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What are you talking about, Acchan? You're disappointing me :( Of course Hide is the puppetmaster in Tokyo Ghoul. He is Uta, after all. And Uta is the puppetmaster. He transcends everything. He's the oppressors, he's the oppressed. Uta is the birdcage itself.

LOL oh, but you’re misunderstanding me Anon :)) Obviously Uta is everyone, including Hide, but still, Uta is no puppetmaster, nor are all the characters that he impersonates. Uta is a troll and an observer, but even if he transcends everything, he’s not 100% responsible of everything that happened which is why he’s no puppetmaster. xDD

MORE SERIOUSLY THO Anon, about the “Uta is the birdcage itself” part of your joke, I’ve been wondering lately about how accurate this kind of statement might be (not in the literal sense obviously), because I’m wondering if the old OEK is not one of the Clowns, since Roma said:

I know that I wrote that crack theory about the old OEK being Noro but I’m not 100% convinced yet, mostly because Kaneki’s side is convinced that the previous OEK is still alive.

So anyway, my initial suspect about the OEK being one of the Clowns was Itori because…

amongst all the subjects that she was knowledgeable about (”the truth”, the hybrids, also her calling Roma “her protégée”), but recently I’ve been wondering about Uta as the OEK because…

because (a tattoo to cover that he had only one kakugan)

Because (the tattoos’ meaning??)

BECAUSE (skull symbolism fits)




…such an ideology would fit the figure of the OEK as we’ve seen with Kaneki who’s striving for coexistence.

((Here’s an imgur link to see all the pictures in HD))


Of course this doesn’t make a lot of sense with the flashback in TG vol 12 that he told Kaneki about him and Yomo, but it’s Uta and he could have lied, or there is a way around the flashback and we just haven’t figured out what it is yet.

TL;DR the previous OEK seems to be the reason the birdcage was created so if Uta is the previous OEK then “Uta is the birdcage itself” isn’t a completely wrong statement in itself Anon. 

So you see that’s why I really like to prank people with Uta because I’m quite sure that he has a big role to play aaaand the fact that he’s currently my n°1 suspect for “who’s the previous OEK” isn’t helping. 

Thanks for passing by Anon and nice try with the joke-that-might-in-fact-not-be-one. :3 Have a nice day!

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i'm not really sure why this akimoto thing is even a big deal? he's just a producer? what has he actually done? it's insane that you all are going after bighit based off nothing. now all the armys crying about it are just attracting more negative attention and this is turning into a mess

this is indeed a big issue and bighit does need to give feedback, people are angry with the yasushi akimoto collaboration with good reason.

i’m sure you are familiar with imperialist japan and the atrocities committed during the japanese occupation of korea…. it’s something that’s deeply sensitive and painful to korean people to this day.

nippon kaigi is an extreme, right-wing group in japan. the current prime minister, shinzo abe, is a right-wing nationalist and an adviser in the organization. this isn’t just any conservative group, he supports extreme ideologies like the erasure of japan’s violent history and war crimes. things that korea takes to heart, because it’s like erasing their own suffering and history. 

there is a government initiative called “cool japan” to spread japanese influence and culture all over the world through entertainment. and the person who works with shinzo abe as the chairman of this effort is the producer, yasushi akimoto. they are known to be close friends, abe even invited akimoto to a private dinner at his home. this might not seem like a big deal, but any relation to abe’s administration is quite alarming. 

on top of all this, akimoto has written lyrics that are pedophillic and degrading to women. he created the group akb48, who have been involved in controversies with the rising sun flag during a performance and imagery that highlight the glorification of war. he created music for an ultra-nationalist kindergarten that waves around rising sun flags proudly, where kids are brainwashed with anti-korean and anti-chinese sentiments. to anyone with morals, supporting a person with such views is unthinkable. how can you even consider allowing this?

so for bang pd to say in an article that he “admires akimoto’s worldview” is disappointing and upsetting. b*s values are not aligned with this kind of mindset, but being even remotely connected to such a name is enough to have people turn against them.

other celebrities who have been entangled in these kinds of relations have gone through immeasurable hatred and resentment by the general public. they will be associated with “우익” (right-wing) and it is hard to overcome. b*ngtan’s legacy and reputation is at risk, everything they believe and achieved is at risk. more importantly, our humanity is at risk by accepting his involvement to happen. hence armys are terrified by this development in their japanese album and the consequences it could have on b*s, not only as korean artists, but as korean citizens. it reflects on all of us, as people, to do the right thing and withdraw support. 

it’s fine if you don’t see eye-to-eye with the current movement to demand feedback from bighit, but i ask that you respect it and refrain from distracting from this important discussion.

sources: one, two, three

UPDATE: bighit released a statement, akimoto’s song has been removed from the album


What ever do you mean anon? Birds??

