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I wished that it was me. I know that’s horrible and I know that’s selfish, but I watched you rescue Peyton and you told me you rescued Dan and sometimes I just wish you could rescue me. (requested by anon)


Anon (who didn’t have a blog at the time but now does): @i-smell-food thanks for the prompt!

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Lucaya 1

Might be a little fluff

Come Over Here and Make Me

It was gym class and they were playing dodgeball. Lucas was the captain of the first team while Maya was the captain of the other. It was near the end of the game and they were the only ones left on the floor.

“Might as well give up now, Ranger Rick,” Maya teased. “I’m gonna win.”

“Maya,” he started. “We’re literally tied.”

“Not after I throw this last ball at you…and I never miss…remember? You might as well call it quits, Friar.”

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?” Maya smiled, devilishly as she walks towards the line. Lucas walked towards the line as well.

Maya started to smirk and kissed him straight on the lips. He was stunned, not knowing how to react. Then Maya threw the ball at him.

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Listen, I came on here and saw people complaining about the elevators, and I just want to say: SOMEONE (not me) worked VERY hard on those elevators and it is so disrespectful to just disregard all the hard work that WHOEVER DESIGNED THE BASE put into them. And there are staircases in there! If the prevalence of elevators bothers you so much, take it up with Lucretia! You guys are free to add more staircases at any time! GOD


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Prompt: Lucas and Maya had a baby at 16 & 18 and Maya's late again, causing Lucas to freak out

i loved this so much that i accidently wrote 1.5k words?? i’m not sure if it’s exactly what you were looking for, but it’s something all right. thanks for the prompt!! 

“I’m late,” Maya blurts out as they walk into Abigail Adams High School.

“Late?” Lucas muses. He glances at his watch to check the time, then says, “We’re not late. Actually, we’re early for once. I think this is the first day we’ve gotten Matthew to daycare on time in months. We have plenty of time.”

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sexual tension and love and all is good but olicity needs a lot more to reconcile. what are your thoughts on that?

Oh you’re right, anon. 

Felicity told Oliver when she left him that he tended to revert back to his island way of going alone when things got rough. Oliver had been full of guilt and Felicity had been full of pain, and though they’d talked, they hadn’t talked. 

They haven’t had catharsis. They need that. We need that.

I need them to fight the fuck out. (I’m going to go One Tree Hill on your ass, so bear with me). It would be like this (in my head):

Oliver would be

And Felicity would take a deep breath and crack a joke and change the topic. For once though, Oliver would persist. Because they need to hash it out. The conundrum they’re in is not healthy for either of them, swinging between a rock and a hard place. 

Oliver would push and push and then Felicity would snap. Oh, she’d snap gloriously, laying it all out on the line completely, bare to him

They would hash it all out, completely and yell or whisper or just plain shake each other but they would LAY IT OUT

(I swear i got chills when i saw this scene for the first time)

That was the crux of the matter. Oliver didn’t share with Felicity. Oliver didn’t let her in. And he’s trying. Trying harder. 

He tells her that. He tells her.

It’s raw. It’s unrefined. It’s real

But she isn’t ready for the risk, not again, not so soon. Her heart is bruised and she isn’t ready.

But he can wait. He will wait for eternity if there was even a glimmer of possibility for them because for him, she is it.

And then, after that whole cathartic talk, would they be on the road back to each other. That doesn’t mean they’ll reconcile suddenly. It’s a long road, and it should take its own sweet time when the destination is forever. 

But this is how they get on the path. 

Because after all,

I don’t care if they take thirty minutes or five. I don’t care if they yell or whisper, scream or murmur. I don’t care if they cry like lovers or joke like friends. 

I just need them to talk the fuck out of this conversation.

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Hi! Would you consider writing a Mileven fic/headcanon but out of Lucas' or Will's or any other outsider's pov? I love those and i haven't seen any of them, or if you know any link me to them? Thank you anyway i love your writing x :)

Thanks, anon! I’m not sure if this really works for what you had in mind, but I hope you’ll enjoy! I’ll likely expand to include one for each Dustin, Will, and Max in the coming days so keep your eyes peeled (if you feel so inclined!) 💜

Lucas and Mike had gotten together every Saturday morning, barring illness or family vacation, since kindergarten. They’d sprawl out in the Sinclair living room with a shared plate of pancakes (the only time Lucas was allowed to eat in the living room) and watch hours of cartoons before riding their bikes (in the summer) or going sledding (in the winter).

So, when Mike called him Friday night and said he wouldn’t be coming over the next morning, Lucas asked why.

“It’s El,” Mike replied, “I invited her to come watch cartoons with us but she’s too nervous to meet your parents so we’re gonna watch them here.”

“Oh, okay,” Lucas said. He understood that meeting a friend’s parents for the first time was scary and El hadn’t met many nice adults in her life. And he understood that Mike really liked El, in a way that was more than stupid and mushy. He really cared about her and so did Lucas. He could survive one Saturday without Mike if it meant giving El a shot at a childhood activity she never got to experience; one that he himself loved dearly. “Have fun,” Lucas continued. He heard Mike make an exasperated noise on the other side of the phone.

“We means you too,” Mike said firmly, and Lucas could practically hear his friend’s eyes rolling.

