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You and Leslie like to hold hands and jump off of cliffs together, into the great unknown. You two have a good relationship. I don’t personally know what that’s like, but I’m given to understand it means you’re gonna land on your feet.”


Brian&Justin + domestic bliss pt 2

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There was always something that bothered me about the Secret Ends. Saeran says that after Saeyoung left, he was left with his mother for months while she abused and starved him. But... what the hell were V and Rika doing? They promised Saeyoung to save him but they ended up waiting months before acting and I'm just like why? There's no explanation and it's never addressed and I'm so confused. Like are they just terrible people who decided Saeran wasn't important enough or am I missing something?


Warning! Super long post! Spoilers for Mystic Messenger!

Very well nonnie! Let’s try to find out what happened using some analysis and a lot of canon-compliant speculation, as there is no explanation given to us easily just like you said! This is going to get a bit long too, sorry about that!

I did try to base myself solely on the canon information provided, so here we go!

The first issue we have to tackle is Rika and V’s age. V is only 5 years older than the twins and we assume Rika is around his age (since her age in her profile is around the time she ‘died’). Saeyoung affirms that V has been his sort-of father figure for about 10 years, so Saeyoung was around 10-11 and V was only 15-16 when they first met each other.

According to 707′s Route, 10th Day, VNM after the ‘Please Remember’ Chat, Saeyoung ran away from home to become a Secret Agent around 7 years ago, that means, when he was 13-14 years old. This means that when this happened V was only around 18-19 years old, Rika perhaps even younger. They were barely legal adults at this point, but… Come on, being 18-19 is still being a child.

The second issue to tackle is the legal issues with Saeran’s custody. Despite the abuse Saeran had been subjected to, his mother was still his legal guardian and, by law, V and Rika wouldn’t be able to take custody away from her, as he was still a minor, they were extremely young and unmarried, and just overall no fit to take custody. The other option was to get social services and the government involved… Which was also a no-go, considering that keeping Saeran under radar and away from his all-powerful father was a top priority, and getting the government and official services involved would put Saeran in the spotlight.

The third issue to tackle is Saeran’s mother herself. The woman was unstable, unfit, and after Saeyoung left her, her only ticket to keep a hold on the Prime Minister and his money was Saeran. Any wrong move (Forcefully taking Saeran away from her, kidnapping him, trying to be anything but diplomatic…) could potentially make her yell, call the media and tell them everything about the Prime Minister’s affair and illegitimate child, and the issue would explode, taking down Saeran with it. It was in general a very, very delicate situation that they had to handle with gloves to ensure Saeran’s safety.

All these issues mean that they had to act very carefully and move their pieces silently in order to take Saeran out of that place, and it took them a month since Saeyoung left (according to Secret 2) to put it in motion:

They approached the woman, scared her by telling her they’d been watching her for 2 months, gathering evidence about child abuse (evidence that they probably DID get in order to make their claims more believable and scare her into agreeing) and that if she doesn’t stop and allow Saeran to go to school she’d face legal issues and take custody away from her.

Now, I think this was a brilliant strategy for three key reasons.

  1. It was all a bluff. They COULDN’T get the court or the government involved without blowing Saeran’s cover and make him visible to his father. This was just meant to scare the woman and make it believable enough.
  2. It played on the woman’s fear of losing Saeran. She lost Saeyoung already, if Saeran is taken away from her she won’t have any hold on their father, and she’ll lose the source of money she seeks. Thus, she’ll probably agree to the conditions V set. She won’t magically become a good mother and yeah, she’ll still be an abusive bitch but she’ll be much more careful and reduce it substantially.
  3. The condition they added, to let Saeran assist everyday to church school, was amazing on itself. First, that way V and Rika get to see Saeran everyday and keep track on his wellbeing and health. The condition is that he has to return by nightfall, that means he spends MOST of his time out of that hellish house. Second, Saeran is no longer locked away in his home and gets to go out everyday. If he gets to go out everyday, then his mother cannot longer hit him like she used to lest she risks being discovered and have the child taken from her, plus V would notice and scare her once again.

