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Proposal: Coundown anon reveals itself to the world after ACOWAR arrives? I love reading them just as much as u like receiving them and I'm really curious to know who this dedicated fan is :) or should we just keep the mystery? Up to u anon!

Oh my gosh, I know right??? Part of me would love to know, but another part of me is wondering if they want to keep going? For the novellas and spinoffs?? We shall leave the choice to you Countdown Anon! Maybe you can surprise us all with what you decide. :)

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Hello! I am looking for an AU/Canon divergent fic. In it, Stiles has just moved back home to live with his dad after college. Stiles has a job as a computer programmer of some kind? Derek is a deputy. Stiles doesn't know about the supernatural. There is a rogue werewolf killing people. In one scene, Derek tells Stiles to stay inside during the full moon but he leaves to get eggs. He finds out about Derek after the rogue confronts them after a soccer game at the end.

I know this one!!  Have the podfic on my ipod :D  -Emmy

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Darling It’s No joke by thehoyden 

(13,250 Explicit I Complete)   *stiles finds out about werewolves, sterek, cop!derek

The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.


Aaron + wiping away tears (requested by @mylove4robron)


Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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I feel like the whole "give Lance a Cuban last name" is invalidating poc who don't have a name associated with their race. Like, I have a very White last name, because my dad is white, but my mom is Puerto Rican so I'm Puerto Rican but with a white last name. Idk I wouldn't hate seeing Lance with a Cuban last name, but I like that he doesn't, yknow


good post op!!!

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Bless your heart,at last someone that doesn't understand both gruvia and miraxus. Srsly it's boggling how many people can ship an abusive relationship and a non existent one.

I honestly couldn’t care less about people liking crackships like Mira.xus the thing that is annoying there is how it’s seemingly more/just as popular as a m/m ship with actual interaction and chemistry. That’s dodgy (read: homophobic) af. 

With gr///uvians I just…can’t deal with them tbh. Ju//via disgusts me lmao and if you take stalking and harrassment as romantic or ‘just a joke’ then you scare me. As soon as you can overlook this stuff for the sake of a ship like you’ve already normalised it and aren’t treating it seriously enough imo.

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First of all I McFrickin love your art! But I wanna ask how you do your digital ones, I'm starting out with digital art right now and is there a specific app you use or something you downloaded?

th ank you so much anon omg!!! im so happy you think so!!!!

for my digital art i use two art programs mainly!! sai and mischief lemme tell u a lil about them omg and by a lil i mean enough to go under a cut bc i love to babble about art

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(Oh yeah, there is a fan theory that Aladdin takes place in a post apocalyptic future. The main evidence for this is genie's cornucopia of pop-culture references and occasional fourth-wall breaks)

((Ah. Personally I’d just write that off as Disney being Disney and Robin Williams being Robin Williams.

I mean, I love over-analyzing animated films as much as the next guy, but ya gotta draw a line somewhere, ya know?

… … …

Besides, the Genie is a magical, mythical creature that lives in the lamp, which operates outside the laws of physics, time and space. It could make sense that all of human existence, past, present, future and then some, is visible and available to him while he’s inside the lamp, and I mean, he’s gotta spend 10,000 years doing SOMETHING so why not watch the entire future of human entertainment?))

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Harry: can drop a promo video showing only fragments of his tattoos/face and literally ZERO mention of his name because he doesn't even need to, the general public will automatically know who he is anyway and his team is gonna go all out for him regardless. Louis: i guess sort of has a song that was buried by stunts and the general public knows him because they think he punched a woman. Some bloggers: I love being a louieharrie larrie bc we always win :))))))


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Hello, dear. I just came across your blog and I must say I love it! I would like to do that 1 sentence then you add on thing, if you don't mind. Thanks in advance, love! "Adrien was sure that he would explode if he didn't tell her soon, but he could never seem to find a chance to tell Marinette."

Adrien was sure that he would explode if he didn’t tell her soon, but he could never seem to find a chance to tell Marinette.

