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You Don’t Have To Do This

Anon: Could you do a Voltron where Keith’s all sick and emotional because his fevers really high, and Lance irritated because he got the job of taking care of him. Keith ends up blabbing in his feverish state telling him that he doesn’t have to take care of him if he doesn’t want to and that he’ll be fine on his own, that it’s not the first time. Basically giving away that he hasn’t ever really had anyone to take care of him and Lance feels guilty for being a jerk about it fussing over him.

A/N: What’s that? Two fics in one day? It’s a miracle I get anything done at college.

“You don’t have to do this…”

Lance stopped and frowned. He was in the middle of dabbing Keith’s forehead with a cold cloth, careful not to let any of the icy water drip down the Red Paladin’s cheeks. This was exactly why he didn’t want to be assigned this job. Keith was already stubborn as hell when he was feeling okay, but this?

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ThinGs I've learnt from that preview: I'm gonna cry my eyes out scream and yell and the second one tear drops onto Aaron's cheek I will be dead. Maxine needs to be honoured by the Queen for services to drama. FINALLY FINALLY EVERYONE WILL SEE RYAN MASTERCLASS HAWLEY IN ACTION COS THIS WILL BE HIS GREATEST PERFORMANCE YET AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE PRAISE AND FOR ED TO REALISE HE IS CAPABLE AND WORTHY OF THIS SORT OF WRITING PLS AND THANK YOU x





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Maybe a fic where Lance is coming down with the space flu or something with all of the crappy symptoms (nausea/vomiting, fever, headache,) but he doesn't want to let the team down so he tries to go practice anyways. Cue Lance passing out during training and Keith being a flurry of frustrated and worried and at first Lance is freaking out but eventually Keith just tries to take care of him.

The Blues

A/N: A lot of notes on this one, sorry.

So halfway through writing this, I got a fever. I also don’t feel like I’ve gotten used to writing Lance yet. So take it with a grain of salt.

I always pictured that unless it was a simple cold, Lance would be really bad at handling illnesses. They sap his energy and his charm, and he hates being incapacitated like that. So when he’s hit with all these things, along with the loneliness of being away from Earth, and feeling like a seventh wheel, his emotions just go down. I kind of drifted from the prompt, I’m sorry. But I really like the way it turned out!

Finally, I had to take a sharp turn when THIS POPPED UP so it took longer than normal but I really wanted to incorporate this beautiful thing that has graced the Voltron fandom.

The paladins could live without some earth commodities. They adjusted to the Altean food, they accepted wearing their armor while they washed their one pair of clothes, and they tolerated the strange music that Coran and Allura would play over the entire ship when they missed Altea. But for the humans, there was one thing they couldn’t tolerate.

“We’re going back to the space mall and getting toothpaste.” Shiro decided, leaving no room for argument.

Within an hour, the paladins compiled a list of necessities they would purchase. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, razors, new clothes, different types of food, all the things on Earth they always took for granted. Coran insisted that they had the equivalent of some of those things on the ship, but everyone rallied to get Earth deodorant. Pidge threatened to take the wheel herself if Allura didn’t turn the ship around.

As the castleship grew closer to the space mall, the paladins began to get excited. The shopping list grew from necessities to the things they started to missed as well. But the Red Paladin noticed that something was off. Lance was being oddly quiet. He threw out only basic suggestions, like fingernail clippers and combs. Keith scoffed at his lack of participation.

“What, you don’t want a friend for Kaltenecker?”

Lance shrugged and muttered that getting a cow - even if it was free - was probably a bad idea because they had little means to feed it. Even though the Blue Paladin’s alarmingly realistic comment surprised everyone, they continued to make the list. But Keith was left with suspicion. Something was definitely wrong with Lance.

