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🌻Wild Sunflowers🌻

A Pretty Cliche Beach Wedding Venue in Windenburg- request for anon (hope u still want it, anon, where ever, whoever, however, whatever, you are… )

Origin id: bottsbotts | Tray files
Because I use tons of clutter, place with MOO and then
1. Lower foundation all the way.
2. Delete Walls
3. Delete floor.
4. Raise the foundation by 4 so curtains get into place.


  • a couch, in nature? for your hipster engagement/wedding photoshoot needs
  • a “photobooth” with cuter background 
  • gravity defying string lights and those round papery ikea lights that tear really easily. I strongly recommend using some cc string lights so u dont have to deal with the poles 
  • 2 BARS cause you know how weddings are
  • some instruments so your cousin’s coworker’s brother in law’s band can play ‘at last’ by etta james terribly (wait that sounds kinda cool, like a dirty screamy punk version) 
  • a massage table for the stressed 
  • f i r e
  • large dance area and a douchey dj to play songs u hate
  • OH YEAH – BEACH VIEWS! (probably should’ve started with that)  very nice
  • lots of fl🌻wers 
  • BRING A CAKE in the sim inventory, get me, there’s no oven. which brings me to 

Not featured: 

  • an oven

E n j o y ! 

anonymous asked: So in Nora’s extra content she says andreil go on dates to resteraunts/walks on the beach etc, could you maybe right about their first real date?

  • okay so the first “date” of theirs is while they’re still at palmetto
  • the food at the dining hall was going to be shit that night and everyone was getting on neil’s nerves and he was gonna lose it if they stayed there so andrew just looked at him and was like “we’re leaving”
  • neil immediately agrees and texts kevin that they won’t be at night practice
    • cue “what the fuck neil” text that prompts neil to turn his phone off
  • they get into the maserati and andrew just drives for a couple hours, headed southeast
  • the drive alone is enough to relax neil, but then they get into charleston and neil starts to get curious (and a lil excited) about what andrew is planning
  • they left as soon as they were done with class in the afternoon and there wasn’t much traffic, but the drive was almost three and a half hours, so neil is hungry enough to eat dinner
  • andrew just glances over at him and maneuvers through the city, eventually turning right onto a street with a bunch of restaurants and saying “pick one”
  • neil, after all his years on the run, is really really good at knowing instinctively which restaurants are going to be good but not too expensive, so he scans the road before naming one
  • the place isn’t anything special, it doesn’t stand out among any other american diners, but neil was right and the food is really good
  • they chat about a little bit of everything: of all the cities neil had been with his mother, charleston was never one of them, so he rambles off some observations about the buildings and the grid of the city that he didn’t realize he had noticed on the drive in
  • andrew is amused enough to pay attention, and in exchange he recounts a story from high school where nicky dragged him and aaron to charleston for the weekend to try to bond but it didn’t exactly go well 
  • they finish eating but neither of them want to leave yet so they end up wandering the streets
  • they end up walking on a sidewalk parallel to the beach, and the smell of the salt water surprisingly doesn’t remind neil of his mother, at least, not in a bad way
  • “have you ever been to the beach? for fun?” neil asks
  • andrew considers the question as he smokes. “a couple times. cass took me for a day trip once.”
  • that was more than neil was expecting to get, and he smiles as he looks out over the waves
  • “i think the last time i went for fun was when i was a kid. maybe 4 or 5 years old? my mom somehow managed to convince my dad that she could take me. i think he sent some security with us, but still.”
  • “sounds better than the last time you two were at the beach together,” andrew says, partially bc he’s a dick but also because he can tell neil was already thinking about it
  • neil nods but doesn’t say anything, but the next time there’s a walkway leading down to the sand he turns to take it, stepping out of his shoes to carry them in his hands
  • behind him he can hear andrew sigh loudly in protest but he follows him down the wooden planks, stopping to remove his shoes as well
  • they walk up and down the beach, kicking at the sand and occasionally stepping into the waves washing against the shore (and taking breaks to make out since somehow they’re the only people on the beach)
  • it’s all very cute and gay
  • eventually the sun has set and both of them are tired enough to know they should leave now if they want to make it back to campus
  • andrew gets them back to the car much faster than neil could, and neil low key falls asleep in the passenger seat on the drive home
  • he wakes up when andrew pulls into the parking lot of fox tower, and yawns as he walks inside with andrew
  • neil asks for permission when they walk through the door to the building, and andrew raises his eyebrows before nodding and neil just takes his hand and holds it as the elevator door opens to take them to the third floor
  • andrew rolls his eyes but doesn’t let neil’s hand go
  • they share a bed that night bc neil can’t be bothered to climb into his loft
  • none of the foxes know where they went, and none of them ever find out, and neil and andrew like it that way. they like that this is their own thing and start doing it more and more frequently, just going to different cities and exploring them for the first time, together

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and as isak tells even more, even begins to understand that it wasnt entirely his bipolar that was preventing isak from being open. isak'll talk about things from when he lived in the basement like "i couldnt tell jonas, no way, so when he walked me home i waited for him to turn the corner before walking 4 more miles to the kollektiv" and even realizes that he didn't even tell //jonas// this stuff but isak reassures him "i, i tell him stuff now. and you too. it's not like that anymore, promise"

isak is slowly, slowly learning to open up to people, and it’s so wonderful for even to see. sometimes it starts with even, sometimes jonas - even is fine with that, as long as isak is talking to someone, and not keeping things to himself.

when he learns about isak’s past in full (he never gets a full answer to start with, just little admissions here and there, about his family life, and about being so deeply in the closet for so long, and everything that came with that) it all starts to make sense. isak has very much been a victim of the “boys don’t cry” idea, and it’s had such an effect on him, making him believe that he’s got to get through things alone, even when it’s breaking him apart inside.

but he’s learning, slowly, and even sees this. he sees isak begin to volunteer the information that he’s had a rough day, or he didn’t sleep last night, or he’s worried about an assignment. even always does the most that he can to make isak comfortable with sharing this, makes sure isak knows its not his fault for feeling bad, and as time goes on it gets easier.

even is so proud of how far isak has come, and he lets him know this as much as he can. he whispers it into isak’s hair, or he draws it into his skin with his finger, or he holds him for as long as it takes isak to realise what even thinks of him.

it gets easier to talk, and it gets better when he does, for both of them.

