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Imagine Steve (shamelessly) flirting with Batman and everyone is shook bc Batman hasn't stomped away yet????

“Gotham thanks you,” Batman says. He’s still doing that fake deep, rough voice. Natasha wonders if he’s had actual voice training or if he’s just wrecking his throat doing that. Probably the latter.

“Oh, it’s nothing, really,” Steve says. “I mean, you’ve really - really got it handled. We barely had to do anything.”

Natasha and Clint - who’s half slung over her shoulder and limping on a broken ankle - stop. Clint raises his eyebrows at her, and she half turns them so they can look.

Steve shield is leaning against his leg and he’s fidgeting with his mask between his hands. His hair is in sweaty spikes and he’s got some dirt on his face but under that he’s - yep, he’s definitely blushing. 

Batman either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care that Steve Rogers is flirting with him. It’s impossible to tell with the way his mask hides most of his face. He hasn’t taken off in a swoosh of black cloak though, and he’s looking directly at Steve. Natasha would bet that he probably does care, in the good way.

“You really have things under control here,” Steve says. He glances at Batman through his eyelashes. Natasha knows that regardless of whether Batman is interested or not, he’s lucky to have that mask on now. Everyone melts when Steve gives them that look. 

“I mean, it takes us a whole team to defend New York,” Steve continues. “And then all of the - others around the city. It’s just you here, isn’t it? That’s really something.”

Clint makes an indignant noise, but Natasha is watching Batman try not to smile. The mask doesn’t hide the little twitch of muscles around his mouth. He’s definitely interested. 

“Every hero needs help sometimes,” Batman says. “I admire your ability to lead a team and take care of them.”

“Oh,” Steve says, his blush deepening. “It’s nothing. They’re all great at what they do, it makes my job easy.”

“Nonetheless,” Batman says. “It is admirable. Perhaps we could discuss tactics some other time. Over coffee, perhaps?”

Steve lights up. Natasha raises her eyebrows and Clint sounds like he’s choking on air.

“Yeah! I would love to,” Steve says. He sounds like a golden retriever looks when it’s wagging it’s tail so hard it’s butt wiggles.

“I’ll give you my personal number,” Batman says, and his mouth has definitely softened from the stern line it’s usually in. “No sense using the team line for non-emergencies.”

Clint is still choking when Natasha turns them around again and pulls him away.

“That worked??” He sputters. Natasha just laughs. 

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So you’re ok with injecting poison into your baby? I hope he gets autism.

So you think having autism is worse than him getting really sick and most likely dying of a disease that could’ve been prevented?

I really hope you don’t have kids.

I love my son, if autism is a risk with vaccines then I’ll happily take that risk. Autism is not the worst thing that can happen.

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Henry how is your drawing arm/hand not permanently damaged from overworking so much?

He keeps rubbing at his wrist, and flinches.

“Maybe I’ll… take this weekend off.”

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Thinking about Duke and oc-kun being childhood friends, they must have lots of blackmail of each other, or at least, cute photos. Ps. Rethinking, they must have been So. Damn. Cute as children. (They still are) ❤❤💖💖

their childhood was a loop of Duke trying to get Oc-kun to leave the house 

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Can y advise any cool blogs with a beautiful shots edits and nice legacies?? Love y!

hi anon!! ok, i should do a proper follow forever thingy but im a lil lazy for that, i will someday tho!! so keep it in mind that if i forgot someone im sorry?? ;-; im only tagging the “beautiful shots edits and nice legacies” that you asked for anon (bc there’s a bunch of amazing people in here with different directions with their blogs but oki), anyway here we go :3

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Do you have any favorite Pennywise/IT blogs that you feel like shouting at?

*cracks knuckles* 


@dancing-sewer-daddy (My Wife) 


@tasteslikebuttercream (Read all their stuff, like NOW) 








@filthysewercreature​ (Just going to mention it was this blog that got me into the fandom, their writing is amazing and through their stuff I found my clown fucker self!)







Can I just say that I have never been more happy in my life? Hamilton brought me and my wife closer – it got us through one of the worst traumas of our lives, and it brought me here. Where I get love and support for just being my dorky ass self and drawing my little doodles of these amazing and wonderful characters.

Thank you guys, all of you, so much for being so sweet and supportive of my fun little hobby and continuing to encourage me. You guys are all beautiful and amazing and just

thank you. For showing me personally that being myself is okay. That me and my wife are #goals, you guys are goals, all of you beautiful wonderful people akdhlgs;

I just get so emotional thinking about it I love you all so much ;___; Thank you for being here and existing and being you. <3

Finally after 398348934 months I changed my theme.. it’s minimal but satisfies my visual needs for graphic design.

Gentle Dom Davey :)

Just writing the title made me smile :) Hope you like it! This was was a request, but it’s been fun! BTW I’m a little nervous posting this, cause it was very hard to keep it gently dom while writing it. I hope this is what you were looking for!