“Only if you promise not to be making goo-goo eyes at El the whole time,” Lucas teased.

“I don’t do that!” Mike defended himself and it was Lucas’s turn to make an exasperated noise. A beat of silence followed and then Mike asked, “So you’re coming right? Cause El wants you to be there. And so do I.”

“Yeah,” Lucas smiled, “I’ll bring over some candy too. El’s favourites.”

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I can imagine Lucas having no damn clue what to do when someone genuinely flirts with him. Like he'll try to act chill, but it's so obvious he's frazzled that it's kind of cute. I can see him trying to retaliate, only to have the rug ripped from underneath him if the other person continued on.

I think Lucas was bullied by Zoe and her girlfriends and his reaction to a girl actually flirting with him would be aggressive and defensive as if he were being tricked again - but I think your headcanon is also spot on, Anon. Poor murdering asshole…he’s hopeless.

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Could you please write about eleven coming back from the upside down and as soon as mike sees her he runs up and kisses her and Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Max are really confused.

Hey anon! Thanks for the request, it was a lot of fun to write—and actually kind of challenging. I made a couple changes (I hope that’s okay!) because I just felt that they worked. Hope you like this!

The arcade—The Palace—was one of Mike’s favourite places in Hawkins. Or, it had been prior to November of 1983. These days, Will never joined them for their after school game of PacMan or Donkey Kong. On Thursdays, sometime between lunch and the final bell, Will would inevitably complain of a headache and casually mention that Jonathan—or Steve, if Jonathan was working—would be picking him up from school. Mike knew, as did Dustin and Lucas, that it wasn’t a headache that kept Will away from the arcade. Rather, it was the flashing lights and loud noises that they eagerly pedalled towards on Thursday afternoons that were just too much for Will.

Mike couldn’t blame him. Truthfully, it had taken him quite some time to feel comfortable at the arcade again. And even if it was still a little nerve-wrecking for him to be there, he put on a brave face because The Palace was a special place. It was the place where he and his friends had first met Max. It was the place where Dustin had (foolishly) challenged her Space Invaders score and lost miserably.

And, although Mike didn’t know it yet, it was the place that would bring Eleven home on a particularly windy Thursday afternoon.

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It is said that if you stand in the exact middle of the quad at 2:47 AM facing the kitchens you can see Lucas Miller trying to grapple in the first-floor window and failing majorly. After, like, 4 minutes of trying he goes in the door and comes back out with a cookie box filled with sandwiches and inhaler cartridges and half skips half shuffles back to however he got onto the moonbase in the first place

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Thanks for making me cry, twice. If you could write something about the boys, Eleven, & Max going to the park, getting ice-cream, and laying down in the grass and watching the clouds that would be great.

Sorry I made you cry, anon! Here’s a little something I threw together that I hope begins to make up for it!

“But if I could visit any other planet, it would be Mars because I think that’s most likely where aliens would live,” Max concluded, turning her attention back to the rapidly melting mint chocolate chip cone in her hand. El nodded thoughtfully, taking a bite of her own strawberry cone as she walked alongside Max down a shaded street in downtown Hawkins.

“I think I’d go to Saturn,” El mused aloud, remembering all the interesting facts Lucas and Mike had shared with her about each of the planets earlier that year. They had both been extremely eager to inform her that Titan—one of Saturn’s moons—had mountains named after the mountains from Tolkien. El, who had very quickly become enamoured with Tolkien and Middle Earth, was also very excited to learn this fact.

“Saturn is cool too,” Max nodded enthusiastically, “Oh, here’s a question! Would you rather go to space or explore under water?”

“Space,” El answered automatically, her face tightening ever so slightly at the mention of being under water. Though she tried to hide her expression, focusing on her ice cream, Max noticed almost immediately.

“Me too,” Max said with a smile, grabbing El’s free hand and giving it a quick squeeze, “Space is way better!”

It was then that the girls heard a familiar and friendly ringing from behind them. They turned just in time to see Lucas and Mike approaching on their bikes.

“We went by the Chief’s place, but he said Steve picked you up and brought you into town,” Mike explained as he came to a stop in front of them, balancing on his left leg.

“For ice cream,” Max nodded, holding up her half-finished cone. “We were gonna go to the park if you geeks want to join.” She grinned impishly, winking at Lucas, who rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Says you,” he retorted, “The biggest geek of us all.”

“I’m a hundred times cooler than any of you could ever hope to be,” Max scoffed playfully, “Except El, of course.”

“No one’s cooler than El,” Lucas agreed. El grinned and rolled her eyes, though there was no mistaking the slight blush on her cheeks. Mike too was blushing, because he agreed that there was no one cooler than El and to think that she liked him—as more than a friend—always sent him spiralling into hopeless red-facedness.

With the boys biking slowly ahead of them, looping back every so often to check in, Max and El continued to stroll down the sidewalk in their matching shared sneakers (a pink and a black one each), finishing their ice cream cones and chatting about outer space.

Once they arrived at the park, Max immediately challenged Lucas to a race across the monkey bars, the two running off and teasing each other mercilessly. Mike and El opted for a quieter activity, sprawling out across the tall grass the hill that overlooked Findley Park, watching as fluffy white clouds rolled by slowly overhead, their hands intertwined.