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Pining keith recs would be a gods end

i’m assuming that you mean godsend but then again tbh pining!keith could probably end a god too

anyway, sorry this took so long! it tends to happen bc i feel the need to give as many fics as possible haha but yeah here it is:  

Thanks for asking! More ficrecs can be found here

edit: added 2 more fics bc i was going through our library and remembered them :3c (coincidentally they’re both written by mutuals aha) 


Just a reminder, over on my spell blog, I am way behind on updating my spell listings, but I do have a fair amount of spells already added to convenient links. Well here’s my curse list so far:

I strongly believe in making the best use of all the functionality available.

If you find something or someone on this website is ruining your favorite thing - blacklist or block them, I say. Unless you have the desire and time to civilly talk it out instead. Your call.

Me, I don’t have time to do parenting someone else neglected to do.

If I am your annoying stranger or something I post is unpleasant/boring to you - feel free to blacklist that or block me, I usually tag everything I post. It’s only fair. Blacklisting and blocking is a very convenient filter, make the best of it.

As for anon blocking, it’s a very useful little thing. I hardly ever had to use it, but I feel some people don’t even know it’s there. Here it is:

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Remember during lotto promotion when ji wasn't with them and ks looked a bit lonely and gloomy?

Yes I remember T^T 

I don’t think Soo was as “present” during lotto promotions as he’s been during the other eras :/ it was quite sad to see tbh.. He was kinda zoning out at times, not really getting involved with the group activities :( The members kinda had to turn to him and be like “pls join in”.. 

JD checked up on him a lot

He seemed a little out of it at times.. 

21 Things you learn about tumblr:

1) Tumblr is a place of social justice.

2) Rape, sexual assault, harassment, abuse, self-harm, suicide, bullying, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc… Those are to be taken very VERY seriously. It’s not something to joke about.

3) If you are racist/homophobic or close-minded like that, this isn’t a place you wanna be.

4) People here say that you must not EVER speak of tumblr outside of tumblr, and that specifically includes mentioning your url on facebook/twitter or connecting your tumblr to them. And you know what? They’re right. We come here because tumblr is that place where we can express ourselves the way we want, and in a way stay safely anonymous from our own life outside of tumblr. Here (whether by posts, reblogs or tags) we reveal more of our identities, thoughts, secrets, insecurities, moments of insanity etc… than we would ever reveal on other SNS. If you’re interested in revealing yourself so openly to your social circle of family and friends outside of tumblr, if you’re ready for it, then I won’t judge you. Go ahead.

5) There are real people behind their computers/phones on this site. Real people who can have their feelings hurt. People have enough shit to deal with in their lives so don’t be that anon hater/cyber bully and make things worse.

6) Tumblr loves animals.

7) Your “I’ll just check my dash for five minutes” will turn to five hours of scrolling and reblogging.

8) DON’T fuck with superwholock. They will come for you.

9) Supernatural has a gif for everything. Don’t even try to test them, there’s no point.

10) Gifs everywhere.

11) No one really knows how to pronounce ‘gif’

12) I like your shoelace.

13) DON’T try to take credit for something you did not do. Always give credit to the artist/photographer/blog if you repost but still, there’s a reblog option for a reason.

14) There are too many sides of tumblr to count.

15) Science side of tumblr can explain anything.

16) Fandom side of tumblr can hijack any post.


18) No one spells Benedips Cumbercumber’s name right.

19) Harry Potter is a beloved.

20) Kpop fandom are in constant ‘too many feels’ mode and are always unable to can.

21) Once you tumblr… there’s no going back.

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Hi do you have any new enemies to lovers or friends to lovers fics? Thanks in advance


Enemies to lovers:

The Unsuccessful Promise by trysomecats:

Summary: At the end of the previous school year, Louis swore to everyone that he would return in the fall as an alpha. He made this promise especially to his arch-nemesis Harry Styles, who had already presented as an alpha himself. Unfortunately over summer break, the worst thing possible happens: Louis presents as an omega. Now school is back in session and he has to return and face the consequences of pre-determining his status.