Every time he managed to find her alone, he couldn’t so much as say a word to her before Nino or Chloe dragged him off in the opposite direction or the teacher hushed them before class or a freaking akuma attacked the school as per fricking usual. So, he spent the entire day trying to get her alone so he could tell her, and as the final bell rang, he thought his chance had slipped out of his grasp.

That is, until he caught her in the locker room as she quietly packed her bag, not another soul within earshot, to his utter delight.

Silent as a mouse, he crept up behind her, somewhere between giddy and almost relieved when he finally got to breathe those words into her ear.

“Hello, My Lady.”

Alternative last line that I almost wrote instead: “You have a bit of flour on your chin.”

Your welcome…

Anyways, thank you Anon! I hope you enjoyed it!

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Reveal

Request: (anon) Hey, love! I absolutely love your imagines! I was wondering if you can do one where Joker finds out that his daughter is a really good singer or something. Lol I guess you could come up with the rest.


You looked at your reflection in the mirror of your vanity. Once not too long ago you were the prince of Gotham. The son of Harley Quinn and the Joker. Whether or not you admitted it or no matter how much you tried to ignore it, people expected certain things of you. When you revealed the truth about yourself, who you really were to your parents, they welcomed you as their new daughter. They celebrated you as the clown princess. But now more than ever you were scared of how the world would treat you. One secret about yourself had been revealed and you could sleep easier at night, but it didn’t change the fact that Gotham, and maybe even your parents, expected you to inherit the crime world and command it with the same brutality that your father did. 

You thought once you told your parents that you couldn’t be their son anymore, that inside you were their daughter, a huge weight would be lifted to make room to reveal the other thing about yourself. But instead it almost made the weight on your shoulders heavier. Now you had to tell them you didn’t want the family business, you didn’t want a life of crime. You wanted to sing. When you were a little boy, the pressures were already visible. Your father would tell you tales of what you could accomplish when you became the new king of gotham after he was gone. Then when you came out, he told you tales about the great queen of gotham you would be when he was gone. The last thing you wanted to do was disappoint your father, but being a gangster, being the new queen of the underworld wasn’t in your soul. Music was.

That wasn’t all though, your parents were happy to accept you as their daughter, but the rest of gotham wasn’t like that. They didn’t think twice about a man dressed as a bat flying around, but when it came to a transgender the world was still unfair and ignorant. How could you reveal to them that you weren’t going to take up your fathers mantel as well? You walked away from the mirror and over to the lyrics you had written. You took them and sat by the window. Whenever you thought about the whole thing too much it made your head spin. You just needed to relax and sing. You took a deep breath and started to let the song flow from you as you began to daydream about a bigger chance, a bigger world, you envisioned yourself on stage in a beautiful dress with roses at your feet and people cheering.

The Joker stood outside his daughters door like he did every morning he was coming in to give her a kiss. He was suddenly stopped by the sound of her singing. He had heard her humming in the car sometimes or through the halls but never escalated to this. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. He wanted to walk into her room and take a front seat to listen to the voice but he didn’t want to startle her. He opened the door gently and crept in noticing her looking out the window. He stood in the doorway a moment to take in the full scale of the emotions he was feeling. He was absolutely captivated by her. He continued to walk until he reached her bed and sat on the edge of it. 

You heard the squeak of the mattress and whipped around and saw your father. Your sudden stop surprised him and he put his hands up in a defensive manner.

“I didn’t mean to scare you baby, it’s just me.” he said standing up to walk over to you. You shot back over to your vanity to avoid his touch. He saw what you had always wanted him to experience but it was just the wrong time and unexpected. “What I don’t get a kiss princess?”

“You weren’t supposed to see that.” you said sternly.

The Joker furrowed his brow and stood there confused. “I wanted to see it. I wanted to hear it.”

“You don’t understand what it means.” you were getting very defensive and he saw the tension in your shoulders. He walked over and placed his hands on either side of your arms to comfort you and hold you in place so you wouldn’t run from him.

