anon i hope you're happy with yourself

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hey dude this is kinda a weird ask but i kinda wanted to tell you this,, last year on my birthday i submitted an ask to you saying that i was kinda in a bad place & i was listening to flatsound to make it a lil less sucky. it's almost been a year since then and i still remember thinking it was really cool that you answered & wished me well. i just want to tell you that this year treated me pretty okay. i'm pretty proud of that & i hope you're doing well yourself. much love dude

hello again anon from a year ago. happy almost birthday, i’m really glad you’re doing better now. i’m really proud of you, too. i hope you keep it up and continue doing well, i’m frickin rootin for you over here, man.

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When my brother was little, he was physically petit for his age with really high levels of anxiety. My dad was physically big and generally abusive. This was especially the case with my brother because it was easy, he never fought or talked back. I was always a little too loud for his taste so whenever my dad would verbally abuse my brother, I would always jump in. I got nicknamed "defence lawyer" very often. I wanted to become a lawyer to help out families in that kind of (1/2)

situation. Especially kids would were hurting but unheard. But the familial abuse lasted long and slowly tore my own mental state apart. I graduated law school this summer and I’m doing my post grad started September. I can’t go into family law at the moment because I don’t think I can compartmentalise enough to benefit anyone, including myself. But I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I realised being a lawyer is what I want and I’m really enjoying working this career path. (2/2)

It’s the Freakin’ Weekend Let’s Play A Game!

Anon Me Why You Went To Law School, and I’ll Post it, No Questions Asked;

Anon Me What Law School You Go To, Which Hunger Games District It Would Be, And Why; or

Send Me The Most Ridiculous Shit You’ve Ever Overheard A Fellow Law Student or Law Professor Say

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ah, i don't know if you have many requests right now, and if you do, please don't worry about this. you don't have to do this if you're backed up with requests already, but can you possibly do the '____ as your Boyfriend' for yugyeom whenever you have time?<3

AH why are you so nice anon? Seriously ;v; thank you for being so nice and considerate, I love doing requests so don’t worry about it <3 *hugs* Anon, I hope you have the most wonderful day and I hope you take care of yourself and be happy ~ Enjoy

GOT7′s Yugyeom as your Boyfriend:

