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You said you wanted to do a bts reaction so here I am requesting a reaction of the boys being smothered by your kisses in the morning. Pretty please.

I’m sorry this tooke me so long  but I was very busy these days, plus is my first reaction so hope you like it -I think I  have to take confidence with these things eheh-

(guys I apologize for any mistakes but English is not my mother language)


You wake up alone in bed, just when you start feeling sad thinking that Jin went to work out, the door opens and you see him in front of you  with a breakfast tray and a huge smile on his face. He puts the tray next to you and bends to kiss your forehead. You grab him by the back of his neck and drop him in the bed with you smothering him with kisses.

‘‘Princess what are you doing, i’m choking’’ he says laughing and cupping your face in his hands.

As soon as you start pouting at him, Jin smiles and starts feeding you with his delicious pancakes, spotting your nose with cream.

‘’You’re so cute I want to eat you’’

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Your sleepy boyfriend was sleeping deeply as usual, one hand tucked under your -well actually was his- shirt and his soft lips resting gently on your shoulder, your legs were woven together and his breath warmed your neck. You wanted to stay like this forever but you decided to wake up and make him coffee. Despite you were tangled, you knew he wouldn’t wake up. When you came back to the room with a cup of hot coffee in your hand you found him still asleep, so you sat for a while next to him, that in the meantime replaced you with your pillow. A smile lays on your lips as you look at his sweet face just lighted by the sun rays that filtered through the window. 

‘‘Don’t stare at me’’ he says without even opening his eyes.

‘‘I’ve made you coffee baby’’ 

Yoongi wakes up, puts the coffe on the bedside and pulls your head on his chest. ’’I thought you left me’’  

‘’I did’nt think you would have miss me so much’’ you tease him. 

‘‘it’s just that the pillow is not that comfortable’’ he says being cocky.

you throw him on the bed underneath you and start kissing his whole face while messing with his hair. 

‘‘Baby girl if you keep going like this I’ll have to punish you’‘  he looks in your eyes and gives you a passionate long kiss ‘‘let’s just take another nap before’’.

You two fall asleep with your lips touching eavily and a scent of coffee in the air.

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Your head was resting on Namjoon’s chest, he was caressing your hair with one hand while the other was stuck behind your back.

“ Good morning sexy ” he smiles gently and you couldn’t resist the dimples that shows  on his face so  you start smothering  him with  kisses and he bursts out laughing.

‘’Baby  you’re tickling me, please stop.  Why do not you lie down and let me kiss you all over instead ?’’ a smirk appear on his face

“No! if you do to me what I’m doing, you wouldn’t  just tickle me but you’d  probably end up choking me for real, Honey”

Namjoon stares  into distance for a moment and than turns to you  with a pouty face ‘’ baby that’s unfair, but also true, I don’t want to kill you so if you want keep doing’’

With a big smile he turns to your face and you start again to kiss his cheeks.

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“ It’s time to wake up my sunshine ” Hoseok whispers to your ear and then gives you a little kiss on your cheek.

You turn to him moaning  in your sleep, then you open your eyes and seeing his big smile in front of your face you start smiling yourself.

‘’Hello sun’’  you say, giving him a kiss on his forehead.

In what is seems like a blink the two of you end up in a war of kisses, till you trap him under your body

“I give up jagi! You win this round, why don’t you kill me gently? ”

To his request you continue to kiss his smiling face until you two decide that it’s time to get up and have a good ice cream for breakfast.

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The two of you were sleeping so good till you suddenly wake up

‘’jagi don’t leave me!’’ Tae starts shouting while tossing and turning in his sleep, he was searching for you.

You get close to your baby, hugging him you whisper in his ear that you’re right next to him and you start caressing his hair gently.

Tae wakes up and sticks his head in your chest  ‘’stay always with me, please’’

You cup his face and smother  him with kisses,  giving him more when  his sqare smile start to appear

‘’jagi,  if I ever have to choose a way to die it’d be to be choked by your kisses, but for now I want to stay with you a little longer so give me five minutes to breathe and than we can start again’’ he laughs and gives you a small bite on the nose.

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You just woke up and you can’t help yourself from staring at the angelic face of your boyfriend,  Jimin was still in the world of dreams, an arm stretched toward you and the wrapped sheet  reveals his wonderful body.

You  were about to get up to take a shower when you feel an arm grabbing you strongly  and tacking you back on the bed

‘’child were are you going?’’ Jimin still have his eyes closed and was speaking to you with a thread of voice ‘’don’t live me’’

You let go of a laugh when you see him half asleep like a baby, you cup his face in your hands and shower him with tender  kisses till his cheeks became slightly red.  

‘’I’m just going to take a shower, I’ll come back to you baby’’

‘’Please hurry ,  I want to smother under your kisses a little more’’ Jimin soon fall back to sleep with a sweet smile on his face,  leaving a stretched  arm ready to welcome you when you’ll go  back to him.

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Jungkoon was sleeping like a baby next to you, and didn’t  seem  to want to wake up.

You  take a shower, prepare  breakfast for him and go back to the room with the tray in your hand.

Your boyfriend  was still sleeping so you put the tray on the desk near the window and  jumped on the bed starting to tickle him

‘’jagiiii you scared me! I was sleeping so well..  Do you want to be punished?’’ he looks at you with a smirk on his face and  grabs  your wrist trying to act sexy

‘’yo bunny stop being cocky, now is me that is going to punish you’’  you get rid from his grip and smother him  with  kisses all over his face

‘’jagiii stop it i’m not a kid anymore! Now I’ll show you how  a real man does it, baby’’

He tries to get rid of your grip but fails and being unable to stop laughing  he makes you keep doing what you want  for a while, then he takes you in his  arms and  hugs you  tight

’’ I’ll always be your baby bunny, right?’’

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Anonymous said: Can I please have hcs for Todoroki as an older Brother? Please and thank you!

Yes, Anon! ♥

Warnings: Spoilers for Todoroki’s family.

As your older brother, Todoroki cares about you very much, but he was so hesitant in getting close to you when you two were children. Endeavor had kept him away from you, Fuyumi, and his and your brothers, treating him as if he were an only child, and it certainly felt like that to Todoroki. He didn’t think he could have a relationship with any of his siblings, but he does with you, and he’s so grateful for it. All those times you wouldn’t leave him alone, or you’d sneak out to check up on him after his training with Endeavor, despite his protests and claims that he was fine. Every time, it reminded him that he still had family to love and that loved him. 

Todoroki is the protective older brother, and he has no trouble being it. Where you’re involved, he’ll stand up to Endeavor over and over, if it means you’ll never go through what he did in his childhood, and eventually, enough of these confrontations forces Endeavor to accept that Todoroki won’t keep you out of his life just because his and your father demands he does. Todoroki doesn’t tone down his protectiveness over you with his classmates either. Sure, some of them are harmless, but he could name a few, or at least one with “grapes” for hair, that he wouldn’t want to be close friends with you.

On that account… Todoroki wouldn’t react too well if he found out that you’re dating one of his classmates. Whether he’s just surprised about it or downright disapproves, it depends on who exactly it is you’re dating. But given time, he’ll realize that you’re happy with his classmate, and he’ll be glad that you have someone that’s there for you. How much time, though? It depends, again, on who exactly it is you’re dating, but Todoroki may or may not pull them aside at some point to warn them against breaking up with you, ever.

