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Watanuki finally summons all his courage and confesses his true feelings to himself and Doumeki and Doumeki's just "we've been married for ten years"

This is honestly exactly how it would go down. 

You’re Crazy

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Could you write number 58 from the list with Peter Parker please?

58. “This is by far the most stupid plan you’ve ever created. Of course I’m in.”

Warnings: Swearing once

Summary: Being best friends with Peter means doing all kinds of crazy stunts with him.  Although, you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy them.


AN:  Thank you Anon for this Peter request! I really enjoyed writing this scenario! If anyone wants to see more Peter Parker, just send me a request and even some number combos from this prompt list, if you’d like!!

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When Yixing returns to Korea, he appears tired and EXO kinda force him to the bedroom to get some rest. They start singing the song as a lullaby and Yixing is singing along because he has listened to it so many times to the point where he has learnt all the words. They try to make a Chinese version on the spot but their Mandarin is very limited and they keep mispronouncing words and they end up keeping Yixing awake instead but Yixing doesn't mind at all.

My sOBBIng asS Is reADY TO figHT YOu

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Hello lovely artist! I would love to see Ro in a drawing with... you :D if you don't mind? Like how you wanted to start the historical figures one but have a drawing with you as well?

“jeez…it doesn’t even look like me at all…how can you be hundreds of years old but you can only draw stick figures?”
“easy for you to say, you make it look easy…!”

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OH MY GOSH THE FINDING MARLEY CLIFF-HANGER IS KILLING ME! Also, (I know all the simblrs probably say this you) but I think you are so extremely talented and creative and SO very inspirational! I stayed up to about 2 in the morning just reading all of your amazing stories, and I am so incredibly inspired and just want to know how wonderful you are! You are probably the best simblr page out there, and I just want to thank you for all your amazing hard work and dedication, you are truly inspiring ♥

I honestly wish I could frame this ask and keep it forever?

I’m hoping it won’t be a cliffhanger for much longer! I’ve just been lacking inspiration I’m afraid! You honestly give me far too much credit?? But I am so flattered and just overwhelmed? I don’t think I’ve ever been referred to as ‘the best simblr page out there’ and God, I wish that was true :’) I’m so so glad you enjoy my stories and my blog, I love you so much right now?? ♥ I ♥ I am always so flattered when people say my blog inspires them and WOW, I just want you to know how wonderful you are? 

Thank you so much, seriously  ♥ ♥ ♥

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BNHA Headcanons?

Hmmm I don’t know if I actually have that many? Let me think…

  • Dabi is Todoroki’s brother (does this count??)
  • Kacchan is an excellent cook and uses it to de-stress himself
  • ^such as from nightmares, cuz he definitely has PTSD
  • Izuku thinks of Kacchan as his best friend
  • Aizawa stops to pet every stray cat he sees
  • Kacchan has a great fashion sense (since his parents are in that industry)

Ummm… that’s honestly all I can think of right now?? I’m sure there are more but I’m blanking lmao.

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H-hello! You said you're accepting comfort asks so I was hoping to send in one;; Could I get headcanons or a scenario (whichever is easier/you want to do) of Aizawa comforting his s/o who's gotten so upset that they end up in a state of being mostly nonverbal and are generally in a lot of emotional distress?



  • This isn’t an entirely new concept to him. He’s had his fair share of moments where he’s had to take himself away from a situation or faced a terrible day and couldn’t function properly by the end of it. This man is 100% understanding about anxieties and the way it can mess with a person.
  • His first and number one priority is to take you away from whatever is potentially stressing you, preferably to a quiet space where you have time to think and calm. 
  • He’s so gentle about it, he talks to you the entire time, even asks for permission to touch you when he’s moving you away.
  • After he’s seen it happen to you a few times before he starts learning about your specific needs and what helps you come back into focus.
  • His best approach is to sit beside you and basically guard you until you indicate you need/want something. 
  • More likely to not hug you or anything like that for fear of causing you to feel even more out of control. 
  • He’ll ask questions about if you need him to go and get something, if you want to go home, if you need him to be futher away etc.
  • “It’s alright, _____. Take your time, we have all day. You can still nod right? Okay. Don’t force yourself to talk if you don’t feel right… if you can, show me what you need right now. I’m here.” 

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Hi! I was wondering, do you have any good shance fic recs?

I DO ACTUALLY!! Not exhaustive and I’ve gone with ones I think you might not have tried? So you’ve got Black to Blue and Closer to Your World but of course everyone’s read those. There’s also all of Quiddity and Pitchgold’s work but who hasn’t read all their published works three times over?

This is gonna be shance-only with no keith btw. bye keith.

First off let’s start with series:

Black and blue (and human too) is a series I really like because it’s got a lot of flowery language and it’s just like ‘whoa. hell yeah. nice.’ NSFW content is implied

Heat ABO series is cute bc it’s got Heith and Shiro and Hunk trying to out-do each other which is fuckin HILARIOUS yet sweet

Distraction is some of that good-good smut content where there’s also feelings and it’s like ‘aw that’s so sweet. rail him harder’.

Chaptered fics? Uhh:

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Okay but what are your ideas on JON AND SANSA HEARING WHAT THE SMALL WOMAN WHO MURDERED AN ENTIRE HOUSE WORDS bc obviously it's a stark who said that and obviously it would have to be Arya. And GENDRY HEARING THEM WHILE HE'S IN THE RIVERLANDS

woah. okay anon. THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. I think when Sansa hears of the news that the person who killed off House Frey said the words, “Winter has Come” her reaction would be of shock and it’s gonna be like pieces of puzzle fitting in her mind as she realize that it’s actually her long lost sister who did that. and jon. omygoodness jon’s reaction would be pure awe and he’s just about to be so amazed while confused at the same time with how his little sister accomplished all that. I mean, he knows that Arya is capable of a lot of things and he believes in her but let’s also take into account that jon and all of them  doesn’t really know the extent of skills Arya actually acquired all along the way. So i imagine there’s gonna be a lot of speculating on their side on how their sister did that while being totally “oh I’ve always known that if there was someone out of us who could kill off an entire House then that would be our lil sister Arya.” both jon and sansa know the fact that Arya’s that badass. and as for our beloved black-haired boy, I think he’d simply say “i knew it”