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akaashi, oikawa, terushima, tsukki, kuroo, kageyama, and hinata falling in love with their bestfriend pls?? it could be hcs or a scenario! either works! btw i really like your blog pls keep doing whatever you're doing ( ´ ▽ ` )b — star☆anon

*clutches heart* Ah, I love best friends falling for each other. And thank you so much,  star☆anon!

Hinata was with his best friend and Natsu. He was watching them smiling and laughing with his little sister and it warmed his heart to see the two interacting. That’s when it suddenly hits him that he’s in love with them. He probably gets an utterly shellshocked face because both his best friend and Natsu notice. “Eh? Onii-chan, your face is all red.”

Kageyama’s more of a dense dummy and it would be after a victorious volleyball game that he finally becomes aware of his feelings. The moment they tackle him in a hug, congratulating him, is when something clicks in his head that he loves them. He immediately becomes flustered and abruptly shrugs them off him. They’re confused why he’s blushing, to say the least.

Tsukishima was walking home from school, headphones on, while thinking about his day. His mind would wander to his best friend and he would think about how their smile & how they looked that day when he realizes that he has feelings for them. It’s not a groundbreaking realization but rather to him, he simply accepts it.

Kuroo was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, when he started to think about them. He would think about all of the memories they shared together and a bunch of nostalgic stuff until it finally settles in that, “Oh shit, I like them.” He spends the rest of the night wide awake and hopelessly thinking of a way to tell them.

Oikawa damn near said it outloud. He was hugging them goodbye when he begins to say, “Bye, I lo-” It hits him like a train and all that goes through his mind is, “Fuck.” He immediately bites his tongue and pulls out of the hug with a slightly red face. He desperately hopes they didn’t hear him, trying to hide his distress with a smile.

Akaashi was studying when it finally hits him. It momentarily catches him off guard so he ends up with his face buried in his hands while he recollects himself. After that, he’s very calm about his feelings and decides to tell them the next good chance he gets.

Terushima wouldn’t notice how much more touchy-feely he becomes around his best friend, going as far as hooking his arm around their waist. It happens when he cracks a stupid joke. He hears them laugh and they playfully shove him and go “Yuuji!” in a sing song giggle, and he knew he was a goner.

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trans boy hinatas biggest fantasy is to be completely filled up in every way he can be, all at once. one cock in his ass, one in his pussy, one in his mouth, and two in his hands. the team captains are more than happy to help him fulfill it. he nearly cries when he's got kuroo and daichi filling up his holes, bokuto shoved down his throat, oikawa and terushima in his hands, and ushijima, daishou and yui sitting back watching and waiting to have a turn with him. (pastel anon)