triforce-kun  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how/when did you and Brett meet?

Ha ha 4chan….

A whole mess of us from /co/ and +4 are ey-ar-ell friends, like, I was at Ama/Nekoama/Red’s wedding with Maya/Mayeko and Brett/theDudeVonDoom, Maya’s basically my Toronto wife I live with every time I go back up there, me and Matt/Moses actually randomly met on the train once and have been burgers-and-robocop buddies since, he lived at my place for like three weeks while he was covering league of Legends stuff once. Chris/Roshi and I have done joint birthdays, he came up to visit me in Toronto a handful of times and I’ve been down to chill with him in Buffalo, he was in the first big group of us that did FanExpo together along with Maya, Matt, Brett, and Probe/Mike. Mike’s actually also made it down to see us in LA. Mark/FerrousFellow and Kyle/Drwagc are our best SanDiegoPals and we do birthdays and cons and fun things like that together, James/Pablo was like Brett’s little bro before he ran off and joined the Navy (though the invitation to come and couch surf now that he’s back is still out there), Chris/Señor stayed with us for a while while he scoped out the LA job market too, and I jump at any chance I get to hang with Bea (who now comes in a matched set along with Anonex and Bard)

Basically me and Brett hit it off when he came up for FanExpo but there was the matter of being in different countries on opposite sides of the continent so we parted ways but then he came out again a few months later for my and Chris’ birthday, and by then I’d found out I was gonna be moving to LA, so it was more like “wow hey, see you in four weeks”.