yunghoods asked:

you're a fantastic anon. a great role model to what a dedicated anon should be. you're blog has helped me many times before, you're such an amazing person. you're absolutely beautiful, inside and out. i just wanna give you a quick thank you for all you've done not only for me, but for all your followers. i can't thank you enough. just stay amazing. one day i hope to be an amazing anon like you one day. stay perfect, love. <3 :')

i’m going to cry oh boy

this is one of the best asks i ever gotten. i love these type of asks.

i put all my effort in my anon life, i put all my effort in every post i make for you all. i just don’t want people to be down, i’ve always hated to see people down and sad and crying. i hate to see people sad, i do, it hurts me, a lot. i want every single person out there to understand that they’re not alone. i’m here and i’m here to help and i’m also human, i have my own issues.

i love my fighters aka you all aka my followers, i love my fighters more than life itself.

you guys are everything to me, everything!

if something happens to you, i don’t know what i’m going to do. 

i care about every single one of you and i try my best to be there for every single one of you. even the people i don’t know. i care about everyone.

just like once grant said ‘nicole’s one of those few people you’ll meet that will legitimately care about you’.

i care about everyone, i care more about people than myself.

you’re already an amazing anon sweetheart, believe in me. you just said that you want to be an amazing anon didn’t you? well, that just shows me how much you want to help and how much you love to be  an anon so therefore you’re already an amazing anon.

oh and thank you, once again, for this ask…thank you