Who does this fat bitch think she is,’ or whatever, even though you might feel that way, just stopping and saying to yourself, ‘I wonder what this image represents to me that I feel such a surge of anger?’ To love the Internet for what it provides, but to know it’s not real, and it’s sometimes dangerous for our development.

—  excerpts from Gwyneth Paltrow’s talk at CodeCon 2014

I gave this talk last summer at SHARE Rijeka in Rijeka, Croatia. The venue was an old Yugoslav Navy yacht, which was interesting to say the least.

I shared a few anecdotes from the past few years that have shaped my thinking around anonymity, ephemerality, and creativity. If you can stand my umms and errs (I’m working on it!), give it a watch.