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Hi I just found your blog and love your writing so much!!! May I request a drabble to how each BTS member would handle being in a relationship with someone who's not fluent in Korean? Maybe how they would try to overcome the language barrier during an argument? Thanks, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! <3

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Jungkook | Taehyung | Jimin | Jin | Hoseok | Namjoon | Yoongi 

Haha! Told you I would keep my promise!!!

A/N: Kyaaaaaa!!!! Do you know how happy your message makes me every time I see it???!! You are so sweet Anon! Thank you soooo much for your compliment. It really makes my day year seeing someone enjoy my writing. I really don’t think I’m all that, and I know that despite my efforts, my writing is still riddled with mistakes and errors, and I’m such a perfectionist that if I re-read a piece of writing, my hands can’t help but itch to fix it. I promise (yet again) to work hard in order for you all to enjoy my writing much more. Also, shoutout to @happy-meo​ for being my (unbeknownst to her) senpai in the tumblr/BTS/writing community. Her incredible stories inspired me to finally put myself out there, and I cannot be more grateful. Also, to the Anon who sent this, please come off anonymous so that I can love you!

Important Note: I will post the rest of the drabbles asked for throughout the rest of the week at whatever time I feel like, and will add links to the rest of them on each post later! Please look forward to it! (And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the rest of you who requested.)

- Yeobo is an affectionate term between couples, like jagi.

- “Most italicized words in this format are in Y/N’s native language.”

- “All the rest are in Korean.”

When you and Jungkook met, it was an instant attraction. You had met one very rainy day in Seoul when you were on a trip with your best friend, traveling around East Asia. It was like in the movies in which you had just come out of a store with your best friend, only to find a deluge attacking the ground with harsh pellets of rain, and strong gusts of wind, making the raindrops hit you like bullets as you attempted to walk to the nearest bus station. 

As soon as you had managed to wrestle your umbrella to its full size, it flew right out of your grasp, and down the pavement where it landed at the foot of a stranger. You had raced after it, in hopes of catching up with it in time to save it from blowing away forever. When you had finally caught up with it, you had looked up to find a very handsome man leaning down to pick up your umbrella which sat at his feet. As he had handed it to you, you could tell he was just as in awe of your seemingly fated appearance as you were of him, as he continually stared at you for about ten seconds until the man realized he was staring, and handed your umbrella back to you.  

He spoke in your direction, but you had no knowledge of what he was saying, though sure it was in Korean considering you were in, well, Korea, and the fact that you knew only the very basics to help you survive on this adventure your best friend had dragged you on. 

You had begun to severely regret not taking the time to learn more.

“I - uhh… I am sorry. I do not speak Korean.” You had said with much trepidation.

Jungkook had looked at you with wide eyes as he came to understand your meaning, but his features relaxed as he giggled at your very adorable attempt at his native language.

“That’s okay. Do you understand, ‘where are you from?’”

You had blinked at him, trying in vain to understand what he had said, but to no avail.

Your best friend finally caught up to the two of you, exchanging glances between you and the mysterious man before you, and suddenly your awkward aura, shifting feet, and sweaty palms made sense. She chuckled at your  shyness before turning to the mystery man, speaking in (mostly) fluent Korean.

“I’m sorry omo. My friend speaks no Korean whatsoever, so you may find it difficult to speak with her.”

The three of you moved indoors to converse more freely without the rain hitting your backs like javelins, and your best friend became the translating mediator between you and the man now known to you as Jungkook. This continued on for a little while before Jungkook realized he had somewhere to be, and that you and your best friend really needed to catch a bus back to your hotel before the routes closed for the night.

Jungkook had asked for your phone number, which your best friend so graciously translated for you, and you granted him that luxury, hoping to one day be able to speak with him without borders.

Your relationship grew over time and much effort on both of your parts as you took up one another’s native tongue in hopes of having fewer misunderstandings (as there were many of those when your new best friend, Google, pretended it was fantastic at translations, only to find that in reality, it was awful).

