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Okay okay but like imagine inej comes back after being gone for a while catching slavers and stuff and then kaz is at the docks waiting for her and he's like I need ur help for a heist and she's kinda disappointed cuz she thought he'd be more kaz than dirty hands towards her when she got back but she's like sure I'll help but really it's all made up and he comes up with this elaborate plan for a heist but it really leads to a spot that has like a date set up or something like that

This is so adorable and all I need in my life. Kaz with a secret romantic side, I’d die. But look since Kaz is an awkward seventeen year old after all—whose most complex con is his own veneer of detachment—I imagine it differently. 

I mean this is the same kid who waited to talk to her because he didn’t know what to say. And then when he finally did he started going over plans they’d already established. The same boy who found her parents but didn’t know how to take her reaction so he started on about if things didn’t go as planned they’d be picking up her corpse instead. 

This boy has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to Inej. So imagine he tells her about a heist but it’s real. Except it’s not complicated and he could’ve done it alone. They’re only breaking into some rich guy’s place. Knowing the homeowner is out of town and there are only two men guarding the front entrance, Kaz anticipates the empty mansion. 

He set this entire thing up because he doesn’t know how to ask her out on a real date.  

While they’re there he starts to uncharacteristically linger. He appraises each piece of art in the extensive collection even though he’s not interested in stealing either of them. He just wants to hear her opinions. And when they get upstairs to rummage through the wife’s jewelry his quick lock pick fingers clasp a bracelet on her wrist while she’s not looking. When she feels the cold links draping her wrist, he walks away as if nothing happened. (Inej decides not to keep it, but doesn’t mean she isn’t flattered)

When she catches up with him she’s still blushing bright red and he’s raiding through their food. This is the most time they’ve ever spent in someone else’s place and it becomes clear to her then he’s after alone time with her, not anything in the house.

They end up sitting across from each other on the marble floor in the kitchen. With only the glow from a small candle, they pass a plate of fancy desserts, catching up on things they’ve missed.

It’s not long before the wife and kids come home and they have to leave. They climb out of a window, stumbling over the box of hibiscus that hung from the ledge. Laughing, they sprint down the street as they dust dirt from their clothes. They run all the way to Wylan’s because that’s where she plans on staying. When they say goodbye and she shifts through her pocket for her spare key, she pulls out a handful of the flowers and gasps. When did he even pick them up? How did he slip them in her pocket?

She watches him walk away, shaking her head. He turns and smirks before disappearing into the billows of smoke. She buries her nose in the flowers to breathe them in, smiling as she pushes into the house.

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I can imagine Gabriel crying and clinging to Jack and apologizing for every mean thing he said to him as the reaper and Jack just runs his hands through Gabriel's hair and tries to calm him down

“You didn’t know, Gabby, you can’t feel bad–” 

“But I do, the things I said– the things I did– I am so sorry, Jack.”

“I wasn’t any better and you know it, come on.” Jack reaches up to wipe the tears from Gabriel’s face. His side aches where his stitches are. “I’m not mad. I… don’t know how I feel, but… I’m not angry.”

“We could have killed each other,” Gabriel whispers. 

“But we didn’t. I don’t know what we’re gonna do now, but… I’m glad it’s not too late.” He cups the back of Gabriel’s head and Gabriel lets him pull him down for a soft kiss that tastes like blood. “Whatever we do, we’re gonna do together.”

Gabriel nods, hands so ginger on Jack, terrified of hurting him again. “I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t, not anytime soon. Old soldiers are hard to kill.”

Gabriel makes an almost chokes laugh. “You aren’t that old yet.”

Jack starts to laugh at that, but hisses in pain. Gabriel’s brow knits. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll live,” Jack jokes. He touches just above the stitches. “This is gonna scar.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, stop that,” he scolds. Then he smiles. “Besides, scars look good.”

“Isn’t the line ‘chicks dig scars?’”

“Well, sure, but I don’t think I’d classify you as a chick. Even if you’ve got some fantastic thighs.”

Gabriel groans. “This is the worst time for flirting, oh my God.”

Jack only grins at him.