They are wonderful little things but they live in their homes, I often see them near my garden on the roof. By the way, Ryuji came by today. A lovely surprise. Maybe he likes gardening too!?

Ryuji: “I had to see it for myself…it’s true! she’s magical!”

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i think molly actually said "ja, ja?" (mimicking caleb's accent) instead of yeah which is even cuter haha

that’s so fucking adorable thank you so much for pointing that out

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i'm really pissed about what Frances said about OC in hte new chapter. It's horrible to speak of your nephew as a spare, no wonder OC has such a low opinion of himself.

Um, hold your horses for a sec, Anon. While I can understand not liking the harsh words, our!Ciel’s inferiority complex is not just Frances’ fault so if you could avoid this kind of shortcuts, it’d be easier to discuss this. 

I can totally understand not liking what Frances said, however it fits Frances’ character to a T so, to me, it makes sense that she of all people would address the subject in the first place.

It’s something I’ve spoken about times and times again, but Frances was born and raised as a Phantomhive, had her mom who surely was the Queen’s watchdog, so she knows the ropes of this “game”. This is Frances:

And you could say that her primary reason for being as severe as she is probably is that she lost her mother (and then her brother) because of the Watchdog’s duty. 

So when she says “the burden of the watchdog’s duty is far to great for [our!Ciel]”, it’s not that she’s worried about what the Queen would think of the P family were they to fail, but rather that she doesn’t think that our!Ciel would be able to survive and she probably doesn’t want to lose more relatives simply because they took on a burden that was too heavy for them.

And isn’t she completely right though, Anon? I mean, without Sebastian, I don’t think Ciel would have been able to survive for long as the Watchdog. Not that I believe his twin brother would have done a better job at ten years old either. 


…Vincent doesn’t seem to agree with her anyway, that’s why he answered pretty dismissively in the first place, so it’s not like Frances convinced her brother to get his second son out of the inheritance.

Where you’re right though is that this kind of discussion definitely played a role into the development of our!Ciel’s inferiority complex over time, even if what happened 4 years ago mattered the most in my opinion:

However, it’s not just our!Ciel, look at Edward thinking…

…”compared to everyone else” (and mainly to Lizzie and his mom; it’s an inferiority complex as well, although not as deep as our!Ciel’s) and finally, look at Lizzie’s self-worth issues, because no one explained to the twin why having a strong wife later would be the best thing he could wish for => it’s a regular pattern in this family, these children aren’t happy with themselves for a reason.

Obviously it would be easy to blame Vincent and Frances for this, but I’ll never agree that they seem to be awful parents, even if there certainly is miscommunication involved, because in my opinion it’s the family situation that sucks. Were the Phantomhives a normal family…

  • Frances wouldn’t have walked to her brother and said “because your second son is sickly I’m afraid of him dying quite early on if he’s to ever become your heir”. 
  • Lizzie wouldn’t have been trained to be as invincible as possible, because marrying into this normal family wouldn’t mean risking her life.
  • Even Edward, who’s the heir to the Midford family, wouldn’t have belittled himself because Lizzie wouldn’t have been meant to be stronger than him in the first place. 

TL;DR All Frances was asking of Vincent in that scene was for him to think of a solution so that his second son wouldn’t possibly be killed because of a burden too heavy for him and, as often, because she knows how this game is played, she was right to address the subject, since our!Ciel would have died many times already without Sebastian.

I hope it was understandable and that you won’t be too pissed at her from now on. Have a nice day Anon!

