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what are your must read ziam fics? or fics that are classics amongst ziam fans?

Ohh gosh.  I don’t feel worthy of this question tbh, I am quite new to the fandom and probably have not read many classics.  But alright some of my personal favorites are as follows:

So Let’s Say I’ll Come Another Day by sophieisgod 

One of the best fics I’ve ever read in general, it’s based off the same concept as The Time Traveller’s Wife and it’s just incredibly well-paced, beautifully written, and all-around brilliant.  You will cry, and you will love it.  

Not Happening by scottmcniceass 

College AU.  AMAZING.  I would actually recommend pretty much everything by that author, especially if you want fandom classics.  It’s all wonderful.  But this one holds a special place in my heart.  

Some Girls by Rave is a three-part series that I literally – I don’t even know what to say about it.  One of my all-time favorites.  It’s a genderswap AU where Zayn randomly turns into a girl and he and Liam must learn to deal with it (wink).  Hilarious, heartfelt, well-written, and incredibly hot.  (Her Hogwarts Ziam is also great, fyi.  Just go through her works, actually.  She’s excellent.)

honey, you’re familiar by tachycardia 

This fic honestly wrecked me.  It’s absolutely gorgeous. Future fic where Zayn and Liam find each other again post 1D.  Fantastic prose, excellent characterization, and just a wonderful story.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder how the author managed to personally meet ziam in order to capture their personalities so flawlessly.  

Once For Everybody Who Got Left Behind by pukeandcry

AU where Zayn is a ghost and Liam moves into his room.  I loved every word of this fic from start to finish.  I’m a big sucker for supernatural stuff, and this is excellently paced, hilarious, angsty, romantic and sexy all at once.  

Til I See You by vastlyunknown

AU where Zayn and Liam get set up on a blind date, and it’s BRILLIANT.  It’s Zayn POV, funny, romantic and adorable.  It was one of the first ziam fics I ever read and I still think about it all the time.  

I can see my baby swingin’ (my sweet boy swayin’) by Paynegerous

!!!! I’ve been going through my Ao3 history to find these, and I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS FIC, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  X-Factor fic where Zayn’s never wanked off successfully and Liam helps him out.  Smutty, adorable and AMAZING.  

startin’ fires by xxcaribbean

Jealous!Liam balcony sex.  What more do I need to say?  CLASSIC (also shoutout to my Jealous!Liam anon, you ought to read this fic, it’s incredible)

i wanna save that light by sarcasticfluentry

This is pure smut, and it’s soooo good.  Liam taking care of Zayn after they get mobbed at LAX, it’s kinky yet sweet, and I’ve read it like 48932 times.  

Morning Glory by Suchthingbutnever

Ziam morning sex, also one of the first fics I ever read, and I absolutely adore it.  Sweet, hot, amazing characterization and just all-around beautifully written.  

Let My Love Adorn You by makesomelove

JUST READ IT. I promise you won’t regret it.  A+

a jerk in the right direction by auntie spice (october)

I. love. this. fic.  I was actually just raving to thedimplesinyourback14 the other day about how much I love it.  SUPER HOT, but also manages to be really earnest and sweet at the same time, which is truly a gift.  It’s OT5 but mainly ziam.  It’s also perfect. 

you’re so excited, you only need just a try by sarcasticfluentry

Liam/Zayn/clone!Liam.  Do I really need to say anymore?  Seriously this fic is amazing, creative, well-written, and SO SO HOT.  (thanks to the anon who linked me when I couldn’t find it, you rock!)

So this actually got mega-long, haha.  Seriously though, every single one of these fics I linked are incredible and deserve to be read and re-read hundreds of times.  Enjoy anon :)

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YOU SHOULD WRITE A STEREK FOR THIS ONE: ripping the other away - “no we shouldn’t” - but when they kiss them again they moan and hold them close

Derek’s hair is so soft.

And his lips are even softer where they are pressed against Stiles’. Even his beard is soft!

Stiles never wants to stop kissing him.

