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People pretend that the past years never happened. Harry had the WORST image. For 5 years! Most papped, most stalked, most spoken about and most importantly: They sexualised him and put that horrible image on him which he and his family got confronted at an age of 16!!!! on every magazine cover, celeb news outlet, sometimes even in IV or in front of him (&Louis) directly. I get being frustrated but additional to the above, he laid low for 9 months & it's 'just' a magazine. Nothing more.

Yeah, I think it’s complicated to untangle. Harry’s image has sucked but the worst part about it has been that he hated it. I know it isn’t a popular opinion but I think @dogsliampaynedoesntinstagram has been making a good point that a “womanizer” image isn’t stigmatized for a man. Unfortunately, society eats that crap up. What’s been awful is that Harry has always, always been better than that kind of base publicity and done what he could to undermine it. He tried to bring substance and integrity to what he does and people would not listen because sex and scandal are such an easy sell and what his team was always happy to push. He’s tried to get people to see him and they’ve picked the Harry Styles™ he was marketed to be. That’s got to be so discouraging and hurtful. My hope with his instagram blank space before this interview is that he’s finally going to get the chance to start sloughing that off entirely and be proud of the image he’s being sold under.

At the same time, I think it’s fair that people are talking about their images at present and not calling back on the past five years every time. I don’t blame people who are deeply upset about the disparity of their images, it sucks. I don’t intend at all to pit them against each other but just looking at it, it’s drastic. Harry’s image still needs cleaning and shifting for sure but I think he’s already on a good track. He took Dunkirk, a huge opportunity for anyone and a project that’s going to give him credibility and exposure and once we know Syco isn’t underfoot to be tripping him up, I think he’ll have no trouble lining up interviews and press that allow him to express more of who he is (though he’s always going to be some persona of Harry Styles™ and we have some big reveals left if he wants to get closer to his personal self). His press has been cheap and low but the name it’s got him gives him the power to turn it more easily now. It’s going to take time and probably it will frustratingly linger because, as said, people eat that crap up but I think we’re starting to feel the wind change.

Meanwhile, Louis’ position is just… awful. He’s trapped under this huge lie that we’re still not sure how they’re going to end. He’s got Simon Cowell tying him to his apron strings and not letting him get any public projects beyond shilling for Syco’s vested interests. Everything about his press is crass, beneath him, something that could be a stumbling block for the projects he really wants. Less than two weeks ago, he had a huge volley making him out to be a homophobe and he isn’t in the position to refute it. Just looking at their position now… it’s a slap in the face to see the Huffington Post UK doing a loving tribute to “hairgate” while Huffington Post US is putting up BS 1.0 and reaching out to Louis for comment for blocking “Larry” while his hands remain tied. I don’t think Louis is without plans or opportunities he’s working on but we’re just talking about what we can see and his public image is this pit of numbness and sadness and anger in the middle of fandom.

So yes, I don’t like to see people channel their frustration onto Harry. This isn’t on him, it’s on Simon Cowell strapping Louis down at every opportunity, for as long as he possibly can. It especially is a discredit to Louis and Harry as team that have fought through so much together. I do my best to separate out my feelings about Louis’ situation and enjoy the moves that Harry is getting to make now. He deserves so much to open his wings. And I do personally think Harry’s been trying to lay as low as possible for nine months and not draw the spotlight on him. This interview is the first time he’s really stepping out to use his voice and I think that change is what’s causing an emotional upheaval for people right now. It’s not the cover itself. I’m hoping that it’s going to be something really positive for him and I’m thrilled by the idea that he’s getting to chose meaningful work. And I do hope the fact that Harry is coming forward now means that we’re close to a period of change for everyone. But at the same time, I understand that some people find harder to set aside Louis’ situation. It’s something I have to work to do. It’s an emotional subject and on top of that, their team has spent years laying the groundwork to tie people in knots when it comes to thinking about Harry’s potential solo career (something which the press is only too happy to continue with this).

It has come to my attention that porn blogs(not bots) fetishizing bi and lesbian women, have found this blog. If you see them in the notes before I do, I highly suggest you block them so they don’t find your own blog and start liking/reblogging your personal posts and selfies.

And please, don’t let them repel you from sending in your confessions. your voices still need to be heard. this blog is here for us to come together, support each other, and realize we’re not in this alone.
If you’ve been reading the posted confessions and still feel like you can’t relate, send in an ask or submission and I guarantee there are other bi women who share similar feelings and experiences.


