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I LOVED, LOVED your derek and Sherriff friendship! It was hilarious, and cute! Do you have other headcanons/idea for Sterek with the sheriff in it? I never see this enough...

Thank you so much love!

Do I have other idea? Are you kidding me? I would read all the tropes twisted just to include the sheriff in more in sterek stories.

Imagine a cop!AU, where the Sheriff is the one to do the fake!prostitute trope (because there is a man killing middle aged prostitute, and also, the sheriff is totally still fit enough to be a prostitute!). And Derek is the kind soul that tries to take him in and proposes him some food because it’s super cold outside and the sheriff have been alone for hours in front of his flat (the sheriff is kind of pissed off by the fact that nobody picked him up). So Stiles gets called by his colleagues, that told him that his father was apparently picked up off the street by a creepy looking guy, and Stiles comes in, gun blazing, only to find his dad eating homemade soup and explaining why he would make an amazing prostitute to the most beautiful man in a comfy sweater.

Or you know, the sheriff fall into cold water. And Stiles and Derek debates the merit of getting naked to warm him up because, gross, this is dad, and this is the Sheriff, and they are kind of all awkward and blushing because naked in the same bed (even with the sheriff in between). while they are all blushing and looking at each other through their lashes, the sheriff has taken a warm shower and is now drinking a big coffee in bed (he doesn’t need anyone to warm up, thank you very much), and feeling very amused by their whispering.

Or the coffee!AU, where John goes to the same coffee shop every day, and there is this very grumpy, quiet barista that always makes him amazing coffee and keep the best pastries for him. And one day the Sheriff learns that Derek is the one to bake them all, so he decides: this will be my son in law, I need a reason to have this man in my family for at least forty to fifty years. Then he matchmakes with no subtility whatsoever, basically offering his only son on a silver plate, Stiles spluttering all the way (but he takes Derek’s number anyway because the guy is just amazingly cute)

Or the cop/firefighter trope, where the old boss of the Firefighters was an asshole, and the Sheriff arch ennemy. Than comes the new guy, Derek, that the Sheriff really, really wants to hate, but then he kind of took him out of his house on fire when he was fifteen, and he is really nice, and he actually saved a cat from a tree (granted, it was Ms Damerson crazy demon cat, but it’s still mostly counts as a feline). And the more they meet the more he has to admit that he kind of like the guy, and one day Stiles gets stuck in a tree (because of course he does) and instead of calling the firefighter, John calls directly Derek’s number. He’s super proud when it all works out as well as he expected.

Dude. Any sterek trope is better (and funnier) with the Sheriff thrown in it :D

(also, please people, feel free to write as many sheriff trope as you want and give me the links!!)

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Hihihi. Are requests open? If not then just ignore this. If yes, then I have a request. What if MC leaves the RFA because Rika was back and everyone was focusing on her more. Mc decides that she's not needed or wanted anymore so she just disappears with the help of Saeran (since he still hates Rika for the whole brainwashing thing). It can be a mini-fic or a scenario or whatever. 😊😊 Love love love your work btw 😍 best author ever

Anon said:  Your headcanons are really awesome! I always love reading them. This is a bit sad but I have this HC that there were probably a lot of people who supported Rika being the first and original party coordinator of the foundation, so when MC took her place they think she’s not good enough and compares her to Rika, send her emails wanting her to leave. These start to get to MC so how does the RFA help her?

This one was interesting to do! Spoilers for the secret ends ahead. Also, in everyone’s except Seven’s, MC didn’t end up with anyone after the first 11 days. 

General Scenario:

  • After the first party, you thought everything would go great
  • But everything seemed to go downhill
  • The lists get longer, and there’s more guests who knew Rika more than you
  • You’ve even gotten a few emails from guests requesting your resignation, because they believed only Rika was good enough for a job like this
  • After awhile, it started wearing down on you
  • To make things worse, a few parties later and Rika returns fully recovered
  • She works with you instead of replacing you
  • You find it really nice, but it only emphasizes your insecurities
  • Even most of the RFA seem to be falling back into giving her all of the glory
  • You just can’t take it anymore and you have a breakdown after one of the meetings
  • Saeran finds you and you accidentally end up spilling everything
  • You voiced that you just wanted to disappear
  • After a few minutes of silence, he agrees to help you
  • With his skills, you manage to run away without anyone knowing


