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I'm sorry but can i just talk with you over how BLOWN my mind is about Jon being legit duplicitous at that Dragonstone council meeting? He was trying to play everyone and was fooling NO one!! He legit was trying to be slick and casually slip in an opportunity to bang headboards with Dany, then act like it was nothing more than a casual way to 'show that they were allies' and go 'oh it's your choice, your grace.' He and Dany were LEGIT trying to sneak and no one bought it and I

Yeah I know. It is one of the best moments hahaha. I got an anon and I wanted to post it but it’s gotten lost in the shuffle. But anon basically said (and was right) that Jon and Dany really planned a month of sex in the middle of a council meeting in front of everyone and literally everyone knew exactly what they were doing.

It is so hilarious, so cute, and just such a typical thing for Jon to do and for Dany to do too, honestly. They think they’re such brilliant strategists but truly they’re just headstrong and brave and righteous … and horny. God they’re so perfect hahah.

How do I keep existing in a post-boatsex world????

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Thank u for those sweet gifs, u r the best!! It makes me so happy to see that Jensen's touch really does have that make-you-feel-good effect on Jared, beyond the jokes and bad cover ups. I think we get to glimpse the real thing also because Jensen touches him so rarely at cons, so sometimes Jared's caught a bit unaware, but Jensen? Can u think of any time where his mask slips because of Jared's touch? And I mean something Jared initiated -Italian Anon

Hello again, dear Italian Anon!

Thank you for your sweet words. Can I start by rectifying a terrible overlook on my part? You wanted to see Jensen touching Jared’s hair and I didn’t think to add this very significant moment on the list.

This was during JibCon16, as you probably know very well. Being Italian, perhaps you were there to see it? To recap the moment very shortly, Jared apologized for not attending the previous year (due to his breakdown), Jensen wrapped him in a protective hug and touched his hair. I’m thinking he knew exactly what his boy needed at that moment to comfort him. From another angle you can clearly see how Jared closes his eyes and just melts into Jensen’s arms.

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Ahh, back in the day! Jensen looks absolutely giddy when his cute puppy of a boyfriend surprises him with a sweet hug and a pat on the head. These are the Heart Eyes™ we all know and love. 

I am not exactly sure where this is from. If someone knows the photographer, please let me know so I can credit. In any case, Jensen’s expression looks so soft and content that I can’t pass up the opportunity to bring this up. This is how I imagine him to react to Jared’s touches behind closed doors.

(Credit: Marie610) This little hug from Asylum 6 looks like it’s making Jensen feel a little dizzy. No wonder, Jared undoubtedly gives great hugs!

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I can’t not mention this classic. This gif is so well made! We see Jensen’s initial heart eyes before he pulls back with a small smile and turns to watch his boy go. Sometimes I truly wonder what Jared’s intentions were here - did he want to really kiss Jensen right there? He came in sporting a solemn expression, made a kissy face, gave him an out that Jensen took and took off laughing.

(Source: Fangasm) This is Jensen after he discovers Jared’s hand is hovering over his chest but before Jared pinches his nipple. I guess that was taking things a little too far. ;) This happened in Dallascon 2016.

Oh my… I think this got a little long. Italian Anon, you always have the most interesting questions! Thank you for throwing me a message. I hope your Monday was alright and Tuesday is even better!

Werewolf Promptio is a go!

So, if you’ve been following closely, an anon prompt from a few days ago has had me considering writing a Promptio fic featuring werewolf!Gladio. 

Whelp, I thought it through, and while I won’t fill the request exactly as anon wanted, y’all are gonna get a whole freaking AU with backstory and plot and character development and. Yeah. It’s the only way I could wrap my head about Prompto getting fucked by a werewolf so. There you have it. 

Enjoy Part 1 under the cut! (totally SFW…for now) (and tagging @achryathesecond for all the input and advice and oodles of knowledge <3) 

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ES are responding to the Mackenzie pictures as expected. Sam is diverting attention from the show, he's acting disinterested in interviews, letting Cait do all the heavy lifting promoting the show. Give me a break! The poor guy can't talk about most of his story line because of spoilers. He has done a million interviews this week. He was gracious on Live with Kelly and Ryan in spite of the ridiculous questions. I would not want to live in their universe. I am much happier in reality!