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historical figures that Could have been aspec: Benjamin Franklin (aro), James Madison (ace), Nikola Tesla (ace, possible aro). Keyword being could. I am unable to list source at the moment, but I suggest looking up them.

(re: this post)

i appreciate the effort to help @nohelpwhatsoever, anon.

just to reiterate what i said in the previous post, i’m personally wary of making presumptions about the sexuality of historical figures, so… no comment. if the above interests you (ie. you, the reader), it may (or may not) be something to look into.

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ohh my gosh i found your amazing fics on ao3 by accident and I completely fell in love with the way you write asfkjsdlgk;;; aND THEN I SAW YOU HAVE TUMBLR!!! AND !!! yOU SEEM LIKE SUCH A SWEET PERSON AND AND AAAAH what is this magic;; *throws flower petals at you* I hope you have a great day/night !!! ;w;

OH WOW ♡♡!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was not expecting this! omg thank you so much!?!?!?! i’m SO HAPPY you like my fics!!! that’s so nice and motivating ahh! thank you!! i hope to write more for you! and YES I AM HERE! feel free to message me too!! :3 thank you for calling me sweet aldkgjalksdjglak g !! i hope you have an amazing day/night too! 

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Just wanted to say your jersey is awesome... Also you're really pretty and I actually just love your blog so much. Never change please, no matter what other people say or do that's mean or horrible, never change because people love you the way you are (including me in a platonic asexual kind of way..!) and I'm sorry that I'm too shy to say this out of anon ❤️ have a lovely day/night/morning or whatever time of day it is when you read this! x



Thank you so much for sending me this, (I’m always late responding to things like this because I’m always so overwelmed.)

Your ask truely made my night last night. You are too kind. I don’t even know how to respond besides saying thank you. You made a difference for me last night :)


I hope you weren’t looking for something more elaborate but I really have no clue how this meeting would play out except for Gabriel learning that Marinette is studying to be a fashion designer and just “huh *satisfied and slightly impressed nod* my son’s got pretty good taste in women” 


anyway did you know that

- cap 3 introduces tony stark through a sequence that parallels and contrasts against the apogee award/christine everhart interview intro sequence from IM1

- one of the first factual things we learn about tony stark in the mcu EVER is that he’s the “son of legendary weapons developer howard stark.” howard is directly and indirectly brought up multiple times in EVERY SINGLE IRON MAN MOVIE and the entire finale and main villain arc of cap 3 hinges on HIS AND MARIA’S DEATHS

- in IM1, tony’s return from captivity speech kicks off with his public admission that he’s still kind of fucked up by how he never got to say goodbye to his father and cap 3 gives us TONY’S PERSONAL HEADCANON OF HOW HE WISHED THIS GOODBYE HAD HAPPENED

- in IM1 pepper is scheduling MIT-speaker duties for tony, which he is never able to fulfill because he’s kidnapped the next day, and cap 3 finally gives us TONY STARK SPEAKING AT MIT

- tony explicitly links his stance re: the accords to the stance he took in IM1

- thanks to cap 3 we finally fucking know that the aftermath of IM3 and AoU realistically affected tony’s personal life with pepper

- and by the way, the desired balance of said personal life with pepper is part of his motivation in cap 3


- cap 3 finally addresses the Problem that’d really been mostly promptly ignored by the iron man franchise itself, which is HIS GUILT ISSUES!! GUILT ISSUES!! GUILT!! EXPLICIT GUILT!! THANK YOU

- even outside the mcu: cap 3 is based on the comic book event that is FIFTY PERCENT TONY STARK and hey they used a lot of IRON MAN PANELS FROM THE IRON MAN SERIES as visual reference (framing, set design, color composition etc EVEN HIS CLOTHES AT ONE POINT PROBABLY) for tony stark scenes


people can whine and whine and whine about how Tony Stans ™ can’t seem to stop looking at tony in cap 3 like he’s not a Secondary Character all they want, it does not change the fact that the movie captain america: civil war itself did in fact cater to the fanbase that they loathe haha. it did. tony fans have every right to look at tony in cap 3 and go on absolute tony overdrive my friend. they have absolutely every right to look at a scene and discuss it on tony terms. the movie went full tony stark. and honestly? i’m thriving. i am absolutely thriving. keep sending me as many anons as your little heart desires. i’m bottling these tears and i’m thriving. cap 3 is one of The Most tony stark movies in the entirety of the mcu it is a hugely important chapter in Tony Stark’s Personal Arc and even better, tony stark played an undeniably key role in what cap 3 meant to the avengers going forward as a team and i am t h r i v i n g 😎

