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anonymous asked: So in Nora’s extra content she says andreil go on dates to resteraunts/walks on the beach etc, could you maybe right about their first real date?

  • okay so the first “date” of theirs is while they’re still at palmetto
  • the food at the dining hall was going to be shit that night and everyone was getting on neil’s nerves and he was gonna lose it if they stayed there so andrew just looked at him and was like “we’re leaving”
  • neil immediately agrees and texts kevin that they won’t be at night practice
    • cue “what the fuck neil” text that prompts neil to turn his phone off
  • they get into the maserati and andrew just drives for a couple hours, headed southeast
  • the drive alone is enough to relax neil, but then they get into charleston and neil starts to get curious (and a lil excited) about what andrew is planning
  • they left as soon as they were done with class in the afternoon and there wasn’t much traffic, but the drive was almost three and a half hours, so neil is hungry enough to eat dinner
  • andrew just glances over at him and maneuvers through the city, eventually turning right onto a street with a bunch of restaurants and saying “pick one”
  • neil, after all his years on the run, is really really good at knowing instinctively which restaurants are going to be good but not too expensive, so he scans the road before naming one
  • the place isn’t anything special, it doesn’t stand out among any other american diners, but neil was right and the food is really good
  • they chat about a little bit of everything: of all the cities neil had been with his mother, charleston was never one of them, so he rambles off some observations about the buildings and the grid of the city that he didn’t realize he had noticed on the drive in
  • andrew is amused enough to pay attention, and in exchange he recounts a story from high school where nicky dragged him and aaron to charleston for the weekend to try to bond but it didn’t exactly go well 
  • they finish eating but neither of them want to leave yet so they end up wandering the streets
  • they end up walking on a sidewalk parallel to the beach, and the smell of the salt water surprisingly doesn’t remind neil of his mother, at least, not in a bad way
  • “have you ever been to the beach? for fun?” neil asks
  • andrew considers the question as he smokes. “a couple times. cass took me for a day trip once.”
  • that was more than neil was expecting to get, and he smiles as he looks out over the waves
  • “i think the last time i went for fun was when i was a kid. maybe 4 or 5 years old? my mom somehow managed to convince my dad that she could take me. i think he sent some security with us, but still.”
  • “sounds better than the last time you two were at the beach together,” andrew says, partially bc he’s a dick but also because he can tell neil was already thinking about it
  • neil nods but doesn’t say anything, but the next time there’s a walkway leading down to the sand he turns to take it, stepping out of his shoes to carry them in his hands
  • behind him he can hear andrew sigh loudly in protest but he follows him down the wooden planks, stopping to remove his shoes as well
  • they walk up and down the beach, kicking at the sand and occasionally stepping into the waves washing against the shore (and taking breaks to make out since somehow they’re the only people on the beach)
  • it’s all very cute and gay
  • eventually the sun has set and both of them are tired enough to know they should leave now if they want to make it back to campus
  • andrew gets them back to the car much faster than neil could, and neil low key falls asleep in the passenger seat on the drive home
  • he wakes up when andrew pulls into the parking lot of fox tower, and yawns as he walks inside with andrew
  • neil asks for permission when they walk through the door to the building, and andrew raises his eyebrows before nodding and neil just takes his hand and holds it as the elevator door opens to take them to the third floor
  • andrew rolls his eyes but doesn’t let neil’s hand go
  • they share a bed that night bc neil can’t be bothered to climb into his loft
  • none of the foxes know where they went, and none of them ever find out, and neil and andrew like it that way. they like that this is their own thing and start doing it more and more frequently, just going to different cities and exploring them for the first time, together

Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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How would Sekka react upon knowing she was pregnant with Harkniss's kiddo?


She would react as well as you might expect her to !
And if anyone is wondering what Harkniss reaction to learning about this would be : the exact opposite ! xD

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what do you think about lena being part of a organization called checkmate? i've seen some ppl talking about it because of that shady thing with the chess piece ppl think she could be a white knight (its like a title, im bad at explaining so probably would be good to google about it sorry)

i Don’t Think,,,, white knight just moves like an L and she’s a lesbian, there is nothing shady going on she just wants to buy kara flowers and eat donuts with her Let Her Live Leave Her Olone

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Daniel: Helloo! Enthusiastically he snapped his neck to the side, smiling an unhealthily large grin. He noticed that Max and David were acting strange.. Was David drunk? That couldn't be.. although it would make enacting his plan much easier. He eyed them up and down giving a light chuckle attempting nonchalance Daniel: What are you two up to, this lovely day, you feeling alright David?