Then, in the following flashback scenes, we see that, indeed, Saeran is going out of the house often (when before he wouldn’t be able to leave at all), hanging out with V (who does his best to try and teach him about the world while keeping Saeyoung’s fate a secret).

I suppose this lasts for about two years, because Saeyoung ran away 7 years ago, V and Rika rescued Saeran a month after that, and then 5 years ago Rika finally kidnapped him and took him for Mint Eye behind V’s back.

My TL;DR opinion is that: V and Rika were barely teenagers when this happened, and didn’t have the means to simply take Saeran away from his mom, as it was too risky, so they spend a month planning a strategy to try and give Saeran as much freedom as they could with the means they had. We know Rika had hidden intentions through all of this, because she started teaching Saeran how to hack behind V’s back, and two years afterwards she kidnapped him to Mint Eye, but it’s very clear to me that V did try his best.

I Do

88. “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”
Combines the following prompt lines: 88, 31, 96, 95, 59, 28

Prompted by an anon, who asked for 88 with any other quotes of my choice! This is really long overdue, but I hope that ‘better late than never’ still applies in this case :) Hope you enjoy reading it!!

“Do you, Connor Walsh, take this man, Oliver Hampton, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, to honor and to cherish, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”

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Aahh I'm so glad I found this blog!! How about Kiyoshi, Murasakibara and Takao being very affectionate with their chubby s/o? Like lots of hugging, holding hands etc because they think she's so warm and fluffy want to touch her a lot, thank you! (´ω`)

Mmm Anon I do love me some chubby lovin. Enjoy, yeah?~


It was winter and you and your boyfriend decided to stay in and watch the snow fall from inside and snuggle up to keep warm. Sitting on the couch with hot chocolate in one hand and your other hand running through Murasakibaras hair, he had his head on his lap and was looking up at you.

“_____-chin, I’m cold.” He drawled out lazily.

You took a sip of your hot chocolate and looked down at him.

“The heat is on and im getting kinda hot.” You said lightly fanning yourself with your hand.

“Share with me, _____-chin!” Murasakibara said and pulled you down on top of him. You yelped, just managing to put your hot cocoa down on the table before it spilled.

“Atsushi! You almost made me spill my drink!” You yelled at him.

He had laid you on his stomach, one hand on your back, the other hand pushing your head to his chest.

“I wanted _____-chin to warm me up, not hot cocoa.” He said rubbing your back slowly.

“Okay, sushi,” You said sitting up and swinging your leg off the sofa, “It’s gonna get too hot if we sit this close.”

“But _____-chin is so warm and fluffy, it’s not fair.” He huffed, sitting up and crossing his arms.

“_____-chin won’t share with me. _____-chin dosen’t love me anymore.” He wined throwing his head back onto the head rest of the couch.

You sighed with a smile and sat in his lap, legs straddling him.

“Okay, okay, we can be close.”

He immediately puts his hands on your stomach and rubs them in circles, humming happily.

“Hmmm, this is the best part of ____-chin. It’s so soft and fluffy. Like a marshmallow.”

He put his face in your neck and sighed again,

“______-chin is making me hungry again.” He said nipping lightly.

Kiyoshi was laying on his back and you were next to him, under his arm. The tv show you were watching was good but you couldn’t focus because your boyfriends hands were everywhere. Your arm, your back, your stomach, he couldn’t keep his hands in one place.

“Kiyoshi?” You asked.

“Yes?” He replied looking at you.

“Y-You keep…ah, touching me.” You said smiling softly.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry _____! I didn’t realize I was making you feel uncomfortable!” He said, jumping up and moving away from you to give you space.

“No, No I didn’t say I didn’t like it! You just kept moving your hands is all.” You said laughing and trying to calm him down.