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So many swen I feel are starting to lose all faith and hope in ouat, even the ones who were startlingly swendgame positive. Of course I get it, they're starting to destroy the one thing that made this show great (swan mills family) all in favor for daddy hook and cs. I'd not be surprised if they honestly kill Regina off at this point, I mean if it's the last season what could they lose (besides dignity) ? I just wanted to ask are you still aboard the hope train ?

Hey Anon,

Hiatus fever. It’s a thing. Last thing we’ve seen was Regina and Emma holding hands in the wish realm. Emma singing one day her prince will come while Regina showed up dressed like a prince. I think all it takes to know where I stand is to scroll down my blog a little. In the last couple of months I’ve written more than a few posts.

The Guide
Ruby is Emma’s wolf. Her story guides us to the truth, just like the wolves made Graham remember who he was.

Emma’s Superpower
We think Emma’s superpower is failing, but there was always one exception to the rule. Emma can lie to herself. Denial.

Hook as the Animus
Hook represents a part of Emma she needs to make peace with. It also fits in with what looks like Hook and Emma parenting Henry. It’s about Emma wondering if the darkest parts of herself are fit to be a parent.

The musical
The musical episode fits in with @colyssa’s Women who run with the wolves meta and is a great opportunity to show us how the characters are really feeling. It might be a way to break through the denial.

Snow & Charming parallels
Emma & Regina’s current story matches that of Snow & Charming in the episode “Heart of Darkness”.

True Love crosses Realms
Henry, Emma and Regina’s relationship is the core of the show in terms of symbolism. Their message doesn’t actually work without a True Love’s kiss between Emma and Regina. 

Key symbolism
Emma giving Regina a key was a big deal.

The Little Mermaid had some queer subtext going on and she’s coming back.

Emma’s secret wish
Some thoughts about Emma’s secret wish in the wish realm and how the absence of the Evil Queen is another symbol of repression and denial.

Season 7
The spoilers for a reset for season 7 can be linked to Emma’s journeys and their repression. Breaking through it could shake up the world for everyone.

A wedding and a funeral
A short exploration of themes related to weddings, funerals and relationships and what it could mean.

I wouldn’t call what I do hope & faith, however. At least not the blind version of it. I’ve explained my reasoning in this now half-finished series.

||  Part II     ||  Dumb Positivity
||  Part III    ||  Split yourself!
||  Part IV    ||  The same… but different
||  Part V     ||  The need to complete
||  Part VI    ||   Know your ending

One of the parts I hadn’t gotten to yet, was research. I didn’t know anything about fairy tales and I felt like I didn’t understand the show. There are several schools on the interpretation of fairy tales, but luckily Adam gave us one clue. The book Uses of Enchantment was what got him thinking about Fairy Tales in the first place, so we know that they are using the depth psychology approach.

All of the books - you can find a selection here - my more recent theories are based on can be linked back to this book. To Freud, Jung and depth psychology. The references on the show are abundant. It suddenly makes everything make sense. Every part of the show becomes relevant. There are no plot holes and the story threads aren’t dropped, the continuity is in the recurring themes like abandonment, abuse and killing fathers. With every new story we get extra elements… and while everything is relevant, Emma, Regina & Henry are more obviously than ever at the core of this story. If you don’t recognize that, you can’t begin to understand the psychology and the mythology. You can’t decipher the clues. Heteronormativity actually serves to keep the story hidden.

The thing with depth psychology is that it assumes the truth lies beneath the surface. We repress things, but here and there you can see the truth shine through. The entire show is built based on that principle. They use text to tell the main story, but then they use everything else available in audiovisual storytelling to mimic what we hide in our subconscious. The text is full of innuendo and double speak. The music tells its own story, as do the clothes, the references to known stories evoke something else, the setting, the symbolism, the props. The subtlety in the acting is amazing, because even there multiple stories are told. 

They don’t try to hide it from us either, they include so much to encourage us to look beyond the surface, like Emma saying the truth is tricky and something to look for.

The actions speak louder than words line is another invite to look beyond the text.