Stole The Show

Jughead x Reader


Requested: anon said: 

Hello! May I please request something? So I’ve always read stories of where the reader is an amazing artist or a great writer but I’d like to read one where the reader is a dancer or something like that. I’m a dancer and I’m in my high schools color guard(not rotc). It could take place at a game during half time or a pep rally. Maybe the reader could have a solo or Something like that where jughead see them. Anything like that would be amazing 😁 please and thank you 💕

A/N: im really sorry for making you wait this long :(

Words: 1168

Warnings: 0

Today was the school’s first pep rally of the year and Cheryl had kicked me off the cheer team for the night insisting that I perform a solo at halftime. Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing but doing a solo at the first event of the year was a little nerve racking. I practiced day and night, I even ran through my routine when I got bored in class.

I was stood in front of the mirror in the locker room fixing up my face paint as Betty tied blue and yellow ribbon around my pigtails. All the cheerleaders sat around chatting, they were doing the same routine from last year so everyone was unfazed at performing because they knew the routine perfectly.

“What if I mess up?” I groaned while sponging blue and yellow stripes onto my cheeks.“

“You’ll be amazing Y/N/N!” Betty argued and pulled another strand of ribbon through my hair making me wince slightly as she tugged my hair.

“Yeah, you’ve been practicing for weeks and no one knows your routine anyways so if you mess up just freestyle it.” Ronnie commented. “Are you going to watch the first half of the game?”

“I think I might watch you two,” I said looking at her in the mirror, “then I think I’ll sit with Juggie and Kev. You guys will be off before I go on right?” I went back to fixing my face paint as they spoke.“

"Yeah, Cheryl said were all going to watch you.” Veronica said before the locker room door swung open.

“Hey, is Y/N- oh there you are.” He chuckled and stood in the door eyeing me slightly. “You look great babe.” He gushed and leant against the door frame, letting the door push against his other shoulder.

I rolled my eyes at his comment, I was wearing as little clothes as you possibly could, Cheryl had given me a pair of hot pants and a baseball style crop top to parade in, in front of the whole school, in like the middle of fall. “I look cold.” I grumbled looking at him through the mirror, his body still wedged in between the door.

“Aye! Jug, you lucky guy! Let me join!” I heard Reggie yell as he walked out the boy’s locker room.

“Fuck off Reggie.” Jug growled making him walking off in hysterics. “You’ll be fine, don’t stress.” He said gently as he turned back to me. “I’ll go find our seats, Kev said he got good ones.” He said and smiled once I had finished my makeup then stepped away letting the locker room door close completely.

I turned to face Betty and Ronnie “What?” I  blushed seeing the faces they were pulling at me.

“You two are so smitten!” Ronnie squealed then looked over to Betty who was nodding, backing up her statement.

“You’re making me more nervous.” I whined and sat between them on the bench and rested my head on Betty’s shoulder.

“Your boyfriend makes you nervous?” Betty giggled and rested her head on top of mine.

“You guys know what I mean!” I groaned, just as Cheryl burst into the room.

“We’re on in two minutes girls!” She yelled causing people to throw bags, shoes, clothes and so on into their lockers and follow her outside.

“Good luck girls.” I whispered as I hugged Betty and Veronica before they thanked me and rushed out joining the rest of the team. I got up from the bench and checked my myself once more before leaving the locker room and making my way to the football field.

“Well here she is!” Jug cheered as I slid past the people to my seat between him and Kev, which had food piled on it. I gave him an uneasy smile while I stood back brushing my arms up and down trying to keep warm as the slight breeze nipped at my skin. “You must be freezing.” Jug commented once they had moved the food and I had sat down.

He pulled his jacket off and handed it to me, “Cheryl might as well put me out there in a set of underwear.” I grumbled as I pulled on the heavy denim jacket. “Thanks though.” I gave him a grateful smile before kissing his cheek. The jacket only reached my mid thighs making my legs start to shiver but I couldn’t really tell if it was from the cold or from nerves.

He took my hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly before turning back to the game, only really concentrating on Archie. The game was going pretty well but the crowd wasn’t really cheering them on as much as I would have hoped which made me more anxious for my performance, what if nobody cheered for me? I got more and more antsy the closer half time came.

“Holy cow, I’m up in like ten minutes.” I said after watching the game for a while, I got up and pulled Jug’s jacket off, “I’m going to head down to the field so long.”
“Okay, good luck baby,” He said before pressing a kiss to my cheek, “you’re going to do so well.” A bright smile spread across his face as he pulled back.
“Oh my word, you’re making me blushy,” I cooed, “but I got to go.” I chuckled.

“Break a leg!” Betty yelled as I run past them as the team made their way onto the side lines, I smiled back and waved while they all cheered me on. I stood in the middle of the field looking out at the crowd while I waited for the music to start, I had no time to get nervous though because the music started almost immediately. I counted down when I heard the first beat and started my routine once I had got to three, the whole school went crazy, cheering, whistling, you name it.

I kept looking for Jug in the crowd when I had the chance but I had no luck in finding him. Everyone cheered as I started finishing, a huge smile spread across my face once I had ended the dance. I gave them a playful bow before I was tackled into a group hug from the cheer team. “You did so well Y/N/N!” veronica squealed as she pushed her way closer to me and gave me a big squeeze. Before I could say anything, I was lifted up into the air by Archie before he placed me on his shoulder as the whole football team joined us on the field. I looked around in amazement, everyone was jumping in celebration around me and the whole school was still cheering. A huge smile spread across my face when I finally spotted Jug in the bleachers he was cheering loudly with an insanely adorable smile plastered on his face too. When he saw that I was looking at him we blew each other a kiss simultaneously  making the school go even more crazy.

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Can I please tell you something that happened in class today? K, we were like watching a movie in English class and someone on screan said "You know nothing!", then one of my classmates screamed "JON SNOW!" and everyone laughed their butts off (even my teacher, she loves GOT as well and is pretty much a fangirl herself lol). I just felt like sharing this lol, thought it was worth it^^

Of course!!! 

Yesss that’s amazing! Game of Thrones references at school are literally the best things ever and they get me through the day. Unfortunately no one at my school really watches GOT so it’s mostly just me laughing and everyone else not picking up on my nuance ;) but I was writing down AU ideas in my moleskine that has Daenerys on the front cover and the girl behind me started talking about how much she loves GOT and now we’re friends :) 

Like seriously three quarters of my friends watch GOT. Make of that what you will. I don’t get shy around people when I know that I can talk about Jonerys with them lol. 

Share whatever you’d like to-stories like this make my day! 

BTS~ Caught in the Act

Anonymous said: I really liked your GOT7 version of getting caught in the act, so could you do a BTS version of it? Please and thank you! :3

A/N: OF COURSE I CAN!! OH MY SHIT! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR A BTS REQUEST! I LOVE YOU ANON! i might be a little too giddy right now… oops


Seokjin / Jin

It was late and not many members were around so Jin talked you into his pleasurable needs, only if you promised to keep quiet. He began kissing you deeply as he hovered above you, holding his body up with his right hand as his other hand gently moved from your shoulder, down your torso and to your thigh, lightly brushing your skin and sending adrenaline through your body. His lips never leaving yours as he slowly grinded his hips into you while holding you as close as he could get you. Suddenly the door flung open to reveal one of the boys. As you covered your face from embarrassment, Jin stayed on top of you and simply glared at the figure that soon began fumbling for the door handle before leaving.

