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They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;

Just a reminder for every self diagnosed autistic

You’re diagnosing yourself with a developmental disorder you had to have been born with to legitimately have. What you’re doing is very disrespectful to actual disabled people and gross. Autism isn’t a mental illness and you just “self diagnosed” yourself with a disability.

yesterday i got a hate message for drawing urie dark skinned. to be honest i was really scared when i got it and asked myself if i hurt anyone with my art. i just want to publicy say my intentions by drawing characters skin tones darker. there is ALOT of people who dont embrace their skin tones in asian countries but darker skin exists everywhere. talking about tokyo ghoul not all japanese people are pale. i draw my characters with different skin tones because i want my drawings to make people feel good about themselfes! drawing characters darker skinned just because not everyone in the world is pale. i really felt bad about that racist anon yesterday but i figured they were probably mad about me drawing urie with a darker shade and not pale.
i really dont wish to get hate if you think im offending you with my art you can tell me off anon and explain to me whats wrong. i am willing to listen and to learn why exactly you feel hurt about me drawing someone darker.

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You think FE6 is better than FE7? What is this sorcery?! FE6 is in my opinion the worst FE game. Yes, even worse than Rev

Same turn reinforcements/FE6 RNG are ass, but I like the story and the challenge it offers makes up for it to me. Sure the FE6 supports are not as good as FE7′s (and RIP Hector my bf) but I immensely enjoyed the characters regardless. FE7 is good too, but the little things FE6 has makes it slightly better.

ALSO SPEAKING OF REVELATIONS, FE6 is soooo much better than Rev. Sure the supports in Rev are fun because you play with more units from Hoshido and Nohr, but beyond that the maps are not worth playing and the story is not at all engaging. Hell, I have played FE6 more than Revelations even with their game mehanic weaknesses. Rev is a snorefest and you should feel bad for liking it.

Oh my god I’m so sick of seeing rude anons trying to put down good people. @imagineham is like, one of the sweetest people I know and she doesn’t deserve all this. If there’s anyone you should hate on it’s me. There’s a lot of me to hate

So like, I’m just gonna say something right now. If you send hate to someone, especially on anon, you are a bad person. I don’t care about your gender, sexuality, where you come from, whatever. If you’re unnecessarily hurting people- if you’re hurting people in general, you are a bad person.

Please stop this. No one deserves to be hurt, especially no one as kind as Steph or any of the other Hamilton writers on this site.

Listen, I don’t care if you didn’t like a story, a characterization or the pairing, but don’t go around and crush the writer’s mood. People are putting their heart and time into these things and are brave enough to put it out here to maybe find people who like their stuff.  You don’t have to love a story. In fact you can even loathe what you read. But you have no right, under no circumstance, to go around and tell a writer that they are worthless and shit just because you have a personal problem with said writer. Even if you don’t like their writing there’s no need to crush their hope like a bulldozer. Perhaps they are not perfect, but neither are you. If you don’t like something just leave it be. Click away. If you don’t like the writer personally don’t read their stuff if it riles you up so much. You never know who sits behind the computer on the other side. What if it’s just a kid that’s just starting out to put their stuff up? They can still learn but if you’re an asshole they might stop altogether. Just click away if you hate something. There’s no need to leave your vile in their reviews or askboxes.

This is gross and cheesy, but 2jae are gross and cheesy, so I guess that works? But actually this is terrible, I’m sorry.

Ask for a Drabble! (Round 1): Drabble 1 of 6 

Word Count: 665. Rating: G for gross

Of all the issues and concerns Jaebum had come up with and analyzed when debating the pros and cons of confessing his feelings to Youngjae, the awkwardness of how to end a classic first date when you not only live with the other person, but also share a room had never occurred to him until now. They’re standing at their bedroom door, still holding hands, and this is the part where Jaebum’s pretty sure you’re supposed to say goodnight and maybe offer a goodnight kiss (not that he has much experience with this whole classic date thing), but he’s slowly realizing that the setup doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you’re both heading to the same place.

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Everything you hate about snape is funny bc literally all teachers are worse than him, and Neville was endangered worse by his own head of house than him. Like really. If You're going to hate someone for being a bad teacher, then hate all bad teachers.

Hey anon! My dislike of Snape is totally separate from a discussion about the unsafe practices of Hogwart’s curriculum. I don’t hate Snape for being a bad teacher (in fact, if he wasn’t an abusive asshole, he’d probably actually be a good teacher). My problem with him is a very long list of things which also happen to make him a bad teacher.

1. That time that he called his supposed best friend and crush a racial slur and then demanded that she listen to his apology, despite the fact that he didn’t actually care that he had used a slur, only that he said it to her.

2. That time he became a wizard Nazi

3. That time he was totally cool with infant murder as long as his crush stayed alive

4. That time he was an abusive asshole to his crush’s son for no other reason then the kid’s dad used to bully him

5. That time he was an abusive asshole to some poor kid for struggling in his class (Neville), and basically tried to kill his frog. He frightened Neville so bad that he was his greatest fear

6. That time he outed a fellow faculty member (who was one of the few competent teachers at Hogwarts and was the best DADA teacher that taught during Harry’s time at school), for a condition that was under control and not a threat to the students. This faculty member resigned under fire from parents, and then was discriminated against until his death.

7. Blatant favoritism for his own house.

8. Taking points away from students because they know the answers to his questions.

9. When one of his students was hit by an errant curse, he did not say that she should be allowed to go to the hospital wing, instead, he said that “he saw no difference” despite the fact that her front teeth had grown past her chin.

10. Breaking and entering, and then taking a personal letter that did not belong to him because it had his crush’s signature on it.

I could probably come up with more if I really thought about it, but I haven’t read the books in a while so my memory is a little foggy.

Are you honestly saying to me that reckless endangerment and systematic abuse are the same thing?

Look, appreciate Snape as an interesting character. But remember this: Every good thing that Snape did was either related to personal loyalty (like Malfoy) or because of his crush on the long dead Lily Potter, not because he actually cared about doing the right thing.


More lovely Gamzee asks! (You guys are just obsessed with either expressing your unfailing love or undying hatred to this guy)

“homestuck is bad because people dont know why gamzee is terrible” - anon

“homestuck is bad because whY DOESNT *EVERYONE* HATE GAMZEE HE’S A MASSIVE SHITTY ABUSER” - anon

“homestuck is bad bc it showed gamzee to me, who in which i am madly in love with” - anon