In season one there’s even a reference to the philosopher Derrida. The man is mostly known for his theory of deconstruction. Which - simplified - means that everything that you read holds different interpretations. Meaning changes dependent on context. It’s almost an invitation to pick their story apart the way… well mostly the Swan Queen fandom has been doing from the beginning, but it needs to be applied to everything.

Then I haven’t even gotten into the fact that the Aladdin and Jasmine parallels, OperationOUT, Women who run with the wolves, the circle story structure theory and the recent talks about a different season 7…. All point to Emma & Regina’s relationship finally being taken out of subtext at the end of this season or at the beginning of the next.

So, hope? I guess you could call it that, but it’s not unsubstantiated.

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In whumpy things I love when other charries assume whumpee is drunk or something until he/she suddenly keels over and they realize, oh, he/she was actually borderline delirious with fever (side note: I also adore that particular phrase) and barely understood what they were saying or doing. Fever dreams are fun too.

Oh god yes, I totally feel you on that, so much. 

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YohaRiko is love <3

oh yes they’ll forever hold a special place in my heart as one of the first LLS ships I’ve ever loved DX Quickly doodled The Butterfly’s owner & bartender from very incomplete Devils AU while looping Guilty Eyes Fever ╰(◉ᾥ◉)╯

Stubborn Keith Burrito

Anon: Keith being an angry bean burrito and Lance trying to fuss over him but he’s being stubborn.

A/N: Keith cannot resist the burrito.





Lance frowned. His boyfriend always did this. No matter how many times Lance proved to him that being cared for felt nice, Keith was always adamant about being independent. Even when he could barely stand due to the shivers his fever was giving him, the Red Paladin insisted that he could do it on his own.

This left Lance more frustrated that not. He stood there holding a large blanket, trying not to get angry. “Last time you really liked it.”

Keith shook his head, expression bordering on a scowl, “Last time I was a lot worse off. I wasn’t in my right mind. I’m only 102 now, you said it yourself.”

“It doesn’t matter what state you were in. It helped you feel better.”

“I feel fine.”

Lance felt like he was going to blow a gasket. He loved Keith, he really did, but god damn it if he hadn’t fallen in love with the most stubborn person in the known universe.

With a deep breath, he sat down next to Keith.

“If you let me do this, and you don’t like it, I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll leave you alone to do whatever you think is best, okay?”

Keith considered this for a moment. He knew Lance was only doing his best to be considerate and helpful, but Keith was the type of sick person who wanted to be alone and sleep the entire thing off. Had this been a more extreme illness, he’d be more compliant to Lance caring for him. But this was only a slight fever. He could handle it.


Lance grinned. In one fell swoop, he wrapped Keith in a hug from behind, bundling in him in the large blanket. He pressed a kiss against his cheek and tucked his arms into the blanket. With a few gentle nudges and adjustments, the Red Paladin was encased in the puffy blanket, only his head and legs sticking out.

To put the cherry on top, Lance sat behind the Keith bundle and gave him the biggest hug he could manage with his slender arms. But the breaking point for Keith were the kisses on the back of his feverish neck.

“What’s the verdict, patient?” Lance asked.

Keith sighed and closed his eyes. This isn’t how he expected it to go. He gave the answer as quietly as possible.

“…it’s really nice…”

“Told you.”

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Barisi - 028

~ ~ ~

#28 - I have never felt this way about anyone

~ ~ ~

Rafael’s fingers are running up and down Sonny’s back.


It still surprises Sonny. How affectionate Rafael is in private. How Rafael never takes his hands off Sonny unless he absolutely has to. How Rafael keeps touching Sonny, after they’ve made l… after they’ve had sex, how Rafael keeps caressing Sonny until one of them, usually Rafael himself, falls asleep.

Sonny almost likes that better than the sex itself.

Rafael’s fingers on his skin. Rafael’s hands. Gentle. Sonny likes the feeling of Rafael’s palm resting on his hip, on his ass, on the small of his back. Sonny likes the feeling of Rafael’s fingers moving on his arms, on his neck, on his face, too, sometimes. After they’ve…

After they’ve made love.