  • He’s really worried when you don’t log into the messenger after a whole day
  • He noticed you’d been down lately, but you always claimed to be fine
  • He drops by the apartment to check on you, and he finds it completely empty with your phone and computer buzzing with missed notifications
  • He tries to call you or find you in your usual spots, but to no avail
  • He informs the RFA and implores Seven to find you
  • He visits the hacker’s house to help where he can
  • Somehow, he had a gut feeling when he saw Saeran looking a bit guilty
  • Forcefully gets the information out of the younger twin
  • When he gets the address to your location, he goes to you right away
  • As soon as you open the door, he’s begging for forgiveness if he made you feel insecure like that
  • He’s voicing his worries and begging you to come back and somehow his confession slips up
  • This really moves you, but you’re still not ready to come back
  • For a long while, you only allow Zen to see you and he respects your wishes and keeps your whereabouts a secret
  • After several really long talks, he coaxes you back into the group
  • He’s so much more protective when it comes to guests’ comments though


  • He had been very caught up with Rika back, so he kind of got absorbed in helping her whenever he could
  • He thinks you’ve been in the chatroom, but realizes you’re not when he compliments you on something and you don’t respond
  • He checks old chats and finds out it’s been quite awhile since you’ve joined one
  • It makes him feel worse when it seemed that the rest of the RFA had noticed a while ago
  • He feels horrible and guilty
  • He goes to Seven’s house to ask where you are, but Seven doesn’t even know
  • Saeran makes some vague comment with a bitter undertone, and it tips Yoosung off
  • They get into an argument while Yoosung is demanding to know where you are
  • Finally, he tells Yoosung how you felt
  • Yoosung is in shock and he gets super depressed for awhile
  • He knows you won’t answer, but he starts texting you every day saying how much you’re missed and loved
  • He does this for a month so it becomes habit
  • You actually are reading them though, and finally you decide to reply
  • He’s in such shock and apologizing so much through text
  • You refuse to take his calls or talk to him in person for a long time, so text is mainly how you communicate
  • Still, this starts to rebuild your relationship until you’re finally willing to meet him face to face again He takes the opportunity to show you how much he’s changed and to show how much he cares for you
  • It still takes time for you to fully trust him again, but he’s so steady and patient
  • He really does show you how wonderful and capable of a person you are


  • She wasn’t close with Rika, but her coming back meant bigger parties
  • Jaehee got dragged into doing more work in the process
  • So, she really hadn’t been talking to you much
  • She noticed your absence when she texted for your opinion on something and you didn’t reply after nearly two days
  • She tried calling and emailing…but just came to the conclusion you were busy or ill or something
  • But the rest of the RFA notice the same and finally announce you ran away
  • Jaehee is really worried because she knows you wouldn’t run unless you had a good reason
  • She doesn’t tell the others and pours herself into researching your whereabouts
  • While Saeran was careful in hiding you, Jaehee knew your patterns and soon found a local cafe you frequented
  • She asks if you could talk, and you don’t have the heart to refuse
  • You tell her everything that happened, and she’s mad and crying because you didn’t tell her and you’re crying because she’s crying
  • You have this whole touching moment in the corner of this cafe
  • She doesn’t tell the others, and she won’t
  • She knows where you’re coming from and doesn’t force you to return if you don’t want to
  • She’is kind of angry with those guests who made you feel that way
  • She helps you rebuild a life in the town you choose
  • As long as she keeps in touch with you, she respects your wishes and keeps you away from the RFA


  • With Rika’s return, old wounds and scars from V started popping up within Jumin
  • He started distancing himself from the RFA, logging in less and working more
  • Finally, he just needs a full break and goes on month long business trip
  • While there, he sorts things out and figures it’s not fair to you because you worked just as hard and seem to care about him
  • So he comes back only to find you had run away awhile ago and no one can find you
  • His worry pushes him into action
  • He’s hiring people left and right to find you
  • Knowing he has the resources to actually find you, Saeran steps in and stops Jumin, explaining that you don’t want to be found
  • He has to eventually come clean about helping you run
  • Jumin was already a bit bitter when it came to Saeran because of V, but he was tempted to feel even more so now
  • But then Saeran disclosed your location
  • The younger twin had been watching you though, and he knows you haven’t been doing well
  • Jumin thinks he’s fine, until he finally faces you
  • His vision blurs with tears and he can’t help but hold you tight in his arms, pleading for you to never leave him again
  • You’ve missed him as well, so you’re willing to sit down with him and just talk
  • While he listens to your concerns, he reasons with you to go back
  • After all, he went through the same recently and he doesn’t want you cutting ties like that
  • He’s patient as you slowly make your way back into the group and heal


