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Yusuke with mouse!Akira plz?

“Seems like we got an anony-mouse ask.” -Yusuke

“Akira, perhaps you have any ad-mice on how to prosqueak?” -Yusuke 

“Most of his puns are mouse-sterpieces, but some do get too cheesey.” -Akira

(( thanks @tehsharkster for the punspirations ))

The Maiden Tree

Madien (adj.): being or involving the first of its kind

There are rumors of a tree in the woods
The maiden
The first

If you are heartbroken
If you are sick
If you are simply tired

The maiden tree will take you

You’re life will be added to its own

You will become one of the protectors

Anyone who sleeps under your roots will be safe

You will live for as long as the tree does

But you will never leave
You must climb the tree
Whisper words of parting
Say all the goodbyes you ought to make
Then stand on the canopy and wait

If the tree accepts you, you will start to drift way

And when you awake, you will be one with the tree

You’re feet will be rooted to the branch
You will no longer be able to tell skin from bark
You will need not sleep nor food

But you will hear the voices of the others in the tree

They will welcome you to their own personal forest
You will tell them your story and learn theirs
You will discuss what you can see, rooted to your spot as you are
Sometimes, one of Them will come by and say hello
Sometimes a lost student will come to rest between your roots and you will keep them safe
Sometimes, a particularly foolish child (you are thousands of years old, all but They are children) will show disrespect. Perhaps they will try and carve their initials into your trunk. Or they will speak ill of you or Them
Everyone knows that doing so in the Woods is fatal. Some trees are more alive than others. Some trees will reach out and drag foolish children beneath their roots to consume as their own
Sometimes, a new hopeless and broken soul will climb your branches, whispering goodbyes
Sometimes you will gain a new branch

Welcome, you will whisper
Tell us your tale
Bask in the sunlight
Wave in the wind
Soak up the rains
Marvel at the storms
Give shelter to the weary
Met out punishment to the disrespectful
Stand sentinel with your sibling branches forever

Welcome home.


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“As per the rules of the tourney, I am granted one wish: I wish to marry your son," Lance says with a smile as he bows to the king and Queen. (Dorkwithabluelion)

{ @dorkwithabluelion }
“You what?”
The exclamation came from neither royal to whom the wish was addressed, but from the Prince himself, jolting upwards in surprise.
He heard that wrong, right? Or it was a joke.
It had to be a joke.
The glares he was given… He hardly heard his parents’ agreement behind it.

Keith had the graciousness to storm off immediately, rather than make any more of a scene.

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Can i ask where you get those fox-looking ears?? :v

You can get them from doing the Fox Lady fates in Yanxia. The first fate, Outfoxed, will reward you with 1 token thing when you get a gold ranking. This fate pops once every 2 hours in each instance, so if you can hit all 3, you’ll get 3 every 2 hours.

The other fate is Foxy Lady, a hidden boss fate also in Yanxia. People are still working out the particulars on its spawn conditions, but it seems to happen once every 24 hours per instance AFTER Outfoxed has been cleared. Gold ranking will reward you with 15 tokens, silver I think is 7, not sure of bronze.

After completing the MSQ, there is a vendor in Rhalgar’s Reach that will sell the items. 6 tokens for the ears, 3 for the minion and 3 for a housing item. I would post more, but not at my PC, so I hope this helps out Anony Mouse

Weaver has a (gray area legal) side job on campus. He makes jewelry- the kind of gorgeous and intricate pieces that people love on Etsy.

There are the impossible little tree pendants made of twisted iron wires, the hair twists which can be worn for weeks at a time, and the little glass baubles filled with sea salt. They make for perfect earrings: tiny vials of potent salt in colorful glass containers which make for stunning earring decorations or necklace pendants, or even the occasional charm bracelet.

Off campus, they’re cutesy little pieces that can be purchased for a bit more than they’re probably worth.

On campus, they sell faster than he can make them. Especially around certain holidays and celebrations. For him, the idea of graduating and moving on is a distant thought. After all, so long as he stays on campus, the Weaver will always have business.