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Omg speaking off Anti being mistaken for a student imagine the students his been teaching for a long time play along and pretend anti is a student as well. And so when one of the others walk in to see no one is teaching they notice anti and just give him a mean look until he starts teaching again.

omg yes, he’d be THAT kind of prof., that just writes some shit on the board up front, probably turns on some music, and then just chills off to the side or goes n chats with his fave students n helps them out with stuff.

Jughead x Reader - request - Partners in Crime

Anonymous said: Hi! I’m so in love with your writing omg! I was wondering if you could do jugheadxreader where they are dating and the reader is really into investigating Jason’s death and she finds out who the killer is but right as she’s calling to tell jug the killer hurts her to shut her up and jughead saves her and sits by her side in the hospital and angst and fluff. sorry it’s long, if it’s too much you don’t have to do it! Thanks again, LOVE YOUR WRITING

A/N: I loved the prompt idea! Thanks for the kind words and the idea anon!

Reader: Y/N

You were close. You knew you were. You were just pacing back and forth in your room connecting the dots. You knew this meant something. Then it clicked. “He lied to Betty in the diner”, the words escaped your mouth. “That’s why it didn’t make sense”. You grabbed your phone to send a message.

Y/N - Hey, I think I know who it is.

J - Who “who” is?

Y/N - The Killer Juggie. Meet me at Pops.

J -Y/N, I told you not to do this without me.

Y/N - It’s fine, just meet me at the diner in 15.

It was a cold brisk night into the first week of December. At this point everyone had been a suspect. Even Jughead by Sheriff Keller.

You knew you were missing something until you overheard them outside the locker room. It all made sense now.

Your head was still racing as you were just trying to make it to Pop’s.

You were so engrossed in your thoughts you hadn’t paid attention to your surroundings. 

J - Hey, are you coming? 

Y/N - Yeah, I’ll be there soon sweetheart. 

J - I hate it when you do that. 

Y/N - Do what? 

J - Call me sweetheart. 

Y/N - Ah but that’s what you are Forsythe. 

J - I love you but please don’t use that name. 

Y/N - Love you back. Be there in a minute. 

You could see the glowing sign of Pop’s in your view. Suddenly you heard footsteps stopping in their tracks. It was fine - you thought to yourself. You heard a shuffle of noise again, you looked behind you but didn’t see anyone. You turned back around and *wham*. 

Jughead’s POV 

I was pacing back and forth outside the booth. Where was she? She said she was close 10 minutes ago….that’s it. I’m going to look for her. 

I started to walk the route to her house until I saw it. Her phone on the ground, screen partially cracked. I saw a couple drops of fresh blood on the pavement. I didn’t see anyone or a car anywhere near. 

“Kev? Hey. Tell your Dad he needs to get to Y/N’s house now”. I raced towards her house hoping that she left a clue to what she found in her room on her own “murder wall”. 


You started to get your sight back slowly. Your head throbbed in pain. You tried to touch the pulsating wound when you realized your hands were tied. 

“I knew you followed me to the locker room. You figured it all out huh?”, the voice was familiar. 

“Yeah I figured out that Jason wasn’t selling those drugs alone. And when you found out he was taking all the money with him as well, you killed him”, you didn’t have to make a guess anymore, you knew who it was in front of you. 

“All from just giving Reggie that bag huh?”, Trev finally came into view closer to your body that seemed to be in some sort of chair. 

“Yeah well you slipped up”, you were just trying to keep him talking at this point.

“When?”, his walk became slower as he also seemed a bit nervous in his words.

“Your “date” with Betty. You said you weren’t friends with Jason anymore after he started dealing. That you stayed away from him when he was doing that”, you winced in the small pain of your head while struggling with the ties around your hands. 

“Ah. And when Reggie said he knew Jason had a friend to help but wasn’t sure who…” 

“Yeah it all clicked. It’s why you left the football team too. You didn’t do it because of the playbook, you just didn’t want someone to ask you more questions. I have one though”. Again, just keep him talking - was all you thought. “If Jason didn’t tell you his plan for Polly and him, how’d you know where to find him?” Your curiosity was in the back of your mind while you also hoped Jughead was looking for you. 