  • He feels very uncomfortable with Rika there, especially after all that happened
  • He’s still talking with the RFA, but rarely, and he avoids Rika altogether
  • He’d also noticed you hadn’t been yourself
  • But because you thought he was having a hard time you acted like everything was fine
  • Before running off, you had made Saeran promise not to tell Seven anything, thinking he would be better off without someone incompetent like you
  • Seven noticed your absence almost immediately, since you practically dropped off the face of the earth
  • He starts thinking his old agency is out for revenge
  • Now he’s terrified for you life and works day and night trying to find any trace of you
  • Saeran watches as his brother loses sleep and peace of mind and he just can’t stand it anymore
  • He casually leaves a big clue open on his laptop
  • Of course, Seven finds it and looks for you immediately
  • When he finds you, there’s a mix of yelling and crying from him
  • He makes you tell him everything…from your feelings to your plan to the guest emails
  • He wanted to know every detail and try to help you recover
  • He understands you don’t want to go back with Rika there…and he doesn’t feel comfortable with it either
  • None of you could recover with something so symbolic of past trauma constantly there
  • But he doesn’t think it healthy to cut ties with the rest of the RFA either, since they were like second family
  • So, he starts searching and finds a quiet house in a place that’s very…very far from the others
  • Once he buys it, he asks you to marry him…and soon
  • Of course you agree, and a few weeks later you, him, and Saeran move away
  • You all still keep in touch with the RFA through the chat and occasionally parties, but the distance allows you all to concentrate on healing and building up your own family 

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I like your latest fic! What is this au? Can you tell us more? Are you and amalas are doing a collab? Is there going to be more? This is exciting!

Thank you anon, I’m so glad that you like my fic!

For now we’re calling it the War AU. It’s a historical AU set somewhere in the early-mid 20th century. If you have any specific questions, send in another ask!

Yes this is a collab with @amalasdraws​! We have a whole lot of plot and story planned out and we are so excited to bring this story to life! There is so much yet to come!

For now… how about a small teaser?

Tooru’s so close.

He’s so close that Hajime can feel his warm breaths against his face, his neck. Hajime shifts, Tooru’s arm sliding further down his side, fingertips resting on his lower back, warm and light even through the heavy fabric of his jacket.

Hajime swallows, eyes sweeping across Tooru’s face as they look at each other. Really look.

He’s never really looked at him this closely before… Tooru’s eyes are so dark and captivating, and he has a tiny scar across the bridge of his nose. Hajime wants to ask where it’s from, find out more about him - everything about him that Tooru will tell - but all of his words get lost somewhere in his throat, all mixed-up and jumbled when Tooru brushes their noses together softly.

The war feels far away when it’s just the two of them here, tangled up together, breathless from their laughter, warm and comfortable for the first time in weeks. Hajime moves his hands up to Tooru’s shoulders, holding him close, more relaxed in cuddling him in. Tooru tugs himself a little bit closer, leaning in slightly, and Hajime meets his hesitant gaze.

“Have you… ever kissed a man?” Tooru asks, voice quiet and shy, but he doesn’t look away.

Hajime swallows.

He looks down for a moment, his response coming out quiet and small. “No… I haven’t.” He pauses, shifting a little, nervously. He keeps his thumbs moving in careful circles on Tooru’s arm, the touches calming. Grounding. “Have you?”

Tooru smiles shyly and nods his head. He keeps his eyes on Hajime. “Yes… I have.”

Hajime looks down at Tooru’s lips and wonders what it would feel like to kiss him.

Are his lips soft?

What would he taste like?

He keeps his thumb moving slowly, eyes flicking up and down, conflicted. “What… does it feel like?”

“To kiss a man?” Tooru asks, still smiling. His hands slide up Hajime’s back, leaving goosebumps in their wake until he grips Hajime’s shoulder blades tightly.

Hajime bites his bottom lip, still entranced with Tooru’s lips. He can’t tear his gaze away, and leans in a little bit closer unintentionally. “Yeah…”

Tooru nudges him carefully. He moves a little bit closer, fingers curling in the fabric of Hajime’s shirt.