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More of the beautiful, beautiful chef!bucky please? Bonus if pre-war bucky was actually pretty good and Steve recognizes his food or something. Thx!

Steve is used to eating out – when he’s from it was sometimes more cost efficient to eat at a place than to cook at home – what he can’t get around is how restaurants are these days. Especially in New York.

“That’s kind of ridiculous, Rogers, there are like 64,000 restaurants in New York,” Tony says. He doesn’t sound like he’s exaggerating for effect.

“I think I’d rather take some time at home and try to learn some basic skills,” he says.

Now that Steve can afford a nice, spacious kitchen with counter space and appliances that didn’t even exist the last time he was consistently cooking for himself, he feels kind of guilty if he doesn’t occasionally take the time to challenge himself in the kitchen.

So what if he just makes large batches of stew that are meant to last him through the week?

“Stew again?” Sharon says, wrinkling her nose. She’s got a bowl of popcorn, so she’s set, but Steve needs second dinner and several snacks in between. Chunks of carrot and potato swim with the beef in his bowl.

“It’s better the next day?” Steve offers.

“Tomorrow we’re going out,” Sharon says. “There’s this great little place I know. Best desserts and sandwiches, and they make their own beer.”

“Okay,” Steve says, and leans into Sharon.

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Imagine there’s a quiet ritual on campus between best friends and found family and lovers. It’s reckless and dangerous and a bit stupid- there’s always a chance that Something will happen; but sometimes, particularly gutsy or particularly careless people still risk it.

During break- winter, spring, or summer (never fall. This particular ritual never succeeds in the fall)- you go home and you bring them with you. Unlike most trips home, no one takes off their iron or hides their salt.

In the brightest light of the day, in the center of your bedroom, in your family’s home, you will whisper your true names to each other. You will swear each other to silence, and no one will ever mention it again until and unless you make it through graduation.

Then you will leave campus and stand in the daylight and laugh and call each other by your true names.

Well. If you’re one of the lucky ones. There’s always one or two tales of those who regretted their decisions. Best not to think of them for too long.

The Western Dorm is decidedly Other.
Sometimes the hallways move. Sometimes they vanish entirely. Sometimes students wander in and don’t come out. The entire third floor is a liminal space.

No one speaks about the student who walk in and out of the Western Dorm with impunity.
They never get lost inside and they never have. Walls don’t shift around them and time flows no faster or slower than it ever does.
There is never anything Other about them save this, and they react to queries about it with honest puzzlement.

If you must enter the Western Dorm, you always take one of them with you as a guide. Without them, there are no guarantees.



So, I saw your post that’s been going round about being lied to about having a character created based on your blog, and so on. (I feel your pain, by the way!) Anyway, I thought to myself, “Well, this just will not do,” and so I decided to create a character for you myself.

And so, without further ado, here is your character!

This is Maya - she’s a Fifth Year Muggleborn witch at Hogwarts, who was sorted into Hufflepuff. Before she received her Hogwarts letter, she and her family were huge fans of Doctor Who - so naturally, one of the first things she did when she got to Hogwarts was to try to recreate her favourite aspects of the show. :P

Her ultimate ambition is to create the TARDIS, which has contributed to her plans to become an Unspeakable once she finishes school, if only to get a good look at some Time Turners… But for the moment, she’s still a bit stuck with the sonic screwdriver. It’s not that it doesn’t work - it can do everything the Doctor’s can do - but unfortunately, it only seems to work on objects made of wood… Pity.

Hope you like her, anyway! She’s not as developed as I’d like (though she has more of a personality in my head than probably came through in my description!) and the picture is hardly a work of art. But then again, that’s why I never promised to create characters based on people’s blogs, haha!

Right, I’ll stop rambling at you now, and leave you in peace. I’m not quite sure what possessed me to come stampeding into your askbox with a character for you, but I hope you (at least vaguely) liked it. :D

Thank you so much Anony Mouse for making this for me there are no words to tell you how much this made me happy. She is adorable and is everything I would ever want in a character like holy shit she is beautiful!!! Thank you so much I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to stop thanking you but thank you!!!! THANKY YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! HUFFLEPUFFS RULE!!!