Eventually, (probably not too long after you both met, let’s be honest here) you and Jungkook fell in love, and as your love grew for one another, so did your ability to speak one another’s languages (though you were still not fluent, thus bringing about many issues and arguments over misunderstandings or frustrations at not being able to fully translate your thoughts.

For example, when you had finally moved to Seoul to be closer to Jungkook:

“Jungkook! I’ll be fine, alright? I’m used to you not being around.” You say in very broken Korean.

“That doesn’t make it alright!” Jungkook’s eyes widen, hoping you’ll understand his distress.

You sigh in defeat, knowing the exact direction this argument was headed, as you have had it many times before since you had moved to Seoul.

“Look, yeobo. It’s not like I’m going anywhere! I’ll still be here when you get back, okay?”

Jungkook’s face falls, knowing you were right. “I know yeobo, but I can’t help but worry about how you’ll do without me around.”

His words strike a nerve, and you take a deep breath in attempt to calm yourself enough to prepare yourself to speak.

“Yeobo, did you say that I- You know what? Forget it.” You struggle to find the words to express your emotions in his language, instead settling for a long sigh.

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow in concern, and he reaches out to caress your shoulder in the most gentle way imaginable; like a feather settling onto the skin of your shoulder. “Yeobo, are you alright?”

You brush him off angrily, well aware that he is just being a caring boyfriend, and yell in his face, “No! I’m not okay you stupid, stupid man! I hate that you are forced to leave me all the time! I hate that your schedule is always packed to the brim, so that we are never able to hang out properly! Sometimes I even wonder why I moved here since you’re never around! Sometimes I seriously consider moving back home! So no, I’m not okay!”

You chest heaves after your violent tirade that has probably left your neighbors questioning your sanity, and most certainly left Jungkook very concerned, and very confused. Jungkook winces, looking down at his feet as you finish, finally being able to fully understand a word of what you were saying as you had reverted back to your native language when yelling, forcing Jungkook to have an incredibly difficult time keeping up with what you were saying, and leaving him at a loss as to what to do since he quite literally could not understand why you were so angry with him.

He raises his head slowly to look at you, his sweaty palms rubbing together in nervousness. “Y/N, I don’t really understand why you are so upset with me-”

You rage flares to a dangerous level, despite the knowledge that he knows your language no better than you know his, and you feel the urge to break something. You pinch the bridge of your nose, attempting to keep your cool, and point to the front door to your apartment, not having the energy, nor the emotional strength to go through such a draining arugment right now.

“Get out.”

Jungkook takes a step back, obviously hurt by your curt command, and before he can protest, or ask why he’s being forced to leave, you look up at him and glare.

“Get. Out.” Jungkook’s eyes widen significantly at your threatening tone of voice, and he steps forward to try and make amends for whatever he had done wrong before he changes his mind, his face hardening as he steps away from you and towards the door you had so adamantly asked him to leave through, slamming the door behind him, and not bothering to look back. And as he leaves, you fall to the ground, frustrated tears finally escaping their confines, and falling to the laminate floor beneath you as heavy sobs wrack through your body. You wonder why love had to be so difficult.

Later, Jungkook would finally give in to his concerned friends and tell them what was up since he’s not exactly one for being really expressive about his problems, and when he does, he calls your bestie to get her to translate not only languages, but emotions as well. When she’d finally found out what was up with you, she relayed it to Jungkook while trying not to give too much away, so that the two of you could talk it out like civil adults. Jungkook would then went back to your apartment where you stood in the doorway as he offered himself to you, pleading forgiveness, and telling you how much he wanted to make up because he felt like he’d been dying without you by his side. From what you can understand at the rate he’s speaking to you, you realize that he is being sincere, so you move away from the entryway to allow him access back into your home (and into your heart omo). As the two of you try to communicate with each other with as few misunderstandings as possible, even using apps and yes, the help of your good, fake friend, Google, to fully understand one another’s grievances. Jungkook leaned his forehead against yours when all was said and finally understood, giving you that heart-melting bunny smile of his that gives sends butterflies flitting around in your stomach before saying that he loves you.


