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look up splat rain ombre hair dye and you can achieve your starling hair dreams

Ooh neat, thank you! I have absolutely 0 knowledge of anything hair dye so I appreciate any pointers ♥

I’d love a more subtle dark midnight blue with some purple or something. Ok honestly I just want hair the colour of dark magpie feathers

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Hi, i love all your writing! all your mchanzo stuff just makes my day :3 speaking of which, are you planning to continue your mchanzo fic Reliance? i'd love to know what happens in chapter 2

Thank you! I am intending to continue it, in fact the chapter is partly done I just got stuck for a while and I currently have a lot going on with Ship weeks, work and having to move and other stories. I’m going to try and have it up at some point this week (but no promises because life is hectic at the moment).

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hi. same anon here. i just wanted to thank you for your reply. it kind of made me cry a little because i'd thought i was alone. seriously, thank you.

You’re very welcome, dear anon.

You’re definitely not alone. I think a lot of people, whether they be writing or arting or any creative endeavour, run into creativity plateaus, where their ability to perceive outweighs their skill at creating things at that level.

The frustrating, kind of ironic thing is, it’s actually an indicator you’re getting better as a writer? It says you’ve practiced enough that your personal eye for what’s good and what’s bad has refined. You can look at works you admire and analyse - on a specific, technical level - what it is that you admire. But it also sucks, because you now turn that eye on the things you create, and they suddenly look so much worse DDDDD:

It’s a terrible stage.

But keep at it, anon. Pace yourself with small writing blocks and word goals you know you can achieve, to build up that persistent habit. This too shall pass, I promise.

And if you ever need to vent about writing again, my inbox is always open!

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If he was allowed would Thresh ever consider fucking Calix? Under what circumstances? What would he most like to do to him?

Thresh isn’t sexual by nature - not any more. That said, that doesn’t mean he can’t have the occasional bit of fun, especially when the mood is right and it feels good. Karthus spends a good hunk of time with Calix and is protective of him. There must be a reason!

Thresh would absolutely fuck a Calix, but it wouldn’t occur out of the blue. Mostly out of curiosity to see what the hell Karthus is so protective over. Another situation would be one where the lich would decide a threesome would be rather fun OR to kick back and watch his wraith puppet do his little white poof. 

Who knows? Perhaps Thresh could even grow begrudgingly fond of Calix before decided he’d tap that just because he can. Also, hey, it’s a good ego stroke. It’s highly recommend Karthus either be there or nearby, though, because you can’t trust Thresh with a human alone. Ever.

As for what he’d like to do most? Mutilate that pretty little face, of course! Tear his fair skin off, layer by layer and see how beautiful he could really make Calix. Apparently though, Calix doesn’t want a wraith make-over and Karthus seems to share this train of thought. A monster can dream, I suppose.



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hi, sib. i just read your fic persistence, and it was so beautifully done that i wanted to drop you a note. your writing has seriously been such an influence on mine, but lately i've been having so much trouble because of my ocd. now i can't read anything without nitpicking the grammar, much less write. it's been this way for months now and i feel like i'm losing my mind. all i ever wanted was to write something good but... well, at least i still get to read something by you. i shall be content.

I’m sorry for the delay in replying, anon. Your message was so thoughtful, but also struck this… almost painfully bittersweet, personal note with me, and I had to take a couple days to reflect.

I’m so happy you enjoyed Persistence - it was a lil 500 word labour of love, but it’s somewhat different from my usual body of work, and I was a bit nervous putting it out there. So I’m delighted you enjoyed it. And it’s quite flattering to hear I’m an influence on your writing, since I feel I’m still learning the craft of writing, in many, many ways. Thank you!

Now, as for the latter half of your message…

Oh, anon.

Nonny non anon, I feel you. I’ve been… well, perhaps not right in your shoes, as I have never had OCD. But I’ve been in the same vicinity, most definitely.

Up until half a year ago, or thereabouts, my writing process was: write out a few paragraphs (if that - sometimes it was barely a paragraph) and then rework them. I would rework them over and over and over, until I felt they were just right. Only then did I feel I could move on. I felt like I was laying the foundations for a house, you know? If I didn’t get the first things laid down just right, then everything that came after would be on shaky ground, might even come tumbling down.

Thing is, writing is more like sculpting. You dig up some clay (your discovery draft or your outline, whatever), you mould it (your first draft), and then you carve and add little bits, over and over (editing. and more editing. and more. fucking editing >.>)


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Raindrops and summer nights?

Thank you for the ask ^-^

Raindrops - What’s your favourite song to unwind?

    Any of the main themes from Fairy Tail, the music is just so beautiful and I could listen to it on repeat.

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Summer nights - Summer or Winter? Or perhaps something else?