“You wanna find out?”

Best Game Ever

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Request from an awesome anon: “I loved your most recent mark smut! can I request a Mark smut with dom!mark with dry humping but then he can’t take it anymore and yeah”

Hope you enjoy love, I made it a little fluffy too :)

Warnings: Adult Content

“Alright you guys, I’m going to bed. Goodnight” Youngjae said, getting up from the couch.

You and Mark smiled at him.

“Goodnight, Sunshine,” you said as he made his way to his room.

One by one the guys dropped like flies during your movie night. They had practice earlier that day and were so exhausted. Youngjae was the last of them.

Now it was just you and Mark, alone.

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August 31

Happy Birthday, Abarai Renji!! 

Have some Papa and Baby pineapples ;w; And yes that is a happy uncle-byakuya-fly in the corner

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My brother has one of those hooked claw knives and I picked it up and he look at how I was holding it instructing to "put your little finger through the ring" to which I responded, "my hand's too small, it's not comfortable." He responds with, "Oh, I have a smaller one." Then goes into his closet into a box labeled 'sharp things' and pulls out the smaller one, he hands it to me and asks "How's that?", I respond "Much better." He then tells me how to use it. Long story short: Freewood

first of all, i totally love the idea of Ryan having a box that just says ‘sharp stuff’. Its so perfect. second, fuck this is so cute to imagine as freewood. I LOVE the idea of ryan teaching gav self defense, teaching him how to properly use knives should he need it. (and of course those lessons always ending in make outs and possibly sex)

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*zoom* I'm a white mom of 2 from Chicago and a diehard Richonne shipper. My love for Richonne (and OK, Andy and his profane lips) led me to Tumblr. But this fandom has become more than just Richonne for me: my feed is now full of the incomparable political commentary, music, art, writings and other media produced by magnificent black women (and men). Just sorry it took Richonne to get me here. Luv ya, lady! #notjustaboutthewhitedick #andIactuallypreferblack #canIsaythatonhere? *zoomout*

Same, to be honest. Not the white mom from Chicago part, obviously, but I came here for Richonne, and stayed for everything else. Being in this fandom has expanded my tastes, my consciousness, my friendships. And obviously my love for white dick. 😬 So it’s dope that Richonne could get us all here. I love you back, babe! 😘

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OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?? I was doing just fine and BAM! you updated the predator and now I'm just an emotional mess lying on the floor. The kiss was better than anything I could have imagined and I just kept rereading that part till every word was ingrained in my mind! And Amara is such a BAMF and she showed her scar to felicity. She's like a cinnamon role in need of my protection. Please don't hurt her because she's felicity' first friend and Oliver's little sister. (1/ )

All. Of. This. 

Amara is my precious baby. I’ll cut anyone who tries to hurt her. 

And don’t get me started on Olicity. 

Just share that bowl of ice cream with me and let’s obsess about this story because it owns my ass and soul and everything in between, so much so that I don’t care how weird that sounds.

Have a Predator Oliver for being so awesome, anon!

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i'm looking looking forward to wherever you're doing for these two baby scorpios of mine's bdays!!!! it's surely gonna be cute and lovely like everything you do!!

aaaaa I’m so excited!!!!! 

I had a bad experience yesterday and I’m just going to let it go and move on and be happy, but I first need to thank all my wonderful, kind, caring followers who encouraged me and made me feel better!

Firstly to @ironicsnap and @nenya85 (both great fanfic authors themselves actually!) who could not have been quicker to step in with reassurances and talk me down from being upset.

To @k-for-days, @daylelight, @ultralolcatlove, @naehja, @sweatersandpants, @invinciblend, @hirami, @grimmovid, @vylons and doubly to @egyptiansapphiredragons for messaging or replying (or both!) with support.

To the three - THREE - anons who sent asks saying they themselves weren’t prideshippers but still defended my right to prideship proudly as I saw fit. I am so flattered to hear I’ve got a content non-prideshipping contingent amongst my followers! It means something special to hear that people who don’t like what I like still like what I do! I’m not going to publish your asks, my darling friendly anons, because I don’t want to drag the original ridiculousness out all over everyone’s dash for ages.

And a most particular shout-out to the anon who actively hates prideshipping (has the tag blocked, calls it a NOTP) and is for some reason still on this ridiculous train I’m driving! Your anger on my behalf really raised my spirits and I hope you understand why I’m not publishing your ask. Thank you though!

