anon hate!!!!!!!!!!! dx

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you're an idiot you can't self diagnose yourself with a mental illness because the way you see symptoms in yourself yourself is different from the way a trained professional sees symptoms in you. you're brainwashing impressionable people

brainwashing, am i? wow. i always thought if i had that power i’d make them think something cool like that im a god or something and not, y’know, just the obvious fact that you know your own internal experience better than anyone else. diagnosis isn’t rocket science, it just takes research. professionals don’t use some sort of secret ancient mystical power to diagnose you, it’s based on what you tell them, put up against a book anybody can get a copy of. why do y’all always reach for that term? brainwashing. like it’s a fucking conspiracy for mentally ill people to have any autonomy and self-awareness, for poor people and marginalised folks that the psych field is notoriously violent towards to have access to resources. fuck off