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(1/2) Can anyone help me understand what reaction Mofftiss et al. were hoping for? AFAIK Mofftiss, Ben, and Martin aren't opposed to portraying gay relationships, but all 4 have said at various points that the S/J relationship isn't sexual. If that's so, why did they load up the show with so much gay subtext? Were fans not supposed to notice?

(2/2) If subtext became text, why do they think that would be a bad thing? Maybe they view S/J as straight, or favor a TPLoSH-style one-sided attraction. I think Moffat said it’s not about who you want to have sex with, but who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Why not both? Do they think sex would cheapen the relationship? If so, why include so much gay subtext? Help?

I wish I could, nonny. I really, really wish I could. I certainly don’t have answers for you, and neither it seems do Mark or Steven. If I had endless piles of money, I’d pay for legions of us to show up at every Q&A for the foreseeable future and politely ask them these exact questions until they give us some sort of real answer. Actually, I’d probably have to pay male reporters to do it because they seem to dismiss any of these kinds of criticisms and questions when they’re aimed their way by female fans. 

But this is exactly what we all so desperately want to know at this point. Why is there so much queer subtext (and queer TEXT for that matter) in the show if you were never going to follow through with it? Why the tarmac scene? Why does Sherlock leave the wedding early? Why does he never say he isn’t interested in men, never deny that John is his date/boyfriend when people imply it? Why does he bring himself back to life simply because John is in supposed danger? Why does Mary repeatedly equate herself and Sherlock–neither of us were the first, the man we both love? Why Battersea? Why is John still mourning Sherlock so heavily two years later? Why I don’t mind? Why is John dreaming of Sherlock while lying in bed next to his new wife? Why is he insanely jealous of both Irene and Janine? Why why why why why? 

And most importantly, why, when someone asks you if you’re writing a romance between John and Sherlock, do you deny it by saying that maybe you’ve made too many “jokes” about them being gay at this point and then continue to write romantic moments between your male leads? If for some weird reason you didn’t realize you were writing the show in a way that makes a significant portion of your audience believe that it’s a love story, if that was all an accident somehow, then why, once you’ve discovered that people think that, wouldn’t you stop doing that and work harder to indicate within the show itself that their relationship isn’t intended to be read as romantic? Why would you continue to put in moments that add to that “misconception”? Why if not intentional queerbaiting? Why?


INSTEAD how about I write an AU where Jamison Fawkes is an adventurous pansexual bloke who wants to explore being a sub and finds rich CEO Satya Vaswani who is a fantastic dominatrix! The both of them explore a good healthy sexual relationship with one another with lots of talking and boundaries and communication so they’re both comfortable and happy.

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hailee is publicly dating someone named cameron smoller as of last week so i don't think you need to be worried about THAT. She was also just nominated for a golden globe so her career doesn't need the same boost soup girl does lol

Hailee just made her public debut with her boyfriend like a week ago, so if you are thinking what I think you are thinking, then I don’t think that is the case. Unless she plans on dumping her boyfriend. But maybe that isn’t what you were thinking.

That is what I was thinking, so thank you very much for clarifying :)

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So is season 4 supposed to be done? Have they just decided to leave us with that bs without telling us if there's more to the story? Tfp can't possibly be it, right? It's not like them to do that to us...

at this point i honestly don’t know if i can trust mofftiss ever again but… something seems to be up? i am considering the possibility of a fouth episode(but possibly just bc i can’t just leave the conspiracy mode in a flash yk?) alternatively tho… they’re so cruel that they’re torturing us even more with the silence instead of giving us answers and hiding like cowards. and yeah, i’m not gonna rest until i get closure

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When Regis was alive and all and if he somehow started finding love again. How would Noctis feel? Would his feelings differ if he's a kid vs when he's a teen/adult?

A Step Parent? (Noctis)

He loves his father and that makes him a little possessive. If Regis were to fall in love, Noctis would feel a little alienated and scared that his father won’t love him as much anymore. He wouldn’t know how to express these feelings so he’d end up trying to distance himself from both Regis and his potential step parent. Probably also going to be a little moodier. But once Regis catches on and talks to him about it, I think he’ll handle it better. If Regis’ s/o makes the extra effort to connect with him, he’ll be a lot happier about it all.

As an adult, he’d be happy from the get go. Still not the best at talking about these things, he might seem like he’s opposed to the idea. Regis would still want to be clear on how Noctis feels because his son’s feelings really matter to him. Noctis would stumble on his words and feel embarrassed and Regis would misinterpret it for him being uncomfortable with the prospect of a step parent. In the end, Ignis would be dragged into the matter to translate what Noctis means. And it all ends up summarised in two words. “Be happy.”

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How do you feel about that reporter who spilled da beans and said a bts member was currently dating?

