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I'm sorry I just had to share this silly idea with someone. So, cats and foxes are generally associated with either mischief or bad luck, right? Imagine Chat Noir and Alya(Volpina? Vixen?) getting into trouble and being trouble-making buddies and driving Ladybug insane trying to keep these two under control.

They definitely get into plenty of shenanigans together, but most of the time it’s cause they got distracted from whatever they were supposed to be doing. I can see Ladybug doing this a lot:

KNK reactions to their girlfriend slapping their butts and running away

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“Hey! Get back here!”*chases you down to get revenge*

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“Eh.” *shrugs it off and continues doing what he was doing*(though he might pay you back later)

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*looks shocked and is kind of at a loss at what to do*

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*laughs as he looks towards the direction you ran off* “Oh that [Y/N]. Never a dull moment with them.” *shakes head with a grin as he returns to whatever he was doing*

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*his reflexes are fast enough that he manages to get in a poke in your side before you run off* So I got you too, [Y/N]

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(Hope you enjoyed~ Thank you for the request and sorry that it took so long to get it out! Love you~)

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So we know that Oliver is super protective and sweet to Felicity when she's pregnant....Do William and Nate follow in their dad's footsteps with Amelia and Penny??? I have no idea how my mind came up with this by the way. PS Absolutely loved today's PoA chapter..I continue to relate so much to Jules the more I learn. XO!

Great question! And very different answers. (Also, thank you! Very glad you enjoyed today’s chapter). 

Nate is protective and possessive when Penny’s pregnant. He’s always like that with her to some extent, but it’s something that’s even more true when she’s carrying his children. He takes a lot of pride in seeing evidence of his child growing inside her. He loves when she’s pregnant. He’s got an almost absurd sense of male pride about it (which will probably make Felicity raise an eyebrow at him like ‘really??’ and make him blush at her because she’s still his mom no matter how old he is and she can still make him feel about five years old again busted for stealing cookies under Jules’ directions when she tries)

Will is different from his brother. He’s scared as hell. I mean, is he protective? Yes. But it’s in a far less primal and far softer way. He’s a bit of a mother hen about it. He stresses. He worries. He probably drives Amelia slightly crazy in the process. He’d do anything in the world to protect her but this isn’t something he can control and that drives him a little nuts. He’s seen so many things go wrong as a firefighter. He knows all the worst case scenarios. There’s a lot of anxiety there for Will. 

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To speak truth, using facts, and literally going by reality does not work with blarkes. "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of logic is like administering medicine to the dead" -_- I forgot who's quote that is and I probably mixed some words up, but the statement still applies lol Lexa may be physically dead but blarkes are brain dead, can't argue with them, it's like arguing with a 3 year old... the shit they come up with can't be countered by anyone who actually uses common sense

OMG this was freakin golden!! Thank you for writing this…and yes I have never known a fandom to have so many delusional people in it!!

honestly the fact that people can post their amazon wishlists on here and people will buy them stuff bc they like their snarky responses to anons is so Surreal to me

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Stydia: Stiles is becoming increasing protective of their 15 year old daughter so Lydia decides to sit him down to give him the talk.

A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to fulfill this, anon! I hope you like it! I know it’s not exactly what you may have asked for but I’m not great at OC’s so I focused on the Stydia. My muse wanted this, hehe… enjoy!

“Dad-” Allison is fuming, liquid hate rolling from her tongue. Every inch the namesake given to her.

“-Allison Reyes Stilinski, I’ve got this. You two go and have a nice date,” Lydia doesn’t even look over to her daughter and her daughters new boyfriend. Who just so happens to be Scott’s son.

They leave. Quickly. The tone was enough to make the scariest villain’s skin crawl. It was her “I’m Lydia Martin and I’ll blow this house fucking down if you call me Red Riding Hood, because I’m the wolf” voice. Stiles knows it, too. Which is why his hands that were cleaning a hand gun, are placing said gun onto their coffee table. The tremor is not unnoticed by either of them.

“Stiles, dear,” she’s placing her keys onto the foyer table, leaning into the mirror on the wall just above it. She fixes an invisible smudge on her lips; because her lipstick is always perfect. Stiles swallows- eyes wide. Her eyes meet his in the reflection. And then she turns towards him, heels clacking on the cherrywood floor through the archway into their living room where he is sat. His hands are splayed defensively on the coffee table. His stance akin to that of a runner prepped to sprint at the ready.

“Yes, Lyds?”

“Did I just walk in on you feigning fatherly animosity towards our daughters date?”

“Yes, Lyds.”

“Didn’t we discuss that our daughter is fully aware of her Banshee abilities, and could defend herself if need be?”

“Yes, Lyds.”

“Have we not agreed that Isaac McCall is exactly the boy we want her to, I’m quoting you here, ‘marry her off too’?”

“Yes, Lydia.”

“Good. I’m glad we see that you were wrong in treating your best friend’s son that way, and for having a gun out in front of minors and… that you’ve been a bad cop.”

“Yes, Lydia.”

“Now, I’m gonna have to go get the handcuffs and detain you for a few hours for further questioning.”

“Oh thank go- I mean- yes, Lydia.”

He swallows, again, this time he’s thirsty. And with a satisfied grin she clicks her way upstairs where he can hear the metallic jingle of cuffs, and he nearly kills himself to scramble up the steps.