Featuring Liam and Zayn as Louis’ doting and exasperated parents.

Turning Page by Anonymous:

Summary: “What’s your name?”

“Harry.” He draws the word out slowly, hesitantly - like he’s not sure about it. The guy knots his hands behind his back. “Harry Twist.”

“Right,” Niall says, eyes lingering suspiciously on Harry before looking back to Louis. “You wanna buy Harry a drink?”

Louis lets his eyes drip back to Harry, to his wide eyes and the way his shoulders curve down. He really is pretty – Louis will be the first one to admit it and the last one to ever say it out loud. Louis almost smirks and his lips twitch as he tilts his head, “Not particularly, no.”

AU: Harry Styles tries to get lost in a place he’s never been.  Louis Tomlinson has been perfecting the art of being lost for years. What they don’t expect to find is each other.

Lovin’ It Up by Anonymous:

Summary: What did Niall know? This had nothing to do with the few times (okay, countless times) Louis had pined over the idea of Hot Neighbor while drinking. Nothing at all. So what if he had perfect lips and long legs and the cutest little curls around his ears? Certainly not Louis.

He continued to scribble away, most of his words indiscernible except for one written in large letters at the very top of the napkin: REVENGE

Or, a neighbors AU in which Louis vows to get revenge on the guy who didn’t hold the elevator for him - no matter how ridiculously attractive he may be.

Avalanche Drops by larrymylove:

Summary: A decade of pranks, of fights, of yelling at each other, hating each other, getting under each other’s skin, and all for what? None of it seemed important anymore……

Louis couldn’t help but wonder what the past decade could have been if he hadn’t made such a fuss over the stupid stapler, if he’d just moved it all the way back onto his desk as Harry had asked, if he hadn’t placed Harry’s own stapler in a mold of jello. What would it have been if he’d just reached across the desk and had shaken Harry’s hand and had said, “Hi, I’m Louis. It’s nice to meet you.”

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have spent the last ten years working at the same company, and driving each other absolutely crazy with pranks and fights and competitions. So when Harry’s job is in danger, Louis should be celebrating. A life without Harry Styles in it is something he’s wanted for years, right? So why then is he trying to do all that he can to keep that from happening? And what is he supposed to do when Harry thinks it’s just another one of Louis’ pranks?

Some Flowers In Your Hair by letsjustsee:

Summary: When Louis mentions offhandedly that he’s really been enjoying watching some TV show called Alone, and that the idea of humans surviving without magic in the wilderness fascinates him, he would never have guessed it would land him in a situation like this.

This is supposed to be a friendly camping trip between Louis and Liam, just a couple of bros surviving in the wilderness for bragging rights, not whatever rigmarole that fucker is currently outlining. And certainly not including one Harry Styles, pretentious twat that he is.

What is he getting himself into?

Or, a magical camping AU in which Louis is jealous of Harry’s magic, Liam’s a little too enthusiastic about surviving in the wilderness, and Niall might have misunderstood the rules.

Friends to lovers:

In front of you by Boytownblues:

Summary: I stand next to the sofa, looking down at Harry’s sleeping form. His long hair’s a mess, dark curls spilling everywhere and he has replaced the pillow he threw on his face with his left arm, just barely covering his eyes as if the light is bothering him. Actually, it’s bothering me as well, so I shuffle over to the window, closing the blinds and leaving the winter sun outside. I keep staring at Harry, something unfamiliar moving inside of me as my eyes follow the lines of one of the swallow tattoos on his chest. I shake my head, trying to get rid of that feeling. Enough of this.

Or, the one where Louis thinks he’s hung up on his ex, and is completely blind to anything, or anyone, else.

Outed by MileHighLarry:

Summary: Louis Tomlinson needs a safe place to hide when his night out ends up on every major entertainment site. His safe place has always been Harry. Will ten years make a difference?

I’ll Always Have One More Try by annewithane:

Summary: “Well I should get to my next class…” Louis looks around at everyone else doing the same.