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Hi! I’m new to your blog so I’m sorry if this question is silly but is your Stardew valley portrait mod out? You’re art style is so pretty!

hi, and welcome to the family! <3

the portrait mod is still a work in progress - i spent the last month or so traveling so i haven’t had much time to dedicate to it. the current character on the workbench is emily!!!

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5 HCs: Mulder had met Scully's parents at the Christmas dinner she hosted and was there when Scully got the call.


It’s her mother’s idea. She calls after work one evening and cuts straight to the chase.

“Dana,” she says. “This man is responsible for keeping you safe out there. We want to meet him.”

She uses her mom voice. There’s no sense in arguing.


“Meeting the parents already, Scully?” he says when she asks him. “We getting serious?”

He smirks at her, all easy charm and amusement from behind his feet stacked on his desk, and she feels her cheeks bloom even as she rolls her eyes.

“Look, never mind,” she says. “Just because they asked doesn’t mean you have to—”

“No.” He drops his feet and leans forward, eyes softening. “No, I’ll come.”

She stares at him for a moment, searches his face for traces of sarcasm or mockery. When she finds none, she nods.


He grins. “Okay.”

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do you think vincent/rachel and alexis-leon/francis were in love?????

Hi Anon!

  • Vincent/Rachel, in love?

hell yeah! Also in the character guide book, Vincent is described as a loving husband who really cherished his family. :))

  • Alexis/Frances, in love?

h e l l  y e a h! And Yana also mentioned once that they’re a very lovey-dovey couple and that Frances is Alexis’ dear lady. :))

You know Anon, they’re the only two real canon couples in Kuroshitsuji so far. <3

Have a nice day!

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Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into watercolors?

Hey pal! Sorry I took so long to answer this! Pictured above is my watercolor set (It’s a Windsor Newton, but I used to use Crayola sets and you can too if you wanna be cheap), and the two brushes I use almost exclusively

As you can see, it’s a disgusting mess of colors (my style has been described as “muddy” more than once T-T Don’t do what I do kids, actually wash your brushes between colors (or be lazy and don’t———- maybe you’ll create a new color)

Basically, just get your brush wet, mix up some colors, and do a lot of experimenting! Nothing in nature is just one solid color, and going hogwild with a paintbrush will either get you the perfect vibrant gradient for a leaf in sunlight or a bird in flight or at the very least drab “earthy” or “natural” tones for your next rock or lizard blending into a rock. Basically, you win every time!

But uh, The wetter your brush, the more easily you can blend colors, and if you’re laying color over a large area, that’ll be important if you don’t want it coming out all uneven. A drier (and fine-tipped) brush is better for details. There’s lots of “cheats” you can do though; I do a lot of dappling with a slightly damp brush for a scaly texture, for example.

It helps a /lot/ to have a nice well defined outline too. Just be careful and patient in painting between the lines. This doesn’t apply to ALL watercolor, of course, but treating it like a coloring book can make it a lot less intimidating (and you don’t have to worry as much about defining things if you’re a muddy disaster like me)

And of course, like drawing, you /will/ naturally improve with practice. I promise. There are lots of ways to paint, and these sorry excuses for tips are just from my perspective, but I hope they were to some extent encouraging!

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One thing you dislike about each rising sign?


aries rising - how loud we can get can we shut up for 2 minutes, our impatience

taurus - slow everything, damn gurl hurry up a bit 

gemini - omg how distracted they can get while they are talking to you, just listennnnn to me, i know they’ve got a lot going on but come on

cancer rising - how they are so damn beautiful, also how the tiniest remark can upset them

leo rising - oh mah gawd, fabulous but competitive, i mean i don’t dislike it, it ignites my fire, sometimes their ego can get in the way that is what i dislike

virgo rising - also so damn beautiful, jealousssss, sometimes they are a bit direct with their critiques 

libra rising - how they can sometimes obsess over appearance too much, gurl we gotta go there are people waiting for us 

scorpio rising - they are intimidating, it irritates me but i like it, damn

sagittarius rising - i have two friends with this one, when we met i disliked how they were trying to put down their opinions down my throat lol, we good now tho

capricorn rising - omgggg i love their featuresssss so much, a bit tight acting mature and all, but they have such a great sense of humor

aquarius rising - god complex, god complex

pisces rising - hunnnnn, come, cross from the other realm you’ve been travelling to, lol they daydream so much, also have a small attention span, it kinda irritates me but they cute

Did not mean to offend anyone, just wanted to be fun lol xxxx

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Do you think the SeiAki-ship went (a little) down with this chapter?