What’s funny, as in odd, Anon is yesterday I had a conversation with someone and we both concluded that by the end of the day ESers would be attacking someone because they need the drama. We knew, based upon ESers past behavior, that one of two things would happen; an NST would get nasty Anons, or Sam or Cait would be attacked for the lack of breadcrumbs. It’s pathetic. Here we are with the premiere just two sleeps away and ESers focus on what exactly? A picture of two people in a real life relationship? A picture of someone who’s allegedly irrelevant? Why? It makes no sense, none. Zero. 🤷‍♀️

I agree with you Anon, both Sam and Cait have been great on the various talk and morning shows these past few days. Cait’s not doing the heavy lifting, and Sam as always was charming and gracious despite some cringyness from Live With Kelly and Ryan. It’s a shame ESers won’t allow themselves to enjoy the lead up to the premiere. If being miserable about everything this wonderful show has to offer is the choice ESers chose to make, have at it. IDGAF if they’re miserable. I’m excited for the premiere, I’m excited for what this season will bring, and I can’t believe that Droughtlander ends after just two sleeps. 🎉🎈😍🌟👏🏻👏🏻

Je Suis Prest. What are you ready for? I’m ready for the battle scene where Jamie and Black Randall come face to face, I’m ready for the first meeting of Lord John Grey, I’m ready for adult Fergus, and I’m ready for Print Shop. I’m ready for all of it. Give it to me, now. Just give it to me.

Please share what your ready for. Let’s have an End To Droughtlander Party. Whose bringing the Gin and Tequila?

Alice 🐇🎉🎈💃💃🍹

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holy shit there is no "chad situation" like wow a random bitch made a stale ass Hitler joke. Are you a Jew in the in the 1910's? No, don't be a soft cunt and try to dictate what a GROWN ASS man can and cannot put on his social media you twat. Ps: Wow I hate trump and you're still pissing me off. Like gg dude way to be absolutely ignorant to how the world works. Terrific meme 👌 💯 😎

you’re calling me ignorant. really? check your facts before you go making a complete ass of yourself. “are you a jew in the 1910′s?” …world war 2 was 1939 - 1945 and there are still people suffering from the effects of the holocaust. Hitler and Nazism are no “stale ass joke,” they aren’t, weren’t, and never will be funny. there are still nazis threatening the safety of jewish (and nonwhite) people today. with trump being president the situation has only gotten worse, and nazis are literally EVERYWHERE. you’re fucking ignorant if you don’t see that and recognize the dangers that go along with it. i don’t know what i did to piss you off, but acting like it’s “just a stale meme” when there are people scared for their own safety and the safety of their friends and loved ones is what’s ignorant, and chad should have known better. that’s not me being ignorant to how the world works. that’s me looking out for my jewish friends and family who could be hurt by that kind of behavior from people who are ACTUALLY ignorant to how the world works and think it’s okay to make jokes like that. tex @fakeffrank‘s brother went to basketball practice and someone drew a swastika on his bag. that’s not a “terrific meme,” that’s not how the world should work, that’s not a funny joke. that’s vandalizing someone else’s personal property with nazi shit. that’s not okay at all. and calling ME ignorant? fucking funny. if you’re going to call me ignorant for saying that chad went too far by posting that on his snapchat story because i want my jewish friends to feel safe right now with what’s going on in america, come off anon next time and we can talk about how you’re blatantly supporting someone who posts nazi shit. it doesn’t matter whether it was meant to be a joke or not. it’s completely tasteless, and right now is not the time to be making those jokes. he knew exactly what he was doing, and it isn’t something that i can excuse. 

Late Nights

Summary: Winry wakes up from a bad dream and goes to the one person she knows can make her feel better. Edwin.

A/N: This one is for the anon who wanted to read a fic about Ed comforting Winry after a nightmare. I actually wrote this like two months ago and didn’t post it because I didn’t like it too much but I fixed it so I could upload it because I love the idea :) Hope you like it anon!