“Are they gone?”

“Yeah” He giggles at your cuteness. “May we continue?” He smirks.

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Yoongi / Suga

You and Yoongi were under the assumption that the dorms would be completely empty, leaving only you two to do whatever your hearts desired. In this case it was simple kisses that soon turned into deeper kisses and the lose of some clothes. You slowly leaned back on the sofa while Yoongi hovered over you, his hand gently grazed over your bare skin. Your eyes fluttered shut as he trailed soft kisses down your neck and began to grind his hips into yours. Every touch made your heart beat faster but when you heard voices on the other side of the front door, you and Yoongi scrambled for your shirts before calmly sitting back onto the sofa.

“Hello friends! What did you guys do while we were gone?”

“Watched movies.” You both say in unison.

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Hoseok/ J-Hope

He hadn’t seen you all day and in Hobi-time, that’s forever. He wanted nothing more than to hold you and shower you with kisses but when he came back to the dorms early and found you in nothing but his t-shirt and his favorite pair of your panties on, his plans became dirtier. You jumped and pulled out your earbuds as a pair of arms snaked around your waist while you stood in the kitchen. Hobi quickly told you how much he missed you before he spun you around and hungrily placed a passionate kiss upon your lips. You smiled slightly, knowing where this was going when he lifted you onto the counter and moved his hand onto your thighs. Hoseok pulled away from you as soon as he heard his friends walk through the door. You jumped off the counter and looked at each other as pink flushed your cheeks.

“O-ooh, We- we’re sorry.”

“Yeah I- I’m just gunna go, p-put on some pants…” You mutter.

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Namjoon / Rap Monster 

Late nights with Namjoon were always fun as you both would chill out in his room and talk about stupid things or watch old movies. Tonight was just like every other night until you felt him squeeze your thigh. Knowing this was one of your weaknesses, Joonie continued teasing you until you had enough and straddled his lap. He smirked before giving you a small peck that grew into a deeper, more passionate kiss. His fingers intertwining with the roots of your hair as he guided your hips against his. Your head moved from his when you both heard the door handle jiggle. Joonie’s head fell back out of annoyance before he lifted you off of himself and went to answer the door. 

“Stay here babygirl, You’re not getting away that easily.”

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He finally had you all to himself and wanted to make the most of it. Jimin layed you on his bed as he hovered over you, tracing lines on your hips and kissing you deeply. His kisses began at your lips but then he started taking them to your neck, then to your chest and down to your stomach, making sure you leave light marks everywhere. He slowly removed your bottoms before kissing your thighs as he grew dangerously close to your core. His hands holding you close as he made his way back to your lips. He fell to your side when someone opened the door abruptly, causing you to jerk up and hug your knees to your chest. Jimin quickly got up, trying to divert the guy’s eyes.

“Yah!? What do you want?”

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Taehyung / V

Tae was feeling needy and desperate. He had twenty minutes before stage so he took it upon himself to search for his girlfriend, which is why you’re currently laying on a couch in his dressing room trying to suppress your moans as he continues to tease your folds with his fingers. Watching you whimper was always one of his favorite sights but he needed more so he began to leave love bites down your torso. Tae quickly got off of you and threw a blanket onto you to cover you up when he hear the door handle rattle. Before he got to it, the door swung open revealing a few of the boys.

“We’re busy, I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

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He couldn’t take it any longer. It was hot as hell in the dorms and the longer he watched your movements, the way your clothes stuck to your body, the bigger his problem became. Finally he got up before standing behind you and whispering “meet me in my room, now.” As soon as you walked threw the door, Jungkook pressed you against it, closing it in the process as his lips attacked yours. His hands quickly found the bottom off your shirt before he removed the fabric from your body. His hips pinning you against the door, making sure you can feel him. Suddenly the door opened, hitting you before closing again.

“Oh, whoops! Hey, you guys okay? I heard the door slam?”

“Y- yeah! We’re fine. Don’t worry about it Jin-hyung.”

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This slowly turned into just smut


(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Masterlist ^.^


request: “Would love a Draco x reader imagine where they’re best friends and they’re always really close and they smell each other in the amortentia? I know so original but your writing style is good so it’d be great for you to write a version of this imagine ?” — by anon

a/n: *badly impersonates professor trelawney* you have the markings of a true seer, my child! lol, but seriously, i was thinking about making an imagine like the one you requested, anon. and i am very pleased that someone asked for it bECAUSE THAT MEANS I’LL HAVE AN EXCUSE TO WRITE IT WAHAHAHA. also, i might have blushed when you said my writing style is good 💓 hope you enjoy! x

Masterlist + Request here!

“What took you so long?”

Those were the words you uttered just as your best friend, and probably the longest companion you have ever had, sat down beside you like he usually did in Potions. You noticed that his eyebrows were furrowed and he wore the scowl he had whenever he saw Potter — which you assumed was the reason why his features were all annoyed, since Harry was in the very same class right now.

Draco took out his textbook, “What took me so long? You’re the one who didn’t wait for me when I clearly told you that we’d meet at the entrance of the Great Hall before going here.”

A blush crept on your cheeks, clearly remembering that he indeed told you that before the two of you parted ways this morning after breakfast. Draco was looking at you with a disapproving look and all you managed to do was sheepishly smile at him, which made him roll his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” you whispered just as Professor Slughorn began his discussion about a potion that was called Amortentia. “I completely forgotten it because Ron had a question and —”

“Wait a minute. Why on earth are you on first name basis with that Weasel?” Draco hastily cut you off, turning his body so that he faced you while you still tried to listen to Slughorn’s boring introduction.

You glanced at him. “Because unlike you, I’m not a git, Draco.” you couldn’t help but plaster a smirk on your lips, making him scoff.

But truth be told, only you could insult Draco face to face and get away with it. You have been friends with him since you stepped foot on the Hogwarts Express, the compartment that he was occupying that time the only available place you could find to stay in. It still surprises you whenever you remember it because you were always under the impression that he was just as egotistical and snobbish as his father.

Well, he kind of still was, but whenever it came to you he wasn’t as bad as everybody claimed him to be. Draco was actually a very trust worthy friend, he was definitely someone you knew who could stay and tolerate your flaws and imperfections, and he has always been there for you in times of distress.

Of course, Draco undoubtedly felt the same, or else the friendship you had with him wouldn’t have lasted this long.

“Yes, now, well huddle up and divide yourselves into pairs.” said Slughorn with a peculiar smile on his face. “I’ll be giving each group a sample of Amortentia and you’ll have to be completely honest to your chosen partner what are the things that you smelled, alright? Okay, so, quietly fall in line …”

You shared a look with Draco and he nodded, standing up to get the mentioned sample from the professor for your own group. He was back in seconds, placing a tiny bottle on your working table containing a liquid that had steam rising in characteristic spirals. You leaned down closely to get a sniff, your nose wrinkling before turning to Draco.

“Seriously, Draco. How much cologne did you spray on yourself? I can’t smell anything besides it.” you tried sniffing again.

He pursed his lips together. “What do you mean? If there’s anyone overdoing something, it’s you. Your watermelon scented perfume is going to be stuck in my nostrils forever.” he chuckled.

