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Spy Universe - Woozi

Anon requested Hacker! Woozi reacting to meeting the reader while working on his job. I was so inspired! Possibly willing to write more of this style of thing, so send request if you want!

EDIT: now we have a whole spy universe 

Jihoon glares at the pixels on his screen, crackling voices coming to him through the ear piece that he has popped halfway out of his ear so that he can hear the soft music playing in the background.

He thought there was no way this mission could go wrong. But now…

Well, even with his expert hacking work on the near impenetrable computer system of the house the team has just infiltrated, and even with the flawless plan the constructed in advance, they might not be able to get this right and extract what they want in time.

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Donning the Digital Mask: Anonymous

anonymous asked:

it's so funny cause it's actually really easy to figure out who an anon is? Tumblr is shit like the whole website barely functions and the anon feature isn't exempt from that, like you don't have to know advanced hacking or any shit to figure out who an anon is lmaoooo


A warning to all discoursers (esp inclusionists)

hate–police (their former url, now it’s nonbinaried) got hacked by someone malicious ? (tbh I have no idea what’s going on on their end but long story short someone got a hold of their account and they’re going to be outed to their family) Please do not reblog any new posts from them. Do not interact with them, do not send them asks, do not come off of anon. The hacker is clearly someone who believes that there are only two genders, that people cannot be nonbinary, and they are someone that has used the term “transtrender” unironically. This isn’t something that hate–police would say or do, considering that they are also nonbinary and they have actively spoken against truscum for the past few months. This hacker is dangerous and they could potentially harm more people. Stay away from their blog.

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((family-of-flash)) "Master Hacker people say," Dick smirked as he looked at his computer screen and denied access to this '707' and then cackled a little, "No one messes with Dick Grayson's system~"


 {707}: What??? What was this??? ‘Access denied’?? No way!!

 Luciel stared at his screen in utter disbelief. There was no way! This couldn’t be possible! He was 707! God Seven! There was no way–…. No. 

 The redhead smirked before he crackled his knuckles. He had just gotten a bit distracted. He grabbed his phone and texted in the chat that he’d be back later before he signed off and set his phone aside. No distractions. Now, this was personal. 

 With all his focus, he began to type and dig into the system. “You won’t win this, Grayson~ Your secrets are mine~”


Gif source:  Nick

Imagine being an important hacker for S.H.I.E.L.D. and receiving death threats from H.Y.D.R.A. so Nick sends the Avengers to protect you.

——— Request for anon ———

“A hacker? Am I not enough for you?” Tony asks, hand over his heart in feigned hurt as Fury gives him the most done expression he can muster.

“Try not to cry too much, Stark,” Natasha rolls her eyes, turning back to Fury as she gives him a determined nod, “So keep the hacker safe, that’s the mission?”

“Didn’t know I signed up to be a babysitter when I became an Avenger,” Steve purses his lips, wondering if this mission was really in need of all of them.

“Trust me, Rogers,” Fury replies, “H.Y.D.R.A. has already sent assassins after this hacker, and we can’t afford for them to come as close as they did last time. None of my agents can provide the security all of you can.”

V day video??

So this is how the story goes: I wasn’t part of the phandom when the whole Valentine’s Day video thing went down. When I joined the fandom and inevitably saw someone mention it, I actually searched around a bit for a copy (I know, I know, don’t hate me pls) so I could know what people were always talking about, but I couldn’t find it (maybe bc I’m really bad at searching, but either way the effect was the same). Since then I’ve realized that I shouldn’t try to find that video, because dan and phil don’t want us to. I’ve given up on being the part of the fandom that knows.

Just today, I saw someone say that the 4Chan hackers might also upload the v day video (or something worse??) as part of or a follow up to their attack. The author of the post said, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO. And I 100% agree with her. I won’t watch the video, bc dan and phil wouldn’t want me to.

But then as I continued scrolling, a little voice in the back of my mind said “maybe you should watch it. I mean, nobody would know it was you, and then you could talk about the v day video and be like the people who were around when it happened.” I hesitated a bit, before remembering why I shouldn’t watch the videos. I don’t want to watch them, but there’s tiny part of me that feels left out (and also apparently has no morals). That part of me wants to watch the v day video sooo bad. So to keep myself honest, this is my pledge, my promise, whatever you wanna call it, that I will not watch the Valentine’s Day video or any new video footage of dan and Phil without knowing that they are completely okay with it. And if I blog about it or something (or gore or porn while we’re at it), it wasn’t me. I’ve been hacked.

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The year is 2024. The movie premier of Home sold twice as many tickets as expected. A dedicated team of hackers has removed all unlawfully reposted Home fanart. Julie decides to reveal the unreleased art of Derek from the end of Ch14. Fans rejoice

I literally choked on the apple I was eating.

P.S. (I’m crying can’t believe you remember the unreleased ch14 Derek art)