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cassy help I draw eyes similarly to your art style and my connor also has that one floppy piece of hair you drew and my friends saw my art and theyre accusing me of copying you hshdjdj

whoever u are anon i’m pretty sure our art isn’t 100% the same and god i’m done with this “”“copying””” bullcrap 

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i remember that time an anon came to you asking you something about her period because she was concerned and you know, people often think you're a girl. and you weren't dismissive at all but kindly told her that you wouldn't know because you're a guy but that she should definitely go to a doctor and get that checked out and honestly!! you're so sweet!!! and so nice!! and SO good at singing omg i wish i were rich so i could hire you to lull me to sleep err night!! i hope you have an amazing life!

sdklfjalgjalfjaasjldgk who are you!!! you are so sweet this is like the nicest thing anyone has ever said to/about me 😭

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Ok but what if Steve proposes by putting a ring in a kinder surprise. How perfect would that be? Like re-painting the wrapper, somehow putting everything back together, and in the middle is a ring. Because tony is a kinder surprise, sweetness with a shiny shell and cleverness right down to the heart. I have possibly taken this metaphor too far but ohh well (tree anon)

Is tree anon trying to kill me with feels…?

I’m just imagining Tony’s face though- what a priceless image. He’s just minding his own business, happily assembling his little toy, and then suddenly. BAM! A motherfucking ring.

And he’s like ??????????? While Steve just sits next to him and beams.

Of course, he says yes. And the team make JARVIS print out Tony’s reaction-face so they can frame it and hang it somewhere obvious.


YES I can totally get behind this. Okay so Maxie used to have a sports car (not a really expensive one, but still, the man liked him a good hot rod) so he at first wasn’t precisely be a fan of the idea

then Archie keeps explaining

and things actually get worse

BUT in the end Maxie gets to ADORE the car because of, y’know, dad things such as “I can fit a whole month’s worth of shopping here and the trunk isn’t even half full yet” or “I feel like I could run over my enemies with this beast” 

until one day while taking the kids to soccer he realizes

he cannot escape his fate as soccer mom dad

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Yo friendo! Man I love your art style, and I love how you do eyes. Like I mean I know that the eye design is fairly simple, but it just looks good and works so damn well with the rest of your art. Anyways just wanted to say that you rock and keep being awesome.

yo friendo! you’re the sweetest! like I’m p self conscious about my art not turning out as realistic as I want so this is sweet of u

Intensity- Frederik Andersen

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

Everyone thank @thewanderingdreamer for the idea. She gave me this idea a while ago and I finally got around to finishing it and boy do I like it! It’s really dirty though so beware! For those staying: ENJOY!!! For those skipping: Up next is Sebastian Aho!

Warning: REALLY DIRTY sex, smexy time, smut, cussing

Anon Request: goalie smut anon here, whoever floats your boat/inspires u is cool with me. i’m just a slut for any goalie it’s terrible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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au where musichetta, cosette and eponine are witches and they're preparing a love potion for enjolras and grantaire (it's not the Make You Fall In Love Type, it's the Make Dumb Boys Realize How In Love They Are), and cosette accidentally drinks it too and now she can look at eponine without blushing


  • enjolras and grantaire drink the potion which produces hilarious results for everyone who’s watched them with increasing exasperation for like a year
  • however, that is not the main story here so i’ll leave that to courf’s snapchat
  • cosette drinks it bc she has a cold and is trying to smell it to see if the scent is right (supposed to be petroleum and mint), gets the ladle too close and pours it over her lower face
  • she looks up at eponine and chetta who are both laughing, but her eyes fix on ep like always, only this time she knows
  • lbr on some level she did know already, but this time it’s a conscious thought which is undeniably ten times scarier
  • the potion also adds a certain amount of courage to the drinker, however
  • they carry out their exr plan and it’s all good, they wear big sunglasses and dramatic shawls for the ultimate Heist Aesthetic and high five afterwards
  • and then, sunglasses still on, cosette asks eponine “do you think you could be as oblivious as them?” 
  • eponine looks at her with a knowing smile and says “no”
  • “KISS HER” musichetta yells and they all break down laughing
  • they do eventually kiss when musichetta isn’t there
  • they wait to do it under a waxing crescent moon because that’s the best time to start something and they’re not taking any risks with this
  • and then they lived happily ever after. 

the end


((Don’t apologize, I’m happy you can talk about this. I cannot tell you how to feel, no one but you has the authority to define your identity. I am not a mixed Iranian, but the things I can say is that there is nothing harmful about you wanting to rediscover a significant part of your roots. Light skin does not negate your claim to ME ethnic heritage. Your Jewishness does not negate your Iranian-ness. Iranians are diverse in ethnicity, cultures, and religion, there are Iranian Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians…but this is all I can say. Oh, and that I’m sure your features are lovely! I know Self-love is a difficult journey but I wish you luck and support.

Instead I talked to mixed and non-mixed Iranians about this, here a few lovely people here under the cut, but if any of my mixed iranian followers want to reply or give their expereinces/advice, you’re more than welcome to!:

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