anons on tumblr amaze me

anonymous asked:

you arent a lesbian, gay, bi, or trans. you are not lgbt. don't reblog posts made by and for the lgbt community

Oh sorry, I forgot that the “A” in “LGBTQIA” meant “asexuals not allowed”. My sincerest apologies, anon, for offending you and your aphobe self. Have a lovely day!

anon replies

this past year on tumblr has been amazing for me and that’s all thanks to you guys. thank you for continuously liking and reblogging my art, sending me the sweetest messages and encouragements, and just in general supporting me and inspiring me to work as hard as i can to improve!

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I just want to thank every Follower of Mine…For being here with me…For staying here with me…For your messages…even for the hateful anons..LOL You make tumblr amazing for me….YOUR Blogs rock……Just Thank you so much…Stay BLESSED

Following always…

Regina A Reynolds…  :D