Thank you all SO much! I feel very loved and appreciated and much much better about my writing! xx


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I always pictured it like if there is going to be a time jump klaus will probably be a worried father because he can't get close to his daughter but still wants to involve in her life maybe in a restaurant or something that they will meet and caroline will report about hope and we will be informed that every year at thr same place and same time they are doing this because klaus wants to know if hope has a boyfriend or anyone in school is treating badly to her or something.I dont Know

She was running late. Staring at his drink, Klaus struggled to keep his foot from bouncing against the barstool. Patience would never be one of his virtues, but for her, he had to try.

“Sorry!” Klaus turned to find Caroline hustling into the airport bar with an apologetic grin. Automatically, he stood to take her heavy tote bag and helped her onto the seat next to him. “My flight took forever to let us off the plane.”

“Quite alright,” he answered neutrally, though he couldn’t help but drink in the sight of her. A year was too long, despite the occasional video call Hope managed to trick Caroline into joining. “How’s my girl?”

Smiling, Caroline ordered herself a gin and tonic as she shed her light cardigan. “She’s fine, if a little annoyed we still have these meetings about her.”

Klaus chuckled. “As I remember, you were the one annoyed by these meetings.”

“Only because you wanted them every week, and I was so not going to enable that,” Caroline countered. “I do think Hope would like to visit Atlanta.”

His amused expression sobered. “It’s still not safe.”

With a sigh, Caroline slid a hand over his on the bar top. “I know.” She reached into her tote to pull out a tablet. “Let’s talk about her progress reports, yeah? She’s started a chess club, which I’m sure is right up your alley. Well, it’s more of a wizarding chess club, but they haven’t figured out to animate the pieces yet. Bonnie suggested they try using flowers, because apparently plants have personalities that could be amplified, not that I think it’s a good idea to instigate a botanical uprising, but I’m all about the kids developing their own interests.”

Flipping through pictures until she found one of Hope in the greenhouse, Caroline paused. “I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

Klaus nodded, his smile indulgent as he crowded closer to the tablet. “Tell me more.”

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do you know if there's like a dailydominator type of blog but for emperor awesome already? :O bc I'd rly like to make one

As far as I know No there isnt! And go for it!! I am 100% for more daily blogs! please link me your blog when/ if you make it anon! THIS GOES FOR ANYONE WHO MAKES A DAILY! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

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you like,,,, ashfur,,,, like is it in an ironic way or do i need to smash that mf unfollow button

Ok like with ashfur its mostly ironic but i feel i should warn you

I like a lot of shitty characters unitonically

I mean god you should see who my fave character in Berserk is

But Just bc I like a character in fiction doesnt mean I think they are morally right or confone their actions

I like trash but I know its trash I’m liking

Tumblr has this whole thing going on that liking a villain= you are a bad person

And I strongly disagree

I mean its fiction,

theres characters I like in fiction that I would litterly fist fight irl because their actions and attitude are garbage

If you hate people who like problematic fictional characters I’m probably not the best person to follow in general anon

All my faves are antagonists who do awful things
And all if em are Way worse than Ashfur

I really think its silly for people to hate and judge others for what fictional characters they like.

Jughead x Fem!Reader- Happily ever After

Thank you lovely anon for the kind words and the awesome request! I enjoyed writing this! (And I silently scream because holy shit that compliment is so sweet? Like what? Thank you <3)

Please let me know if the request did not fit what you wanted and I will do my best to right the wrong. Thank you again for sending it, and for your kind words~!

Second person as always~!

Warnings: None~!

Words: 1610


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Grape what do you think of the trope of Kagome being an "uptown girl" and Inuyasha being an average working person, but they are drawn together despite being from different social areas of city life? Kagome would be sincere and not snobby, and Inuyasha would be surprised about her sincerity. Do you think this would work for a fic?

Um. That I would LOVE IT SO MUCH! 

I mean the idea that they are from two different worlds and just fdbnxm,nbjkcnbm,xgmbkn. I mean it would makes sense!! Kagome being cute and overly trusting and naive to the streets. And Inuyasha who has to work 100x harder then the average person because of prejudice towards half-breeds and how Kagome doesn’t like it. 

asjfhjkdfh YEs I think it would work . xdklsdhjvk h