my little head canon

HEY EVERYBODY I GOT ACCEPTED AS AN ARTIST FOR even though i don’t know how to draw and i have hooves so insted i’ll just take pictures of the multiverse (but don"T tell them i’m a not mentally unstable horse stuck in time prision) anyway! go on down and submit your own head cannon IT can be WHATEVER! you want! so go CHECK IT OUT!

reversalmushroom asked:

Are you gay?

no “but why would you ask that question unless you are so insecure about your heterosexuality you must reassure yourself by asking innocent tumblr ponies stuck in endless voids JUST BeCAuse THEY TRIED to commit THE ultimate act of treason and tried to overthrough the PRINCESS and take over the whole universe! I MEAN! I just WANTED to TAKE over ThE WHOLE MUltIverse I MEAN is that too much to ASK! DAMN pRINCess why’d ya have to send me TO a endless VOID for all of ETERNITY  bEING IMMORTAL by my SELF! do YOU know how much that FEELS CElesTIA NO! bECAUSE YOUR noT even immortal I AM cursed with NO ESCAPE FOREVER! all alone! WAIt WhaT uh hmmm i mean…uhhh…. NO YOU’RE GAY! FAGGOT!