So Harry decides to bite the bullet. “Yeah, um, but yeah, I was just wondering if you have any interest in going out on friday?”

Besides the tiny flinch of his eyebrows he doesn’t look that fazed by the question. “None, actually,” he says, adding a small smirk before walking away.

Which is… valid.

A 10 Things I Hate About You AU where Lottie’s mum tells her she can’t date until Louis does, so to get around said rule, she convinces and pays Harry Styles to date her brother.

One Day You’ll Say These Words by Anonymous:

Summary: Growing up together in Yorkshire has led to a lifelong friendship between Louis Tomlinson, the future Marquess of Rotherham, and Harry Styles, the heir to a viscount. When Harry suddenly inherits his uncle’s title and estate much earlier than expected, Louis must watch his friend struggle under the weight of these new responsibilities, including searching for a wife with a dowry large enough to save his estate. However, sitting idly by as Harry looks for a bride brings some unexpected feelings to the surface.

A friends to lovers story set in the Regency era.

If It’s Meant To Be (It’ll Be, It’ll Be) by lululawrence:

Summary: “So, anyway. I’m done here and on my way to the airport. I think I’m expected to be there in the morning, around ten. I’ll let you know when I’m getting close.”

“Sounds good.” Harry pulled back from the window and threw himself onto one of the beds. Once he got comfortable, he steeled himself and then went for it. “It’s been too long this time, Lou,” he finally whispered. He watched as Louis bit his lip and nodded slowly.

“I know,” Louis agreed, just as quiet in return. “We have to swear to never go this long without seeing each other again. Two months is just…unacceptable. I’m gonna go now, but I’ll see you soon. ‘Kay?”

“Yeah. See you. Be safe,” Harry said, far too fondly for his best friend. He couldn’t help it though. It was how he always had been and probably always would be.

They hung up and Harry threw his arm over his face.“I am so in love with him,” he whined to himself. “Fuck.”

If you have sent this blogger anon hate

Consider this your response:

When you send me hate behind a mask, you force me to shout out the answer – to post your negativity for the world to see – you make the world a little grayer.
Constructive criticism comes from a place of caring and isn’t done behind a mask. I know what you said was meant to wound me. Perhaps because you’re wounded in some way? So, instead of a response that’s about me, let’s talk about the heart of the issue:

- Perhaps you are feeling unheard or overlooked despite your hard work?
- Perhaps you are feeling miserable and misery hates being alone?
- Perhaps you are lonely and reaching out to the world?

I truly don’t know your motives, but I don’t believe you are evil.

So, today you’ve spread some of your hate and I encourage you to take some time to spread twice as much love – the world needs it twice as much.

As for what you said to me,
I am hitting


I have seen so much anon hate this week. I wanted to make something that people could use to respond to the internet bullying without having to exert too much to defend themselves or respond directly to the accusations (as the accusations are usually not very well-founded and the issue tends to lie with the person spreading the hate). If you feel inspired to make one or these anon/hate responses, I encourage you to do so. Let’s work together to take away the voice of internet bullies.

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do you have any omega louis hating alfa harry? or just some hate to love without abo? thank you in advance ❤️

Hello! Here you go:

Love is like this; not a heartbeat, but a moan by angelichl:

Summary: “He hates this, more than anything in the world he hates this. His title, his rank, his DNA. Unchangeable. Fated.

And then there’s Harry, born to be unobjectively superior to Louis and all other O’s. Unlike other A’s, Harry doesn’t wear his alpha-ness very well. He’s clumsy with it, like walking around in a pair of shoes a size too big. His life is defined by uncertainty and tentativeness, and those are definitely not qualities alphas should have.

Sometimes, when Louis ponders it for too long, he thinks that maybe Harry resents being an A just as much as Louis resents being an O.”

In which Harry loves Louis, but Louis has been cold to him ever since he presented as an omega at age fifteen.

Eight years later, Louis approaches Harry with a request, and who is Harry to deny him?