“Something no one’s seemed to figure out yet. You know that old crazy kook Blossom? They never looked into her properties. She had an old cabin in the woods outside of Sweetwater. When I figured out that Cheryl was lying about Jason’s dissapaerence, I went looking for him. It’s where we originally had our stash”. You could see Trev reaching for something in back of him. 

You were still struggling with the rope around your wrists but they were getting looser. “What about the car?”, just keep him talking

“Everyone assumed I was at the show watching my sister. It was a good cover especially since I knew what song they were going to play. But I followed Jones, Betty and you. Waited for you to leave and then had some help with the car”. He grabbed his gun out. 

You were trying not to panic just yet, “FP and the Serpents?” 

“Yeah I knew those bums would be on the Sheriff’s list and they needed to pay me back for pushing their product better than them. It was all perfect until today”. He opened the barrel making sure he had bullets inside. 

“If you kill me, they’ll all figure it out. They’ll know I was close to something”, you were trying to convince him to do something other than what his nerves were telling him. You could tell he was contemplating his next move as he was pacing with his gun in hand. 

“No. No they won’t. You didn’t get to tell anyone. I know you didn’t even tell your boyfriend. I looked at your phone before I dropped it there”, his pace was becoming heavier. 

 Good though. That meant Juggie had the phone, he just needed to figure it out. “You really shouldn’t…” 

“Don’t tell me what to do!” 



Your head still throbbed, but once again you were regaining your sight. You could hear a slight beep happening every other second or so. You looked at your arm and despite the rope burn on your wrists you had a small tube sticking out of it. “Mom? Juggie?”, your eyes looked to see your mom sleeping in a chair passed out while Jughead’s ears perked up to your voice. 

He was sitting right next to you holding your hand. “Y/N!”, Jughead came to your head to kiss the top of it. 

Your mom woke up to your name, “honey!” She grasped your other hand for a second. “I’m going to get the doctor, okay?” She gave a nod to Juggie and left to the door. 

You tried sitting up a little as you felt a slight bandage on the side of your head. “What happened?” 

“Well for starters, you scared the hell out of me”, Jughead’s voice wasn’t angry but rather just happy to see you were there. “Y/N, never do something like that without me!” 

“Hey now, I didn’t know he followed me. Now what happened with Trev?”, your eye still twitched a little from the pain in your head. 

“You almost got killed Y/N! He was about to shoot you when Keller found you. You were bleeding so much I thought he had already…” his words went silent.

“Hey hey, I’m okay Juggie really. I knew I just had to keep him talking as long as I could”, you grabbed Jughead’s other hand now. 

“How’d you know?”, his hands were rubbing yours. 

“He said he left my phone there. I knew you’d look at it and see that I recorded him, that it was one of my tabs”, your eyes watered a little bit as you saw that Jughead’s eyes were beating red. 

“You’re lucky I’m smart”, he kissed you lightly on your lips. 

“So what happened with Trev?”, your curiosity got the better of you. 

“He’s in jail. They’re booking him on kidnapping and endangering you as well as Jason’s murder that he fessed up to. Kev’s dad shot him in the shoulder when he saw he was about to…” his words trailed again. 

“I’m okay Juggie really. Alright sweetheart?”, your hands went to his face and you made sure his eyes looked to yours. 

“I thought I almost lost you. I thought you weren’t ever going to even say “sweetheart” again. I love you Y/N”, his face was close to yours, as he was holding back tears. 

“Hey, you’ve got me now and I’m not going anywhere. I love you too.” you dived in for a kiss. It was long and full of so much meaning, the soft subtle lips of Jughead’s trying to linger on your lips longer until he let them part. 

“Okay but two things”, he gave a smile while now grasping on your chin. “Never ever scare me like that again”, he gave you a small peck, “and keep calling me Sweetheart”. 

You smiled, and dived in for one more kiss. “I can do that”.

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How would Draal and Arrgh react to there S/O taking a severe blow for them during a battle? Then how would they take care of them afterwards?

