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Hello there first of all I want to let u know how happy you and ur blog makes me so thank u so much for that If u r still doing recs can u pls suggest me canon stucky fics which were very sad and angsty and kinda even made ur eyes water a little bit but preferably with a happy end

This made me really happy ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっSure, let me list you some of my favorite angsty canon stucky:

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This guy wants to finger me tomorrow at school but im on my period. How do i avoid fingering (sadly i have to avoid it) but like i don't want to tell him im on it. what do i do?

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Do you know why they named him John Blake instead of Richard/Dick Grayson?

Because. He isn’t. Dick Grayson.

He has certain things in common with Dick Grayson, like being a police officer and a hero and becoming an ally to Bruce Wayne. And, you know, being a good-looking dark-haired guy in his twenties. But then again, he also has things in common with Tim Drake, like having figured out Batman’s identity on his own.

At the end of the day, John Blake has things in common with several of the Robins, but he is not any of those characters. He’s not Dick. He’s not Tim. He’s his own character, and quite a good one in his own right. But if he had been named Dick Grayson, I would have been furious at how much they’d changed him from the character I know and love.

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i can't help but be nervous about what civil war's gonna do with bucky and stevebucky, my ass is gonna be apprehensive until after i see the movie lmao

Me too, sort of, but I literally live in fear in real life, so I’m trying to put a deaf ear to all the groundless (and kinda paranoid) freaking out going around the fandom and just enjoy the anticipation for the movie. You should try to do the same! It’s much more enjoyable.

The writing will be good, it’ll be exciting and interesting and all our favorites will be there. I’ll just be so happy to get a lot more Bucky in universe and in the big screen?? Hear him speak, see how he is (and who he is!), all that has me really hopeful.

I don’t wanna worry myself into an anxiety attack when I will always have my ship no matter what canon does.

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If you don't mind me asking, why is Bucky shooting Tony rubbing you the wrong way?

It’s fine anon! That’d be because I’ve got a soft spot for Tony the size of the Everest and so far in both trailers it looks like he’s either trying to hold back / on the defensive while Buck’s at least seems to be going for the kill. Granted, not like Buck and Tony have any sort of bond whatsoever but since I do love them both I’m emotionally compromised and it’s hard to watch lol

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do you have any tips on highschool studyblr since i don't study in college and many studyblrs are 😊

hello!! this is very late but i’ll link you to some masterposts and give u some of my advice! some mps are not necessarily for hs students but i find them v useful!! 米^-^米

some of my own tips

  • CREATE A STUDY SCHEDULE!! oh my i dont know if i know any masterposts about this but i’ll surely add it but what i know!! one day on a normal school day okay, you jot down everything u need to do and through this u can see your open time slots like u can replace the time you “spent on watching tv” with studying!! its way better lIKE That i created one but i have to work on it! i saw this elsewhere so if it sounds similar and u know the masterpost pls message me so i can credit them huhu sorry ╰(°ㅂ°)╯
  • if u can, bring ur own food and BRING water!! so u can still work while you’re eating and not starve (i did this a lot last yr ugh ;_;)
  • also drink vitamins!! (i am rn hihi) and also take a shower once u come home fr school so ur energized since yEAH they force us to stay in school for 10 hrs in school nice!!╰(・∇・╰)
  • a study buddy/group is really helpful but make sure who you’re studying with is super nice, patient & friendly!!
  • KEEP A PLANNER/ JOURNAL AND PUT ALL DEADLINES!! Oh my even though im still working with my bullet journal ;_; i still have some late hw i have to pass (waH im rly bad with time management super) put deadlines on one page or highlight them!! i made a page with all my project infos!! the right part of this page! so its easier to keep track of ur projects and stuff! 
  • DO UR HOMEWORK AS SOON AS U GET IT!!! JUST DO IT…(NIKE) tbh….i need to do this huhu….since we’re on the topic of deadlines… HUHU (⌒▽⌒ゞ
  • always..bring your books i have not used my locker for 2 yrs now (hence the bringing of two bags) sometimes if u find yourself bored or if u just wanna be productive and…uh oh i left my books ;_; but do make sure you’re comfortable with bringing it around!! if u know u dont need it u can leave it in ur locker :-)
  • one last thing: abt group projects please please initiate action like even if you’re not the leader try to work on it asap!!

here are some masterposts!! i’ll add to this when i have time hihi

i wish you all the luck!! and i hope you found this useful!! please take care! (・∀・)

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dad why aren't you a furry like mom

Don’t you EVER say that word out loud again. Ever since the Furry Destruction Act of 2021, she’s lucky she hasn’t been sent to the gulag. Her lifestyle choices are not to leave the house.