Both confused by your own accusations to each other — since quite frankly, you didn’t bother to put on your perfume today and Draco had forgotten to apply his cologne — you and Draco leaned down once again to the bottle of Amortentia, determined to get a different scent other than the previous strong fragrance.

Draco glanced at you while you were still sniffing, casually moving closer so that he could familiarize himself again with the smell of your shampoo. He was still taking in the smell of watermelon from the potion, with two new additions: old books and now, your shampoo.

“What is it?” you questioned when he abruptly almost fell on his stool because of what he was beginning to discover.

“Nothing.” coughed Draco, changing the topic. “Er, what did you smell?”

You remembered the scent of fallen rain, the smell of mint, and the strangest of all, his cologne. You thought you were only catching the smell of it because of how close the two of you were sitting right next to each other. Clearly, you were mistaken and found yourself blushing at the realization that you were attracted to your best friend.

“You go first.” you insisted but Draco shook his head.

“No, no, ladies first.”

You snorted, “Please, Draco, we both know you hardly recognize me as a lady.”

“Girls first then.” he corrected himself.

“No, really, you go first.”

“Y/N, don’t be stubborn and just tell me —”

“Yes, I would, right after you tell me yours —”

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake, Y/N — ”

“Mr Malfoy and Miss Y/L/N, do we have a problem?” Slughorn had appeared in front of your desk, a triumph smile on his face. “I can’t help but notice that your voices have increased in volume. May I know what’s the noise all about?”

“Nothing, professor.” both of you claimed.

Slughorn narrowed his eyes ever so slightly.

“We were just about to exchange answers, sir.” you added.

He grinned. “Is that so? Well, tell them to the whole class then! I’m sure everyone is just as curious as I am.”

Draco’s eyes went wide as saucers. “Actually, sir, I rather not —”

“Ridiculous, Malfoy! Now, come on, tell us what you smelled.”

You have never seen Draco act so uncomfortable and embarrassed before as he stared at Slughorn, his cheeks tinted pink while he held this look as if he was silently praying that the time was up and they were now going to be dismissed for their next class.

He coughed. “I smell … old books, uh, watermelon, and … kind of like a bubblegum scent.” he murmured the last part, knowing that you were the only one that had hair smelling like bubblegum around the castle grounds.

“And how about you, Miss Y/L/N?”

“Fallen rain, mint, I think. And, well,” you caught Draco waiting for your answer, “um, some type of cologne.”

“Ah! How astonishing. I wonder who would be the lucky person to be wearing such a cologne …” trailed the professor, finally leaving his attention to the two of you and back to his own desk in front.

You and Draco were both silent on your seats, knowing in fact that you had smelled each other in Amortentia — a love potions that gave off a scent that you are most attracted to. In both of your cases, only now did the both of you realize that maybe all this time you’ve been with each other, the affection you showed weren’t precisely platonic as thought it was.

“So,” Draco was the one who had the nerves to speak after understanding, “it was my cologne, huh?” there was a hint of cockiness in his tone and when you peered at him, he had this genuine grin that only you had the chance to see.

“Excuse me, Malfoy, but two beats one. You smelled both my perfume and my shampoo.” you said a matter-of-fact.

You gazed at each other for what seemed like hours before breaking apart, your lips curled up in a smirk while the professor now discussed another potion, Felix felicis.

Suddenly, Draco placed a hand on top of yours nonchalantly, intertwining it with his as a bigger smile appeared on his mouth. He seemed to be very pleased of himself and you rolled your eyes, ignoring the heavy pace of your heart, knowing that this was going to be the beginning of something new and wonderful.

From The Prompt List~ Three

Requested: Yes. Anon asks, “I think 4 and 6 would go good together, but if that’s too much, then 6. I’d like the pairing to be a female reader with Anti. Please and thank you :)”

Fandom: JackSepticEye

Pairing: Antisepticeye/Reader

Pronouns: She/Her

Warnings: Cursing, Sad, Angst, Cruel Words, Mentions of Suicide?

A/N: The prompts are~ “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” and “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” … Enjoy!

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   Anti had fucked up, he knew he had fucked up. He couldn’t take back what he had said. The argument was stupid, it was about Anti not cleaning his mess in the kitchen, and yet here they were… Anti was sitting against her bedroom door listening as (Y/N) sobbed into the bed sheets.

“I work for eight hours every day so that you and I can have a place to call home! All that I ask is that you help me keep it looking like a home!” (Y/N) shouted as she threw the dishes into the sink, cursing under her breath. Anti sat at the table, watching.

“Yeah? What’s another hour of work?” Anti said with a roll of his eyes. (Y/N) dropped the a dish onto the floor and it shattered around her, but she just turned to him with a fierce look in her eye.

“Really? You think that just because you’ve got power means that you can take my hospitality for granted? I’m tired, Anti. I don’t want to come home and have to clean up your mess.”

“Then don’t! I’m not Sean, do you expect me to comfort you? Do you expect me to give you a back rub and cuddle with you? That pathetic excuse of a human is gone. I thought you accepted that!”

“Don’t you dare speak about Sean that way, ever! Sean was my friend!” (Y/N) screamed chucking the soaking dishcloth at him. She hated talking about him, especially to Anti. And it wasn’t really Anti’s fault that Sean was gone. Sean accepted Anti, Sean had asked Anti to take over his life. (Y/N) knew this.

“You have feelings for me, don’t you? Humans are pathetic. I am not Sean, I could never love you. You’re pathe-” Anti was cut off by a sob, guilt immediately washing over him. He was an entity but that didn’t mean that his emotions were entirely shut off.

“How can you say that? How can you so effortlessly break someone,” (Y/N)’s voice lowered to a whisper, tears rolling silently down her face. “I accept you for who you are, I understand why you do the things you do, you’re a demon. You can’t feel anything, I know that, but you’ve talked about wanting to feel emotions. I just… I don’t understand why you act like a monster… “ (Y/N) choked back a sob and walked past Anti, going to her bedroom. Anti didn’t try to stop her but he followed her.

(Y/N) had stopped crying and it sounded like she was asleep, so Anti slipped through the door. She was curled up, clutching a pillow, and wrapped in a blanket. Anti sat at the head of the bed, moving so that he was leaning against the headboard and (Y/N)’s head was laying in his lap. He said and started running his fingers through her hair. After a few moments Anti heard a soft voice,

“I’m sorry… “ (Y/N) whispered, curling into a tighter ball. Anti’s movements stopped and (Y/N) nudged against his hands, like a cat. The entity let out a soft sigh and started again.

“You probably hate me… I’m sorry, too.” Anti winced unsure of his ‘apology’.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” (Y/N) forced out, staring at the wall. Neither of them spoke for a while.

“Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” Anti finally said, staring down at (Y/N). She looked up at him, leaning up to kiss his cheek. Anti chased her back down to the bed, pressing his lips against hers. After he pulled away she sighed, her cheeks a soft shade of pink.

“Please stay.”