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-So once upon a time you dated Morris Delancey. You guys just didn’t work out. Plain and simple. But the sex was good for both of you. 

- You’re relationship was pretty quiet until you moved in together. When Morris found out you and Davey were dating Morris started messing with Davey more. Morris told him how Morris used to dominate you, make you moan loud enough the neighbors complained.

- Now you loved being with Davey, but normally he wasn’t dominant like Morris was. He was shy, scared of hurting you. But what Morris said, that left him even more nervous, and just angry enough to fuel his confidence a bit.

- When you got home from work for the day, Davey was waiting for you in the apartment you shared. He sat quietly on the couch, thinking about something. You had no clue what it could be, but he seemed agitated.

- Once you took off your shoes and put down your bag, you took a seat in his lap, not straddling him, just cuddling up. “What’s on your mind, Dave?” 

- “Morris,” He mumbled. “Y/N, I know you used to date him. We talked about that already, but you didn’t tell me how much you liked…” You could tell he was trying to think of the right way to say something awkward. “Well. He told me what he used to do to you. How much you loved it. I’ve never done anything like that. Do you not like being with me?” 

- “Davey, I love being with you.” You tell him quickly, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Then why haven’t our neighbors complained?” He mumbled, gripping your hips tightly. 

-You moaned, this was a new side of Davey, and you really liked it. “Are you mad Davey? Jealous?” He let your a low groan, and started kissing your neck. Feeling a bulge grow underneath you, you decided to roll your hips against him. 

-”No.” He told you sternly. “I-I want to be in control Y/N.’ He immediately went back to kissing your neck, sucking just a bit harder than normal. An involuntary moan escaped your lips. “Davey, Davey, you’re gonna leave a mark.” “I know Princess, I want Morris to see it.*

- You could feel your core begin tingling and his bulge grew even harder. “Can I sir?” You asked, trying to look innocent as possible while reaching forward to palm him over his pants.

-Hearing you call him sir he instantly grew fully hard. *Fuck baby.” Davey leaned his head back when you touched him, but soon looked forward again. “I said no.” He was nervous, stumbling for his words a bit, but seeing his growing confidence sent excited shivers down your spine, especially when he gripped your wrist and raised your hands to your breast. “No Y/N. I want you to feel good.” He smirked when you sighed a bit, closing your eyes. Maybe he could do this…”Take off your shirt Y/N. I wanna see you. You’re so beautiful.” 

- Eagerly you took off not only your shirt, but your bra as well, your nipples becoming hard and sensitive, not only from the sudden chill, but from Davey’s gaze at you. You needed him and his sudden burst of control. Feeling unable to control your own body, you slid down on to is thigh and started riding it. “I thought I told you no.” Davey whispered in your ear..lightly slapping your ass. “Shit..”He blushed red..”Was that okay? I don’t want to hurt you..’ 

-You smiled as you took his hand and placed it in your hair. “Pull baby, I’ve been naughty..”

-He smiled, and gently tugged at your hair as he moved his lips to your nipple. As you continued to grind down on his thigh (let’s be honest, you were just hoping for more punishment), the different sensations began to take you over and you felt the familiar pain for him. Davey removed you from him mouth just long enough to mumble..”I want to hear you Y/N” before switching to your other nipple.  Then he tugged your hair again, and you couldn’t hold it in. “Davey! Davey you feel so good!” 

-”Don’t come yet, princess. Just wait….please..” 

“Y-yes sir!” It was getting harder though, and you stopped grinding against his thigh to help control yourself. Davey pulled away from you. “I didn’t tell you to stop.” I”m sorry sir!” You moaned as he lightly pulled at your hair* “How can I fix it?” You asked, dying to be touched.

-Davey thought for a second then smirked at you and spread his legs wider. “Fix it yourself, princess, and help me out while you’re at it.” 

- Purring slightly, you bent down in front of him, and unbuttoned his pants teasingly slow. Davey was big, you’d always known and loved that about him, but it still gave you a sense of excitement to see him erect. Seeing you bite your lip in excited drove Davey wild. “Fuck it, Y/N.” He pulled you up beside him on the couch and took himself down to the ground. Before you could say anything he spread your legs wider and buried his face in you, wrapping his arms around your thighs to hold you tight against him. As you began to moan, he pulled himself up a bit. “I want to hear you baby. Fuck, let Morris hear you.” 

- As he began teasing you, you wrapped your fingers in his hair, and grew louder. When he finally focused solely on your clit, the neighbors pounded on the wall. Breathlessly, barely able to stop yourself from bucking your hips, you pounded the walls right back. You knew they would complain, but that wasn’t your problem right now. “Please sir. Please sir, I need you!” 