David(Max) watched Daniel intensely not entirely sure as to why he was back but the gut feeling he was having was telling him it wasn’t something entirely Camp Campbell friendly. If last time was anything to go by that was more than likely to be true.

David(Max): “Why the fuck are you here Daniel?”

Max(David) watched the exchange, feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, and protectiveness. Even though he was in Max’s body, and knew there really wasn’t much he could do. David still held his ground and his/Max’s hand.

|M!A: 2/3|

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Pail skin dusted with star-like freckles, kindness etched into his features. You never deserved such beauty, such affection, and yet here he is, with eye's like evergreens and a smile brighter than the sun... You love him, more than he'll ever know

“I will let you read my mind this time.”

Awhile back someone asked for a headcannon under the prompt of “hair” for a meme, but I was overwhelmed with asks at the time. To make up for it, here’s a whole post devoted to the prompt with several headcannons! Enjoy~  🎃

  • Jonathan’s hair color is could be described as a rich blend of red and orange and brown. (Red Copper if you’d like to give it a name) It’s bright intense shade pairs well with his piercing blue eyes.
  • His hair is usually very dry and due to the fact that he doesn’t wash it often enough. (not of the lack of wanting to, but simply because the option to shower is not always available)
  • Jonathan constantly finds straw stuck in his hair, it’s especially noticeable right after he takes his mask off. This was a given and he’s gotten used to the straw by now, just leaving it there for the aesthetic.
  • If you were to associate a scent with his hair, it would probably be the straw that stays stuck within his strands. His hair has a fine musky scent reminiscent of the corn fields of Georgia.
  • While not overly concerned to personal appearance, he does regularly shave what little facial hair grows on his chin. (he couldn’t grow a beard even if he tried)
  • Like the rest of his spindly frame, his hair is rather weak and unhealthy looking in appearance. Despite it’s vibrant color his hairline is slowly receding and should he live to reach old age he will likely lose most of it.
  • All the years of toxin abuse and experiments have caused his hair to become extremely fragile, under stressful situations he’ll pick at it and yank out entire chunks of hair without realizing. He’s not too concerned about his hair loss though, because the majority of his time is spent behind the mask spreading fear.

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When the spirit enters human's body, it leaves a mark (changes a part of human body into similar to the spirit that entered him), which was made canon in Book 2. Korra didn't change when she fused with Raava so I wouldn't be surprised if she had a Raava's pattern on her back or front (chest and belly area) that would be lighter than her skin color. I think I'd like her to have something like that. It's beautiful and original.

Ooooh I love that! I think I would like it on her back (I just really like full back tattoos :3) 


So this is in regards to two different things that have gone absolutely haywire due to some stuff in my asks

I’ve gotten anons from people shaming whoever expressed their dislike of Lena Dunham. I’m not shit posting a bunch of drama here. Respect other people’s opinions or get the fuck out of my ask and the fuck off my page. If someone doesn’t like her, it’s not your place to parade around and act like you’re superior because you don’t agree with the reasons this person dislikes her

Secondly, I’ve gotten replies and MORE anons about whoever sent Evan peters nude pictures. As previously stated, I’m not having anon fights via my ask. Reblog all you want, that’s fine! I have no problem with people expressing their feelings and opinions about it, but I will fucking not post a bunch of anon shit talking. (To clarify: I do agree that sending unsolicited naked pictures is rude. However, I don’t need 60 anons telling me that)

I love talking to you guys, but this shit has gone too far. I try to post every ask I get but obviously I’m deleting the bullshit and if it continues, I’ll turn off anon asks 🤷‍♀️

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The longer I follow you, the smarter, stronger, braver, *funnier*, you get, I by that logic you'll be invincible by age 90! I'm so proud that you even consider me a mutual, I know you've got a good head on your shoulders, and you make me so optimistic about future generations. Also take some more pics of your dolls pls?

THIS IS ONE OF THE NICEST MESSAGES IVE EVER RECEIVED i’m SO beyond flattered that someone would say smth like this about me thank you so so much

i’m rly happy i’ve come as far as i have but hearing stuff like this makes me 10x happier. im glad to be mutuals with you too, anon, whoever you may be

and ill try to get more doll pics!! im uncreative when it comes to that but i imagine once i get a phone with a better camera ill be able to do more of that

Anonymous asked: can you write something with Cas being a celebrity & he is always so kind to his fans and shows them how much he cares for them by getting themcoffee when they’re waiting in the line etc, like Misha himself but with Cas’ personality, and Dean is his biggest fan and never misses any con & Cas always has a special extra sweet smile for him & many little extra details reserved only for him. however you want it to do it but they get together/kiss at the end, please

Author’s note: Whoever you are anon, I loved writing this. ;) 

It was cold, more like freezing. They’d been waiting for hours, and Dean could no longer feel his fingers. His friend Charlie was clinging to his arm, trying to steal some warmth from him. Her teeth were chattering, and her face looked a little paler than was usual.

