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While also thinking that leftists making their shit available for free is "Good". It's not good, it's bad. I don't want to read, watch, or listen to your politics, your ideas, beliefs, or desires, no more than I want to of right wingers, nazis, white nationalists, etc. But without pushing it onto people, all of it dies. So naturally, both do. And both of them are shite. And "Pacifist", lmfao. The fucking irony here is amazing. The very term - pacifist - is idiocy.

This anon has sent me a literal 7 part series of hate messages because he doesn’t want to “read, watch, or listen to my politics.” Well then just ignore me dude lol why are you wasting your time sending me hate mail

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so, i'm planning on writing a fahc ahot6 fix where gavin gets taken by another crew. (not that that's my favourite trope or anything, what??? nooooo???) it's got me wondering what you think the other's reactions would be to the ransom? (because your headcanons are frankly canon to me)

anon i tried so hard to take this seriously, i swear, but:

  • “are you kidding? i’m not paying this. they can keep him.” –geoff
  • [in genuine surprise] “gavin’s been missing?” –jack
  • “i give them like three hours before they get sick of him and leave him on the side of the road somewhere.” –ray
  • “three hours? try fifteen minutes.” –michael
  • “oh. no wonder it’s been so peaceful. we’re not in a huge rush to get him back, are we? don’t look at me like that. you were all thinking the same thing.” –ryan 
  • (“four days! four days until you lot decided to get around to finding me! they were starting to feel sorry for me towards the end there. don’t even try to defend yourselves, i’ve seen the instagram account, you all went to the bloody beach while i was tied to a chair.” –gavin)

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what are your overall thoughts on the album?

okay well overall. as a concept I’m finding the whole sheep thing like… really gimicky and kinda ridiculous but I digress. sheep as a song, there are parts I really like musically, not a fan of the English lyrics and the mv? Bye. ngl peach is actually a fucking TUNE I’m blasting it out my ass also disregarding the lyrics yixing actually sounds really natural singing in English. other faves include hand MASK and shake. the singing parts of shake are nice, the chorus.. lyrically I fucking burst out laughing and had to pause bc holy shit.

and then we have miss I need u, a legend, what we all deserved, a god tier jam.

jury’s out on the rest bc I’ve been blasting peach on repeat too much to remember any others so I’ll have to go back and actually listen properly.

it’s no lose control, it’s completely different and idk how to feel abt it as an album but there are parts I really like. feels a bit anticlimactic tbh. but we can’t always have it all so I made my peace with it

Reblog if you are amused at the idiocy of anon trying to dispute Terry.

It is actually hilarious. Terry’s organic perfection drives them so crazy, they feel the need to come into inboxes to attempt to justify their psychosis. Terry frightens these morons. Know why? They see what we know and see and it is making them nuts. Guess what, dumbasses? You are making our point for us. Thanks for the unnecessary receipts.


*tries to draw popped collarbones as nicely as louis’ n sof’s* *fails elegantly*

yslboner WOW hello love its me ash from the psa drawing ask & I DID A THING

sof youre the most wonderful lil stylish bean & i rly hope you like this!! thank you for all the kindness and love and fun and info that youve given us xx

(ps i may have freaked when you answered my ask) (and it was just anon idiocy too like HAHA) (+ i /still/ dont know how to use tumblr properly so you can find me and my other drawings/nonsense on instagram/twitter!!! :~) @ solelyash💌💌) hope youre well!!

The other day I had a nonny calling me fat and that I need to loose weight because according to “It” being cute isn’t sufficient and that I only have that going for me. So this is taken right now (I’m dressed in my black pj’s and wearing fuzzy slippers I know). I’m not shaming on body types because every person has a different body, I have given birth to two kids and my family is known for overweight (my aunt weighs around 140 kg) I wouldn’t go so far as calling myself fat, I’m not thin and scrawny, I don’t have the body of a 10 year old boy and I do have stretch marks after being pregnant and also because I once was a tad bit bigger. I workout as often as I got time, I eat healthy and trying to focus on feeling well and being healthy. I don’t care that I don’t have the body of a VS model or that I don’t look like I used to before I had kids. My body has endured trials and suffering, my body has taken pains you don’t know about and going Anon on someone and calling them fat, you need to wake up and realise not everyone is molded the same. Some people suffer worse than I do, people die and perish while succumbing to this day and age standards for how a body should look like, you need to realise that hating on someone because their body is different is really showing that you my dear are a disgusting person. You may already hate yourself for something and therefore had the need to validate yourself through immense hate on someone else. And if you do hate yourself then I’m sorry for calling you disgusting and know instead that there are people out there whom are willingly to help you through your own suffering. And should it be that you are just a simple mindless troll feeding of on other people’s despair for not being good enough, then let me tell you that my ask box is the wrong place to spread your hate through. Because I don’t give a fuck if people think I’m fat. Let them think, whisper, point, laugh, snicker, give rude comments or call me whatever. Because honestly if that makes them feel better about them self, calling another person ugly or fat, then go ahead. If you feel that it validates you more as a person then sure give your best shot, you are nothing more than words on a screen anyway. The trash can in the inbox field is there for a reason.
Love to you all darlings out there ❤️❤️❤️

thescienceofobsession replied to your quote: “Don’t tell your mother about the way I touch you….

and now I shall be even happier for where you are now. Hugs, darling.

Thank you, dear!

After that rude anon, I got to thinking about how much I have endured and overcome just to be able to have any positive feelings about sex at all.

And someone who doesn’t know me or my past still feels the need to criticize what I say or do or post just because it isn’t their cup of tea or the picture of healthy interaction to them or the kind of entertainment they want from my blog?

Though there were some angry creys last night; I’ll admit. 

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taylor swift is racist. she is mocking black culture in her newest video. i shouldnt be suprised that SS shippers would like a racist bitch like her you SS shippers only ship Sasuke x Sakura because they are white and straight. you guys hate narusasu because its gay and you hate killer bee x sakura because killer bee is black. pls love urselves.

Er… Sasuke and Sakura and technically Japanese, not white. I’m not even going to comment on the rest of your ask. I’ll just leave it to everyone else to laugh at your idiocy.