“O-Oh! W-Well you were just so warm, my hands were trying to find the heat.” Kiyoshi replied while laying back and pulling you down on top of him. He wrapped his arm around your back and put his hand on the top of your butt.

“You can touch me, Kiyoshi. It’s fine.” You said resting your chin on his chest.

“Well, o-okay. You are just so warm and soft. My hands can’t help themselves sometimes.” Kiyoshi chuckled and moved his hand to give your behind a light squeeze.

Takao was running hand in hand with you home from your date. It was cold out from the snow and you both were trying to get home to warm up. Opening your door, you both slid inside laughing and huffing from the run.

“Hah, that was, ah, some good food.” You said in between huffs.

“Yeah, haha, I haven’t, ah, eaten that much in, ah, a long time!” Takao said while taking his coat off.

You took your coat off two and stood there taking your boots off while Takao brushed the snow off his head. You two moved to the living room to sit on the couch.

“Man, if I knew they had such good food, I would have taken you there ages ago!” He laughed pulling you to his side.

“Hah, yeah, it was nice to warm up that way.” You commented, full from the meal.

“You know what the best way to warm up is?” He asked, his arms circling your waist.

“What way?”

“With you hugging me!” Takao yelled and pulled you close to him, trying to get you to share your warmth.

“Takao!” You yelled, laughing and wrapping your arms around him.

“Coats don’t warm me up half as well as you do, _____.” He looked down at you and kissed your forehead, putting his hands on your stomach.

“You have so much to share, so much to love, I can’t help but get warmed up.”

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Meg, please forgive me for this somewhat ridiculous question but i have to ask because i'm new to the fandom and i'd like to hear opinions from people, who analyze the show. So do you believe that Bellamy is in love with Clarke? Yeah, nothing is 100% canon yet, but do you believe that he's head over heels for her?

Hey anon!

Don’t apologize, this is totally not ridiculous. Also, welcome to the pit!

Yes, I am camp Bellamy Blake is 100% in love with Clarke Griffin and totally knows it.

I’m tagging @storyskein​ because we recently had a lengthy convo about what we think the Bellamy Feelings Timeline looks like and the following includes some of the points from that convo mixed in with a shitton of aimless rambling.

Putting in a Read More because this is long as hell and fingers crossed the rm actually works this time. This is also partially for the anon that asked me actual ages ago to breakdown what I thought the process of Bellamy falling Clarke looked like. I’m sorry this took me so long to answer anon, I hope this is worth the wait.

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Imagine: Truth Or Dare (requested by anon) 

Request: The Lost Boys and (Y/N) play truth or dare, Peter wants to join but doesn’t know the game but after a while he gets used to the rules and uses the opportunity to make the Lost Boys do crazy things but also as an opportunity to ask (Y/N) about her love life and so on.