“This is all worth it, and you know it.” Charlie remarked when their gazes met.

Dean shrugged and nodded. He agreed wholeheartedly; she was right. Meeting your favorite actor was always worth it, even if it meant standing in line for hours and hours. And possibly freezing to death in the process.

They were surrounded by thousands of other fans, some of them dressed up as a certain character, others wearing shirts with their idols on it. Dean also recognized a few first timers; the ones who hadn’t been to any of these kind of events before, and who looked like they were slowly dying on the inside while waiting.

Four years ago, Dean had been one of them. He still remembered the nerves, but looking back now, it only made him smile. He thought back to the many conventions that he’d attended since then, and he appreciated all the friends that he’d made along the way. Friends like Charlie, whom he’d met at Comic Con, to find out that she lived in the same town as Dean. It was sort of awesome, finding a friend who understood that it was okay to still get excited about TV shows even when you were in your late twenties.

The two of them had pretty much become con buddies from there on, and it also helped that they were both mainly there for the same show; Angel Grace. Charlie had a huge crush on the actress named Gilda Fairchild, who played a badass warrior angel sidekick. And Dean… Well, he had his own preferences.

Castiel Novak was the actor who played the lead, a powerful archangel whose job was to keep peace on earth. Now at first, Dean had been drawn to the actor because the guy was handsome, charming in that socially-awkward kind of way, and had the bluest eyes to ever exist. Every person with a pair of functioning eyes could come to the conclusion that Castiel was drop-dead gorgeous. But then he’d met the guy, several times, and his little infatuation had only become worse.

The problem was that it no longer had anything to do with Castiel’s looks, or with his acting skills even. The guy was just genuinely nice. And kind, and sweet, and caring, even when it came to his fans.

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WHAT IF Poe finds out that Finn is ticklish and Finn has NO idea what the word means or what tickling is and his reaction is basically just "??? What?? What was that?? Do it again" and Poe is STRUGGLING to not blush up a storm while Finn is all giggly


  • Ticklish Finn not knowing what ticklish is, is the absolute sweetest, it’s almost bittersweet because Finn never got to experience tickle fights or sweet silly moments like that when he was younger, BUT ALSO IMAGINE EVERYONE TRYING TRYING TO CATCH HIM UP ON THE THINGS HE’S MISSED, AND THEY CONSTANTLY DISCOVER THINGS HE’S NEVER EXPERIENCED, LIKE CAMPING FOR EXAMPLE

  • Imagine Poe, who doesn’t even think more than ‘oh this is will fun’ when he sneaks up behind Finn- who’s talking with someone about something, and tickles his sides. And Finn just jumps and spins around to grab Poe’s wrists before falling onto the ground and bursting into laughter, and Poe hasn’t seen anyone laugh as hard as Finn is in response to being tickled so he’s just kind of wide eyed on the ground next to Finn who’s all confused “WHAT WAS THAT THING YOU JUST DID?? Do it again, what is it??”

  • And yes it’s going this way apparently, blushy!Poe amazed by Finn’s reaction when he’s tickled, because Finn gets all wriggly and is literally rolling away from Poe, and he finds it hilarious and really attractive at the same time, and Finn is laughing harder than Poe has ever heard him laugh and CUTE FLUFFINESS 

  • Everyone on the base just tries THEIR HARDEST NOT TO PAY ATTENTION 

whoever you are anon, plz send more headcanons they fuel my shipper heart (and make me so happy you don’t even know)

For Ourselves

Title: For Ourselves

Pairing: Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

Summary: The reader and dean are teenagers and get caught kissing.

Request: Could I have a teen!dean x teen!reader (both 16 or something) and they have known each other all of their lives but hate each other. One day while she visits bobby, dean and Sam are there and they play pranks on each other and banter back and forth. And then one time the reader makes fun of him for never kissing a girl before and it leads to them making out. And after the kiss they decide to hide their relationship from everyone until one day someone catches them kissing?

A/N: I loved this. I love how it turned out. I hope you do too. Holy crap. I love this one. Make it stop. :)


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“Bobby!” You exclaimed as you hugged the old man tightly. He smiled and hugged you back. Your father smiled slightly and walked inside the house. 

“Where’s John?” Your father asked. Bobby let you go and looked at your father.

“He just went outside. He’s about to leave. You made good time.” Bobby told him. “You guys better head out though. The kids are good here.” You groaned and Bobby looked at you. 

“Not Dean.” You whined. Bobby rolled his eyes

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