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Your reply to yairdjudas made me curious to know which game you believe has the best 108 SoD overall? (Use whatever criteria you want to judge "best".) I think Tiekreis might have the best 108 SoD because most of them are given some personality or background.

I’m in agreement with you on this one. I think Tierkreis does the best job overall of giving a wide variety of characters some sort of trait or background.

Suikoden III also does a good job at this. Suikoden V also, but something about it seems too “anime” to me. Suikoden IV has a lot of character designs I really like and some fun personalities but overall they lack background.

Tierkreis does the “anime” thing too to an extent, but for whatever reason I have an easier time looking past it in that title.

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A Trails in the Sky, Tales, Atelier, and Nier fan? I approve of your taste :D

Thank you! Since you mentioned them, you must be a fan of those games yourself in which case I also give you my “you have good taste” seal of approval