BTS reaction to you giving them random kisses on their face

Anon said:
Hello, can you please make same reaction like for madtown, but fot BTS? thank you 

- Hopeee you enjooy! :D

Jungkook: WOuld not be able to stop smiling and enjoying everything *gif*

Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Jimin: “You can kiss my lips too you know?” *is shy but happy*

Originally posted by jmins

Taehyung: *gif tells everything*

Originally posted by seokkuk

J-Hope: “I want more of Y/N’s kisses” *does aegyo*

Originally posted by ciutae

Rap Monster: is fangirling and two of you end up laughing *gif*

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Suga: *filled up with hapiness and love and forgets what he wanted to say*

Originally posted by arkysal

Jin: “But come and kiss me on my lips… Here” *points*

Originally posted by saranghajii

Making out with... Jaehyun


Anon: Could you please do making out with jaehyun?

Anon: How it’d be to make out with jaehyun of nct? ;)

Anon: making out with jaehyun? c’:

Anon: make out with jaehyun please~~~ thank you !!

This was very requested and a lot of people in the surveys wanted it so I decided to prioritise Jae’s over everyone else’s lol! Because it was heavily requested, I tried to make it as long and as worthwhile the wait as possible :-) I hope you like it ;;;;-)

Originally posted by ncitytrash

jaehyun looks so good this comeback everyone makes fun of his hair (the one he had at the start of the promotions) but i didn’t think it was too bad :-(

  • Today is Jaehyun day lol 
  • First Kiss and now this lmaooo 
  • Anyway 
  • As I said in his First Kiss thing, Jaehyun would have really nice lips 
  • They’re soft and smooth and inviting and just perfect 
  • You’re always complimenting him on them and at first he used to blush, but now he’s cocky af and always wants you to remind him or he’ll pout
  • He’d proabbly boast to the other guys about amazing he is at kissing and they’d probably say he really wasnt and he’d get upset or soemthing
  • And the next time you saw him, he’d be sad and say that they only thing that’d make him better is if you rove that he’s not bad at it
  • Basically guilt trips you into kissing him lol
  • I don’t think he’d be the type to do it a lot, but he wouldn’t hardly do it either
  • Both your daily routines would clash a lot so quick pecks were usually the only time you got any form of skinship or action lol in a day
  • Making out would be saved for the night
  • Will literally wake you up in the middle of the night to ask you to kiss him
  • You’d think it was bc he wanted sex
  • And yes sometimes he did
  • So you’d prepare yourself lol and sigh really loudly
  • Then he’ll surprise you by hovering over you and kissing you, with no sex involved
  • Jae would like making out with you lying down on your bed
  • You’d like to do a lot of things lying down tbh
  • Kissing, cuddling, eating, talking, watching TV, taking selfies, having sex
  • He’d like how his body would dwarf yours and how he could easily let his hands run across your body
  • The close proximity would be his favourite thing
  • You’d lie on your back and he’d basically lie on top of you
  • Not completely but half his body would be and he’d hold him sle fup with one of his shoulders
  • Do you get what I mean? Am I explaining this alright?
  • His other hand would run through your hair and hold your neck
  • You’d put an arm around his neck and place a hand on the bottom of his back
  • He’d be very breathy
  • Not necessarily loud, but he’d basically be panting
  • Also likes to suck your bottom lip
  • I hate that word, but he’d do it tbh
  • By the end, your bottom lip will be swollen and red and he’ll laugh at you bc you look funny
  • Anyway
  • He’d change pace quite a lot, varying between slow and deep sloppy kisses, and faster and sweeter kisses
  • He’d tilt his face a lot too, because he can’t help himself and he just wants to make you feel good and vice versa
  • Making out usually happened in the dark bc its night duh
  • But JAehyun still really wanted to feel you and see if he was making you feel good, by sometimes moving down to kiss your neck
  • You’d moan lightly which would be an indicator to him that you’re enjoying himself
  • He’d smirk to himself and move back up to kiss your lips again
  • Hickies!!!!!!
  • Usually prefers giving you them, around the bottom of your neck where your collar bones are
  • He won’t realise how many he’d give you or how dark and pink and sore they are until the next morning
  • Sometimes if you were feeling like it and weren’t too tired, you’d roll him over
  • So now you were the one lying partially on him
  • He’d find it hot af actually, and would groan into the kiss
  • If he got too excited, this might lead to sex but most of the time you’d be too caught up into the moment to do that
  • He’d move his hands down to your bumb, laughing as you squeal at the warmth
  • And you’d play with his hair softly
  • Whenever he’s the one dominating the kiss, its quite heated and deep and when you are, its more gently and teasing and light awe
  • There wouldn’t be much talking involved (like in comparison to Taeyong)
  • But at the end, he’ll be telling you how much he enjoyed it and how much he loves you
  • And he’ll cuddle you to help you get back to sleep because he knows your tired awe
  • Jaehyun :-( writing these make me more depressed than writing the first kiss series tbh lol

Making out with… series

Jeff Atkins x Reader- Teach Me

So this is following a request from anon, who asked for a fic about the reader tutoring Jeff. I hope you like it, anon! This is my first fic being written on this account, but I have many more on my account, @thirteenreasonsfics
Check it out ASAP!
“No,” you said, throwing the last of your stuff into a battered old Jansport. “No way, Clay.”

“Please please please do it!” begged Clay over the phone, his voice thick because of a bad cold. “I swear, I’ll make it up to you.”

It was a regular Monday afternoon at school, and you were just finishing lunch when you got a call from your best friend of ten years and fellow Marvel geek, Clay Jensen. He had been really sick for a couple days by then, and called you to make you take over for him in tutoring Jeff Atkins in US history that day.

“I have a Chem test,” you said, balancing your phone on your shoulder as you picked up your stuff. “Besides, I hardly even know the guy. It’ll be really awkward.”

That last part was actually a lie. You hadn’t known Jeff Atkins very well, true, but had a crazy crush on him since freshman year. You two talked now and then, and you were his lab partner last year, but you never thought there could be anything between you, especially as half the school was crushing on him.

“Fine,” you said, throwing your hands up in defeat. “But you owe me hot chocolate and cake from Monet’s.”

Clay laughed over the phone.

“Thank you, Y/N. Or maybe you’ll thank me. Six thirty, the big white house on Sherman.”


Many hours later, you drove your rattling old Buick up to his house, and grabbed your stuff, trying not to smile like an idiot as you rang the doorbell.

“Y/N!” Mrs Atkins said, opening the door immediately like she had been waiting. “Thank you so much for helping Jeff out.”

You nodded, looking around the simply decorated house. Jeff’s dad was sitting at the table, reading.

“It’s no big deal, Mrs. Atkins. Uh, where’s Jeff?”

Jeff’s mom turned around, and gave you a big smile as she offered you some cookies.

“Oh, he’ll be down in a minute. He’s been changing and showering all day because he heard you’re coming.”

You stopped chewing for a minute. Was he-

“Normally Jeffrey walks into Clay’s tutoring sessions looking like a Neanderthal,” his dad snorted from the table. “Seriously. Horrible smells.”

“Dad!” Jeff said as he walked down the stairs, dressed in a red Henley that showed off his toned arms and old blue jeans. “Hey, Y/N. Ready to start?”

“Yeah, yeah of course,” you said, quickly picking up your stuff. “Do we.. go upstairs?”

Jeff turned.

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry my room’s a mess, I had practice so I didn’t clean up..”

Mrs Atkins smiled as you two climbed the stairs, shaking her head fondly.