-Davey chuckled against your clit, and gently nipped it. “How badly do you need me?” He then proceeded to press a few fingers into you as he licked at your clit. For a moment or so you couldn’t talk, all you could do was moan. “Sir, Please!” You finally yelled out. “Please Davey!” 

-Hearing you beg nearly drove him over the edge, keyword, nearly. With a proud smirk, Davey pulled himself up, and placed one of your legs over his shoulder, finally giving you what you had been craving. You gasped when he entered you, and he groaned at how tight you were. “God baby you’re beautiful. You’re so wet, and hot, and beautiful.” Davey began slowly pumping into you, gradually picking up speed and force. It was long before you were unraveling underneath him. “No, Y/N.” He pulled your hair again. “Not yet…” 

-Out of frustration you began bucking up towards him, making him quicken his pace…”Please sir. I can’t do it any longer sir..” 

- With a sudden softness, Davey let go of your hair, and cupped your cheek. “It’s okay baby girl..cum with me…” He was twitching inside you and closed his eyes as you felt yourself let go. “It’s okay, baby..” He pumped you through both of your highs. “You’ve been so good for me baby…” He finished shortly after you and pulled out, allowing you to put your leg down on the floor, before cuddling up to you as the little spoon. He gently kissed you wherever he could reach..

-”I’m sorry if that was too much, Y/N.” 

- In response, you flipped yourself over so you were straddling him, pecked his lips, and then slid down to lay your head against his chest…”No, Davey, that was incredible.” 

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for the unusual questions: everything with a 5

Haha anon!! So many!! Thanks for asking ♥

5. If you were a type of tree, what would you be?

A pine tree because I’m prickly as fuck 

15. Do you like someone?

I like many people. I like my friends, I like my family… romantic feelings are trickier and harder to figure out lately… it’s harder to sort out romantic and platonic feelings… but I have to say yes as well.

25. You just found $100! How are you going to spend it?

I’m not, that shit’s going straight into savings, gotta save up that fat cash for my travels next year!

35. Are you a good….[insert anything you’d like here]?

Since you didn’t insert anything for this, I’m gonna pick to ask myself “Are you a good figure skater”. The answer to which is no! (Why did that come to mind first? Lmao)

45. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I don’t know if I would, honestly. Every part of me - even the parts I really don’t like - kind of make up a whole which I (sometimes) really like. (I float between ‘yeah I’m a boss ass bitch who deserves the world’ and ‘I’m a trash person that deserves to be stepped on’ pretty daily, which I’m sure others can relate to) I do wish it were easier for me to forgive. It takes a lot to really push me.

50. What is the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?

I don’t know if it counts for unusual… but pretty much every conversation I have with @amalasdraws consists of some key smashing at least once a day… and it makes sense to us but it’d probably be confusing to someone else lol.

51. Are you a good liar?

I’m constantly surprised at how easily people accept my lies. I don’t think this is a good thing. However, I’m trash at lying to the people I’m closest to, and I don’t like lying anyway.

52. How long could you go without talking?

I once went almost a week without talking because I was so stubbornly mad, so I’m pretty sure I could go a long while! But can I not talk to anyone at all? Because this would be harder… I can selectively ignore/not talk to specific people for long periods of time easily… but if I can’t talk at all I don’t think I could go more than a few days. I love talking to my friends!

53. What has been you worst haircut/style?

Definitely that time in the seventh grade when I cut my hair short (about length with my chin) and got bangs. It looked horrible lol 

54. Have you ever baked your own cake?

Oh yes! I bake a lot of my own stuff. I like baking, and I feel homemade things are just so much more special.

55. Can you do any accents other than your own?

No. I’m horrible at impersonations. I’ll refuse to do them. Don’t ask me when I’m drunk, either - I’ll do them, but you’ll regret asking because they’re so bad lol 

56. What do you like on your toast?

Depends on my mood! I like to switch it up. Sometimes just butter, other times cream cheese, or peanut butter, or just some melted cheese. Or a slice of bacon and some cheese? It really depends on the kind of toast, too. 

57. What is the last thing you drew a picture of?

I don’t really draw… I honestly don’t remember. I was showing some of my students how to draw stars not too long ago, so probably that.

58. What would be you dream car?

I don’t really have one? Haha I’m not a car person… something with 4 wheel drive that gets me from point A to point B without costing me too much on gas… maybe with some sick flames painted on the side to make it look badass.

59. Do you sing in the shower? Or do anything unusual in the shower? Explain.

Do I do anything unusual in the shower… lol… uh… yes :D I text and drink beer in the shower? Or wine, I’m not picky - sometimes hot drinks too, but those aren’t quite as easy because you want them to stay hot… haha my phone is waterproof so I’m not really concerned about it getting wet. I also just take showers to relax? So I don’t end up doing any actual cleaning, I just hang out under the hot water and chill. Sometimes I’ll blast music, other times not, depends on my mood! I’ve been told this is weird but it’s pretty normal for me now lol 

65 weird questions