“Hey guys!” I shouted through the whole camp when running towards the bonfire spot. All Lost Boys looked up and towards me from whatever they were just doing. “Do you wanna play a game?” I asked everyone smirking. They all smirked back, stood up and started to form a circle around me. “Great.” I said clapping my hands together, then sitting down on the ground. Everyone did the same. “So what’s the game now?” Nathan, one of the older ones asked impatiently. “So me and my friends, back in Storybrooke used to play this funny game called ‘Truth or Dare’. First thing we need is some kind of bottle.” I stood up to get my old dusty water bottle from my hunting bag and threw it into the centre of the circle. “And what’re we gonna do with it?” Nathan continued. “Put it in your ass.” I heard Felix whisper. Everyone laughed. “No actually we’re gonna put it in the middle of this circle and spin it around until the bottleneck points at someone, who then has to either honestly answer a question or do a task the person who spun the bottle chooses. Understood?” I asked looking around into confused faces. “Not? Well then we gotta do learning by doing. I’ll start.” I said smirking. I tried to give the bottle as much swing as I could and it stopped right in front of Felix’s lap. “Truth or Dare Felix?” I asked excited. “So if I pick Truth now I just gotta answer one little question?” He asked confused. “Yep.” I said leaning backwards, putting all of my weight on my hands. “Then I’ll pick Truth.” He said snorting. “Oh don’t celebrate just yet, Felix.” I said sneeringly. “Who was your first love?” I asked him raising my eyebrow at him smirking. Suddenly his smile fell from his face and he turned red and started blushing. “Do I really have to answer this?” He said evasively. “Yes you do.” I said reproachfully. “It was… I… I can’t say this, it’s too embarrassing.” He said blushing even more. Suddenly I heard leaves cracking. At first I thought it was some kind of danger but then Peter came to my mind, who I haven’t seen around all day. And then finally a handsome guy with soft brown hair, green eyes, brown hunting clothes, bow and arrow in his hands appeared from out of the woods. “Peter! Come on join us! Felix was just about to tell us a very interesting story.” Felix, who thought I’d forget all about his dirty mystery, due to Peter’s appearing started to blush again and punched me on the arm. “I was not.” He said defiantly. “Yeah you were.” I said punching him back. Peter quickly put away his hunting equipment and sat down next to me. “A secret, huh? What would that be?” He smirked raising an eyebrow at me. I turned to look at him. “He just wanted to tell us who his first real love was.” Peter smiled mockingly. “That’s very nice of you Felix.”And after another five minutes of discussion Felix finally gave in to us. “It was Wendy.” He quickly said rolling his eyes at us. My jaw dropped when I realized what Felix had just said. “Our Wendy?” I asked in disbelief. “Can’t be.” One of the other boys added. “Can we talk about something and someone else now?” Felix asked playfully annoyed. “Fine, fine.” I said just about to grab the bottle. “And what is all this good for? Why did Felix just tell everyone the truth about his first love.” “Because that’s what the rules are like.” I said turning my head putting it onto my knees, looking straight into Peter’s eyes. Every time I looked at him his eyes captured me like an actual lock. “We’re playing a game?” He asked confused but amused. “Yeah we are.” I chuckled. “Count me in whatever game this is.” He said smirking, typical of Peter. He loved games and he was hella good at playing them. “You’ll quickly learn it.” I said ruffling through Peter’s hair. We spun the bottle several times more, and several more secrets came to light. Nathan for example had revealed his secret of being an actually good cook, Clint has never been kissed before and one of the boys Andrew, had chosen Dare and had to kiss one of the other boys on the cheek. Most of the Dare ideas came from Peter, and because they were so mean and funny most of the boys just adopted them. “Great so now it’s my turn.” Peter simply said, grabbing the bottle. “That’s not fair!” I said punching him on the arm. “I decide what’s fair and what’s not.” He said pushing my face to the side. The bottleneck again showed to Felix, who this time took dare, which was not really a better choice than truth anyway. “Okay so you and Nathan have to take off all your clothes and run around naked for at least 3 minutes in camp.” Peter said smirking. “WHAAT?!” They both screamed out in disbelief. “Either do it freely or I’ll make you do it.” Peter said smirking devilishly. “Magic’s against the rules!” I said pushing his raised hand down again. “Fineee.” Peter groaned. “But they still have to do it right?” He asked me smirking. I nodded. “Oh just wait for the moment, when it’s your turn! I’ll pay everything back to you. I swear.” Felix said deadpan.