  • Yugyeom as a boyfriend would be hella fun and hella funny!
  • Lots and lots of teasing will ensue
  • No seriously, he will tease you. That’s his lifetime job.
  • Likes to see you annoyed, because he finds it cute when you bunch your nose and mumble~
  • He will poke your sides
  • Make fun of something you said wrong
  • Make fun of that time you ripped a loud one
  • Will stand on his tippy toes (as if he wasnt tall enough) just so he can see you struggle to kiss him.
  • Once he sees you annoyed, you’d hear his hearty laugh and he would instantly give you a kiss and hug you! Yugyeom would apologize for teasing you~
  • Will be the type to get so excited, he’ll hug you and twirl you around.
  • Despite teasing you 24/7, Yugyeom is really sweet and likes to cling on to you.
  • When he finds you a mere 3 feet away, he’d gently pull you in so he could hug you
  • The type to give you a backhug and insists on walking like a penguin with you.
  • The type to send you so many selcas because he is bored
  • Also the type to reply to you with selcas with captions on them.
  • Okay, but Yugyeom would definitely pinch your butt just to see you blush and he’d give you this heart stopping smirk and a nod.
  • Would also pull you in a corner and whisper something  to you ;) ;) ;)
  • Will most likely make you his partner in crime whenever he pranks his hyungs
  • Also, Yugyeom keeps a close watch whenever the members are around you.
  • “That’s too near, hyung.”
  • “Did you just laugh at her joke?”
  • “What’s with that hugging?”
  • Yugyeom likes to talk to you in a very intimate position! He’d enjoy having a conversation with you when you’re sitting on his lap, or when he rests his forehead against yours, and you can’t do anything about it because he looks so happy to be so close to you~
  • Okay but get used to getting distracted by him whether you like it or not.
  • Talks about you nonstop
  • but also, is very protective of you.
  • Yugyeom would leave so many love marks on your body, he would place one on your neck, on your thighs, on your shoulders and even on your back.
  • Has a very smug smirk on his face whenever he sees the love marks he placed on you!
  • He does this things where he bites his lower lip when he’s in the mood for love making, but you never notice because he’d do it whilst looking at you when you’re not looking.
  • Will be the type to take you out to karaokes and just sing out of tune together.
  • Also the type to rent a couple of bikes for your date~
  • You just don’t trust Yugyeom anymore with anything that has frosting on top, because he’d most likely bring it all up to your face.
  • Is a cuddle bear!
  • When he finds you out of bed, he’d call you to go back and cuddle with him.
  • Loves to kiss your forehead. He’d cup your cheeks and place a sweet kiss on your forehead <3
  • Despite being utterly playful, Yugyeom can be serious and responsible.
  • He’d be the type to be prepared whenever the two of you would go out.
  • He’d have hand sanitizer in his bag or medicine just in case you needed one.
  • Also, Yugyeom would be the type to handle and prepare dates with ease.
  • Doesn’t grow out of making cute letters in a red paper heart (that he cut himself)
  • So you have a bunch of cute red paper hearts with his messages on it in your drawer~
  • Is the type to check you out whenever you pass by.
  • Also the type to join you in showers ;) ;) ;)
  • Yugyeom really likes to bond with you, and he finds that teasing you is the best way for him to do that.
  • Loves to make you laugh!
  • Just loves to make you happy in general
  • Is the biggest sap, because he unconsciously does that thing in kdramas where the male lead looks at the leading lady lovingly without her knowing to you.
  • And he’d just have the silliest smile on!
  • Hugs are essential for Yugyeom, he’d never leave or part with you without receiving a good ol’ hug.
  • Gets really worried when you don’t respond with in the hour and you’ll find your phone blowing up from his missed calls and messages.
  • Also the type to cutely deny that he’s jealous.
  • But when he does admit that he’s jealous, he’d look so serious and handsome and…umf
  • When you rant or just simply talk on and on, he’d abruptly kiss you to shush you sometimes.
  • Likes to have his arms wrapped around you all the time
  • Once tried to make a mini album for you but he was so worried and stressed over it that he just broke down and cried.
  • But then he just looked at his wallpaper of you and he’d instantly realize why he was working hard for it <3
  • One time, Jinyoung was being friendly with you and Yugyeom wasn’t having it, so he decided to pick on his hyung from then on.
  • Likes to show off his new look for their comeback to you~
  • Yugyeom loves you with all his heart and he finds it so great to have someone like you to share so many good things and memories with <3

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mitch. sorry this is really sentimental but it's two hours until my birthday and i'm not doing too great. but what i wanted to tell you was that i'm listening to flatsound and it's making everything really calm on such a bad day. thanks for managing to make everything less sucky through music. i truly hope you're doing well.

i know a thing or two about not doing so great and i can tell you with confidence that it passes with time. happy birthday, anon. i hope this year treats you well. at very least, i hope that you treat yourself well this year. 

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Noone fucking likes you! You're just a bitch who won't let people be happy with the thought that Moriarty may actually be back. Reevaulate your life please, and stop bullying people

I’m sorry you’re having a really crappy day, anon.

Is there someone you trust who you can talk to about whatever’s going on?

Or maybe you can do something nice for yourself, like go for a walk or play a game or take a bubble bath?

I hope you feel better soon.

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Hi Sam, so it sounds like you're having a rough time of it (swan origami post). I hope today is better than yesterday. Give yourself a hug from me. I can't reach from here. Hypothetically, if someone wanted to send you a care package from the UK (Because you helped them through some rough times with your awesome stories and your fun/sweet tumblr and your cooking and origami and your Kindness and now it's time to pay it back) What would you want in that care package?Or would you like fic/art?

Aw thank you Anon! I always feel weird requesting stuff, I’d be happy with just a card to say hello :) And honestly it was just a bad day, those happen sometimes.

But if you wanted to send me some chocolate, you guys get MUCH better chocolate than we get in the states, generally speaking. As long as it hasn’t got peanuts in, I’ll pretty much eat anything wrapped in milk chocolate….

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I just wanted to say hi and ask how you're doing and make sure that you're doing well because you're a beautiful person and beautiful people deserve to be happy and healthy so I hope that all is well and that you're taking care of yourself and if not please do because you should be relaxed, well-rested, hydrated, and not extremely hungry. I hope you're doing well c:

you are way too sweet ilysm anon