But instead of pressing closer, Derek pulls away, saying: “No, Stiles, we shouldn’t –”

Stiles draws him back in before he can say more. He’s sick of “Shouldn’t, couldn’t, can’t”, “too young, too old, too damaged”. So he uses the hand that’s still buried in Derek’s hair to drag him closer until their lips are almost touching, until they are breathing in each other’s air, and says: “Yes, yes, we should, Derek,” and closes the last gap between them again.

He opens his mouth and presses closer to Derek, tugs on his hair until he tilts his head a little, and Derek opens his mouth and moans. It’s a small sound, swallowed by Stiles’ mouth immediately, but he likes that, likes that this is his, just his, for his ears and his ears only.

Derek’s arms are wrapped around him now, drawing him in even closer, one hand curved around his neck, fingers stroking his skin lightly, the other hand slipping beneath his waistband, touching the dips at the bottom of his spine, and this time Stiles can’t hold back a moan, doesn’t even try to.

But when Stiles dares move the hand lower that had been pressed between Derek’s shoulder blades until now, finally sliding his fingers into the back pocket of the sinfully tight jeans Derek is wearing, Scott speaks up, sounding slightly choked up:

“Err, guys? Guys? You really shouldn’t! Save it for after the fight, please!”

And when Stiles opens his eyes to glare at him, he sees that Scott is being literally choked by the last vampire that’s still standing.

Derek doesn’t even turn around. He just tugs the spike that’s still in Stiles’ back pocket and throws it over his shoulder. Stiles expects Scott to catch it and use it, but instead the spike hits the vampire directly in the heart.

When Stiles looks back at Derek, he seems to be completely calm, but Stiles knows those eyebrows, and those eyebrows are radiating smugness currently. Stiles swallows hard and Derek’s eyes tracking the movement in his throat sends a shiver down his back – which Derek can probably tell, too, because his hand has gone right back to the bottom of his spine, fingers occasionally dipping teasingly beneath the waistband of his boxers. He has to clear his throat several times before his voice works properly.

“Dude, I am so turned on right now.”

Derek’s smirk has grown beyond his eyebrows now and in any other situation the smugness would make Stiles want to smack him. Now he just wants to lick across his bunny teeth.

“Good.” is all Derek says, before he ducks back into another phenomenal kiss.

Send me a ship and a kiss and I’ll write you a short ficlet!

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cartinelli and #25 or 24 (i love your writing btw)

Thank you so much, that’s so sweet! Here you go, nonnie. :)

24-returned from the dead kiss (because I think I am actually incapable of writing angst)


“Angie,” Peggy breathed when she heard the familiar voice. She pushed herself up against the pillows behind her and turned to see Angie rushing toward her, tears streaming down her cheeks. She stopped about a foot away from the hospital bed and just looked down at Peggy in disbelief.

“It’s okay. I’m okay.”

“Can I…?”

“Please do.”

Angie leaned down and pressed her lips against Peggy’s softly, questioningly. It was only when Peggy started pushing up against her that Angie picked up the pace a little. She placed one hand on the side of Peggy’s face, but she accidentally hit an ugly bruise next to the Englishwoman’s eye.

Peggy hissed in pain and turned her head away. 

“Oh, did I hurt you? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too. Are you…?”

“I’m fine,” Peggy said. She shifted over in the bed and patted the space next to her. Angie took the invitation and slid onto the stiff mattress next to her girlfriend.

“When Jarvis called I was so scared,” Angie whispered. Her face was mere inches from Peggy’s and this close up she could see all the shades of purple and blue that bloomed across her cheek. She could see the stitches that held a three inch gash near Peggy’s hairline closed. “We both thought you were gonna die.”

“According to what the doctors told me, I just about came back from the dead,” Peggy replied. She reached up with one arm and brushed a stray strand of hair out of Angie’s face before leaning in for another kiss.

“Don’t you dare do that to me again, English,” Angie breathed against her lips.

“Darling,” Peggy said. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

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☾ hisalisa

☾ : Sleep headcanon

May I give you two headcanons? One possible within the canon storyline and my own AU one where nobody dies? ;n; Yes? 

