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akira reacting to a (eventual) S/O that beats the phantom thieves in finding the treasure at palaces, like they always show up near the end to just give them the palace's treasure smugly or clear out all the shadows in the palace right before the PTs actually enter the palace? sorry if it's a bit confusing!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the direction you expected me to take this but darkness my old friend paid me a visit :^)

“That was far too dangerous!”

“You should be thanking me!”

Shouts and defences fired back and forth as you and Akira argued in the safe room.  Stuck to the sides, the rest of the Phantom Thieves wore varying grimaces and frowns under their masks as they spectated the fight.

“We need to stick together in Palaces–how many times do I have to repeat myself?  This is a team!” the onyx-haired male practically snarled in frustration.

A scoff left you as you snubbed your leader before retaliating, “I can handle these small-fry on my own!  I already cleared us a path to the treasure so why can’t you just admit I’m doing a good job?”

“Am I supposed to be proud?  Just say "oh, nice job” while you throw yourself into danger?  There’s no way I’m anything but worried sick about you!“ Joker threw his hands up in exasperation.

"I can take care of myself!” you growled.

“Oh really?” the male responded as his pupils narrowed dangerously. “Then you can take care of yourself by yourself from now on.”

A collective gasp left the remaining members of the team as they processed Akira’s words.  Your own mouth opened in silent astonishment before it flapped in an attempt to make a comeback.

“Wait, what?” was all you could come up with.

Your regret, however, was far too late.  Akira had already turned his back to you and approached the others with a neutral air and discussed further plans for the Palace.  The other thieves were clearly uncomfortable, but stayed out of the personal dispute.  You tried to call out to the male, but all you received in return was the back of Akira’s black trench coat.

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How did you get through your first serious break up?... together for 3 years...I don't know what life is without her...

It was awful for me, I can’t lie about that. Day by day. I talked about it. I wouldn’t keep it bottled up and I also wouldn’t allow myself to sink into it and let it consume me. Yes, feel the emotions and yes, allow yourself to cry, but don’t allow it to consume you entirely. Know that everyone heals at different paces and there is no deadline. You focus on your friends, on yourself, what makes you happy. You get up, you stay busy. You talk it out. Do not date just to try to forget someone - trust me on that one, it just leaves you feeling even more lost. Date when you are truly ready and give yourself time to heal. 

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how do you control more than 8 sims im so confused

I put as many people in each household as i could and took the pics with that household then moved onto the next, if i needed another sim or smth i just used the teleporter mod and summoned the sims i needed, it took forever tho lmfao

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ok so i had a little crush on this girl when i was 13 (and i didnt know it was a crush then). last night i ran into her at a restaurant and ommgg my feelings hit me like a ton a bricks. ITS BEEN 8 YEARS and im still trash and shes still so cute and i had a dream about her!! i woke up so frustrated like i actually wanna text her. i just need to get this off my chest because goddamn

Aww haha I relate. You’ll find the right person!! Don’t stress

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"no confirmed photos or reports of Caryl filming togather" - Yes there are. Lots of photos of them filming together on the bridge, remember? :)

Hi, Nonny,

If you re-read the anon, it said “We know they filmed together for ep01, but are there other confirmed sightings? ” 

I double-checked eith the always -excellent Darksister who runs our Filming topics so well- 

Carol and Daryl both filmed during 1,2,3,4,7 and we believe Daryl filmed at the Kingdom during 4, but we don’t know if they shared scenes together.

Please feel free to come visit @twdzone Spoilers and Filming board at any time and go through the season 8 history any time you wish. 

Have a good night!


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Unless I'm mistaken, the breed of the original Sebastian seems confirmed to be the borzoi.

Yes, it is. 😊

I’ve heard they are particularly hard to train…. 😂

Interestingly, they don’t bark much and are not good at sounding the alarm when there is an intruder…. I found that out through the link. Hmm.

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hi, i'm bi and have identified as bi for years and years now. just recently i have started dating a lesbian. on our first date i was in an almost panicked feeling thinking 'what am i doing - i'm not gay, this isn't right' and basically having an identity crisis. fast forward to almost a month later, we've been on multiple dates, and have had sex, which i enjoyed. i know that i am bisexual, i know that i like her, but every day i still have a voice in my head telling me i'm not really gay 1/2

Answering on this one. It happens, it’ll just take some time to work out. Being in this relationship might help lots too! You can do this!

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Tonight's the first night all week I haven't slept in the same bed as my girlfriend and I can't sleep. Its 1.30am and I have to be up at 6am for work. I've become so needy that I can't even sleep in my own bed alone.

That absolutely happens. It’s okay! Grab a pillow and pretend it’s her. FaceTime with her and sleep on there, if you can. I’m sorry you aren’t sleeping well. 

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Tess kind of looks like Olivia Culpo!

I can see it! My Mom thinks she looks just like a young Gloria Estefan. She reminds me of Lana Parrilla and Princess Jasmine lol (my childhood self and adulthood self are PUMPED)