“Door open, kids, okay?” she said as you made your way up, and called Jeff over to whisper to him. “Good luck, sweetheart.”

“Mom,” he said, rolling his eyes, embarrassed. “I’m not that bad as US History.”

His mom raised an eyebrow as she began to head to the kitchen.

“It’s not the US History you need luck with.”


“So you should always mention the opposing viewpoint in essays,” you said, going over Jeff’s homework in pencil. “See, that argument would have been so much stronger with a counterpoint.”

He nodded, concentrating intently. It was beginning to get dark outside, and you were just finishing up the last of the day’s work.

“Okay, so bring me the work-” you began, but then remembered that Clay would be back to tutoring Jeff the next time. “Nevermind. Just do well, okay?”

He grinned, stretching as the Henley snaked its way up his stomach before falling back down.

“Yes Ma'am. Next week, same time?”

You turned from gathering up your stuff.

“Won’t Clay be back to tutoring you then?”

He nodded, suddenly realizing as his face fell.

“I- yeah, I guess,” he said, slumping back down. “Thanks again, Y/N. You may have saved my grade.”

“May?” you asked in mock outrage. “I saved it. Single handedly. Like Iron Man saved Sokovia.”

He laughed.

“I’d say that one was a team effort though. If it weren’t for Quicksilver..”

“You watch Marvel movies?” you asked incredulously, looking at him.

“I do a lot of things,” he replied. “I- I’m more than the dumb jock you think I am, Y/N.”

“I didnt say you were a dumb jock,” you said softly. “Hey. You play sports and are smart and look hot. I can only do one of those things.”

Jeff laughed again then, and then stopped suddenly as you both realized what you had said.

“You think I’m hot?” he asked, grinning.

“No, I, that’s not what I-”

“You do,” he said, and laughed. “God, I thought you’d never like me back..”

“Like you back?” you asked, now stunned. “You-”

“Yes, Y/N, I like you,” he said, looking at you sheepishly. “I thought you knew. Everyone knew!”

“I-,” you said, but the words wouldn’t come out. Jeff Atkins, the hottest guy at school and your long term crush, liked you?!

“I guess now would be good time to ask you out, wouldn’t it?” he asked, running a hand through his Abercrombie model hair.

You grinned.

“Yes. Yes it would.”

“Saturday, five thirty, Monet’s?” he asked, and smiled when you nodded. “Alright.”

You smiled like an idiot, especially when Mrs Atkins gave you a knowing look as you left. You were going to have to buy a new dress. And you were going to have to thank Clay so much.

By @thirteenreasonsfics

BTS Reaction: They talk about your insecurity in an argument

Request: Hi dear! 💕 Can I ask for a Bts reaction? With them saying a mean thing (hitting one of your insecurities) they didn’t really think during an argument and immediatly saying sorry after seeing your surprised/sad face. I’m sorry if this is hard 😰🌸💖

A/N: I’ve been looking forward to writing this, thank you for the request anon! ^_^ xx


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

It had been such a silly little spat, you two hardly ever argued but maybe that’s what made the fact he said what he did hit you so much harder. The minute the words left his mouth your face turned grave, tears teetering, threatening to spill as time seemed to move in slow motion. ‘Jagi… Jagiya please look at me’ he would whisper, to ashamed of himself to speak properly. ‘Y/N I’m so sorry you know I didn’t mean to…’ he would rush all of his words, desperate to reconcile before he made things any worse. At that moment he honestly felt like the scum of the earth for hurting the one person he loved more than anything.


Originally posted by infiresfan

Yoongi didn’t use his words often so when he did, they cut like razor sharp glass. As soon as the words fumbled from his lips he felt his stomach churn, not even daring to look at you as tears fell from your cheeks, the air knocked from you entirely. ‘Y/N...’ was all he could get out, speechless at how low he had stooped to use your own insecurity against you. He would have to take himself away from the situation, let it sink in that not only he had messed up big time but possibly lost your trust, using the biggest thing you trusted him with against you. That thought alone caused his heart to tear just a little.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by thedurst

The consequences of what Namjoon had just done would weigh heavily on him immediately. He was supposed to be on your team always, the one you could always turn to and feel comfort in, not the one that tore you down. ‘Y/N, words can’t even describe how sorry I am… you know I think you’re perfect it was just in the heat of the moment…’ he dropped to his knees in front of you, so your hung and heavy head could meet his eyes, to try and show you how sorry he was, not that even he was sure he deserved your forgiveness.


Originally posted by jhopingforhoseok

The moment he saw your tears, his would emerge to, a mixture of both regret and anger at himself weighing on him in equal measures. He was sure you would never trust him again, he wasn’t even sure you’d ever want to see him again, all he could think to do was wrap you in his arms and pull you against him tight, whispering soft apologies into your hair through the tears on his cheeks. He held you tight, like you would break if he let go, or worse, leave.


Originally posted by sugaglos

‘Y/N I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, it was so wrong. You know I don’t believe that, I say dumb stuff all the time, you’re the smart one!’ he would scramble at his words, trying desperately to say anything and everything to make up even 1% of the damage he’d done just with a few single, venomous words. Maybe he was toxic, maybe you were better off without him he thought. ‘Baby you know I think you’re kind, clever, beautiful, sexy, elegant…’ he’d carry on, bringing your chin up to greet the sincerity in his eyes.


Originally posted by cmtae

The immediate defense he’d jump to is humor. To counter the slump in your shoulders and the anguish in your face he’d do anything and everything to try and make you smile again. In that moment, all he wanted was to be the reason for the happiness he so treasured in your eyes, instead of the painful spike of hurt he was seeing now. ‘Jagi! Aw c’mon jagi you know I didn’t mean that! Hey! Maybe we should go and get some ice cream! You remember that one time I fell over… near that restaurant… please just look at me… I love you…’


Originally posted by imaginesbts

I’m not sure he’d quite know how to handle what he’d just done, he’d just know he had to back track and take back everything he said if he could. ‘No no no babe please don’t cry… I never want you to cry because of me ever, I’m sorry I said that it was my stupid mouth running off, I promise I’ll try and do better and be a better person for you because I love you, every part of you and never ever want to see you like this ever again ok? I love you. Please don’t be sad, I didn’t mean it.’ he’d fumble with the sleeves of his hoodie before, desperate for some kind of contact with you, pulling you into a soft hug and kissing the top of your head softly, rubbing your arms and trying to calm the situation down. 

FP Jones x Reader- Figure it out

Thank you anon for the request! As I stated before everyone in this fic is legal age, and the reader will be older than Jug. I also made it so FP was young when he had Jug, but there was still a large gap.

Anyway I am so so sorry this was late. Aaaaah I hate that this was so late. I hope I wrote it to your standards and you like it ^^ If not please let me know and I will try to fix it. Also thank you so, so much for the well wishes you sweetheart <3 Hope you are doing well anon!

I don’t know yet if I will continue to allow age differences like this in my writing as I wasn’t too keen on writing it. I wasn’t a big fan but I did want to get this one written, as I said I would

Warnings: Age difference, swearing, implied smut

Words: 2160


Keep reading

Got7 Mafia Reaction: When their child gets kidnapped by another gang

||| Anon asked: Hello!! Can you please write a mafia!Got7 reaction to their child being taken by another gang? |||

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by jypnior

He couldn’t believe somebody was stupid enough to even try anything like this.

