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Headcanon that kaneki and touka have a slow dance in private after the wedding

they go to their room and kaneki proposes her to dance, touka doesn’t reject him but she’s like “but… we don’t have any music,” and kaneki uses that famous movie cliche “it’s okay… i’ll be the music” so he hums a song in her ear while slowly spinning around together until touka has to stop him bc she’s getting dizzy 😂  pregnancy stuff 

edit: kaneki sings despacito 

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I raise your one-sided Jeremwood with Ryan pining after Ray left even years after, just always got mementos and roses and ray's old stuff so Jeremy tries to be better than Ray ever could and prove he wouldn't leave Ryan but it's never enough, it never seems to be enough and Jeremy can't hate Ryan but he just wants Ryan to see him and love him and it just all comes out one night when he comes home from a night with the lads and Ryan just doesn't know what to do or say- I think about this alot

Hhhhhnnnng you’re going to hate me anon because almost all of my FAHC Ray verses headcanons him as dead. And sometimes dead at Ryan’s expense so…

So imagine how deeply complicated but committed their love was for each other. Ryan was so emotionally attached. He couldn’t be away from Ray and couldnt lwt him go, couldn’t stop praising him but one day Ray just needs… space. Away from the life. Away from the crew.

And it tears Ryan apart and eats him alive and he’s worried sick to the point of no sleep or eating. He stalks Ray to make sure he’s okay. He leaves care packages and letters at his apartment. Michael has to tell him to stop.

So he does.

It takes a couple months but Ryan’s less of a wreck. It takes six more and Ryan can go days without thinking about him. It takes a year and Ryan’s heart doesn’t jump out of his chest every time there’s a knock at the door, expecting Ray has returned.

And one day there’s a knock that he’ll soon comes to dread. Just a package, a large box filled with Ray’s things, or whatever was left of them. Things he wouldn’t just give up or throw away. Things that he cared about. Including things from their relationship.

That’s when Ryan broke.

That’s when he hardened.

So three years past when Jeremy shows up it’s pain all over again. Pain he doesn’t show, but feels digging into his sides like a sharp knife. Because Jeremy’s so sweet. So caring. And tries so so hard to gain Ryan’s affection.

Jeremy’s outraged. Furious. He pours his heart into every bit of emotion behind his words to try and break this apathetic, stone cold, emotionless, /skull faced bastard/… and he’s drunk. And he’s crying. And he can’t contain himself.

Ryan can’t explain it to him. Ryan can’t explain it to himself. So he stays quiet, stone cold, and seemingly emotionless… on the outside. Because he knows.

He knows he’s already fallen for Jeremy. He knows he’ll do anything to protect Jeremy. He knows he can just give way. But not again, not after what happened to Ray.

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I think it's fascinating how Galad joins one of the most extremist organizations in the world and yet this has zero effects on his personality while Gawyn remains in the city that was supposed to embody stability and order and he is spiraling completely out of control. I don't exactly like Galad(it's hard to like him) but I am kinda envious of just how comfortable he is with himself and his decisions

This is a really interesting observation! 

I wonder if some of it is perhaps due to where their sense of duty/self/purpose originates–externally versus internally. 

Gawyn’s role, and much of what goes with it, was given to him from an external source, and then internalised throughout his life of being raised to become First Prince of the Sword. He was told his duties as soon as he was old enough (or perhaps a little earlier) to understand them, and they subsequently became a core part of his identity. But they didn’t originate with him. So he’s always trying to fill a role that is ‘externally’ defined, measuring himself against a set of standards and often finding himself wanting. He’s striving to meet a bar he didn’t set for himself.

Galad’s role, and duties–and identity–on the other hand, seem to be much more internally defined (or self-defined). After Morgase took the throne, and Gawyn and Elayne were born, as far as I can tell Galad wouldn’t have had a specific role he was expected to fill. (I suppose he could have decided to put in a claim for the throne of Cairhien, but he didn’t). Yes, he would still have been raised in the royal family, and taught a particular set of values and skills, etc, but his actual identity and place were left more to him to define for himself, I think. For some characters that could have been disastrous, but it ended up working for Galad. So he does what is ‘right’ above all else–regardless of the consequences–but he does that because that is how he has chosen to define himself. It isn’t demanded of him, or taught to him as part of a role he is given, but rather forms part of a role he has decided to take on.

