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Listen I lowkey did feel bad when anon said the whole salon takes dok2 as a joke 😂😂😂 he already edgeless. Now he edgeless and a joke🙇

SMTM6 Event:Send every rapper to that shop and let them get clowned by everyone in there so they get a hint~D

Imagine you run a hair salon and one day in walks Loki saying he wants a new haircut, and a good one, because he’s going to conquer Earth in a few days. Now it’s probably a hoax, or a perhaps he’s a cosplayer.  But he’s still a customer, so you decide to humor him.  Besides, if you’re wrong and he’s the real thing then things could get messy.  It’s freaking out some of the stylists so you decide to attend to this special client (or ‘future king of Midgard’) yourself…starting with washing his hair. He’s amazingly talkative and it’s no effort to keep up the banter. As long as he doesn’t try any funny business, like getting everyone to kneel, it will all be okay.  In fact, you wonder if he may simply be a random delusional stranger. Once you start massaging in the shampoo he calms down a bit, so you go for a full head massage.  It’s been years since you’ve done the pre-cut wash yourself so you enjoy it too. You can feel him relaxing and appreciating what you do.  You wonder if he is touch-starved.

The cut is more complicated. ‘Loki’ wants it ‘certainly no shorter’ and ‘no more gel’.  The trouble is, he has problem hair: if it’s no shorter then it just sticks out and with no product to tame it just turns into soft fluff which is cute but hardly a ‘world-conquering’ look.You’re on the point of panic to find a solution when an assistant suggests braids and you set about, very carefully plaiting his locks to create a personalised look.

Thankfully, your future ruler is pleased, pays handsomely with a mundane bank card (so he can’t be the real thing!) in the name of Loki Laufeyson (or then again…) and leaves.  You are half expecting a TV crew to jump out and admit it was a prank for reality TV but none appears. There is a collective sigh of relief from your staff.

You never find out if he was who he said he was.

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watching jakady just gave me further close ups of gabriel agreste and just further solidified my thought that paris' fashion designing king himself, gabriel agreste, spends more time going out to bleach his eyesbrows than spend time with his own son

omg hahahaha

i think his light brows are just because he is a natural blond and they’re going gray early naturally but whatever, i love this idea