Yes. Give me the angst. :3

Draal The Deadly

  • He freezes for a moment in terror as he watches your knees buckle, watches you crumple to the ground. Terror turns to a blend of panic and rage as he quickly chases off the coward that struck you. He only takes a breath once he’s sure you’re still breathing. 
  • His only task now is keeping you safe. Without thinking, Draal scoops you up and charges away from the scene of the battle. He has to find you a healer. Nothing else matters. Which way is the Heartstone?
  • This poor, spiky ball of nerves wouldn’t sit still the entire time that Vendel was treating your wounds. Even in the company of his fellow Trollhunters, he couldn’t shake the image of what happened from his mind. He never wants to see you hurt again. 
  • So overjoyed when he learns you’ll be okay. He knew you’d be okay. Him, worried? What? Who told you that? 
  • Searches Trollmarket for anything he believes might ease your pain and speed your recovery. It’s probably not in your best interest to try any of them
  • He mostly brings back treats; food and drinks he knows you’ll be interested in eating once you’ve got your appetite back. 
  • “It’s to regain your strength, [Y/N]!”
    • Contrary to his belief, glowing rock candy probably won’t help you heal very much. It sure tastes good, though.
  • He may go a bit overboard with the gifts and trinkets but it’s too adorable for you to tell him not to bring you things.
  • Tries very hard to entertain you while you heal. Expect stories and jokes galore.
  • Definitely the doting type - prepare to be pampered to the extreme.
  • He doesn’t really know where to stop, though. He’ll probably keep trying to do everything for you even after you’re all patched up.  


  • ARRRGH!!! didn’t see you trying to shield him until it was too late - a blow meant for him had hit you thrice as hard, knocking you roughtly to the ground. You weren’t trying to get back up. He was crouched over you in an instant, blocking you from further harm and ensuring that your attacker knows exactly what they’ve just done. 
  • He sent someone else to find a healer. He was too afraid to move you or leave you alone long enough to find one himself. 
  • Very somber when you first come back around. This is his worst nightmare come true. He regrets not blocking the assailant in time, not finding you a healer even sooner- this poor troll is just wallowing in guilt.
  • When he finally speaks, he struggles at first to fully express his emotions. His message is clear, though - he won’t let anything hurt you again.
  • Expect very gentle touches, and low, rumbling words of reassurance. He wants you to know you are safe and protected. He wants you to relax and let yourself heal. 
  • Lots of cuddles once you’re up for it. He’s by your side at all times and he wants you to be comfortable.
  • Will carry you everywhere for the first little while. Just let him. He’ll be less overprotective after a few days. 
  • Plus, think about how much you can see of Trollmarket from waaaaay up near his perspective! A very pretty sight, indeed. (How’s the weather up there?)
  • Now doubly-committed to your health as well as your happiness, he’s very stern (but also very encouraging!) about ensuring you keep taking care of yourself, even after you’ve healed. 
  • Precious cinnamon roll cares so much. Aaaahh. 

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Do you take more time planning the chapter, or writing out a final draft ?

In short: planning the chapter takes longer.  I usually plan in steps:

  1. Broad timeline- figure out which chunk of the story I’m going to get through, what scene I’m going to finish on.
  2. Fill the general timeline- read through my other notes of scenes to include and figure out where they’ll fit into the story, incorporate clever lines I wanted to use in certain contexts, historical characters I wanted to give a mention to, and main themes I wanted to hit.
  3. Reread the story & take relevant notes-I reference the chapter summaries or skim, but I like to check that I’m continuing plot lines that I started in the early chapters and hitting the parallels I planned a long time ago.
  4. Consult @madtomedgar about characterization, backstories, and development of relationships, or babble at @john-laurens when Madtom’s too busy to reply, so I can bring fully-formed ideas
  5. Make a copy of the timeline and add further details from my reread notes and my conversations, making sure I catch all the loose ends.
  6. Proofread timeline for consistency, add details and connector-scenes where they’re needed, and delete unnecessary scenes.
  7. Go through timeline again and take notes on themes, metaphors, and other devices I’ve been trying to incorporate so that I’ll know when to use specific buzz words or make certain allusions

Then I write it.



here’s a bunch of doodles for you anon~ i like to imagine they met by chance–the masked creature wasn’t meant to be seen, but she was, and by a human! but the human showed no fear to the obvious danger which the creature found strange, so thinking it couldn’t fend for itself she adopted it without a second thought. the human doesn’t seem to mind this either.

referencing this post btw!