“I’m sorry could you repeat what you just said because if that’s true…”

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by jypnior

He would wait no longer than two seconds before rushing out to get back his child, killing as many people from the rival gang as possible in the process.

“Taking MY child was a big mistake.”

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by wanbyeokan

Something would snap in him and a scary side that’s never been seen by anyone alive would come out.

“I swear if they as much as touch her… I will have to start with their fingers then.”

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by trajktgjnr95

After hearing the news he would try to stay calm and look composed but inside a storm was brewing.

“Blood will be spilled tonight.”

JB/Im Jaebum

Originally posted by nexttimeisnotthesame

He would be so furious, even you wouldn’t be able to calm him down.

“Are they fucking serious? Of all the possible ideas they decide to take my child!?”


Originally posted by dsoulxxx

He would make sure himself that the people who dared do this got the most painful, slowest death possible.

“Begging won’t help you now.”

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by monstasistar

He would come up with a strategic plan to get his child back safely. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any havoc when he does though.

“I give you ten seconds to hide before I start hunting you all down, one by one.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! If you weren't busy can I request Damian x reader who ends up as a big sister figure and dick gets jealous with all the time they spend hanging out? Please and thank you!

omg I totally did not mean for this to be so LONG but my imagination was like “I got u anon” and I gotchu babe! 
I really like this! 

Title: Roots

Theme: brother sister bonding

“Damian, I thought you were going out with Dick?” You asked, pausing in the doorway to see the youngest Robin hard at work in his sketch pad. “What happened?”

Damian didn’t even pause, continuing his lines. From what you could deduce, it was a nature scene of some kind. “If you must know, Grayson cancelled. Said something came up.”

Scowling, you figured that that something was named Jessica, a girl your friend had been prattling on about for a week. Entering the room, you sat on the couch next to Damian, reaching down to pet Titus. You let the silence engulf you, looking out the window as the sound of Damian’s pencil angrily scratching against paper filled the room. As much as he hated to admit it, he really did look up to the first Robin quite a bit.

You took in Damian’s appearance; sneakers on, laces tied, coat on the edge of the table. Dick must have just cancelled on him, and you shook your head at his tastelessness. Attempting to be tactful, you turned to Damian and carefully proposed an idea. “It is a nice day out; what if we took Titus for a hike? Greenland park is only 15 minutes from the city, and fresh air will do Titus good.”

Proposing outings with Damian’s animal posse was always the best way to go; he loved them more than anything. You observed out of the corner of your eyes as the furious pencil slowed to a stop, Damian glancing out the window. You held your breath.

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random-fireworks  asked:

Hi! About the song Jensen played at the end of the second J2 panel that made Jared so emotional, some people say on the youtube comments that it could be the intro to Sweet Home Alabama. I'm not sure, I don't recognize it but it's maybe a version I don't know. What do you think?

Anon:  Hi. I think Jensen was playing intro to sweet home Alabama to Jared…

In response to this ask. Sorry, for taking more time then necessary to answer. Ok, so I think you are right. Just listen to Jensen and an original acoustic version.  Sure seems pretty similar to me.

I wonder if Jared saw Jensen “Sweet Home Alabama” performance from Jib6 in 2015. In my headcanon he did see it, and I don’t know if it was important to them earlier or it became after that, but Jared’s face when he realizes what Jensen’s playing it, is well, take a look yourself:

[Can I just take a second to appreciate the way Jared looks right here. *ARMS* *SINGLE LAYER* *HAIR IN HIS FACE* *TOO MUCH SEXY CUTENESS*]

Cute little smile, biting his lower lip, dimples on display (am I seeing things or did his dimples actually deepened there at one point), his whole demeanor right then was so shy. *sigh* 

 And then look at Jensen:

Look at this fucker. He’s so pleased with himself (he should be, tbh), and that little satisfied smile right at the end. Yeah, make no mistake, that song must be important to them. 

THANK YOU ANON AND @random-fireworks for your answers so much!

I liked this song just fine, and then JIB6 happened and it gave me a new meaning and I’m sure you have some songs with the great meaning to you, so you know how it is. I’ll listen to it now even more fondly then after JIB6. 

You know, I think Jensen likes Lynyrd Skynyrd (”well, DUH”, said the voices in my head), he sang “Sweet Home Alabama” to Jared when Jared wasn’t there, and he played it now, and he sang “Simple Man” to Jared at the concert at Orion yesterday (c’mon, his eyes were on Jared every couple seconds, of course he sang it to him). 

Tbh, Jensen serenading Jared is one of my favorites. 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

I got a question from someone who wishes to remain anon (sorry, I know it’s a nice feature for some of you, but to me it’s nothing but a source of harassment. Sorry.) regarding Hunger Pangs so here we go:

Hi mom! I’ve got a random question about Hunger Pangs but please dont feel like you need to respond if you dont have the spoons. I’ve been reading through your meta tags and I love love LOVE what youre doing and I know you have said that Vlad suffers from depression (I think?) but I was wondering: do you mind if people headcanon him as autistic? A lot of the things you write about him I recognize in myself and it’d mean a lot to have a character in a book from an author I like be like me. Sorry if this is weird. I just thought I’d ask ^^; I’m looking forward to the book regardless I guess I just wanted to know your opinion on how you feel about people headcanoning your work. Thank you in advance, and also if you publish this could you make it anon, ty <3

Hello anon, thank you for the wonderful message. I’m glad you’re looking forward to Hunger Pangs, I am hoping everyone will love reading it as much as I have writing it.

And to answer your question simply: you can headcanon whatever the hell you want. He’s definitely neurodivergent, his mental health is based somewhat on my own (as is his sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell), he’s the victim of hundreds of years of gaslighting and a few other things I can’t talk about without giving away plot, but he’s definitely not neurotupical. But if Vlad is autistic to you, then he’s whatever you want him to be, and that’s all that matters.

If you want him to be non-binary, he’s non binary. If you want him to be trans, he’s trans. I’m not going to stop anyone from headcanoning my characters into whatever works best for them. 

Nathan is often described in what could be seen as very cis masculine terms, but if you headcanon him as trans—more power to you friend, have at it. If you want Ursula to be something more than what I’ve presented her as, go for it. I’m here 100% for your headcanons and interpretations of them if they provide something you need. 

I’ve tried to make the book as diverse as possible, but with this being my first novel I will undoubtedly fall short of a few things, and I can only apologize and promise I’ll continue to do better as we go along. I will say this though, hardly anyone in the book is what I’d define as neurotypical (or able bodied for that matter). High functioning maybe, but when I said I wanted to write a story for me and people like me, I didn’t just mean that in regards to sexuality. 

Anyway, I hope that answers your question. Take care and have a wonderful night :)



A/N : I am currently only writing for one group at a time, but if you’d like to see the got7 version, please let me know! (In my inbox say something like “got7 version of you giving them a show” so I know what you’re talking about because I’m very forgetful) 

Namjoon: He sat rigid in his chair, watching you strip slowly. You could tell his breathing was labored and he was trying to hold back. You stripped slower, teasing him, wanting him to crack. He finally did, standing up suddenly and ripping your underwear right off of you.

