Happy 3 months loves~

To my dear Areum,

how hectic is our life that we can hardly talk with each other. It gets frustrating when I can’t hold you like I want to, however this doesn’t stop either of us. 3 months later and we’re still going strong. Babes, I love you heaps. Still as much as when I was dying for you to love me back, maybe even more. I want to reassure you of my love sweets, and her it is. I love you Areum, now and forever.

Love your Myungie.

@anonreum: hey loves. Congratz on your comeback (/hands you a small box) just a small present, something that you’ve earned for all your hard work. [inside is a rose gold bracelet with places for charms] I want to build this bracelet just as we build our relationship together. yeah i know, greasy, but you’re the one who makes me like this (/pouts;puts it on you) here’s your first charm, a single unique snowflake, because, Areum, that’s what you are to me…one of a kind. (/pulls you in for a hug; whispers) ;2013/04/29; our date.