Description: The reader takes care of Dean after he comes back from a hunt badly wounded.

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Gender: Any

Triggers: Mentions of blood

Words: 923

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Sitting at the table doing research your mind kept wandering to Sam and Dean. The monster you were hunting was very dangerous and they made you stay behind. You were irritated that they didn’t let you go, you still had a sprained ankle from the last hunt and they feared you wouldn’t be able to run away fast enough. You understood why, but you still hated staying behind. But soon you would find out just how lucky you were.

It had gotten dark outside and the boys still weren’t back yet, you were getting worried. You were about to call them when the bunker door flew open. Sam was dragging an unconscious Dean next to him. You ran up the stairs to help, ignoring the throbbing in your ankle, you asked what happened. “There were two of them” Sam grunted. You noticed he had a gash on his arm and a bloody nose. Dragging dean onto the couch you ran to get medical supplies. 

Running back you finally got a proper look at Dean, he had a large cut on his chest, a large cut on his forehead and some other cuts on his face, you also noticed some cuts on his arms. You started bandaging him up as Sam was doing his own wounds. “The monsters?”

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