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Okay this ask is promoted by tonight's Diggle heavy episode and literally wouldn't let me sleep. What is Dig's job in FiCoN verse​? I know the series is focused on Olicity and their kids but after all the detail and thought into Oliver's and Felicity's jobs in this verse (unlike a certain *cough* canon *cough* show that doesn't seem to care what Felicity does to eat or afford her nice clothes)-surely John has holes and desires for a career path too 1/2?

2/2 does he end up working security for Oliver forever? Does he just follow Oliver’s career path then? Does he end up staying In QC in come capacity? Is he still the “black driver” (to quote John from season 2)? And what does Lyla end up doing? She got fired from Argus right? How do these people afford their children lol? And do Sara and Connor ever feel self conscious about not having as much $ as the Queen’s (I assume they stay close) sorry to bombard you with questions, I love FiCoN so much:)

Sorry for taking so long to respond! You’re always welcome to bombard me with questions, but these days it might take me a bit longer than normal to reply. We haven’t dealt with the Diggles nearly as much as I had originally thought we would, honestly. They’re an integral part of the Queen family’s life, work and mission but I haven’t honed in on them as much as maybe I should have. And I definitely didn’t get into their careers.

So, by the end of FiCoN itself, Lyla was demoted drastically within ARGUS. Ultimately, she and ARGUS part ways with a certain understanding between her and Waller. She’s too useful an asset with too solid training to dismiss entirely but she’s also clearly prioritized her own people over the organization and Waller can’t rely on her for big things anymore. Lyla gets a decent severance package from ARGUS after signing about a million non-disclosure forms. She and John form their own small security firm. They take on the Queen family as clients and handle their account themselves. They grow to have a dozen or so employees, who Lyla manages. At times, when their purposes align, their company is useful to ARGUS and Lyla remains a solid source of info for Waller as well as a firm link to the Queen family.

Managing the Queen family security gets them enough visibility with the right people that the Diggles’ company does just fine. Like canon, John’s focus is more on his family, his friends, his city. Career progression isn’t something that’s ever struck me as important to him. Their company gives him the flexibility to be Spartan any time he needs to be and the financial security to raise their family. 

Clearly, they’re not anywhere near as well off as the Queens. Does that ever lead to animosity? I don’t think so. It isn’t a sudden thing and it’s not like they’re hurting financially. There might be a touch of jealousy about how very cool their friends’ first cars are, or something, but it’s not a big factor in their lives. 

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Challenge: Give a shout-out to someone on Tumblr that you love (preferably someone you haven't seen already get a shout-out), and share something specific that you love about them! Spread the love!

Thank you for inviting me to join this love fest, anon! 

I know I’m late to the party, but I’m going to call out a few people who have made me feel really welcome around here:

@afangirlsplaylist: After I had creeped on you and read some of your *amazing* fics, I was so moved when you read the first thing I ever put out there. Thank you for always being so sweet to me. Everyone go read her stuff! Right now!

@mythicalpatterns: You all know about her insanely beautiful voice, but also she’s been really sweet to me and has left really kind comments on my fics. (P.S. I’m thinking about giving a one-shot another chapter soon bc of one of those comments…)

@themouthking: I don’t know what’s going on in your amazing creative mind, but thank you so much for letting me scream at you about how much I love it! :)

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that video is old as shit and the writers have since said that those ages weren't actually canon. logic, dude. it's not hard. just let people ship fictional shit.

Aah, I suppose this is in reaction to the video I reblogged some time ago. Let me tell you a few things, dude.

First of all, I reblogged it because I felt like it was good reference regarding the characters’ age - which in turn helps me frame out how to write them. Whatever the specific numbers, it clarifies what is already very clear in the show: Shiro is an adult. The other Paladins are anywhere from early to late teens, making them children. 

Two, I myself did not make any specific comment about any ships. In my own rules, I state that I would rather not write any canon-character ships. I have never made a comment on this blog regarding any ships. I have deliberately kept myself a neutral person in this to stay out of the ridiculous discourse in this fandom that often times is repetitive and petty.  Frankly, I almost deleted this message and carried on with my day. I just didn’t want to bother with any kind of drama.

Until now.

Any romantic or sexual relationship between Shiro (again: a grown ass man) and any of the Paladins is not okay. It’s inappropriate. It’s predatory. It’s a gross imbalance of power that would harm a child if they were to enter such a relationship. Multiple people have expressed their discomfort over these “ships,” and I completely agree with them. 

Yes, it’s fictional. But feeding those kind of fantasies is sick and twisted and wrong. I honestly cannot understand why anyone would want to write stories or draw art depicting those kind of things. If it’s not okay in real life, why would you endorse it in fiction? There are actual young people who watch the show and go on here to read the fics and enjoy the art. What kind of message are you sending them with this “shipping”? 

Let me tell you something: If any adult were to even attempt to harm a teenager like that in real life, I would immediately take appropriate action to protect that child. I would fucking say something.

So of course, even if it’s “just” fictional, I should say something here and now. 


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Thank you so much, Rae and Goner Anon, that... really means the world to me. It's so bewildering to see people who have not only gone through this before and know how to deal with it, but are willing to help too. It hasn't been any easier today either, but I think I'll try my best to struggle through it because I know you guys, and the whole clique, is there. Thank you so much. You really do all make a difference. Here's hoping you have the same strength you gave me today. -Two Anon |-/


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Uma's braids look like tentacles

Ehhh, ok, nonnie, I give it to you. 

To me, the braids look more like the fringe on her outfit than tentacles. 

As I said in my long ass rant“…before any of you say anything, YES, I can see that Uma’s sleeves create the Ursula tentacle illusion!”