So there is an element of choice to it, it would seem. This sort of goes back to something I was looking at with Rand and Egwene, the idea of ‘hero by choice’ versus ‘hero by calling’. Neither one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ on its own, but they do make for different stories, or different perspectives and therefore reactions to things.

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hey I was wondering if I could request a star because I'm really struggling with narcolepsy and my parents don't get that I can't fix myself by just "trying harder" because I'm already trying my hardest. thank you.

Narcolepsy is a medical condition, anon. Your parents need to understand that, and they need to understand that you can’t control it. You can’t fix it by “trying harder”, and talk like that will just make you feel even more stressed and guiltier than you already are.

I want you to know that this is not your fault. Because narcolepsy is a medical condition, it requires medical attention to treat: see your doctor and talk to them about this, and about different ways it can be treated. Narcolepsy can’t be cured, but there are a variety of ways to help you cope and deal with the symptoms.

Honestly, I’m very disappointed in your parents for blaming you for this. You are not to blame, and you are not at fault. You’re doing the best you can, and they need to understand that.

You are amazing and strong, friend, hang in there <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney


Mini comic based off on an Anon’s ask on GG’s Tumblr.
Fell!Kazi belongs belongs to @6agentgg9
[GG this is your fault and the fault of that Anon]
Credit to RyoMyo (me) on Tumblr and Insta
I hope you like it!
Time taken: - hours and 42 minutes
Posted on the 12th July, 2017

Don’t Worry Sweetie


For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, read this first. 

Donald Trump kicks down Hillary Clinton’s door. “Ha, I knew it! What’s going on here?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Donald. “

“Well, actually, I think there’s a lot going on here. Let me tell you what’s going on here. I know very well what’s going on here.”

*Muffled noises from the upstairs bedroom.*

“Who else is here?”

“Jon Snow and Sansa Stark.”

“Never liked that Snow guy. He had such a big Wall and what did he do? Let all the illegals in anyway. Jon Snow is so stupid. I hate him. The Stark girl’s hot, but she’s got no brains. Anyone with eyes can see what a great guy Joffrey Baratheon was. I said Joffrey Baratheon is a great guy and I’ll say it again.”

The rhythmic sound of a creaking bed invades Hillary’s living room.

“What are they doing up there?”

Hillary sighs. “Congratulations, Donald. You caught me. I actually do have my deleted emails right here. That is what’s going on. The laws of the universe dictate that whenever I have an afternoon meeting with my deleted emails, Jon and Sansa have to bang.”

Loud moans and grunts are resounding throughout the house. Suddenly Sansa gets vocal.

“Oh Jon! Yes! Yes! Oh, please, yes! JOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!”

“Sansa! Aaaah-ung-UUUMPH!”

*the end*

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If children inherit one of their parents' quirks, or a combination of the two, what do you think Bakugou's parents' quirks are? Also what do you think Izuku would have gotten if his power manifested like usual(his father breathes fire and his mother has minor telekinesis)?

Actually anon!!!!! We know Mitsuki and Masaru’s quirks! Mitsuki can sweat glycerine (no explosions) and Masaru has oxidizing sweat (can make small explosions) so when combined you got Bakugou’s nitroglycerine sweat! I find it super neat tbh I was really happy when I found out about it (…also because I kinda headcanoned Bakugou taking the explosions from his mild and lovable father and he did what a good)

As for Izuku tbh I don’t know? I never spent much time thinking about it, but if we exclude the possibilities of him having his mother or his father’s same quirks, the neatest combination would have probably been firebending I think - he could either produce his own fire (like his father does, that would be the strongest outcome I guess) and bend it through his mother’s magnetizing-type quirk, or he could bend already existing fire only, which is also pretty neat but not as self-sufficient and therefore a lil less strong… anyway it would have been hilarious tbh because if he’d had a fire quirk Todoroki Bakugou and he would have all been fire babies and that’s ???? amazing™