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I have only watched maybe the first half of season 1 of Teen Wolf, but I've been following your blog (unofficially because I don't fully understand technology or Tumblr) for the past two years and between some amazing fics and your Tumblr, I have become an avid Sterek fan. It's lovely and beautiful and it makes sense. And I've come to admire you as a writer, a fan, and a person. I posted my first Sterek fanfic last week and I just wanted to say thank you for the start and the inspiration. <3

Anon, you have no idea how happy this makes me. You’re too sweet, and to know that I helped bring someone into the amazing beauty that is the Sterek fandom is such a good feeling. Congratulations on posting your first fic!! I hope you continue to write and enjoy and be inspired by Sterek for a long time to come. Thank you so much for writing <3

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where can i watch Trop? thank uu

I really have no idea anon. I haven’t watched it yet and I wanna watch it so bad. :’((( Sorry.

Anyone have any ideas????


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day

About Omegaverse


·Alphas are the dominant or “masculine” ones in omegaverse

·They are generally large and at least slightly intimidating in appearance

·They possess what is commonly referred to as an “Alpha Voice” which is basically a very commanding tone that Omegas, and sometimes Betas, feel compelled to obey

·Alphas also have a “Croon” which is like a deep rumbling sound (basically a purr) that helps to calm or comfort their Omega or their pups

·"Ruts" are a biological thing that Alphas go through and during a rut they will be easily agitated and extremely horny because their body wants them to knot and breed

·A “Knot” is kind of like a bulb type thing in an Alpha’s penis that swells when they are aroused and keeps them locked inside their Omega during sex to increase chances of getting the Omega pregnant, this is called “Knotting”

·All Alphas are able to impregnate people, but only a female Alpha can get pregnant because male Alphas don’t have a womb

·Female Alphas are often described as having both a penis and a vagina or having a clitoris that extends into one when they are aroused so they can impregnate people


·Omegas are the submissive or “feminine” ones of the dynamics

·They are generally small, maybe delicate, and feminine in appearance

·Omegas can use their pheromones to effect others, whether it be by calming their child or arousing their Alpha

·"Heats" are a biological thing that Omegas go through and during a heat an Omega will self lubricate (usually referred to as “Slick”) in order to prepare to take an Alphas knot

·Omegas are most fertile during heats and they crave an Alpha’s knot because their body is demanding for them to breed

·When an Omega is in heat is usually the best time for an Alpha to “Bond” with them

·"Bonding" is achieved by biting into a scent gland hard enough to draw blood and eventually scar, it ties two people together mentally, physically, and emotionally. Like, a really extreme marriage

·During heats, pregnancies or any other stressful times, an Omega will “Nest”

·"Nesting" is a process in which an Omega craves warmth and comfort so they will choose a small space, like a closet, and gather blankets, pillows, clothing, anything soft really and especially anything with their Alpha’s scent on it and build a nest to cuddle up in

·"Scenting" is the process of someone spreading their own unique scent onto things or people in an act of comfort or possession

·People in omegaverse usually have four “Scent Glands” two on the neck and one on each wrist. When the glands are stimulated their scent becomes more potent and sticks to whatever or whoever is closest

·Both male and female Omegas can get pregnant and while it is possible for a male Omega to get a female Omega pregnant, a female Omega can’t impregnate anyone

·"Mpreg" male pregnancy, the only males that can pregnant in omegaverse though are Omegas


·Betas are basically like normal humans, in omegaverse they are below Alphas but still above Omegas

·Betas can have any kind of appearance, there isn’t really a set expectation for them

·They don’t go through ruts or heats but they can still bond

·They tend to mate with other Betas

·Betas usually have a better sense of smell than the other dynamics

·Like normal humans, male Betas cannot get pregnant and female Betas cannot impregnate anyone

“I’ll protect you… no matter what”