My contribution to the voice meme that’s floating about at the moment, several days late as a result of my busy weekend, but I’m sure nobody minds :D There is a heavy preference towards fics that contain Justice (or references to him!) and I apologise for nothing!

Unjust by Corbie

The Alphabetical Adventures of a Magical Kitten by Combination-NC

Of Little Boys and Griffins by Hysazu

There is no Blight by Serindrana

An Analog of Aether by Anon1879

Lost by Impressioniste


anon1879: AO3 / original TFAB post

Such economy of line, of words, to capture such action, such desire, such despair, in a single moment, never static, never dull, with light that positively radiates from the screen.  Anon is particularly skilled at embracing and developing the secondary characters that sometimes fall into obscurity.

It is a cool morning even though it does not look like one. The sun shines brightly through the colored glass of the chapel, its light broken into a spontaneous mosaic onto Andraste’s tall figure. The eyes can get lost easily into this pattern, searching for hidden messages in between the specks that have no design, but the granite chills the heart through fingertips that lay against it, reminding Maurevar that there is always the blunt, simple reality of life behind all the dreams that can be dreamt.

He stands there in silence, staring at the wall but not seeing, feeling the need for guidance but not asking for any, listening to his mind but not hearing any answer. His heart is disturbed. He does not understand why it happened, but he knows that it is all it takes to create the ripples of feeling that will not stop. A droplet sinking into the perfect stillness that was there, carrying all his uncertainties below the surface.

Maurevar has said nothing, has done nothing. Malcolm does not know, has not noticed.

One tear going down his friend’s cheek, and discreetly brushed away. That’s all it took to make him doubt.

A Templar and a Mage

anonymous asked:

35 and 36 for Home is Where the Heart is.

35. What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time?

Theuderic enjoys a lazy day in bed reading up on mage history, chantry doctrine and history. While he loves these topics, and could spend a few days just reading and drinking tea; he knows he has too much to do as First Enchanter.

Fenris enjoys chess with Sebastian, and drawing. He enjoys them but feels like leisure activities are a frivolous thing that is a waste when he could be improving his martial skills, or doing the things required of him as part of the Divine’s retinue. On rare occasions or when he has an off duty day, he’ll indulge in such things.

36. What makes them feel guilty?

Fenris feels guilty when he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with Theuderic. His duties as Paladin of the Divine takes quite a bit of his time, sometimes requiring him to travel with the Divine when she makes appearances. Time spent together is always important to him. He often brings Theuderic gifts from his travels and takes a day or two to spend with his husband to make up for being away.

Theuderic feels guilty about being First Enchanter at times. He knows it makes not rational sense but he feels like he’s let down some of his year mates in  the Circle, when he briefly railed against authority and the feeling of being held against his will that he felt when still a youth. 

He also feels guilty that he has not fully unlocked the secrets to Fenris’ markings, and fears losing him to lyrium poisoning or renegade mages figuring out how to control him via the markings.