Every Day Of My Life marvel ritually punishes me for liking their most commercially successful character by serially butchering him in every single book and group event that objectively does not require his presence like TRUST ME nobody suffers more with the whole “tony stark is everywhere ugh” thing than TONY STARK FANS, believe me, but cap 3 got it Right my friend. cap 3 got it Right. cap 3 clearly lay it’s clutches on tony bc of tony’s commercial appeal but they did it Right fam. i think that’s what pisses some people off the most, not the fact that tony Was In The Movie So Much but the fact that he was in the movie so much AND A LOOOOOT OF PEOPLE THINK HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE MOVIE LOL

it is some people’s Biggest Fear. which is incidentally My Highest Hope: mcu and comic writers managing to marry their commercial boner for tony stark to RELEVANT AND COMPELLING PERSONAL ARCS THAT STAY TRUE TO HIS CHARACTER lmao Every Time someone tries to tell Tony Stans ™ to know their place and contextualize their Stanning ™ within the arbitrary constraints of This Is A Cap Movie ™ i just laugh more because friend. my friend. i am absolutely thriving. people have to live with the fact that iron man 4 got to happen right there inside cap 3 lol i am thriving


Thanks so much to the anons who sent in some love for the Egg Jr fic-thingy I’ve been posting, and to the users who sent in messages (those I tend to reply to privately, I’m gonna try not to reblog or post anything if I don’t have some fic or fanart to go with it when possible), and in general everyone who’s liked, reblogged, and/or put kind funny tags in response to the whole thing. I’m very touched, and very very pleased you guys enjoy it so far.

Like I mentioned (in a tag, in another post), I’m not really sure where I’m going with this: as in, there’s no deep plot to it, it’s just fluff in my head. But I do know I want to play around more with this AU, so I’m definitely going to be posting a couple more things – gonna make an AO3 account to post it properly, (then likely never post anything again and just stalk precious fanfics).

It’s good to know most of you guys like Sho so far! I’m honestly more worried about Genos and Saitama veering into OOC behavior, but I’m gonna try to watch out for that to the best of my ability.

And, one last thing, which you’ll probably hate me for: romance isn’t really going to be much of a feature here. I obviously ship Genosai, but the fic’s gonna focus more on Saitama and Genos being parents and their general interactions with the kid (so I really hope Sho continues being likeable), because I’m a sucker for kid/canon parent interactions. Sorry on that front. ><;

Anyway, have some little egg with awkwardly-bad-foreshortening-that-makes-him-look-like-a-midget-but-I-noticed-too-late. Next segment of Egg Jr. should come in a couple days, if I don’t get distracted with more fanart.


HunHan - TaoHun/XiuHan Jealousy

hahaha…honey, please

^^ In this one, judging by the way Tao and LuHan lean in towards each other, whilst Sehun stands in the middle as if he doesn’t want to be there, I’m assuming the two of them may or may not have had some sort of dispute. The way both Sehun and LuHan seem visibly tense throughout suggests Sehun’s involvement (my own educated guess)

^^ Not exactly jealousy related, but I just find it really adorable how LuHan looks to stand next to Sehun and then sort of awkwardly retreats back down the line.

^^ Sehun tries to sit down next to LuHan, but Tao pulls his seat out and LuHan just looks at the two of them with a  “the fuck” kind of expression

^^ LuHan watches as Sehun awkwardly moves over to the next space and gets his seat stolen by Tao

^^ LuHan kind of tries to get Sehun’s attention by playfully fanning the confetti in Sehun’s direction, and becomes visibly upset when he gets little to no reaction from him. Not directly related to Tao, but having him sat in between them contributes to some extent.

^^ Notice how Sehun clenches his fist as soon as he sees LuHan pick up Xiumin

^^ This iconic moment.

What I love about it is that Sehun in particular doesn’t just get jealous when LuHan interacts with Xiumin…he gets jealous when LuHan interacts with ANYBODY.

^^ ChanHan


*Sigh* but yeah, hope that answered your question you pretty little Anon <3 

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Last night I had a dream including me, Link, a bed, and very little clothes. Apparently my brain is really into the idea that Link is bossy af in bed, but pretends not to be. I have no complaints honestly.


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Honestly, I rarely have such YUMMY dreams… I don’t think dreaming about your teeth falling out and not being able to steer your car are anywhere NEAR the same league as this wondrous shit!

Oh… and in case you were curious.

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Link is very bossy ;)