Canon Universe:

Twelve and Nine only had two pillows in their apartment and not nearly enough blankets as it was always only the two of them. So during Lisa’s stay with them Twelve didn’t think it twice and gave up his own pillow and blanket to give to her, so for a couple of days and until laundry was done, he slept without a pillow and a blanket. Nine found it odd that he was being so selfless and that’s what triggered the alarms in his head that Twelve was getting way too involved and that Lisa needed to go the moment she got better.

When they came back from the airport, after Five’s attempt on Lisa’s life, he waited for both Nine and Lisa to fall asleep and slept on the floor next to Lisa in case she had any nightmares. Then got up extremely early the next day so neither Nine nor Lisa would know.

AU where nobody dies:

During the first month that Twelve and Lisa started sleeping on the same bed neither of them would get much rest because they’d keep waiting for the other to fall asleep first.

Twelve because he’d be too used to waiting for Nine to fall asleep before him, and Lisa because she would be too self-conscious to close her eyes first. So they’d just lie there waiting for the other to fall asleep and trying their hardest to stay awake until they were sure the other was sleeping.

Their nights would consist of a lot of soft name whispering, hoping they wouldn’t get a response but they always did, until they found a solution for their problem. 

Twelve chanced a glance at the clock on the nightstand, trying hard not to disturb the girl in his arms. 

2:13 a.m.

He looked down at her but her dark bangs covered her features and he couldn’t tell if she had already fallen asleep. She was oddly stiff in his arms and he couldn’t even hear her breathing. That usually meant she was still awake, trying hard not to disturb him


He waited a couple of beats, smiling tiredly when no response came. Maybe this time she was actually asleep. He didn’t know why it always took her so long to fall asleep, not even Nine took as long as Lisa did. He began closing his eyes, pressing a sleepy kiss to the top of her head , finally able to try and get some rest after the better part of an hour, when suddenly…

“Yes, Twelve?”



“…why aren’t you asleep?”

“I… um…”

“Lisa, it’s two a.m.”

“B-but you aren’t asleep either!” 

Under any other circumstance he’d find her pouty and slightly stubborn tone of voice adorable, but it was two-freaking-am and he needed her to fall asleep so he could get some rest. “I can’t sleep knowing you’re awake. You know this.”

“I-I can’t do that either,” Lisa pushed away and looked up at him. 

Both of them knew the easiest solution to their problem would be to sleep in separate rooms but they’d rather stay awake most of the night than consider that option.

Twelve sighed, defeated, and was pulling her into his arms again when Lisa placed a hand against his chest to stop him. “Maybe…”


“Maybe if you, um, maybe if you turned around… so that I don’t feel like you’re watching me?”

“…seriously? I told you before, I’m not watching–”


“…” Twelve complied, a little begrudgingly since he liked holding Lisa, and turned his back to her “Happy? …You can be such a weirdo, Lisa.”

He chuckled when Lisa hit the back of his head with her pillow and felt her settle behind him. It wasn’t long before he felt her arm tentatively wrap around his chest and her body curl up against his, her hair tickled the back of his neck a little bit when she rested her forehead against his back, but he didn’t mind. His smile widened, maybe this new arrangement wasn’t so bad. 

And that’s also how Lisa officially became the big spoon whenever they went to sleep.
I had to include my headcanon that Lisa is definitely the big spoon most of the time.

.-. I can’t make these things short, can I? Sorry, anon.

souharu | roommate au

notes: it’s so fun writing souharu

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write you a short fic

When Sousuke moved into the dorms, he never expected his roommate to be Haruka Nanase. Oh great.

Haru wasted no time once he knew Sousuke was his roommate. He set some ground rules that consisted of splitting chores and a thin line in the middle of the room with duct tape, “Your side, my side. Do not cross.”

