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Spank me daddy

?????????? what the…. are you the same anon as that senpai one??

and I’m no daddy, orca is

here’s to the girls who aren’t “gold star” lesbians

to the ones who struggled with their own internalized (trans)misogyny and homophobia. who were too scared to accept the fact that they liked girls. the ones who used heterosexual relationships as self harm, because they held on to denial as a weapon. let’s hear it for the girls that went on a warpath of self destruction and came out the other side barely surviving, but who are healing now, with hearts full of self love and self acceptance. let’s hear it for the girls who love girls, but didn’t know, or couldn’t accept it, until the long battle with self hatred was fought and won.

here’s to you. you are lesbians – as real as any other lesbian – i’m proud of you and i love you.

min yoongi probably.....
  • Namjoon, over text at three am: hey yoongi i just thought of this what if we change some of the lyrics we were working on earlier
  • Yoongi: yeah sure what were you thinking
  • Namjoon: well there's that one part where the rhyme scheme was kind of weird so i want to try to come up with something better
  • Yoongi: 2kkkk9
  • Namjoon: what
  • Yoongi: O9ow9w999
  • Namjoon: um
  • Yoongi: oh sorry i fell asleep
  • Yoongi: i can't feel my face is that bad
  • Namjoon: yoongi go to bed
  • Yoongi: fukk off floodbucket
  • Yoongi: cy 8;;
  • Yoongi: wait fuck that's not what i meant to do my face kinda hit buttons
  • Yoongi: i'm going to shell goodbye
it’s you

“i believe coincidence is the universe’s way of telling you something.”

(in which Riley never falls on Lucas’ lap)

(ps this is 5800 words idk how but yeah… I’m sorry please read it and let me know what you think)


In seventh grade, my parents had decided to loosen the reins on me and let me take the subway with Maya. Being so exposed and close to a large amount of people was pretty overwhelming especially when everyone had been pushing and shoving everyone else in the small subway cart. But I was excited to finally gain freedom from my parents and let my best friend show me the real ways to live.

The two of us were stuck standing in the crowded subway when I decided to take out my newly bought lipgloss and apply it to my lips.

“Woah, Riley! You don’t do lipgloss!” I smile proudly at her noticing the change.

“Oh! What I forgot to mention is that I’m completely reinventing myself. I ride the Subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!” I grinned and Maya mischievously looks beyond me.

“Yeah, let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him.” I slowly turn around to see a really good looking boy slightly smile at us with my eyes wide and turn back to my best friend with a giggle. “You still wanna be like me?” She asks with a raise of her eyebrow, and her hand slowly lifting my hand from the pole that supported us.

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 1]

New Series!!! Request by an awesome anon that inspired me to turn it into a series :) hope you guys enjoy!

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

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