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i'm not really sure why this akimoto thing is even a big deal? he's just a producer? what has he actually done? it's insane that you all are going after bighit based off nothing. now all the armys crying about it are just attracting more negative attention and this is turning into a mess

this is indeed a big issue and bighit does need to give feedback, people are angry with the yasushi akimoto collaboration with good reason.

i’m sure you are familiar with imperialist japan and the atrocities committed during the japanese occupation of korea…. it’s something that’s deeply sensitive and painful to korean people to this day.

nippon kaigi is an extreme, right-wing group in japan. the current prime minister, shinzo abe, is a right-wing nationalist and an adviser in the organization. this isn’t just any conservative group, he supports extreme ideologies like the erasure of japan’s violent history and war crimes. things that korea takes to heart, because it’s like erasing their own suffering and history. 

there is a government initiative called “cool japan” to spread japanese influence and culture all over the world through entertainment. and the person who works with shinzo abe as the chairman of this effort is the producer, yasushi akimoto. they are known to be close friends, abe even invited akimoto to a private dinner at his home. this might not seem like a big deal, but any relation to abe’s administration is quite alarming. 

on top of all this, akimoto has written lyrics that are pedophillic and degrading to women. he created the group akb48, who have been involved in controversies with the rising sun flag during a performance and imagery that highlight the glorification of war. he created music for an ultra-nationalist kindergarten that waves around rising sun flags proudly, where kids are brainwashed with anti-korean and anti-chinese sentiments. to anyone with morals, supporting a person with such views is unthinkable. how can you even consider allowing this?

so for bang pd to say in an article that he “admires akimoto’s worldview” is disappointing and upsetting. b*s values are not aligned with this kind of mindset, but being even remotely connected to such a name is enough to have people turn against them.

other celebrities who have been entangled in these kinds of relations have gone through immeasurable hatred and resentment by the general public. they will be associated with “우익” (right-wing) and it is hard to overcome. b*ngtan’s legacy and reputation is at risk, everything they believe and achieved is at risk. more importantly, our humanity is at risk by accepting his involvement to happen. hence armys are terrified by this development in their japanese album and the consequences it could have on b*s, not only as korean artists, but as korean citizens. it reflects on all of us, as people, to do the right thing and withdraw support. 

it’s fine if you don’t see eye-to-eye with the current movement to demand feedback from bighit, but i ask that you respect it and refrain from distracting from this important discussion.

sources: one, two, three

UPDATE: bighit released a statement, akimoto’s song has been removed from the album

Roommates Masterlist

When four very different outcasts find themselves sharing an apartment, things are bound to get chaotic, regardless of the fact that they all also happen to be werewolves. These are the tales of their regular misadventures. Whether they are joking around or literally ready to rip the others’ heads off, like it or not, for better or for worse-they’re roommates. And it looks like they’re stuck with each other.

These are The crossed fates of the Hale roommates.

A day in the life of a band of oddball misfits who’ve made an inexplicably odd but strong bond.

Sometimes they are lucky just to make it to the remote, let alone pick out a channel.

(This is updated as I go, and is current to 08/09/18.)

The unintentional start of the journey (Aka: The one that started it all.)

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One walking, talking conundrum

If you snooze you lose

Until it got…. Here

Life. You never see it coming. (Combination of 21 prompts. You can find them here.)

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Breaking The Fourth Wall (Part 2) - My continuation.

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Not Again (Roommates)

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can I request something about Luke and hickeys? Like idk y/n having some hickeys in her neck she hadn’t noticed and the boys noticing them? love u btw

ooh this is a saucy idea!!! (….. yeah i hate me too im sorry HAHAHAH)

luke & hickeys:

You and luke had always been very careful when doing things while the boys were home, but last night had been different. Luke got very carried away and decided to mark his beautiful girlfriend.. multiple, multiple times. When you woke up, you did what you normally did, pull the covers off, slide your slippers on and head downstairs to cook breakfast for the boys who were awake and enough for the boys who were still asleep. As you started making the eggs and bacon, Calum trudged over to the island and sat down. “Morning Y/N/N” He mumbles, pulling his phone out and putting it on the counter. “Morning Cal, do you want scrambled or over easy eggs?” you ask as you put the bacon on the pan. “Scramb-” he stops and looks at you carefully. “Hey bud, you’ve got something on your- oh my god” He covers his mouth. “What?” “Oh, um, just leftover mascara on your cheek” He says trying to hide his smile and laughter. You wipe your eye and wash your hand. “Thanks, Cal” you smile putting the eggs on a plate for him.