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I'm sure this is a popular request if you're still doing these... (You're really good at them btw!) M/S after she falls asleep on his couch in "all things."

thank you! all credit for inspiration on this one goes to this fic by humancredentials; I was stuck until it helped unstick me

her hair has fallen out from behind her ear again; he watches it flutter in her breath like the way they dance around the truth, in the basement and out the door, a pull from one, a push from the other, an open file in a closed drawer.

he loses a little time–nine minutes maybe, always nine minutes–to the wonder of it until his eyes are heavy too; he considers falling asleep on the spot but knows that if she wakes to find him beside her she’ll never move, which is so her, so scully, staying with him in the darkness when it’s almost guaranteed to hurt.

sure enough, she wakes with an ache in her neck and seeks him out, as has become their custom, in the bedroom, and as she peels off her sweater in the doorway he understands that all this time he’s been running ahead and making space for her

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fic- Rose sighed softly as her long golden hair fell perfectly onto her shoulders as she lifted up her body from her unmade bed, twisting her head slightly to see John sleeping peaceful next to her. she stocked his hair smiling to herself , she didn't want to wake him but she knew if she didn't he would be late for work. "raise and shine doctor"She whispered with a soft smile. John's eyelids crunched up and he moaned. "Ten more minutes" John replied back pulling Rose in for a morning kiss.


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The man craned his neck down to plant a full bite on her's, giving her an accidental opportunity to look back at the still-raging crowd. “Wait!” she said, making him snap his head up. “I don't want anyone to see.” He looked annoyed and horny before he yanked her through the back door and into the backseat of the expensive black car he owned. Shoving her onto the seat, he took the thick leather jacket off of his shoulders and cast it onto the floor.


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34,35 feyre and tamlin :) ty <3

Aww :) I love that I received three Feylin fic requests for this. I love them so much! Thanks for sending me a message dear. Hope you like it!

Prompt #34: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Prompt #35: “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Tamlin and Lucien were trying to teach her how to use her newfound abilities, and although she thought that she was getting better at it, Lucien was still laughing at her from the corner of the garden. 

“Shut it.” she snapped, turning her head away from Tamlin for half a moment, just to wind up with the wind knocked out of her a moment later, the still-strange metallic taste in the air around them. Feyre had thought she was getting used to her magic, or at least magic in general, but this just proved her wrong. Lucien’s bark of a laugh sounded through the entire garden, and instead of focusing her magic at Tamlin, who was training her, she focused all of her energy at Lucien, still howling at the sky, laughing. A hand extended in his direction, she pushed all of her energy into one single punch, hoping that it landed on her target, or at least close by so that Lucien would stop laughing at her and shut up already.

Feyre couldn’t help but smile when she felt the release of all of that built up energy, flying across the garden and landing right at the center of Lucien’s stomach, sending him flying a few feet backwards, into the nearby shrubs. 

When she turned back to Tam, he was shaking his head, though she knew that he was smiling too. She almost wanted to jump and dance at the accomplishment, but then she looked up and was hit with Lucien’s own brand of magic. She fell back on her butt, letting out a delicate “oomph” as she fell. When she regained her composure, she scowled up at the Autumn High Fae. Lucien just shrugged.

“That’s what you get, human.” he retorted, moving away from her and back into the house. She wanted to tell him that she wasn’t human anymore, but she knew that if she made it to live to be a thousand years, Lucien would still call her human. She shook her head and got back up on her feet.


Later, when they were eating dinner that night, Lucien excused himself, saying that Feyre and Tamlin’s “puppy dog eyes” were giving him the chills and he didn’t need to see that. Of course, Feyre was glad to see him leave, so that she and Tamlin could look at each other without commentary from their third wheel. 

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed…” Feyre started.

She was only slightly surprised when Tam cocked her a grin, an eyebrow arching to suggest exactly what was on her mind as well. They couldn’t have run up the stairs faster.

In seconds, they were kissing, their bodies pressed tightly against the others as they lost themselves in the feel of skin and warmth. Feyre could not help the moan that escaped her throat, especially not with the click of Tamlin’s claws as they unsheathed and scraped delicately at her back, being ever so careful not to rip her shirt open. She was actually surprised with his level of restraint and could not help the grin that gleamed across her lips when she felt his lips press deeply into the crook of her collarbone.

His nose was skimming her chest then, and though she could hear words coming from him, she did not focus on them enough to make out the singular words. 

Half dazed and confused, she asked, “What did you say?”