   Out of the two I’d be a Winter person, I get sunburn and heatstroke too easily in summer and I love the stark beauty of Winter (esp in Scotland!). But I’d say that my favourite season is Autumn, I love the colours, the feeling of change and the darkening nights (but not too dark)

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After seeing the scenario about Murasakibara responding to his s/O's insecurities about having small breasts, I just gotta ask: how would the rest of the GoM+Hanamiya respond in the same situation with their own s/os? (Can be semi-nsfw as well if you don't mind) :)

Kise tilts his head cutely in confusion. Furrowing his well groomed brow, the blond steps over to you and holds your hands gently in his. “It doesn’t matter very much to me, ____-cchi. I work in the modeling business. Some girls have big breasts and others have small breasts, but they’re all there regardless.”

He bends down to kiss you lovingly, wanting to reassure you that your body was utterly and irredeemably perfect. “They’re all very pretty girls with nice bodies. But I’m dating you- the girl with the most beautiful body and heart.” Picking you up, Kise carries you onto the bed and lays you down. Crouching over your blushing form, he smiles sweetly at you, his eyes warm pools of honey as they meet yours.

He kisses you, gently running his lips from the soft shell of your ear and down the sensitive skin of your neck. Pulling at the front of you shirt, he undoes the buttons and kisses the exposed skin at your collarbone. Warm and pliant from his kisses, you let him unhook your bra and take off both it and your shirt. The way he looks down on you, as if you’re the most precious being in all of creation, makes you flush even more deeply. Seeing the pink in your face, Kise chuckles warmly and moves to kiss the small swell of your breast.

“So small and soft and sweet,” he says reverently, lips ghosting over your warm skin. His thumb sweeps over the soft nipple of your other breast as a loving sigh escapes him. “I love everything about you _____-cchi. The only thing I want more of is your love. And if you don’t have any more, I will always have enough for you to spare.”

Akashi smoothly raises a single eyebrow at your quiet question- a trick you had long ago unsuccessfully asked him to teach you. “Why would you ever think that, kitten?” he asks and reaches a hand out to you from his spot at his desk. The redhead gently pulls you in close when you take the offered appendage, seating you on his lap. When you stutter out that you’ve always been a bit insecure and finally decided to just ask, his gaze softens.

A small sigh leaves him. Getting rid of a bully would be an easy matter for him, relieving a source of innate insecurity -not so much. Loosely wrapping his arms around your waist, Akashi leans into you and rests his head against your chest, ear pressed against your soft skin. You blush and are about to ask what he’s doing when his voice interrupts you.

“I adore you,” he says simply. “No, I love you. More than victory, more than my name.” His arms pull you closer. “You are perfect in every way, the empress I had never dreamed of having by my side. You could be scarred, or burned, or even crippled. I would still find you the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes upon. I do not need large breasts or the world’s acknowledgement of your loveliness to make me happy.”

“All I need is this,” he murmurs, heterochromic eyes fluttering shut. “This heartbeat right here is all I need to sustain me.”

Kuroko stares blankly at you and you regret ever asking him in the first place. “No, I just- I was wondering why you would think such a thing,” he explains after you tell him to forget you ever said anything. Hugging you close, Kuroko takes in a deep breath and kisses your forehead.

“You must be confusing me with Aomine-kun,” he says seriously, causing you to laugh in response. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt your breasts were too small,” the young man blushes as he says this. “They feel and look just fine to me.”

He moves to press his forehead against yours, his baby blue eyes gazing solemnly into yours. A blush rides high on his cheekbones as he tell you, “I think _____-chan is extremely beautiful just the way she is. Actually, I feel blessed that someone as lovely as yourself has ever noticed me, much more graced me with your love.”

“Of course,” Aomine says teasingly, never looking up from his newest magazine of Mai-chan. “Big boobs are sexy.”

Your eyes widen at his blunt words. Why had you even asked in the first place? Your boyfriend had always made it clear just how much he loved large breasts. Even if he was teasing you now, there was certainly a vein of truth in his words- and no matter how much you told yourself to get over what he said you couldn’t.

He glances over at you as you try to hide a sniff and stills. It’s obvious from your watery eyes and rigid posture that you’re trying hard not to cry. Immediately regretful of his brute words (Satsuki always said they would come back to bit him in the ass if he wasn’t more careful), Aomine stands up and walks over to you.

“Hey, ______, I didn’t mean it. Really. ______? ______, could you look at me?” he asks, his voice a gentle plea as you continue to avoid his gaze. Sighing deeply, he suddenly picks you up into his arms. Ignoring your squeals of surprise and demands to let go of you, Aomine drops you onto the couch and uses his body to cage you in. He tenderly wipes his thumb across your face, brushing away the tears before kissing you deeply. When he pulls away, he apologizes. “I was just joking _____. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings and being insensitive.”

He trails his lips along the side of your face. “Big boobs are sexy. But your boobs? They’re out of this motherfucking world.”

Midorima sputters, his face turning bright pink as you ask him if he finds your boobs to be too small for his liking. “Why-why would you ask that?!” he shouts and immediately backs away. When you reply that it was always an insecurity for you, he does his best to calm down. Still bright red, he struggles to form words that would both soothe your worries and not be lewd.