Hey Anon :) And I don’t know, you tell me…

After such a chapter…

with Seidou deciding that he now wants to live for the sake of Akira, which is basically confessing to being completely in love with her (and which is why he definitely intends on bringing Amon home to her), I really wonder if you can say that this ship went down. ;)

More seriously though, if you’re asking because Seidou thinks Akira is in love with Amon then I’ll just say one thing…

‘Cause Seidou proved to us readers that he definitely grew up but yes, somehow he still thinks that there is no way Akira could like him, especially after everything he’s done as a ghoul (he doesn’t see himself as an investigator anymore, as this chapter confirmed).

See, this is Takizawa talking about Amon in the new chapter…

And this is him talking about himself:

which means that for Seidou, Amon >> himself, so Amon is more worthy of Akira + “Akira would always look at him anyway”… So, “it’s okay”, Seidou can agree to this situation, he’ll live for Akira’s sake even though she’s obviously going to choose Amon at the end………….

But Anon, the thing is, Seidou isn’t in Akira’s head

So he never noticed that Akira looked at him as much as she looked at Amon, even if she felt like he had a grudge against her, just like she would smile at him too, even if he didn’t see that either. 

And she endangered herself to protect him from Mutsuki in the last arc, which is also a huge proof that he isn’t someone random in her life.  

Finally, Seidou still sees Amon as a true investigator while he became nothing but a killing ghoul…

but, Amon aside…

Akira probably won’t be able to call herself a ghoul investigator anymore so… it surely doesn’t matter if Seidou isn’t an investigator either. :)

This is a redemption arc for Seidou, he’s trying to make amends for all the people he killed so there is no way he’d just accept Akira’s love since he doesn’t believe he deserves it after everything that he did.

We’re passed the inferiority complex, it’s not that he sees himself as a failure inferior to Amon, but he doesn’t want to “taint” Akira because he loves her, which is why he’ll simply live for her sake while she’ll be happy with someone who didn’t dirty their hands as much as Seidou did (aka Amon in Seidou’s opinion). 

Except that, again, Akira’s feelings are probably different from what Seidou currently imagines. 

TL;DR Anon, Seiakiramon is true love <3 and both Seiaki and Akiramon still rock because no ship went down in this chapter, on the contrary! :D 

Thanks for passing by and have a nice weekend Anon!

See just above Anon-chan :D :D <3 

Have a nice weekend!

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But who can Sansa marry? There is literally no "free" man on the show right now. It's better to see her alone than with Tyrion, the Hound or some random lord dude.

…….. I feel like you if you have been following my blog for more than a day and a half, you can prrrooobbbaaabbblllyyy predict e x a c t l y what my answer to this question would be. 

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Forgive me Acchan but I don't understand what Furuta and Ui were talking about?

Hello! Oh, well, I already explained the concept of what Rc cells can apparently do here, but basically Furuta admitted to Ui that he fucked up…

…because a part of his plan was to see if Kaneki would go berserk and could transform humans into ghouls with his kagune (aka with Rc cells and imagination) as a result…

…like apparently the king of the 24th ward (the Nagaraj) did in the past…


…Kaneki didn’t do as he wanted, because Kaneki started destroying everything upon thinking he’d never get to see Touka again. That’s why Furuta apologized to Ui, especially after he had basically baited Ui with Hairu’s revival. 

I hope I managed to explain. Have a nice weekend Anon!

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i'm very new to outlander, but caitriona laughing because of sam is the most adorable thing i have ever seen, my heart melts whenever it happens.

Well hello there new Anon! Welcome! And thanks for bringing up one of my favorite topics ever!

Caitriona laughing at / with Sam and Sam doing everything he can to make her laugh at every opportunity is literally one of my favorite things in the world. Sam is right, she really is the best giggler and I LOVE hearing it! It never fails to bring a smile to my face and more so when it’s just because of that man.

It is, as you say Anon, heart melting in the absolute best possible way 💜💜💜