His eyes smoldered when they lifted to stare into hers, “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” just as his chin gestured toward her shirt. She chuckled and kissed him again, their lips melting together before she complied with his demand and sunk deeper into his kiss, letting him take her away.

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SOB TELL ME MORE ABT ACE OR DEMIARO PHIL!!! dude i deadass cried yesterday bc usually the hcs for sexuality and gender tend to go to dan (which!!! isnt bad!! YEAH EXPLORATIONNN) but like. to see an ACE HC, FOR MY FAV!!!! was SUCH A GOOD FEELING AND I WAS SO HAPPY I ACTUALLY CRIED. ME!!! IM ACE!!! AND MAYBE MY FAV YT PERSON IS TOO!!!!! mannnn im so happyyy. pls tell me more abt acephile ty ty ty

FRIEND!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!! omg pl ease i understand im!!!! and SAME they really do omg??? (omg definitely!!!) but yeah!!! I FEEL!!! I FEEL!!!! IM SO HAPPY THAT MADE U HAPPY PLS!!! <333333 SAME FRIEND!!! ACE BUD!!! <33333 YEAH!!!! same same i am too my friend!!!

ok ok.

Phil telling Dan he’s ace and he actually ends up doing it over text because he’s Really Nervous about this and he can’t seem to find the words to say it out loud?? Because he feels like if he says everything he’s feeling out loud he might cry–which doesn’t make any sense because this isn’t a sad thing, but still–and he definitely doesn’t want to cry in front of Dan bc That’s Really Embarrassing. 

He doesn’t really know why he’s so nervous because it’s just Dan he’s telling. It’s just his best friend and he knows Dan will support him in anything he feels and will be by his side, but this feels different for some reason?? And like. He’s not sure if he’s even Qualified to be ace, like, he knows there’s not a form you fill out or anything, but like. He thinks he’s experienced sexual attraction before?? And he knows he’s Done Things before that definitely don’t fall into the ace category, but he doesn’t feel that way about them anymore and tbh, if he’s honest, he feels a little weird and gross thinking about how he used to feel. 

He ends up sending Dan this looooong chunk of text and he doesn’t even proofread it before he sends it, he just hits send from his room and hears Dan’s text alert go off through the wall. There’s a bunch of silence before anything happens and Phil’s heart is beating so hard in his chest he’s afraid it’s gonna pop out and start doing a dance number on his floor.

He gets a text back–which he’s kinda surprised about bc he thought that Dan would probs just come over from the other room and be like ‘what’–but he just gets a text and all it says is:

‘okay. i love you.’

And that’s it. And it’s so short and brief that it almost makes Phil stand up and go to Dan’s room and be like, “Is that it? What else?” but he doesn’t. This isn’t a, “What, that’s so weird??” or a jumble of confused questions. It’s just. A neutral ground. 

Phil’s okay with that. He thinks.

A few days later, though, when he’s been out to Dan about this for over 48 hours and Dan still hasn’t really brought it up, Phil can’t really take it anymore and he asks Dan what he thinks of it. Of Phil being ace.

And Dan just kind of looks at him in surprise and goes, “I’m fine with it. Of course. I support you in whatever you feel and I’m here for you in any way I can be.”

And Phil just feel such a WEIGHT fall off his chest. He smiles so so big and he reaches for Dan and hugs him super tight because that’s literally all he needed to hear. That the person he admires and loves most in his life was okay with this thing that is so important to him. 


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Prompt: Deeks makes Kensi go to a hinged vs. chain handcuffing demonstration with him.

I don’t even know what’s wrong with me…..

“Kensi! I’m sorry!” He called to her back as she pushed past him through the door, making a beeline for the kitchen. 

“In what world was it a good idea volunteer me to be the one gets to be handcuffed? So all the LAPD members know exactly why hinged is better than chain?!” She slammed her bag down on his counter, glaring at him all the while.

“To be fair.” He rose a hand. “You were only in each pair for a combined five minutes.”

“Deeks!” She practically growled and his other hand flew up.

“I am genuinely sorry, it was a silly, stupid and immature idea.” He made a ‘well’ gesture with his outstretched hands and Kensi relaxed just a bit, still glaring at him she pulled open the door to the refrigerator, staring deep within it. 