Ash and Mikey quickly headed downstairs, taking in the smells of the breakfast you were making. “Thanks for breakfast Y/N/N!” They said in unison. “You’re welcome buds. Now scrambled or over easy eggs?” They both said what they wanted and you got to work. Before you put the eggs in the frying pan, you wash your hands and throw your hair up into a messy bun. Mikey’s eyes fell onto your neck, causing him to gasp. He points to your neck and he smirks, letting out a snicker. “What?” You ask smiling softly. “Oh nothing, where’s Luke?” He asks cheekily. “Probably still sleeping, i’m sure he’s VERY tired” Calum nudges Asthon and the three boys chuckle. “Ok, seriously guys, what the heck are you laughing about?” You say putting down the tongs you were holding. “Y/N/N, have you noticed anything different on you today?” Mikey says. You furrow your brows and give him a weird look. You hear Luke trudging over to the island, but he stops dead in his tracks when he sees the guys turned around giving him smirks. “You’re a bunch of dumbies” He shakes his head and heads towards to you to kiss your forehead. When he pulls away, his eyes dart toward your neck and he gasps. “What??” You say anxiously. “The four of you have been super sketchy since you got down here. What the heck is wrong? Is it my face?” “More like your neck, love” Calum smirks and you look in the toaster reflection to see hickeys ALL over your necks. “Shit” You let your fingers glide across them, and Luke softly smirks. 

“I got carried away, you’re so beautiful, baby.”

(is this a blurb? imagine? idk.. probably imagine bUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT IM SORRY IF U DONT OMGNJKASNFJKANJ)

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i was kinda disappointed with shirbert this season. they felt off to me.

I understand what you mean, because I thought so too at first. But know that Gilbert was nearly a year on a ship, working in terrible circumstances with people he didn’t know and only near the end made a friend (Bash), it’s only normal for him to change. He matured. 

I think it also might’ve felt strained because of the long hiatus. They were basically back to square one with some basic knowledge about the other person. It had to be built up again. I mean, I can understand why Anne was so annoyed with Gilbert. He just got back and already was a foot ahead of her because he knew his career path before her! How dare he!? It was later implied though that she was only pissed because he’d leave early for college. (Subconsiously, she was already planning on missing him) 
So, when he revealed in the end to her he was staying and take everything one step at a time, she was relieved. By having that, it gave way to that beautiful scene which paralleled with the wedding scene just a minute before. 
The tension was just simply that: being estranged from one another and Anne not being able to see her feelings for him. (Which she was much more willing to see in season 1, imo) 

But you had Bash being the older brother teasing him about it, Cole straight up telling Anne, Diana smirking knowingly, et cetera. Those were some great points! 

Anne also left us with a promise: “I promise to be less obnoxious in class.” We’ve already seen her developing her empathy and tact (although it still needs lots of improving… jeez.), but this is really a sign that she’ll mature and act less… well obnoxious towards him. It’s the way for their friendship. :)

AND DUDE GILBERT STARED AT HER CONSTANTLY! Even in the background when that wasn’t the focal point of the subject. 

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◉ - for reddie: how they come out to the group hc? ^^;

◉ -  When Richie and Eddie reveal to the rest of The Losers that they were gay and a couple, none of them know how to act surprised. Richie always found some way to touch the smaller boy, whether it was a draping an arm around his shoulder or squeezing his cheeks. For a few years now, Eddie stopped shoving Richie away. The Losers figured Eddie got used to the gestures, but something else shifted between the two. Richie became more and more affectionate and sometimes Eddie even flirted back. In fact, one day when Bill, Eddie and Richie were hanging out and Bill left to go to the bathroom, when he came back Richie and Eddie looked suspicious with their lips glossy and breathing heavily. Eddie looked like he was on the brink of an asthma attack while he waited for The Losers reactions, Richie wrapping his arms around Eddie. 

“Nooo way…” Stan trailed off, unconvincingly. 

Send me symbol (or symbols) and a ship and I’ll give you a headcannon!

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⚡ for Reddie please

“Eddie you order the pizza yet?” Bill asked from the driver’s seat, turning down the radio to hear better.

The gang was currently packed into Bill’s car that Friday night, stuck in traffic, hungry and annoyed to say the least.