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Say, kinda branching off of the last request, how would Akechi feel about all the time his S/O had to spend with Akira? Maybe like jealousy headcanons? How he dealt with it? How S/O comforted and reassured him that they didn't like akira like that?

Thank you for requesting anon! If this wasn’t what you wanted, please tell me and I will fix it!

How much would you bet that Akira would be dead?

  • Like no joke
  • Don’t mess with Akechi’s S/O
  • But, if we’re assuming Akiras not dead or in jail
  • The jealousy
  • Imagine the intense stare-offs for them
  • Everyone would be hiding under things
  • Like the table
  • Or a couch
  • How would they even fit under the couch, no one knows but they do it anyway
  • And then the S/O, casually sitting there being as oblivious as ever
  • Just like,
  • So pure
  • They wouldn’t know unless Akechi outright told them
  • Like, “I’M JEALOUS N O T I C E  M E S/O!!!!!!!!”
  • Help them
  • But then the S/O would love them unconditionally
  • Because if they didn’t, they would be a monster and would need to leave the universe.
  • They wouldn’t necessarily ignore Akira or anything, but they would hang around them a little less if Akechi were around.
  • But Akira being Akira, would totally understand and back the hell up.
  • And the S/O  would shower Akechi in affection and love
  • Shower them with affection and love until he was like “pls stop”
  • It would be freaking magical this relationship you don’t understand it’s beautiful
  • Now for the headcanons about how the S/O would tell if Akechi was jealous
  • He’d be a lot more talkative to try and get his S/O’s attention
  • Probably very touchy, like poking them or something annoying like that
  • Hugs
  • All that jazz
  • The stare-offs with Akira
  • And there’s like a dying tree
  • And that’s all I can think of right now

So many posts ago, I got asked a question along the line of “doesn’t it bug you that Link isnt a left in BOTW.” My answer was close to “No. Why should it matter? It’s still Link.”

And I got flooded with PMs. But one I have not posted for the longest time….because it was in five parts because it was so long.

But I’ve decided to post it in its entirety, only editing out the (cont.) words from the PMs. Here it is below:

Hi as a different lefty anon I think I can shed some light for the people who are confused by the “hand discourse.” I can’t speak for every lefty ever but I was raised with older family members, most of whom had conservative views including that being a lefty was evil. I remember being 5 and a great aunt telling me I was Devil-born and would only be good for being a street thug or whore if my Mom didn’t try to fix my handedness and make me write with my right hand. This is one of the more extreme examples but I’ve heard similar sentiments my whole life. Even jokingly I’ve had cousins talk about how ‘sinister" we are and while it never seems like much to people watching, after years of being told you’re a shitty person because you were born favoring a different side even little things can cause a sudden breaking point. What the other anon said about Link being a role model is true. The reason I ever first picked up a game was I looked at the cover art and saw him using his left hand. I know it seems like such a tiny detail, but it really meant a lot to me and now years later I’ve played every game. The Wii years were hard. Skyward Sword was almost unplayable because swinging with my left hand caused Link to jerk weirdly and using my right hand felt unbelievably awkward lol. But I didn’t complain because most people are right handed and with motion controls I knew there wouldn’t be much hope for a lefty flip. I haven’t been able to get a switch yet so I can’t really say either way, but everything I’ve read hasn’t mentioned much about motion controls and I’m not sure if it has any. If not the decision to make Link a righty with no option to flip the controls stings a little. It just seems like an unnecessary change that cuts out one of the unifying features of (almost) all the Links. And I don’t see why there isn’t a flip option if that’s the case like Spirit Tracks had. So! This has gotten longer than I meant it so I’ll wrap it up. Yes, there are people who are extremely angry and vocal about Link not being a lefty and tbh most of them are overreacting. Link’s handedness isn’t hurting anyone and it doesn’t detract from the game. But I think the people who are making fun us for feeling like this should realize what it means to people. No, Link’s not the only character but he’s the most famous and known for being a lefty so please stop mocking us for wanting to hold on to something positive that represents us.