Coming up behind her, Deeks wrapped a hand around her hip and rested his chin on her shoulder, and despite her stony demeanor she leaned back into him. 

“What, Deeks?“ 

"You okay?” He mumbled, brushing his lips against her neck.

“Mm-hmm.” She turned, resting her hands on his hips. “I was off guard." 

"Okay,” he said, dipping his head to connect their lips, his hand slid into her hair where his thumb brushed her pulse point, and Kensi shivered, the layers of goosebumps breaking out over her body having nothing to do with the open refrigerator. 

“You know,” he whispered when he finally pulled back, the mischievous glint in his eyes recognizable. "I have the perfect payback for you." 

"Really?” She smirked, kicking shut the refrigerator and leaning against the door. 

Nodding slowly, he smoothed a hand over her hip. “I think it’s my turn for the cuffs, don’t you?" 

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"I..have we...met before?" The Do-John asked her slowly, unable to realize how much the words pained her. She licked her lips, suddenly wondering why she hadn't walked away to spare herself, wondering why she had stuck out her hand and forced her lips to curl up into a smile. She also wondered, on a much smaller scale, if he could see that her smile was hardly real. "No, we...haven't. Rose Tyler," she greeted him politely. He took her hand with a small frown, not believing her. TBC


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The man hugged her, and she collapsed a few seconds later. Blood pooled on the floor. A knife stuck out of the girl's back. She had been stabbed. A blonde lady wearing a purple leather jacket quickly ran over and rolled Katherine over to see if she was still alive. Alas, twas not the case. RIP, Katherine


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"Damn, Carter, it's a bit hard concentrate in the task seing you like this. Too much exposed skin."

(I am so sorry this one has been sitting here for so long. I just had no idea what to do with it. There’s one other cartson in here that made me hit a brick wall head on. I don’t like writer’s block. It’s a butt)

“Try a little harder than,” Peggy grumbled as she made her way back to him and their things. Holding out a towel, she gave him a nod of thanks and began to dry herself off.

“See anything interesting out there in the buoys?” Jack asked, trying to avoid staring at the beautiful brunette.

She shook her head, little drops of water hitting him in the face as she did so. “Nothing at all, aside from some seaweed.”

“Guess we’ll have to hit another beach,check the buoys out there too. Stark wasn’t very specific on which beach it was,” Jack said, getting up to his feet and helping her collect their belongings.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next seven

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6 and 13 FEYRE AND TAMLIN PLS <3 <3

Thanks for the prompt anon :) I think this is the first time I’m writing a Feyre x Tamlin fic so I’m super excited to see how it turns out. You probably picked some of the greatest prompts too. I hope you like it (also I hope you don’t mind that instead of first person, I’m doing it in third because I’m better at writing in 3rd person)

Prompt #6: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Prompt #13: “Kiss me.”

Feyre was anxious about this, considering it was something she had never done before. She had never tried to seduce Tamlin, nor really any other person. It had been a week since she had returned from her first visit from the Night Court, and although Tamlin had been glad to see her returned - if a little angry at Rhys because of the contract in the first place - he had stayed away from her for a few days. 

She wasn’t exactly worried that he would reject her, though it certainly crossed her mind. Feyre was more worried of the possibility of Lucien coming into the room instead, looking for Tamlin when he came back from scouting for the day. Her palms were sweaty with the thought and she continued to look at the door, wondering when her High Fae Lord was going to come in.

It seemed as if she waited forever before the door clicked, opening to the scene. She could see that it was Tamlin, and though that made her slightly less worried, the words that came out of his mouth when he closed the door behind himself had her worrying all over again.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” he asked, an eyebrow raising gently at the sight of her. 

Feyre had made sure to make it painfully obvious what she was trying to do, the duvet covers only half shielding her naked body where it laid in Tam’s bed. 

With a shaky breath, she said, trying to play at confidence rather than fear, “Kiss me.”

She was more than surprised when, in the next second, their bodies were colliding on the bed. Tamlin’s body was warm against hers, and she stiffled a moan at the feel of his lips on hers. His lips at her neck, trailing down her body…Her hands fisted in his hair and she threw her head back. She didn’t miss it when a growl rumbled through his chest.

