anon told me how to fix it

anonymous asked:

The the anon from a while ago asking for suicide advice, yeah well that friend was not letting us help, she told me and an amazing friend of mine to f*** off and we were bad friends for two days, I tried helping and was telling another friend through text how terrible I was, he next day we avoided each other but I walked up to her and said CAN we fix this and she said f*** off and I gave up, she made me and a friend cry, she was a liar, she said we went there for her, just so you know,itwasatrap

I’m sorry to hear that. Some people, no matter how much they ask for the pain to stop just don’t want help. They all expect for it to all go away when in reality they need others to help them. I’m not trying to accuse that person, but they need to see the different light in there.

Inspired by my recent anon ask

The other day, i
Saw you. Your skin
Was hanging under
Her eyelashes, and I
Wonder if she
Was able to fix you
From all the cracks
I left, I wonder if
She was able to stop
The walls from
Fearlessly shaking,
The way I never was able to.
I wonder if you told her about
Me, and how you wrapped
Your fingers around my limbs
Tighter than the way
Your skin held your bones,
I wonder if you told
Her about the fireflies.

Or maybe you are
A weight she can’t get
Rid of, she’s just
as broken as you
And anything is better
Than being alone.

So she lays her teeth
On the doormat of your tongue
And you both pretend
You love each other

Like you told her
About the fireflies,

Because it’s easier
Than telling her about
Me, and I wonder
If you are happier
This way