Winry walked along the familiar gravel road that winded through the countryside. She knew exactly where she was going and what she was going to do when she got there. She had made this particular journey many times before.

She approached the familiar plot of land dotted with large chunks of engraved stone. She opened the swinging gate and navigated the maze of tombstones until she found the two that she was looking for. She gently placed the bouquets of flowers she was holding on each grave and smiled sadly. The names of her brave parents were engraved into the stone that marked where their lifeless bodies lay.

Oh how she missed them. Every day something new happened in her life that she wished she could tell them about. She wished they could see just how well she was doing in the automail industry, she wished they could see how she had grown into a young woman, and, above all else, she wished she could hear them tell her how proud they were of her.

A lone tear dropped from her eye without her permission. She quickly wiped it away, knowing that her parents wouldn’t want her to dwell in her sadness. Instead they would want her to live her life to the fullest, something she struggled with more and more every day.

The storm clouds rolled in above the small country town nestled into the southern hills of Amestris. Winry felt a drop of rain hit her cheek, which was immediately followed by more and more drops until a steady rain had begun. She didn’t care that she was drenched. She wanted to spend as much time with her deceased parents as she could.

Something flashed in the sky, alerting Winry that she would be safer if she went on home. As she turned to do just that, she caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of her eye. Two new tombstones had been placed at the edge of the graveyard.

That’s weird. I don’t remember anyone dying recently, she thought to herself. Living in such a small town meant that if someone had passed, she would’ve already heard about it.

She walked over to the two new stones, curious as to who had died. When she came to the stones and read the engraved names, her heart plummeted to the pit of her stomach.

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You always loved having a little control, just to see his face contract in pain and his teeth gritting to hold in. You drove him to the point where he almost wanted to break the ‘never hit a girl’-rule and that drove you to more. You loved teasing him.

The smallest touches would have him shuddering. The softest kisses would have him close his eyes and lean in for more. You admitted that he had the same effect on you, but he didn’t abuse his power over you as much as you abused your position. You were his weakness and if you were the first to tease him, there was no stopping him from going weak.

This time, however, things were a little different. Apparently Harry knew how weak he could get you and he was done with your games. He would make you beg for him, plead.

You turned him away from the cooking food on the stove as you turned him around and pressed your pelvis against his. His lids lowered as he looked you up and down. You smirked, knowing your actions were already paying off, like it became easier.

Your finger reached up to his jaw and trailed down the sharp line, tracing his neck and collarbone, reaching his chest. Your finger lightly traced his tattoos and, as you expected, the hairs rose all over his toned body. You had him once again wrapped around your finger.

The grip he had on your hips tightened and you looked up in his eyes, to find something you only saw once you gave in to him. Lust.

He smirked once your eyes widened slightly and he turned you both around, pressing you hard against the counter, his hardening member pressing against just the right spots. You swallowed hard and the room got a little warmer. He never lost eye-contact. Like he knew his stare was one of your weak spots. You glanced down at his lips where a knowing smirk formed. Oh, he knew…

He leaned forward as his lips slightly brushed the corner of your mouth. Your were frozen to the spot and your whole body was heating up fast. His finger tapped over the material of your dress, down your thigh and ever so softly tracing his rough finger pads over your skin, making goose bumps appear on your skin.

“What did you think you were doing?” He suddenly asked with a low, but clear voice. His voice made clear who was in charge right now. You looked up into his eyes again and you decided to put the power back in your hands.

“What are you talking about?” You said softly, innocently. You eyes widened slightly as you looked at him, you lip pouting slightly.

“Nice try.” He simply said and traced his hand up your sides, cropping up the dress you were wearing. “Raise your arms.” He ordered, still sounding nice somehow, but you obeyed. Your arms rose and he slowly pulled  the softly material over your head, making sure his skin touched yours together with the cold air.