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Same anon as before, and the school principal told me that "homosexual intimacy of any type, even holding hands, will result in immediate dismissal", so if I so much as show a hint of being anything other than straight, I'll get kicked out and disgraced. I really wish closets didn't exist either, and that people would just learn to accept us LGBT people. Why do they keep trying to fix us and make us like them? Why can't they accept difference and diversity?

My maa is a very sweet person you know. But there is a story about how i knew she is homophobic. It’s not aggressive. She just thinks it’s unnatural. There is a guy i know . A bit girly and gay. We used to make fun of him when i was younger. Yes i am not ashamed to accept that i grew up like that. It’s a pretty homophobic country I live in. What I learned about sexuality and my own identify, i learned alone. So one day me and my maa were out. We saw the guy and maa said. His parents must feel awful. It’s like a disease. There should be a cure. And i walked in silence beside her. Couldn’t say that maa it’s not a disease.
Everyone around me is homophobic. I will never ever come out. One thing I always fear in life. And that’s the fear of being hated.
I wish things were different. Also your principal can go to hell. And again I am sorry for everything you have to sacrifice.

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confession: ages ago at one of my old jobs there was this printer in the back room that at the same time every day, printed out information about what we had in stock, just numbers and stuff the manager needed to keep track of things. well, it stopped working for about a week, and one of the others fixed it and told me the paper had been loaded wrong. we ranted for a while about how incompetent our manager was, haha, he can’t even load the printer.

however, twas i who loaded the paper wrong. twas i…

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I feel like every time I watch Psych it's like a Teen Wolf au! Stiles is Shawn, Scott is Gus, Derek is Lassetter, Sheriff is Spencer, Lydia is Juliet, etc. I'm watching a psych marathon and my head is exploding with fix possibilities


Anon, you cannot know how many times I’ve thought about this. I was just watching “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing” the other night and dying over the Sterek possibilities. And then there was the episode where Lassie “secretly” got Shawn’s motorcycle out of lockup, and the episode where they tussled randomly in the kitchen, and the time Lassie got drunk and told Shawn “you astound me,” and…

Ok, you might have awoken the Shassie fangirl in me. But that’s because I have a serious type when it comes to my ships, and they’re so Sterek it hurts.

And I can see so much of Stiles and the Sheriff in Shawn’s interactions with his dad – even the painfully strained early ones, because can’t you just imagine the Sheriff raising Stiles to hone his skills in the hopes that he’d join the force some day? Playing the “how many hats” game and teaching him how to escape the trunk of a car just in case, just wanting his son to be as prepared as humanly possible for the big bad world. (Especially after Claudia dies, when Stiles is all he has left, so he has to make sure he can keep himself safe.) But Stiles just chafes under all that pressure because his dad has so many expectations for him and Stiles just doesn’t fit in that mold, he never will. So they argue and butt heads and love each other so fiercely, and the Sheriff is constantly scoffing at Stiles’ “psychic” antics but is secretly so proud of him and the job he’s been doing in helping the city.

And Stiles and Scott are so Shawn and Gus, too. With Scott trying to be the reasonable one but getting constantly pulled into his best friend’s crazy schemes, and being such a dope whenever he’s interested in a girl (can we please picture Scott meeting Allison for the first time, reaching desperately for a smart, interesting conversation topic, and landing on “So you heard about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?”). I mean, there’s even the fact that Gus has been able to help with medical cases because he knows pharmaceuticals, and Scott knows about medicine from his mom & his work at the vet clinic.

The only thing I might disagree with you on is Juliet. I thought of Lydia too at first – if only because Shawn’s got the “obvious crush” on her. But personality-wise I think she’s a lot more like Allison. She’s the sweetheart who’s tough as nails underneath, and even though that would mean kind of random Stiles & Allison flirting, I think that makes more sense for her. Maybe Stiles is flirting with her to help Scott realize he’s got feelings for her and do something about it :P (And while i never shipped Gus & Juliet, I’m pretty sure that was a decently big fandom ship!)