“Namjoon! That was my favorite pair…”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have teased me then Y/N.”

but he does feel bad and will buy you a new pair, his face beet red as he’s giving them to you which he tries to hide with a smirk…

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Seokjin: It was something new the two of you were trying… You felt a little nervous about masterbating in front of Jin, however you soon got into it when you heard him moan and shift in his chair. You let out the sounds you were holding in as you teased yourself until Jin had had enough and decided to help you out.

“On the bed. Now.”

Originally posted by fawnave

Yoongi: Stripping for Yoongi was nothing new, however this time you’d decided to try something different. You handcuffed him to the bed before stepping back slowly and beginning to undress, drawing out your actions. You could see him becoming more frustrated. He groaned loudly before finally talking, his eyes darker than normal with lust.

“Stop teasing Y/N.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Hoseok: When he opened up the text message from you he definitely wasn’t expecting to see a video of you stripping until you were half naked. Great. Now he was hard during movie night with the others. 

He slipped away from the group and locked himself in the bathroom, begging you to video call him so that he could watch the rest of your little “show” live.

“Show me more baby.”

Originally posted by osyub

Taehyung: When he’d asked you to strip for him he hadn’t really thought that you’d do it… He was pleasantly surprised as you stripped slowly, sitting on his lap and grinding on him as you slipped your top off before standing up to finish stripping. Taehyung’s mouth was open the entire time in awe, his breath constantly catching in his throat.

“You’re beautiful, did you know that?”

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Jimin: The classic “walk-in while you had been pleasuring yourself”. Instead of stopping, you’d felt comfortable enough to continue, letting Jimin know that you had been thinking of him while pleasuring yourself. The bewildered and embarrassed look on his face was replaced with one of love and lust. 

“Tell me just how good I make you feel Y/N,” he said, sitting down to watch your little show.

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Jungkook: When you offered to strip for him, he blushed a deep red color and nodded his head a little too vigorously. He couldn’t help but be excited for your little show. The idea of not being able to touch you while you did everything to tempt him was exhilarating. His breathing became labored as your show progressed and his pants became uncomfortably tight.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take Y/N…”

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Flying Grayson

Prompt:Dick Grayson imagine where she’s Bruce’s daughter but dating Dick maybe like they’re wedding and Bruce walking her down the aisle and like how everyone is feeling idk it’s up to you but I love the idea

Requested By: ANON

           “I’m sorry, one more time, just for my amusement, you met this guy where?”

           You glare at your younger brother, “The circus. His family is the trapeze act.”

           Jason grins, “That’s what I thought you said. TIM! Please tell me you heard it.”

           Tim glances up from his laptop and smiles, “I heard it and so did,” He turns his laptop around, “Bruce.”

           You roll your eyes as your father glares at you from across the world. Skype is a pain in your ass as far as you’re concerned.  You smile, “Hi Daddy.”


           The smile doesn’t leave your face, “I’m twenty-two Dad, you don’t get a say.”

           “He lives in a circus!”

           “And his back flips are better than yours. He’s really sweet, and I’ve got to go.”

           You leave the room without looking back, and come across Damian waiting for you in the hallway. He’s leaning against the door blocking your path, “The circus isn’t in town.”

           You smile, “I know.”

           “Haley’s Circus hasn’t been to Gotham since you were eight.”

           “Also true.”

           “Yet Richard Grayson AKA Dick Grayson AKA a Flying Grayson is somehow here in Gotham.”

           You don’t say anything, you just keep smiling until Damian finally says, “You’ve known him for years.”


           “Met him traveling around Europe during your gap year.”


           “Traveled with the circus?”

           You shrug, “They needed a temporary bookkeeper.”

           “He’s attending Gotham University because of you?”

           “I plead the fifth.”

           Damian nods, “I want to see the elephants.”

           You smile, “Next time I go to the circus, I’ll take you. Tonight however, we’re going to a movie.”

           He nods and steps to the side, “Have a good time.”

           With a smile you go to meet your Flying Grayson.


Requested by anon: The Wonwoo fic and Taeyang fic are so freaking cute and they are so well written too omg! Please write more fics for the both of them as they’re my favourites (: Wolf!au? Thank you ((((:

Requested by anon: Wolf!au for wonwoo or woozi! Thank you and I love your works!!

so i got the same au request i hope both of these suited your taste! LIKE I SAID I HAVE OVERWHELMING FEELS FOR WONWOO SO THIS IS PROBABLY LIKE THE LONGEST HEADCANON I’VE EVER WRITTEN THIS IS SUPER LONG OMG BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY EVERYONE!!!! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WONWOO IMAGINES :)))) if you weren’t satisfied please send me another request!

  • I was lying in bed and was just like “hm you know wonwoo really resembles a wolf????”
  • I love jeon wonwoo anyways
  • You lived near a very dense forest with your grandpa
  • Since it was a small town, there could only be so many things that could happen before word travels
  • Ofc nothing ever happens in your small town the most eventful thing was when the local market ran out of your favorite potato chips like honEST TO GOD
  • But as of late there’s been more signs of wildlife in the forest and everyone is lowkey freaking out like what is this we haven’t even had livestock in 80+ years????
  • Thanks to the dense forest there’s been showing a steadily increase in deer population yay!!!! But also what!!!!
  • With deer ofc comes…………
  • Wolves
  • Packs and packs of them
  • You’re worried for your life what if a wolf is gonna attack you one day since you’re right next to their habitat!!!!!
  • Your grandpa is just like lmao y/n chill i was a hunter back in the days we’ll be fine
  • It was a chillier day than usual in the winter and temperatures were dramatically dropping

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#12 & Jason & Dick please!

“Let go.” 

The arms around him tightened instead, and he could feel Dick shaking his head, nose brushing the back of his head. “No can do, little wing. We have a lot of birthdays to make up for.” 

“I hate birthdays,” Jason said, trying to get an arm free to elbow Dick in the the side. “And all of you as well.” 

“But we love you,” Dick said, and this time the squeeze was a subtle threat, Jason knew it. “Alfred went to all the effort of getting you here and there’s like three cakes and we have an excellent evening lined up of movies and bonding. You can’t escape, just give in.” 

“This is torture,” Jason said. “If you think I won’t turn around and beat your ass for this you’re wrong.” 

“You’d even have a chance if Cass weren’t here,” Dick replied, laughing. “But big brother and big sister together are more than a match for you, Jason. Give it up already, we’re celebrating your birthday whether you like it or not.” 

On Jason’s other side, Cass nodded, smirking at him wickedly and squeezing his hand. 

Even Damian was watching with amusement. He’d probably join them if Jason tried to escape, and Jason had no chance with the rest of them. He was pretty sure he’d seen Steph doing something to his motorbike that looked like a trap. 

“Fine.” He went limp, surrendering to the grip. Dick’s arms relaxed but didn’t retreat, going from a hold to something like a hug. “I’m going to get you all back for this, just wait.” 

“Looking forward to it,” Dick replied. 

“Great,” Jason said, and then shoved himself against the couch, toppling the whole thing over backwards, enjoying the way both Dick and Cass flailed. Cass might’ve seen it coming but she’d not been able to break his grip in time. They both released him and Jason sprung to his feet, dashing out of the living room and hearing the loud footsteps that meant the rest of them were after him. “You’ll never take me alive, you freaks!” 

“No death jokes on your birthday!” Dick shouted, breathless with laughter. “Get him!”