“You didn’t think I’d understand something else, now you’re standing here the most beautiful woman in the world.” he said staring at you in the mirror. “Don’t talk to me like I don’t know you better than anyone else. Like I don’t know everything.” he said in a teasing manner. “Don’t keep things from me.” His mouth spread into a smile but his tone dropped. By the pressure he applied in his grip on your arms you knew he was serious. He hated being left out.

“You won’t like it.” You said standing your ground. The thing was you wanted to tell him, you wanted your father to know you. Now that you could live your life as a woman on the outside the way you always felt on the inside, it was the first time in your life that your father had the chance to really know you. The Joker had a displeased look on his face hearing your words “…but I want you to like it.” His face softened when he saw the pained expression on your face.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to.” he said turning you to face him and cupping your face in his hands. “You’re my girl. I’d do anything for my girl.” 

The combination of feeling safe enough to say what you wanted to get off your chest and the acceptance made the tension in your body disappear. You took a deep breath and began. You didn’t know how to start so you just let it pour out.

“I don’t want to be the queen of gotham. I want to sing. I just want to sing. I don’t want to run the club or rob the banks or kill the bat. I just want to sing. I want to sing daddy.” once the words left your mouth you waited for your fathers reaction and when you didn’t get one immediately you got nervous and left his grasp. You walked over and sat down on your bed focusing on the floor.

The Joker stood there stunned. He had never thought about you doing anything else than what he and your mother did. He always envisioned you as the heir to his kingdom. He had just heard you sing for the first time and now you wanted it as a career. Part of him wanting to put down a stern foot and say that there was no other way, that you belonged with him doing what he does. The other part of him however, the stronger part, made his heart melt when you told him. The way his heart melted every time you asked for something, he couldn’t deny you. The Joker did what he did best in that moment, he let his mind take over and fix it. No matter what happened the Joker had a way to feel in control and his mind made it seem like he had won. 

“Princess..” he began and looked over his shoulder at you. “How about tonight?” 

“What do you mean?” you looked at him confused.

“Tonight at the club, I can buy you a dress and you can sing that song I just heard for everyone. Something so beautiful deserves an audience.”

“I don’t understand, you’re not angry?” your father walked over and sat next to you as you inquired.

“If you don’t want to be the queen of gotham, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just live forever then.” he laughed and you laughed back at his logic and rested your head on his shoulder. 

“It’s not that easy daddy.” you said as your laugh faded.

“Of course it is. I said you can perform and you will. I want the whole city to see how good you are.” he protested.

“I don’t care about them liking my singing, I know I want to sing and nothing can stop that. It’s just…” you picked up your head to look him in the eye. “They won’t accept.. me.”  The Joker rolled his head back and smirked.

“Oh baby baby baby….” he growled. “Each and every person you doesn’t see you as the woman you are will be added to my collection of corpses that crossed our family.” he looked down at you with his icy blue eyes. “Understand?” 

You paused for a moment and took in all that was unfolding. You knew he’d always defend you, but you were still nervous. “Promise?” you asked.

The Joker took his hand and placed it over your mouth to give you his tattoo smile. “I promise. Now no more tears, I want my girl to always be smiling.” his hand dropped from your face.

“Then I understand.” you said.

“Now… why would you rob me all these years of that voice baby?” he teased you.

“I think I robbed myself of it too.” you teased back. The Joker stood up and walked towards the door suddenly, “Where are you going?” you asked.

“Well princess, you’ve got a big night ahead. I need to get things in order for you.” he smiled, it was genuine and not like his menacing smile. Seeing that took the last shred of doubt you had in you away.

The Joker walked out the door and you stood up from your bed. Your adrenaline was high and you couldn’t stand still. For the first time you felt weightless of worry and guilt. You felt like you. There was nothing left to hide and nothing to be ashamed of anymore. You opened your mouth and let the lyrics out again, this time you didnt have to hide or whisper, you could belt the song out and be comfortable.

As Joker walked to his office he heard your angelic voice echo through the house and he couldn’t stop smiling, he never had a reason to stop smiling again. Batman could pound his face into the ground or he could lost his entire empire and it wouldn’t matter, now his daughter was truly happy.