She was glad that she had done this, the stress and anxiety melting away just as his clothes did.

Send me a number (1-50) + a pairing and I’ll write a fic about it :)

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"In time, Rose." Jackie sighed and adjusted Tony on her hip, moving forward to kiss Rose on the cheek before stepping away as Pete called. Rose thought it ironic, time being involved in healing the time lord, but she prayed to every deity she knew that it would actually work. She closed her eyes and let out another breath, trying to compose her facial expression. She opened them up, only to meet <i>his<i> eyes which echoed with puzzlement. "Hello?" The Doctor, or John for now, asked slowly. TBC


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I can totally see Sousa stepping out if the picture gracefully in regards to Peggy. I can even see him eventually shipping Cartson if we get a changed Jack. I can see this and I need this.

Welcome aboard to the party, my friend.

But seriously, I have this dumb-butt headcanon that Dooley used to secretly write fanfiction about Peggy and Jack and shipped them like crazy. And then maybe one day Sousa was helping clean out Dooley’s desk after he died (because I feel like Sousa would at least do that) and found Dooley’s stash. And then he started to continue where Dooley left off on the fanfics, maybe even started a few of his own.

This is an incredibly obscure headcanon

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umm 11 and malec :) wait was 11 the snowball one? oh man i forgot, sorry, umm well the snowball one please

Yes it was the snowball one! Thanks for the ask dear. I haven’t written a Malec fic in I think a year, maybe more? Also this isn’t strictly Malec, but I hope you like it anyway!

Prompt #11: “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” (I hope you don’t mind that I changed it a little to better fit the series).

It was snowing outside the Institute, and though it had been snowing for the last few hours, nothing truly changing around them, when Magnus pulled on Alec’s arm, he glanced up from his book. With an eyebrow raised, Magnus truly looked like a cat there before him. Almost like the Chesire cat, a mischievous grin displayed on his lips. Alec almost didn’t want to ask his boyfriend what was on his mind. As it turned out, he didn’t have the time to, as Isabelle and Clary came strolling into the room, their hands behind their backs, grinning at the two of them sitting there on the divan.

Magnus seemed to know what was happening far before he did, and just as Izzy raised her hand, a powdery white ball formed perfectly around her manicured nails, Alec’s lips started to plead with his sister, asking her not to do what she was about to do.

Magnus was up in the next second, not wanting snow on his clothing. Unfortunately for the both of them, Jace had just arrived behind Clary and Isabelle, an entire arsenal of snowballs displayed. 

“Jace! Don’t you dare throw that snowba -.” but before he had the chance to even finish his sentence, the three of them pelted him with the freezing snow, “By the Angel!” Alec’s blue eyes glanced up from his snow-covered sweater and book to where Clary, his sister, and his parabatai all stood, all of them either silently chuckling at him, or fearing what he was going to do in retaliation. 

In the next second, from the corner of his eye, he saw Magnus’ fingers spark blue. The snow on his sweater and book formed again, this time the snowball was pointed in the opposite direction. Magnus didn’t have the time to hurl the newly formed snowball before Clary flung another in Magnus’ direction this time.

Shaking his head, his fingers still sparking blue, Magnus said, “You better run, biscuit.”

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Rose stood off to the side, wondering whether she could stand sitting in this room any longer as he walked past her and didn't even give her a glance. She closed her eyes, sucking in a painful breath through her mouth. How couldn't he remember her? She bit her lip and Jackie shot her a look, sensing the pain she must have been in as little Tony Tyler, now one year of age, made faces in her arms, trying to make his sister smile again. "Rose...He'll remember," Jackie told her quietly. "When?" TBC

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He spread her young, slender legs with his knee, continuing to lavish her throat and jawline with sloppy kisses, and groped her blatantly through her jeans, cupping her ass and the back of her thigh. "Tell me you want it." he said to her heavily. She was confused. How did this happen? Then Katherine realized: This was not innocent. This was never innocent. She came to him as a sheep, and he was the wolf, the hunter. And she was too far into this to stop.