Maybe Lydia could be the Chief?

Anyway this got super long and rambly but *coughs & composes self* yeah. Yes, I think I might see some parallels there. ;)

What’s Yours

An alternative beginning to season 6. Because the break up never happened. 

Filling a prompt.

Kurt doesn’t know why he thought he’d find Blaine at home when he opens the door. They had taken separate taxis, Blaine mumbling something about a hotel, and yet it’s still a surprise that the apartment is empty, silent.

It’s the silence that breaks Kurt’s heart.

It’s never completely silent when Blaine’s around. Either music is softly playing in the background, or the TV is on, or Blaine is humming, singing, dancing. Even when Kurt wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, Blaine’s making noises. Soft, cute noises that don’t really count as snoring and are comforting to listen to while falling back to sleep.

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Hi Alex! Friendly neighborhood sex anon making the rounds again. Happy sexy weekend to you and your husband. Not a sex question (I'll fix it don't you worry ) but hearing you talk about first life. You really taught him how to swim? Were you dating at that point? Did it get frisky? Who told who I like you first? Mutual? Any water aerobics going on there?

“Hey, Nonnie! Happy weekend to you too! There’s no need for you to only ask sex questions. I’m open to anything. I did, in fact, teach him to swim! One of those first lessons, Charming called me a merman and I ended up daring him to come in the water and find out if my legs were actually a tail or not. At that point, I’d been swimming most of my life, in a lake near where I grew up. My papa, he made sure every child knew how to swim. We were getting to know each other but it did start there, in that little lake. It didn’t get frisky until much later after that spot became our spot. Charming was definitely more open about his attraction to me than I was with mine to him. You have to understand though, that I grew up a common man and he was royalty. I really didn’t think he would ever actually be interested in me like that. But once he said something I admitted my attraction to him.”


-Anon request

“You’re-you’re what?” Sam stammered.

“You heard me,” you said, breathing shakily. “I’m pregnant…but I haven’t had sex. At all.”

“At all?” Dean exclaimed, as though that were the biggest issue. “You know even a little bit counts, right?”

You fixed Dean with an exasperated stare. “None, Dean. I mean zip, zilch, nada.”

“Y/N…” Sam started. “How long ago were you possessed?” 

“About nine months ago, why?” you frowned. Then realisation hit, “Oh. Shit.”

“It takes nine months for a possessing demon to fertilise its meat suit,” Sam told you warily. “Do you think…?”

Your face pales. “I’ve got an anti-christ child in my belly…”

Inspired by my recent anon ask

The other day, i
Saw you. Your skin
Was hanging under
Her eyelashes, and I
Wonder if she
Was able to fix you
From all the cracks
I left, I wonder if
She was able to stop
The walls from
Fearlessly shaking,
The way I never was able to.
I wonder if you told her about
Me, and how you wrapped
Your fingers around my limbs
Tighter than the way
Your skin held your bones,
I wonder if you told
Her about the fireflies.

Or maybe you are
A weight she can’t get
Rid of, she’s just
as broken as you
And anything is better
Than being alone.

So she lays her teeth
On the doormat of your tongue
And you both pretend
You love each other

Like you told her
About the fireflies,

Because it’s easier
Than telling her about
Me, and I wonder
If you are happier
This way

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I was dating someone 30 years older than me. She was perfect in every way. Except, she is a lunatic. Now that we broke up, she thinks i am playing games with her. All because i told her that her youngest daughter (16) likes me. She wants me away from her girl. Ido like her daughter. But why does she think i'm going to hurt her? The mother broke up with me because she believes everyone wants to fuck her. How does one prove those type of people wrong?

You don’t you send them to Briarcliffe Mental Institue for Sister Jude to fix them

On anon, tell me the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done.