“Ugh no my internet’s going so slow cause I ran out of data for the month!”

“Why don’t you just call it in?” Mike asked.

“I have to do it though the app to use the coupon and you guys know I hate talking to people! Come on guys let me use one of your phones.” Eddie whined.

“You know I left mine at home.” Bill said. “And I’m only on 6%.” Ben added. “Still grounded.” Bev replied. “No phone, party of one.” Mike spoke up, shrugging. “And last time you touched my phone, it ended up at the bottom of the quarry.” Stan spat angrily.

“That’s cause Richie tackled me! Rich let me see your phone real fast.”

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lol on a scale of 1-10 how much do you love mileven??



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Hi! I’m new to your blog so I’m sorry if this question is silly but is your Stardew valley portrait mod out? You’re art style is so pretty!

hi, and welcome to the family! <3

the portrait mod is still a work in progress - i spent the last month or so traveling so i haven’t had much time to dedicate to it. the current character on the workbench is emily!!!

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A blurb where Tom gets out of the shower and you want to dry is hair pleasee

The shower had been running for a couple of minutes now, and you could see the steam from underneath the door. You had debated on barging into the bathroom and joining Tom, but you had settled for sitting on the edge of your bed listening for when he turned the water off.

You jumped off the bed, Tessa on your heels, as you opened the bathroom door. Tom was standing there, a towel wrapped around his waist, he was shaking his head a little, trying to get the water out of his ears. 

“Here,” you whispered and took a towel from the cabinet. Your hands rubbing across the towel that was on top of his. Tom didn’t say anything, he just stayed bending forward, and would occasionally moan when he could feel fingers nails through the towel. He flipped his head upwards, and grabbed you by the waist. 

“Why did you want to do that?”

“I don’t know,” you could feel the heat raising in your body. 

“I think you do,” he snickered, pulling you close to him, his lips brushing against yours before he led you to the bedroom.

Sleepover Saturday! Anything on this list goes!

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Not a fan of Sheith(a personal thing) but like I’ve seen none of y’all shippers pointing out a parallel between When Krolia crashed to earth and Keith’s dad broke her out of her ship and when Keith did that for Shiro. I’m not one to look for Sheith but I haven’t seen any talk of this? I only mention I’m not a fan of Sheith to point out that I’m not looking for it yet I saw a parallel. Would you consider this a parallel or am I looking to deep into it? Hope this was asked respectfully!

This was respectful anon, so don’t worry! I know everybody has their own tastes when it comes to ships and there’s nothing wrong with that :)

Now, I think the only reason nobody’s talking about it is because we’re still reeling over the fact that That Moment happened but honestly, there are so many parallels between Sheith and Krolia/Kogane (and even Zaggar) that I honestly couldn’t even say that you’re reaching because it’s so THERE.

Tbh, I agree with you, I mean, Krolia crash landing on Earth and Kogane breaking her out vs Shiro crash landing and Keith breaking him out is just??? Cinematic parallels????? And then the way they just become each other’s biggest support and Most Important Person is literally so beautiful like I’m still reeling 

Also the way Shiro/Keith’s dad look at Keith/Krolia respectively ummmmMMMM???

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Okay but how about high school au with soccer player calum??

yeeeeeeee cute ok!!!

Soccer player Cal:

word count: 1100+ words.

warnings: angst, swearing. bitches being bitches.

Summary: You and Cal share so many similarities, such as being captains of the boys and girls soccer team at your high school and are best friends, but when a blonde lightbulb of a girl stands in the way of you finally working up the guts to show him you like him, you take action.

Calum Hood, #7, the soccer star. The one that all the girls gawked over. The one who everyone loved. You and Calum were best friends, he was the captain of the boys team and you were the captain of the girls team. You protected eachother against teammate drama, relationships, everything. That was, until Calum met Gina.

Gina was the Popular, blonde, tan, pretty, bitchy girl that honestly no one really liked but everyone faked around her…. and to this day I don’t get why.

Gina would appear EVERYTIME cal and I would be together. We’d walk to the field together, and she’s waiting on the bleachers, highlighting… and I don’t mean her notes.

“Cal, I really don’t know what you see in her.” You scoff. He rolls his eyes. “C’mon y/n/n, look at her, she’s amazing” He says in a daze. You slap the back of his head as you jog over to the field to practice with your team. As you led stretches, you watched Cal weave the ball through cones and do tricks. You watched him headbutt the ball to his teammate and heard his loud, obnoxiously cute laugh echo through the air.