“You ready?” Peter shouted through the whole camp. Felix and Nathan were both standing behind a tree. “You know what Felix? I hate you for letting me go down WITH you!” Nathan said deadpan. “Go.” Peter shouted and let out a satisfied sigh. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” I said smirking. “Of course I am.” He said chuckling. The next thing he did was making boys do a model runway walk through camp, making them pour an ice cold bucket of water over their head, wrapping themselves up in toilet paper and he even made on boy take a piggy back ride on someone else’s back for at least five minutes. “Truth or Dare, y/n?” I thought about it for a second. I didn’t want to answer the 'who are you in love with’ questions and all this other personal stuff so I decided against Truth. “I take Dare, eventhough the tasks are amazingly mean and crazy here.” I said giving Peter a significant look. “Sit down on the lap of the person to your right for the rest of the game.” Julian said smirking. “What?” I asked in disbelief looking to the right were Peter was sitting. He smirked at me but I couldn’t laugh. I was terrified, I couldn’t sit down on Peter’s lap, I couldn’t feel all this near to him because actually I was madly in love with this guy and the desire to kiss him was terrifyingly high. I was afraid of making a complete fool of myself, because when people were in love with someone they always behaved strange towards that special person. Also Peter didn’t seem to have any great interest in me, which made everything even worse. Sure we were very close and sometimes he hugged me or took my hand but nothing more developed and so I one day came to the conclusion that maybe he didn’t want something to develop between us. “On Peter’s lap?” I asked again, standing up slowly, but as soon as I was on my feet, Peter grabbed my waist and pulled me down on him. “Like this, love.” He whispered into my ear, which sent shivers through my whole body. He let his hands rest on my belly and kept hugging me from behind which changed my impression of Peter’s seeming disinterest a little, but didn’t whip it out completely. I smiled at everyone while internally I was screaming and jumping and crying because I was so happy to feel his warmth and his closeness. After a while it was Peter’s turn again and he chose me. “So y/n truth or dare this time?” He asked smirking. I wouldn’t choose dare because I was afraid that I would have to stand up or go away from him, and I didn’t want to so I simply picked truth. “So who was your first love then?” He asked with an attentive look in his eyes. “Weeelll…” I had to think about it a little. When did I feel love for the first time? Ages ago. In Kindergarten maybe? Or elementary school. “I think it was in Kindergarten when this guy, Thomas always shared his food with me and it made me so happy that one day I gave him a cute little kiss on the cheek for having done so all this time and I guess that was my 'first love’ somehow.” I turned my head to look at Peter who had a nervous look in his eyes. “So you actually kissed this guy… Like.. What was his name again? Thomas? Did you have any nicknames for each other? For how long has he been giving your food and what was his last name again?” Peter bettered me with loads of questions… “Peter…” He wouldn’t stop talking. “Peter… Peter!” I said loudly and he fell silent. “What’s?” He asked quietly, looking me straight in the eyes. “This guy didn’t mean a thing to me, it was a Kindergarten 'relationship’ and you know what? Not even that, he only shared food with me, no reason to hunt him down.” I said ironically. Peter’s sudden jealousy was too cute. ”I’ve spent so many beautiful hours on this island, I already forgot completely about my old life. What counts is the present, and I found a guy here, I really, really like.” “What? Who is it? Let me guess it’s Nathan… Felix? Maybe Julian? Just give me a hint, just a little tip…” Peter went on talking for at least two other minutes before I silenced him again. “Peter!” I hesitated for a second and then I just said it out loud. ”It’s you.” I admitted softly. “You’re the guy I like.” I added blushing, while everyone around us cheered and yelled. “I'm… The guy… You like?” He said nervously going through his hair, looking to the ground blushing. “Yes it’s you. All this time it’s been you.” I said sitting down on his lap properly so I could face him. He then cupped my face in both of his hands and gave me a soft peck on the lips. “I have to admit that I really really like you too.”

dear anon! I loved your idea and I really enjoyed writing it! I’m so sorry I can’t be very active at the moment but school really stresses me out. Anyway whenever I’ll find time for it I’ll work on your imagines! I’m so happy to have so many of you guys around and I still can’t believe it! Thanks for everything! 

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I'm starting to kind of maybe possibly ship bagginshield. Could you give me some reasons get on this ship?