I haven’t really heard a lot about this, except I saw one person say that the website who released it always says shit that isn’t true? lmao. I haven’t seen any proof or anything but if it’s true then good for whoever it is! 

also for the reporter, I don’t really have feelings. i mean, it’s pretty shit that they did that but it’s their job so i mean, nothing u can really do about it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it kinda comes with the life of being famous that ppl are gonna say shit about u 

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Yj if it hasn't been asked yet!

lmao ok

  1. not every boy character needs to be in a relationship with a girl character! the season 1 finale is idiotic, shoves undeveloped ships in ya face, and honestly i dont even remember the plot cuz it was boring but the ending scene was idiotic. wally: i shouldve done this a long time ago! literally everyone: when, wally? when you were yelling at her? when she was yelling at you? when you two werent getting along constantly???? oh right you were sad she fake died once is that the long time ago youre referring to??? also robin/zatanna is still a weird fucking ship and super unnecessary, theyre like 13. and yknow what i know if i said “not every boy/girl needs to happen” and the writers were like ok!!! then aqualad wouldve just been there alone cuz theyre stupid but anyway the romances in yj were bad
  2. how about the main team that was introduced could, like, not just be boys? how bout that? maybe one or two girls? the way teen titans did it was fucking good. mgann is introduced at the very end of the first ep and immediately gets into a role of love interest/home maker/apron wearer/useless in battle and its like???? cool??? this sucks but thanks?? and then of course the fandom hated her fucking guts cuz even tho all the guy characters sucked too (except kaldur) she was somehow the most offensive to their eyes and ears. and then artemis doesnt get introduced until, like…episode 6?? and her introduction is fine but wally/artemis sucks ass and their “relationship” (bickering and generally being annoying people) was thrown in our face immediately. so yeah. girl power.
  3. take away all those stupid fucking lines where the show pretends to be feminist but continues to do nothing even remotely positive for girls. “we need more girls on the justice league!” says wonder woman, a pioneer for women, as they continue to not have more girls on the justice league and in fact introduce a random two-episode character just so they can say she was there. “would you have had to explain an all-boy team?” barbara says to dick, who awkwardly leaves the conversation, admitting to the girls and to the audience that he is blatantly sexist, but the girls laugh so that means it is a funny joke and she called him out on being sexist! and yet, he is still sexist, nothing has changed that, the joke isnt funny, the girls still get treated like secondary heroes
  4. i know ive said this before but season 2 is honestly such a mess, first the timeskip and then introducing 20 more heroes in one episode, its a lot like teen titans season 5. the way teen titans did seasons 1-4 was nice and organized, 4-6 episodes covering the main story of the season, and the rest go to random eps about the other characters. that was easy to follow and very well done. i mean, yj didnt have room for that since it wasnt that popular, but that could be due to being generally an unfunny show with mostly unlikeable characters (except kaldur. i love kaldur, who gets treated like shit by the characters and the writers. have i mentioned how much i hate that? kaldur deserves better. he deserves what dick got, women swarming him and loving him and him running the show because it works but, like, whatever, man.) anyway, season 2 introduced a lot of really good characters with lots of potential but its super messy and the cast is too big (not ever after high big, but still too much.) i forgot exactly where i was going with this one but they shouldve introduced these other characters more gradually and given them all some focus instead of having them suddenly appear and i dont even remember all of them!! really they shouldve stuck to a smaller number. or just started with jaime/cassie/karen/mal/kaldur/artemis…better team
  5. remember when they all found out there might be a mole in the team and suddenly everyone was FUCKING PISSED at kaldur even tho what he did is completely right from literally any angle you look at it? did the writers even have kaldur explain his position to the team? i cant even remember. that ep just pissed me off. and then in season 2 when kaldur was risking his ass to go undercover with his father (the only other black person in atlantis???????? for some reason???) and then wally is there like um :\ he’s probably gonna ACTUALLY kill artemis :\ cuz didnt you notice how kaldur was always secretly a bad guy and i hate him :\ im totally unlikeable in every way but somehow the most popular character from this show :\ i hate wally. just remove wally from the cast of young justice. i love jlu wally and tt wally and most other wallys but yj wally is a travesty hes so annoying and pathetic and the show was painful most specifically because of him (roy was annoying too but i can deal). anyway, kaldur should have the popularity wally has. kaldur shouldve been in dick’s position of power. remember when the girls were trying to get each other away from superboy (who is probably actually not very attractive, just muscular, his hair is a mess) and then laughably mention kaldur as a possibility but hes not a REAL possibility for some reason even tho hes hot and kind and good to both of them but WHATEVER!!! i dont GET IT!!! kaldur > everyone, thanks

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I wish you would write a fic where... nznc is caring for their precious little baby because.. imagine.. nozomom reads her astrology books as substitute for bedtime stories and nicomama enjoys seeing their baby's face so happy when she makes her fave food and theyre all so hap pap


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Im i the only one who agrees with your statement on the serkets?? Cause i feel like im the only one here.. the thing is im a tavros fan so i try not to be opinionated , i even like aranea... but thats not even enough for some people...

I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one, it’s just that getting in fight with people like that is often redundant and not everyone has time and nerves to get into it (I never seek such people out, for most of the time such ppl come into my inbox or call me out themselves, lol). There’s also nothing wrong with having an opinion, even when this opinion is something that won’t be liked by everyone; that’s how opinions work. You won’t satisfy everyone in the world and that’s also okay. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of taking a stance - sure, some people might not like it that you, a Tavros fan, even if you like Aranea, you might not forgive Serkets and treat them as precious heroic babbus, who were abused as kids and Has Done Nothing Wrong, Like, Ever, but why would it be wrong to have such an opinion? It’s yours and you know why you have it, and if you’re unsure, a discussion can always clear things out.