Word count: 13,150

The Unsuccessful Promise by trysomecats:

Summary: At the end of the previous school year, Louis swore to everyone that he would return in the fall as an alpha. He made this promise especially to his arch-nemesis Harry Styles, who had already presented as an alpha himself. Unfortunately over summer break, the worst thing possible happens: Louis presents as an omega. Now school is back in session and he has to return and face the consequences of pre-determining his status.

Featuring Liam and Zayn as Louis’ doting and exasperated parents.

Word count: 7,141 

pray for some sweet simplicity by delsicle:

Summary: Louis is the only omega to ever make it in the cut-throat world of competitive motorcycle racing—that is, he would be if anyone actually knew about his identity. Now, his sights are set towards competing in—and winning—the European Grand Prix, the biggest and most difficult race of the entire year, so he can disappear underground for good. He’s close enough, too, until an alpha sports journalist is assigned to follow Louis’s every move as he prepares for the event of his career.

Or, an AU where motorcycle racing is the biggest sport in a heavily divided world, Louis is trying to take control of his own destiny, and Harry is in for more than he bargained for.

Word count: 237,269

You’ll Hear Me Calling for You by pinky_heaven19:

Summary: “I don’t know, I don’t know you,” Harry said with a shrug, knowing his replies were dumb but not able to think of anything better to say. “You don’t know me either, so I don’t know why you’re acting like this,” he said, slouching on his seat.

“Oh, but I do know you,” Louis replied, raising his eyebrows in a gesture of disdain.His attitude made Harry stare at him in confusion. Had they met before and he didn’t remember? Was that why Louis was mad?

“You do?”

“I know the likes of you,” Louis said with a shrug of his shoulder.

“The likes of me? Excuse me?” Harry was offended and confused.

“Alpha males who enter cock first in any room and think people should bow to them or some shit like that,” Louis answered bitterly.

OR the one where Harry is an Alpha and Louis has a problem with it - until he doesn’t.

Word count: 42,167

I’m On the Hunt Now (I’m After You) by AFangirlFantasy:

Summary: Omegas haven’t been able to shift into their wolves for two hundred years. That is, until Louis Tomlinson changes everything. 

Or…an AU where Alpha Harry and Omega Louis have a lot more than falling in love to deal with after The Mating Ceremony.

Word count: 56,390

No Chance At All by lululawrence:

Summary: As an omega, Louis naturally had the ability to sense alphas, so it wasn’t like this was an unusual situation for him. The difference here was that this man smelled so strong and so ridiculously good. Louis had never been so attracted to someone’s scent before. Add the fact that this worker whose name tag read “Harry” looked like some kind of greek god with his long curly hair and dimples as he chatted up the older woman ordering currently, and Louis was already a goner.

Or the one where Louis just wants to drink good coffee and work on his homework in peace, but the alpha barista is charming to everyone but him, and that just pisses him off.

Word count: 4,505

Like Candy In My Veins by littlelouishiccups:

Summary: “Um…” Harry said slowly after a moment. “Okay. That’s… this is… Let me get this straight.” He lifted up a hand and swallowed. “You told your family that you have a boyfriend… and my name was the first one you thought of?”

“Harry Potter was on TV, alright? It wasn’t that much of a stretch.” Louis pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t believe he was explaining himself to Harry fucking Styles. He couldn’t believe he was stooping this low. “Forget it. I’m sorry I even thought about bringing you into this.”

Harry snorted. “What? Did you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend or something?”

Word count: 31,880

We were destined to be together by moonpasta:

Summary: In this universe, you somehow meet your soulmate at age 18. (I’ll let you decide how.) Obviously, Harry and Louis are destined for each other. The only problem is they don’t know it. They’ve been enemies since primary school, but suddenly, fate is throwing them together. Maybe they’ve been clashing all these years because they’ve been fighting being drawn to each other. (Not a coming out fic, they’ve known for years they’re gay/bi/not straight) Side ziam is a plus!