That’s what this is. For Sonny.

Sonny doesn’t know why Rafael does this. He never asks. He thinks maybe Rafael likes touching him. Or maybe Rafael can tell Sonny is a cuddler, and figures a few stray touches are an acceptable substitute, because Rafael himself, he does not cuddle.

The first time, Sonny rolled off of Rafael almost immediately. But he didn’t get up. Every instinct of his told Sonny to get up and get dressed and get out. To keep things breezy. To act like it wasn’t a big deal.

Sonny didn’t get up. He stayed there, in bed, next to Rafael, pretending he was just trying to catch his breath, ready for a non-verbal cue, ready to bolt at the first sight of discomfort from Rafael.

Rafael did not show any discomfort.

Rafael reached over and placed his hand low on Sonny’s belly.

Rafael muttered ‘goodnight’.

Like Sonny was supposed to stay.

Rafael closed his eyes, fell asleep within minutes.

Sonny stayed.

Sonny didn’t fall asleep for hours.

Sonny thinks Rafael is about to fall asleep again, now. Rafael’s fingers have started slowing down. Rafael’s arm feels heavier, like he’s resting it on Sonny more than he’s moving it. That’s the tell. That’s how Sonny knows.

This, this happens all the time now. Them, sleeping together. Literally. Spending nights at each other’s place. Days, too. Days off.

Sonny doesn’t want to get his hopes up, but it’s hard not to.

Sonny loves Rafael.

Sonny wants to tell him.

Sonny knows he’s probably ascribing way too much meaning to the little things, but it’s hard not to.

Sonny knows it’s probably just common courtesy, but he can’t help overanalyzing things like Rafael making an extra cup of cappuccino on his fancy coffee maker in the mornings, always ready before Sonny wakes up. Things like Rafael knowing Sonny’s weird pizza order, like Rafael texting him goodnight on the nights they have to be apart, like Rafael finding excuses to touch him even at work, subtly, like Rafael asking about his niece, about his family.

It’s probably just common courtesy.

It’s love.

That’s what this is. For Sonny.

Sonny is watching, waiting for the moment Rafael drifts off to sleep.

Sonny is lying on his stomach, facing Rafael who is lying on his side, eyes already closed.

Sonny can still feel Rafael’s hand moving.

Up and down.

Until it stops.

Rafael’s hand rests on the small of Sonny’s back.

The touch, it feels possessive.

Or maybe Sonny is projecting.

Maybe Sonny wants Rafael to be his.

Maybe Sonny is jealous, because Rafael touches him all the time but Sonny is a coward, and he doesn’t touch Rafael half as much as he wants to. Sonny doesn’t think he can get away with loving… with affectionate touches like that, not like Rafael can. Sonny is afraid that he’ll try to caress Rafael’s face one day and get a blank stare in return.

That’s why Sonny always waits for Rafael to fall asleep first. Before he can touch.

Rafael’s breath has evened out.

Sonny reaches with his hand, Sonny tries to smooth down that one cowlick which Rafael usually keeps tamed with hair gel but which always pops right up when they’re in bed.

“Don’t bother. It’s never going to stay down.”


Rafael isn’t asleep.

Sonny pulls his hand aw-


Sonny tries to pull his hand away, but Rafael grabs his wrist.

Rafael is staring at him. Holding his hand.

Rafael breathes.

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone, Sonny. I’ve been meaning to tell you that. For a while now.”

Sonny thinks this is what happiness feels like.

Sonny thinks he’s wasted so much time, not touching.

Sonny scoots closer, Sonny puts his hand on Rafael’s face, Sonny caresses Rafael’s cheek.

“What way is that, counselor?”

Rafael smirks.

Sonny keeps caressing, Sonny keeps touching Rafael’s face.

He feels that he can, now. That he’s allowed.