“Your breasts are certainly more than enough for me- nodayo,” he manages to say, not quite being able to make eye contact with you. When you continue to look doubtful and unsure of yourself, Midorima reaches out in an attempt to hold you close. It’s a little awkward, but you find yourself snuggling close out of habit, enjoying the clean scent of his clothes.

His flush burns brighter as he nervously adjusts his glasses. “I-I did not fall in love with you because of the way you look or because of you b-breast size. I love you b-because you’re smart, silly, and you love me despite my quirks.”

There’s a comfortable silence before you feel the urge to tease him replace your early sense of insecurity. “So you do think my breasts are too small?”

“I-I said no such thing nodayo!“

Murasakibara: Here

Hanamiya rolls his eyes at your question. He had never pegged you for the insecure type, not seeing what it was that made you so unsure of yourself. After all, the two of you had fucked dozens of times, so obviously he thought you were sexy and beautiful and all the things he never wanted to say out loud.

“C’mere,” he orders you and pats his lap. When you bristle at his lazy words and actions, he sighs. “Please, _____?”

The bully wraps his arms around you as you take a seat and leans back so your head rests against his broad chest. One hand cups the small swell of one of your breasts, groping the sensitive skin. He smirks as you let out a small sound of pleasure. “You’re so sensitive,” he croons darkly as he moves his other hand to tease you in the same way. “So easily moved to begging. If you had bigger tits you probably wouldn’t be as fun to play with.”

Pinching your nipples roughly through the material of your bra, Hanamiya nibbles against the sensitive shell of your ear. His deep whisper sends shiver down your spine. “You’re perfectly fine just the way you are. After all,” he moves one hand to the lower half of your stomach, holding you still as he grinds his erection against you through the many layer of clothes you both wore, “It doesn’t seem like I have an issue, does it?”

The Anon Reply Wall (11/?)

I’m always amazed at how many messages you lovely anons send me. Love you all! Thanks for waiting so long, here are a few answers~<3

Hi Anon! No problem, I understand you can be confused and it’s actually super flattering to read that you love them so much you want to make sure you didn’t miss anything *hugs* My last post probably answered your question already, but Summoning Candyman is *not* finished and *will* be completed, alternatively with Sharing is Caring every 2 weeks. I also intend to do status updates on my twitter and upload all my fics on A03, so in the long run perhaps it’ll be easier to check a fic status there if you’re unsure. Hope that helps! <3

Thank you for the nice comment! And yes, I did! I really like the layout, how it feels like one continuous strip going deeper and deeper into hell *_* Story-wise, I’m still on the fence if I like it or not, depending how it develops. It’s brilliantly written, but I love my twisted relationships only as long as there’s an element of genuine love in it, and so far Killing Stalking steers clear of that (maybe that’s for the best though, mind you). 

You’re referring to Even If, correct? Well, twisted and inhumane is one way to put it, although from my POV he only took advantage of the opportunity presented to him. If it’s any consolation, he *would* have stopped if the MC had recognized him (notice in the fic how he freezes and remains still until she calls him by his brother’s name) so I hope that cheers you up a bit <3

I’m mean, right? :D Seriously I’m sorry, it seems like I’m doing it on purpose but most of the time it just happens this way, I swear (unless it’s an unconscious writer’s reflex to leave the readers wanting for more? XD) In any case, I think you’ll definitely be pleased with next chapter, both in terms of sex and manipulation skills, hohoho ;)

6 more lovely Anons after the cut! :)

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I saw that your pet peeve about Malec fics is when Alec has blue eyes but is still taller than Magnus (because it's not book correct or TV show correct, which I get). I normally imagine Matthew Daddario with piercing blue eyes. . . -dreamy sigh- Or am I the only one who does that?

Honestly, nonnie, I’m sure you are not :D I guess for people who read the books first it’d be an attractive combo and I’ve seen some wicked good manips so you are definitely not dreaming alone :D I am personally also a sucker for blue eyes (Ragnar, Castiel

But I only watch the show (tried to read the books but blergh ^^) so Matt is the perfect Alec for me because I’ve never known any different :D Also in general I’m not really picky with physical details in book adaptations, as long as I feel they get the spirit of the character right.

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Oooooh I'll say two tropes: mermaid AU? and unrequited love?

You read my mind - I swear I have mermaid AU on my wincestmas idea list! Mermaids are such a strange mix of adorable and mystical but with a huge dose of terrifying (or maybe that’s just me with deep water and drowning). It would definitely be Mermaid!Sam with his long hair slicked back and his cute little butt and long legs covered in scales with Dean standing on shore, all nervous, yelling, “Don’t go out so far, Sam!” or rowing a boat out to follow him, “stop swimming so fast, you’re gonna get tired, Sam!”

Unrequited love - I’ve tried but I just can’t. How could there be a world where these two didn’t love each other in all possible ways?

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I luv!!! Is a fave I admire from afar-ish-occasionally we chat-so-kinda-consider-a-friend. One of my fav writers. Seriously Half Light is the best. Good dragon. Has wonderful headcannons. Should be the one writing the Cynnthia intro in the show. All the Armando and Bette love…Umm…yep…Fern is fantastic.


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