I was planning on posting other modern AU Annas based on fanfics to match the Elsa pieces I did a while ago, but I’m not sure I’ll get around to them all before I move, and I felt like I should post this before I forget. I’ll make another triptych like before, but this piece was actually an extra, and it ended up finished before anything else did, haha. I see a lot of mistakes I wish I could fix on this, but I’m just so tired of nit-picking that I’ll just leave it.

Although this bit of scene involving Anna isn’t explicitly described in the fic r9kElsa is Suffering because it follows Elsa around, it’s still something I thought about a lot. The mere act of waiting and waiting for someone to come home for hours is something I’ve had happened to me before. Twice. It’s terrifying.

So when Anna stayed on the porch waiting for Elsa to come home, not knowing if she ever would, I cried a little. Not gonna lie.

A Snowflake in Spring vs r9k Elsa is Suffering

Fluff vs Angst in which the guns represent angst and anything else represents fluff:


She tells us it’s coming and sometimes it happens but none of us ever expect it :( (gif by arnieszwarance)


I don’t think the angst ever stops… (gif by labeledunatable)

But seriously I think it’s more accurate to say AnonElsa fights the feels as Ruby fights beowulfs

(gif by heeiichou)

The Fans reaction to:

The shipping bit…









(gif by ourpshychoworld)

It’s a guilty pleasure and we all know it…

Waiting for updates:


(gif by fuckyeahreactions)



(by kelencapner)

Seeing it updated:


Fans being Ruby and Celery being Pyrrah


After reading the update:





Well at least we have similar reactions to how we would handle these versions of Hans…


From top to bottom: “A Snowflake in Spring”, by celerysticks; “r9kElsa is Suffering”, by anonelsa; “You Are”, by Pmrising; and bloopers courtesy of my dog who wanted to spend time with me but not be held or in pictures.

I haven’t actually read “You Are” so if anyone has suggestions for poses, (Actually for any of them) I will take them and try and do them over the summer, which starts in roughly 3 weeks. I don’t have an Anna and I don’t plan on spending any more money on this, only if there is something in the thrift shop or I find something I would wear anyway. So please keep these things in mind.

$10 Elsanna Commission 06 : Kitaronicus



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Last $10 Elsanna commission from “r9k Elsa Is Suffering” by AnonElsa or kate—kane

It’s been so long since I last draw them. Planning to draw fan art from all fictions that I used to read and ones that I plan to read. Well, we’ll see. :)

Thank you for the commission!

I’ve cleared all the commission already! Yay~~~! 

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These are not my drawings, they belong to owmymop and can be found here

These are not based off of my fanfics, they are “r9kElsa is Suffering”, by AnonElsa; “A Snowflake in Spring”, by CelerySticks aka celerysticks4life; and “You Are”, by Pmrising.

I’m also pretty sure none of us own Elsa, including me.

This is my cosplay and I will upload other images later.