Anon said:  You know, as funny and adorable was seeing Kiri cry because Tetsu’s quirk is similar to his, the new chapters that revealed his insecurities made it more sad, because the Sport Festival is for gaining popularity and attention, and Kirishima already thought his quirk was not flashy, then he meets another student who has a quirk similar to his. It must have been really devastating to his self-esteem

I’m gonna be honest anon, I’ve been keeping track of Kiri’s self-esteem issues since he first mentioned disliking his quirk before the USJ attack so anything that’s happened after it in that sense hasn’t really been a surprise for me? I’ve been hoping Horikoshi would properly address it like he did in the lastest chapters for ages - seeing him honestly upset about Tetsu having his same quirk made me go aw baby the first time I read it in the manga too, so when I saw it happen again in the anime I did still find it kinda sad BUT ALSO it does make you think about how much he grew into himself!! How much better he got with his confidence and how much he tries and works hard oh my god I love that child

Also!!! The fact that even though at first he had that reaction to Tetsu they still ended up being seriously good friends and gunning for each other and having the healthiest rivalry ever is!!!! So good!!!! He could have held a grudge against him forever but instead!!!!! Oh man!!!!!

(… what actually made me sad because I’m weak and a baby is Kaminari going “aw man I’m not good at those” when they announced the second round, like, god save me how many times has this boy been left out of children games through his childhood because his quirk is incompatible with teamwork I want to  c r y)

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It’s Not Your Fault

Anon asked: This is gonna sound stupid but since we’re throwing things atcha how about one where reader works in communications & falls for Poe b/c she hears him all the time &feels like she knows him as he speaks to his squadrons. She only has spoken to him over the comm& has never had the courage to talk to him in person. He ends up going on a mission where he loses his two flank pilots &is alone after a fight feeling guilty & reader decides to comfort him over comm. he seeks her out after.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Spent a long time thinking on this one, hope you like it!)

Plot Summary: You are the Communications Captain, focused on making sure Poe and his squadron make it back to the Resistance base with the intelligence they found on the First Order. You’ve never talked to him in person, but you do have a sort of, infatuation. However, when attacked by pirates, losing two of his pilots, Poe begins to doubt himself. You, on the other hand, are not going to let this pilot die at the hands of some stupid criminals.

Originally posted by dekabreak101

“Black Leader, do you copy?”

“Affirmative, Captain. What’s the situation on base?”

You had your headset on, communicating with Commander Dameron at the head table of the Communications Bay.

“Everything is stable, what’s your status?”

“We have the intel, we’re coming home.”

‘Thank god…’ You thought, swallowing as your stress melted away.

“Stay on target, you’re not close to us. It’s best you guys conserve your motors and save light-speed for the home stretch.”

“Roger that, Captain.” You blushed, listening to his voice, authoritative and comforting as he relayed your orders to his squadron.

You’ve always had a sort of schoolgirl infatuation towards the brave pilot. However, your only communication with him was that of orders and information from your desk. Truly, talking to him in person would be much too nerve-wracking.

He’s Poe Dameron. The best pilot in the Resistance, the posterboy of heroism. And here you were, the kind yet focused Communications Captain, too shy to even talk to him in person.

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Hey, I'm sorry those anons are pestering you. Honestly, EXO and BTS are so different in terms of musical style, it's petty and senseless to compare them like everyone is trying to right now.

It’s alright anon it’s not your fault, trolls will always be on the internet whether we like them or not but I just thought maybe if I said something one more time maybe I wouldn’t get much of it again. But yeah nah their music styles are completely different, same goes with any group. Comparing groups is like comparing different breeds of cats. They all have their differences but in the end they’re all wonderful in their own way and it’s hard to pick one.

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im a guy who was emotionally abused by his parents. it's caused a shit life, still does. can i have a star?

Of course you can have a star, friend <3

You are not responsible for the way they treated you, anon. You are not to blame for their actions, and it is not your fault. Okay? None of it is your fault.

You are so much more than what they’ve told you. You are important, you are smart, you are courageous, you are brave, you are strong, and you are enough just as you are. You matter, your thoughts and opinions matter, and you deserve kindness and respect. Always <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney