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“Sunrise” + Lucas and “Hollow” + Commander/Claus ^^

I actually got another request for Claus in a different palette, but I decided to do this one!  (And hOT DAMN he turned out really good. His is by far my favorite~)

Well, I’ve been sitting at my computer doing these nonstop since 11 AM this morning. So. I’m going to take a break now. Whew!

I’m still doing palette challenge requests! Yes, still! Go here and read the tags if you want to send me one! I’d appreciate it if you didn’t send me a palette I’ve already done, but it’s up to you. (Hint: I’ve yet to do any Pokemon trainers //raises eyebrows)

The side-by-side piece is here if you’d rather have them together!

The next request is so good it might turn out to be a series on its own

I’m enjoying this concept very much. I’ll upload this weekend, stay tuned! It’s going to be about Jongin.😊😏 Oh and I need to say this: anon that asked me for Sehun smut, it’s not your turn yet (I’ll definitely write a story just for you later, you’re third in line), but I’ll insert something on this story just to ease your thirst, ok?! Or increase it? I don’t know 😈😉

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Waterfall Kisses

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Request:  Hey!! I was wondering if you could write a Murphy x reader imagine? I love your writing by the way xxx

A/N: So the prompt gave me a lot of freedom which was nice and I really like this post so I decided to take a couple of my favorite bits from it and write a little drabble around it. I also really wanted to take it to a NSFW route but I decided to keep it fluffy. 
Word Count: 658

           “I live for days like this.” You whispered to your boyfriend, John Murphy. You weren’t exactly sure where you were, but John said it was perfect and secluded, and he was right. You sat on the soft grass with your back against a tall tree. Just enough sun seeped through the tree’s leaves that you could feel the sun on your face, but it wasn’t miserable. The tree was on the bank of a rushing river, right next to a giant waterfall. While the site was amazing, spending time with John was so much better. He sat in between your legs with his back toward you so you could braid his hair. He always acted like he hated it at first, but he really loved it.

           “Me too, babe.” He replied.

           “Why do we stay in the camp? We could probably survive out here on our own.” You knew the answer, and you knew that living out here would not be this serene all the time, but you held on to hope. You pulled John’s leather jacket around yourself tighter.

           “Let’s just enjoy the time we do have here.” He turned around and placed a kiss on your lips. When he turned back to face the waterfall, you kissed his neck. He loved neck kisses.

           “Y/n, why are you with me?” He asked.

           “Oh not this again John…”

           “Yeah, John!” A voice came from the woods. Two kids from the camp came out of the trees. They carried a jug of Monty’s moonshine and a small sack of food. Wait until you got the chance to tell Bellamy that his precious 100 was stealing food.

           “Go away asshats.” You shouted. John looked up at you with pride. He loved when you acted like that.

           “Or what? You’ll braid our hair?” The two idiots laughed. You rolled your eyes at John.

           “Or this…” You chucked your knife in their direction, it barely passed one kid’s ear. John laughed loudly as the kids ran away. You jumped up from your spot to grab the moonshine they had left behind.

           “It’d be a shame to waste this.” You chuckled as you took a swig of the drink.

           “Doll, I love you.” He sighed lovingly. You nodded and handed him the bottle of moonshine. You kissed him again, and what started as a tiny peck turned into a long and breathtaking kiss. Your tongues fought for dominance; yours gave up and let John’s take control. Your breaths became hot and ragged as your hands searched for his hair and his hands for your waist. He pulled you on top of his lap and flush against him. You broke the kiss, very unwillingly.

           “John, not here. What if someone sees us?”

           “Let’s give them a show then.” He said in between pecks on your neck, which sent chills up your spine.

           “Babe, I’m serious, not here.” You laughed and pushed him off. “This is a sacred place, John Murphy, and I will not let you deflower it.” He stared into your eyes with such intensity that you almost forgot how to breathe. He always managed to take your breath away by doing the simplest things, even after being together for over a year. He was so amazing, and you could hardly hold a candle to him. But he loved you and all your weird antics. And you loved him.

           “John, I love you, for so many reasons I can’t even count them all. You’re just going to have to learn to accept that I think you’re great and worth loving.”

           He placed another kiss on your hand. “Gorgeous, you make everything sound like poetry.” He kissed your forehead (that boy and his kisses!) and found his spot in your lap, facing the waterfall. You smiled, because despite everything that was wrong with this world, places existed like this and people existed like John, and you were lucky enough to know both of them.


April 26th 1986: Chernobyl nuclear disaster

On this day in 1986, a reactor exploded at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine, creating the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Radioactive smoke was let into the atmosphere which spread across the Soviet Union and Europe. Thirty-one members of staff and emergency workers died directly due to the accident, but many others died from diseases - often cancer - resulting from exposure to radiation. Hundreds of thousands of people eventually had to be evacuated and resettled due to contamination of areas of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The disaster raised questions of the safety of nuclear power and encouraged the Soviet government to become more open. Only two nuclear accidents have been classified as level seven on the International Nuclear Event Scale - Chernobyl and the Fukushima Daiichi disaster of 2011.

“For the first time ever, we have confronted in reality the sinister power of uncontrolled nuclear energy.”
- Mikhail Gorbachev

30 years ago today

Scars *Trigger Warning*

Title: Scars

Warning: Self-harm

Pairing: Angela Montenegro x reader (platonic)

Based off of this anon request:

Hi. I love your account so so so so so much (: you are so amazing at writing and you are definitely one of the best accounts I’ve seen. I had a request. It’s a request that I feel only you could do good at but if you are not comfy doing it then it’s okay. Could maybe the characters from bones (before Sweets died.) finds out that you have a bad history of self-harm. It would mean a lot (: thank you 

A/N: I changed the request slightly. I only focused on one character because I couldn’t come up with a conceivable way that all the characters would find out all at once. I hope that’s okay!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with self-harm, do not be afraid to speak up. I have had my own history and struggle with self-harm, but I’ve come to terms with it and I’m working on it. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone or reach out. You are loved. You are beloved. You are needed and wanted. XOXOXO

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June 19th 1865: Juneteenth

On this day in 1865, the abolition of slavery was formally proclaimed in Texas, in an event which has been celebrated as ‘Juneteenth’ (a contraction of ‘June 19th’). President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves in rebelling Confederate states not under Union occupation, on January 1st 1863. However, the proclamation had little effect in areas like Texas which were not under Union control. It was two years later, in June 1865, when Union troops under Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, that abolition came to the state. The Union contingent brought the news that the American Civil War was over, following the surrender of Robert E. Lee in April. Upon his arrival, General Granger read General Order Number 3 declaring slavery abolished, leading thousands of former slaves to leave the state to seek employment or to find their families. Slavery was formally abolished throughout the entire United States with the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in December 1865. Juneteenth was one of the first celebrations commemorating the abolition of slavery in the United States, and served as a poignant time for the black community in Texas and elsewhere to come together in solidarity as they endured the hardship of Jim Crow which followed emancipation. The celebration of Juneteenth waned during the early twentieth century, largely due to financial concerns, but resurged with the onset of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1980, Juneteenth became an official state holiday in Texas, making it the first state-recognised emancipation celebration. Now, Juneteenth is spreading beyond Texas, and has become a day for celebrating African-American achievement, and remembering the legacy of slavery.

“The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free”
- General Order Number 3, read by General Granger June 19th 1865


April 22nd 1970: First Earth Day

On this day in 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated, marking what many consider the beginning of the modern environmental movement. The environmental movement capitalised on increased activist fervour which gripped the United States during the Vietnam War. Attention had increasingly been turned to the problems plaguing the natural landscape, especially after Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring in 1962. The idea for Earth Day came from Senator Gaylord Nelson (D - WI) after an oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA. Nelson teamed with activist Denis Hayes, who led the national promotion of the day. Earth Day proved a popular idea, garnering support from Republicans and Democrats and people from all walks of life; it also encouraged the Nixon administration to create the Environmental Protection Agency and led Congress to pass several environmental measures. In 1990, Earth Day was again commemorated, and this time on an international scale, reaching 141 countries and involving 200 million people. The celebration only grew from there, and continues as an annual event around the world. However, Earth Day now faces a formidable challenge from climate change deniers and powerful lobbying groups.