Yes, you liked Calum.

Calum was always taken, and he was kind of girl hopper. When he got tired of one, he would always dump them softly to not seem like a dick, then immediately date the next. Gina was his newest girlfriend, and his longest. Again, she’s literally his polar opposite, so you didnt understand what he saw in her.

The team stood up and got ready to practice play against the boys. Calum obviously got ready to guard you, but you pivoted around him quickly causing him to fall on his ass, as you run towards the net and shoot the first goal.

“Not. bad. y/l/n” he puffs out, catching up to you. “Next time, focus on the ball, not your ball of alumimum foil in the stands” You reference Gina as she applies MORE highlight… like girl, you’re a literal lightbulb.

“KEEP PLAYING GUYS” he yells to the teams and grabs your arm and pulls you off to the benches.

“What the hell is up with you?” He crosses his arms and you sit down on the bench. “Oh, nothing Cal!!! Everything’s PERFECT” you spit out. “What the fuck did I do to you?” He spat back. “You’re being a dumbass, that’s what.” He sighed aggresively. “You always fucking pull this shit on me. Not tell me why the FUCK you’re being a whiny bitch and then continue to belittle me.” You felt your face get red, and he knew that was his cue to stop being a prick. “Seriously y/n/n, what’s up?” He sat down, placing a hand on the small of your back. “It’s. Nothing. Hood. Drop it.” You spat through your gritted teeth, standing up and watching the team play. He got up cautiously and stood next to you. “You coming to the game tonight?” He asks you bluntly. You stay crossing your arms and not taking your eyes off the field. “Obviously, you’re my best friend. I wanna see you play.” You crack a tiny smile and he gets excited. “SHE SMILES LADIES AND GENTS!” He yells and you laugh. You both ran onto the field and continued to practice for tonights game.


You sat with your teammates, in your soccer jersey with the #7 on it, you and Cal shared the same number, so you decided to wear it in support of his team. You were talking to one of your friends when you heard a whiny voice from just in front of you. “Oh my god, bitch i KNOW. I’m at Callybear’s stupid soccer game and honestly, this better be worth wait 2 freaking hours of watching a dumb ball being kicked around the gross grass” 

‘I know what I want to kick around the gross grass’ you said in your head.

The majority of the game, you spent it cheering for Calum, earning thumbs ups from him. He blew kisses to Gina, but she was too busy texting to watch him. She was being a total bitch and you were done.

“Hey, Gina?” Her head turned and she gave you a weird look. “Uhm, what? I can’t stare at ugly for too long” She spat. You felt your face get red with anger but you controlled yourself. “Maybe, instead of clicking your fake nails on your fucking phone, you’d actually watch the game and, oh, I don’t know, support your damn boyfriend?” She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. It’s not like he gives a shit if I’m actually paying attention. I give him all he needs in bed.” She flipped her hair and turned herself back the otherway. You felt yourself clench your fists and rise but your friend stopped you. Oh how you would’ve LOVED to knock that stupid highlighter off her face.

With 30 seconds left in the game, and the game being 2-2, you were on the edge of your seat. You watched as Calum weaved the ball through the players legs, and used the SAME trick you used on him, causing the other team’s player to fall on his ass. He shot the goal with 3 seconds to spare and it goes in, he wins the game.

You jump up and scream for him as he runs around the field smiling and laughing, his teammates coming and hugging him as they all jump in a circle together. “Oh thank god, the game’s finally over” Gina looks up from her phone and you smirk slightly. “Hey Gina?” She sighs not looking up from her phone. “You might wanna watch this.” You grab your team and you all run down to the field to congratulate them. You immediately run up to Calum and give him the biggest hug. “YOU USED MY TRICKSHOT YOU DORK” You yelled over the cheering as he pulls away from you. “YOU’RE A DORK, DORK.” He laughs his iconic laugh. 

You look up at the bleachers and Gina is giving you the dirtiest look. You shoot her a wink and look back at Calum, causing him to raise a brow and smile in confusion. “What?” he laughs out. You smile. “Fuck it” You grab his face and kiss him softly. Which he doesn’t hesitate one bit. Your hands immediately go for his neck and his hands, to your waist. You smile as you continue to cherish this moment, a feeling of you two being the only people on the field.

pure serenity and bliss, finally kissing your best friend.


I hope you liked it anon, and that you guys like it too!!💛💛💛💛