  • THEY’RE BOTH SO DIFFERENT YET SO SIMILAR: At first glance they’re so terribly different.  I mean there’s the obvious one’s a dwarf one’s a hobbit…Thorin’s lived in exile, is a prince of a lost homeland and his family’s honor weighs on his shoulders while Bilbo lives in comfort of his parents warm home perfectly content with his maps and armchair and garden with no desire for adventure I mean lbr they seem like they’d be the least compatible people on the planet.
  • BUT UPON CLOSER INSPECTION THEY HAVE SIMILAR PERSONALITY TRAITS.  ((there was a really good post about their similar personalities it took me ages to find since it was well over a year ago and i thought for a bit it was taken down but but this covers it all))
  • Bilbo will not stand for Thorin’s shit.  In the book it’s even more obvious.  King Under the Mountain, leader of this company of dwarves and this hobbit won’t take his shit. My favorite instance of this (which I am sad didn’t make it into the movie):

    Groans came from inside, and out crept a most unhappy dwarf….It was some time before [Thorin] would be even polite to the hobbit.

    “Well, are you alive or are you dead?” asked Bilbo quite crossly. … "Are you still in prison, or are you free? If you want food, and if you want to go on with this silly adventure–it’s yours after all and not mine–you had better slap your arms and rub your legs and try and help me get the others out while there is a chance!“

    Thorin of course saw the sense of this, so after a few more groans he got up and helped the hobbit as well as he could. 

  • At the beginning of the journey Thorin hates the idea of bringing this mild-mannered hobbit along with them on this adventure.  By the time they get into the mountain (We’ve heard this from Armitage himself) he’s Thorin’s singular confidant. We even see at the end of DOS Thorin trusts Bilbo immensely and he’s proved himself countless times. 
  • [Shameless link to my own gifs of Richard’s Interview about the relationship and how it grows from AUJ with some comments regarding why that person ships it]
  • BILBO IS THORIN’S HOPE.WE SEE THIS A LOT IN DOS.  Trapped in Mirkwood? ‘Not our only hope’. Give up after not finding a key hole? Bilbo stays and begs them, begs Thorin ‘You can’t give up now!’ He’s seen Thorin’s struggle and even though he’s an outsider to all this he refuses to let them give up and calls Thorin back once he figures it out. [See this post for more elaboration on this]
  • Just please rewatch the end of AUJ with shipper goggles on. On Carrock when Thorin wakes up the first thing out of his mouth is ’..the halfling?’ and the hug and etc. etc. 
  • more book passages: 

    “Dear me!” grumbled the hobbit. “More walking and more climbing without breakfast! I wonder how many breakfasts, and other meals, we have missed inside that nasty clockless, timeless hole?”

    “Come, come!” said Thorin laughing - his spirits had begun to rise again, and he rattled the precious stones in his pockets. “Don’t call my place a nasty hole! You wait till it has been cleaned and redecorated!”

    of course Thorin’s in a good mood, he just returned to his ancestral homeland and his pockets filled with gold and gems but you know what he says when Bilbo complains about his kingdom??“You wait till it has been cleaned and redecorated”he assumes Bilbo will stay long enough to see the kingdom cleaned and redecorated. THAT’S A BIG ASS KINGDOM, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT WOULD PROBABLY BE?? HE JUST FIGURES THAT THEIR BURGLAR IS GOING TO MOVE TO THE MOUNTAIN LIKE THE REST OF THEM AFTER IT’S BEEN RECLAIMED.
  • now less to do with canon just imagine them as a cute domestic couple: imagine thorin living in the shire adopting hobbit mannerisms and helping bilbo cook dinner every night. imagine bilbo returning to erebor to rule alongside thorin–dwarves scoffing at this outsider that their king has chosen and bilbo being an amazing kickass consort and proving them wrong. imagine fili and kili calling bilbo 'uncle bilbo’ imagine frodo eventually living with bilbo and instead of just one uncle he has two and thorin spoils the young hobbit beyond all reason.