Word count: 6,723

The Tale of Two Kingdoms by larriebane:

Summary: Prince Louis of Doncaster finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as the feared Hijackers from Cheshire come to claim their annual pray of omegas. He is taken away and transported to a strange country that Louis has been taught as the enemies’ land. When unforeseen events take place and even more unlikely savior turns up, Louis’ all previous beliefs are being proved wrong. Will love save the two kingdoms and form an alliance after several centuries of feuds between these bordering countries?

Word count: 24,603

Swim In The Smoke by whoknows:

Summary: “What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.

Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it.

Word count: 101,778

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I really want to like your blog but it bothers me that it's so elitist :// like in your last studyspo post where you had like a muji pencil case and expensive gel pens and it just feels so exclusive and it's just nasty how you always show off how rich you are

First off, let me apologize for any unintentional elitism. I’m not trying to show off– I’m just trying to run my blog and show the world the effort I put into my work.

Also, I’m assuming you’re referring to this post here, and let me clear two things up for you. First, that’s no Muji case. It was $3 on Amazon, and while two of the pens may be Pilot, I bought one of them with the money I earned from my job, and the other was a gift. The third pen is a really nice one from Walmart which I’d strongly recommend. 

Beyond just that, I’m only a high school student who wants to put the best side of myself forward. I’m not trying to leave anyone out, or “show off how rich I am,” I just want to show people the effort I’ve put into my notes and the highlights of my experience. You don’t know anything else about me except for what I choose to put online, and asks like these really devalue what I try to do.

Again, anything I do wrong is unintentional. Studyblrs aren’t perfect, and you only see what I want you to see. While I appreciate constructive criticism, this clearly isn’t it, particularly when you’re hiding behind an anonymous ask and too afraid to show your face.

- Grace

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So I'm gay af but I'm also super femme. I understand that being femme is also a privilege bc I'm "straight passing" but it's been so so frustrating trying to justify my sexuality when people don't believe me fully or at all when I say I'm gay. bc I don't "look gay" and I've gotten the "you're too pretty to be gay." which is such bullshit. but I just wish people would believe me? I feel like I'm in a constant state of coming out. Also fuck that last anon/hater, your relationship is cute af!!!

heteronormative society trying to push boxes (honestly, cages) onto queer people and queer relationships is why shit like this is a thing.

me and my girl dress masculine at the same time? we can’t be dating. we’re bros on the prowl.

One of us dresses more masc than the other? Called “the man”, is given the check, has to all of a sudden play a role? act a certain way. behave a certain way. have certain mannerisms.

her and I dress femme? just gals being pals. all we do is have pillowfights and giggle and never fart.

Somewhere in between all of this? what’s goin on heerreeeee. facial glitch. confusion ensues.

Mind you, I’m never taken seriously as a Bisexual. I dress Masc? lol lying. I dress Femme? lol lying. Even when I typically tread in the fluid gender expression andro area I’m somehow trying to deceive people. Even my gf has mentioned pressure trying to behave a certain way being Lesbian. And honestly, the only thing to actually blame is the society that forced us to make a community in the first place. It’s no one’s fault but that. This isn’t a inter-community problem, but because we’ve allowed ourselves to be influenced by people who aren’t queer, it has become an inter-community problem.

but this is Str8 Society talking. I think we as a community need to start rejecting these pressuring cookie cutter straight goggles that have been pushed onto us and break through. Realizing there is no wrong way to look/act/be LGBT+


You hide in the shade
Of anonymity
And I may not know
Your true identity…
But you’re a part of
A massive, faceless scourge
Hatefully letting
Negativity purge.
You don’t have the guts
(Or nuts) to show your face
While spreading around
Disgusting disgrace.
You have your problems,
Even so, you’ve no right
To come after me
With a sucker-punch fight.
You won’t meet my eyes
But don’t think I don’t see–
It’s all about you,
Never was about me.

— Inspired by all the nasty anon hate I’ve been noticing around here lately. It’s ridiculous and juvenile (though I’ve known children who would never be so rude). Isn’t there enough pain, suffering, and hate in this world? Why contribute to that?