Once it was off he bit his lip and looked you up and down. You saw a strong hint of weakness and smirked until he looked back up in your eyes. His look was strong and all the weakness was gone. Your body seemed to give him determination and you were veryeager to know what he was going to use his determination for. His eyebrows creased in an angry manner, but you knew he was focusing on you. You knew that once you gave in, he would make you feel so good, but you had too much pride.

His fingers found the back of your thighs and gripped your flesh tightly, making you sink your teeth into your bottom lip. he lifted you on top of the counter and took a step back, admiring you. Not in the loving way he normally does though. It was like he was stalking his prey while cornering it until it had nowhere to go. Obviously, you were the prey and he was the predator.

“Who’s in charge now, huh?” He smirked and you smirked back at him.

“I’m not backing down for you, Styles.”

His eyes snap up at you and his smirk is less playful now. He hadn’t even started his torturing yet. You felt yourself internally shrink when you saw his look and he stepped forward. His warm palms found your knees and slowly eased up asA you voluntarily opened your legs for him. You followed his every move as he made sure you were aware of what he was doing.

 You looked back up at his face and he leaned forward. His lips planted a soft kiss just on top of your chest, making you shudder. His fingers trail back up your legs and hook themselves in your panties. You hold your breath, wanting to know what’s coming, but you end up running out of breath. You could just imagine the smirk on the face now buried in the crook of your neck as he didn’t make a move.

You got a little fed up and locked your legs around his waist. His head moved to face you and he raised his brows at you. You didn’t say anything and gave him a strict look. He let out a low chuckle and picked you up, carrying you to the kitchen island. Your legs relaxed around him as his big hands explored your shoulder blades, your spine and your curves ever so gentle. The grip on his collar was still strong and you couldn’t help yourself anymore. You pulled him close and finally attached your longing lips to his. He feverishly kissed you back, nipping on your bottom lip and making you hum in content. His hands found a firm grip on your waist and he pulled your chest against his, confirming that you might have found another weak spot in him.

You lost the desire for power though. He was clearly more powerful and trying to get out of his grip would be futile. Your hand slid down to the hem of his shirt but were stopped when his hand held your wrists in a rock hard grip.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He breathed, your lips brushing against each other as they moved and his forehead dropped onto yours. His firm grip soon faltered slightly as he felt you tense up. He led your hands to your side and pulled back slightly. His hand let go of your wrists and caressed over your chest a little too slow for your liking. You were breathing hard by this point and you needed him. He gently pushed you to lay down and your eyes closed. You back arched up at the cold touch of the counter and you hissed softly.

He grit his teeth at the sight and took off his shirt. he walked around the counter and trailed his fingers from your feet to your face, making your muscles tense under his touch, feeling exposed.

“You’re beautiful. And you’re right-” He spoke huskily, “You drive me insane and you can make me do anything. You can take charge any moment and you know it. You could stop this right now, and yet you don’t.” He reached the part where your head was and he leaned in. He licked a strip up from your neck to just below your ear, followed by a kiss and a whisper, “Because you want this. You want me ravish you, make you beg for me. Don’t you? You love it when I show you how it actually works.”

You could basically hear the smirk in his voice and you hummed to confirm he was right. he would be gentle, you knew it, but he would make you suffer.

“And as always-” He pecked your lips ever so softly, making you lift your head for more causing him let out a low chuckle, “I give my girl exactly what she wants.”

-Secret Anon ♥

*Whew! Secret Anon does it again! I hope all of you harry girls love her! I certainly do! *Christina

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"...but something is holding Louis back. Harry got a little mad and that’s why he took off to La immediately after the tour..." this makes me sad :/

let me clear this up: 

I don’t think L Anon knew exactly what they were talking about. I think L anon was drawing assumptions. I don’t think L Anon actually knew specifics. I think they were getting vague information and trying to fill in the gaps for me. 

I don’t think Louis wants to be closeted. I don’t think Harry wants to be closeted. I don’t think they’re broken up. I don’t think they’re going in different directions… pun intended. 

I think L Anon was just trying to fill in the gaps and I think they were speculating about the info they were given. They were inconsistent. We all actually thought it was more than one person messing with me at various points in the saga.