Rafael doesn’t answer. Not with words.

Rafael pulls Sonny even closer, Rafael drags Sonny by the hand, Rafael tugs until Sonny is on top of him.

Rafael kisses Sonny.

Rafael touches Sonny.

There’s nothing soft about it, now. Nothing gentle.  

Rafael isn’t stroking leisurely. Rafael is holding him, arms tight around Sonny’s waist. Rafael is clutching at him, embracing him, so strong, and if Sonny thought the little touches were possessive, then this is something else.

Rafael is squeezing Sonny in his arms, squeezing Sonny between his thighs, kissing Sonny, and it’s the single best feeling Sonny has ever experienced in his entire life.

It’s love.

That’s what this is. For Rafael, too.

Sleeping On The Job

Anon: Voltron where Keith’s sick and doesn’t say anything about it because he doesn’t want to worry the rest of the team. So they end up going on a really draining mission and Keith’s exiting his lion and ends up passing out on the way out and everybody freaks out scolding him for not telling them.

A/N: In which Red is me. Lance is just jealous he didn’t get to nap.

The Red Lion’s clock ticked over to the Earth equivalent to 6 pm. It marked the twelfth hour of their extended mission. It wasn’t as much of a test of skill as a test of endurance. In the process of driving Galra forces away from a small resource planet, Voltron may have destroyed multiple sentries. While they were ultimately appreciated, the citizens of the planet wanted their sentries back. With Pidge, Hunk, Allura, and Coran down repairing them, it left the rest of the paladins acting as the watchdogs.

There isn’t anything to even watch for… Keith thought, eyes threatening to droop close, We already took out all the Galra ships.

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I have a book to recommend for you! It's called Ferals and it tells how a fire at a pharma company resulted in the release of a virus that turns males into crazy, super-strong psychopaths, but before that they spike raging fevers and bleed from their noses and eyes. Even 3 years on it's mentioned how any feral you get close enough to touch still 'runs hot' and they're even migrating from the south because it's too warm there and they burn up and die. Good book altogether.

Holy wow that sounds like heaven! I’ll put it on my to read list! Thanks anon! :D

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To the anon with the 102° fever, I thought it was in celcius and I was like, "WOAH dude!!! You should really see a doctor!!!" And then I realised it was probably in Fahrenheit

i think he’d be literally on fire if it was celcius lmao


i dont think a doctor could help him out in that case 

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fever!ryan getting tipsy at a party and bren catches him walking out of the guest bedroom with wild sex hair. then, ry turns to bren and sees the oblivious jealousy spreading across bren's features. ~ o.d.

holy heck and then ryan starts to feel bad and he brings bren to his place where he pins him against a wall and whispers dirty things in his ear and kisses him roughly and kisses his neck wliubwleivjbwlrievb

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so, what are we going to do with the new information about Jaebum of a elbow fetish to Youngjae? because that's very important.

Answer: Cry.

Ah, but truly, my dear anon, my mind is still spinning with this revelation! Like… I was talking with a friend about this yesterday and we both can’t help but acknowledge that it’s significant that Youngjae’s elbow is one of Jaebum’s favorite places! ( x ) I mean, I don’t even really know what the elbows of my best friends and siblings look like… but I knew the elbow of my ex better. 

It’s always been obvious how much attention Jaebum pays to Youngjae…

Originally posted by jeoncooked


Elbow fetish indeed.

All I can really say is that Jaebum must spend a lot of time in close proximity to Youngjae’s elbow… Like, while sitting next to each other… and sharing a bed… and cuddling… Oh, and can I also casually point out that these elbow lines are on the same arm as Youngjae’s tattoo?? Just, you know, as a point of interest

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Solangelo before they actually get in a relationship and are just close friends where Nico is really sick and throws up a lot so Will checks his fever and he has a fever so bad, so Will helps him to bed and Nico starts saying stuff in Italian from fever at random, and he ends up confessing his love or something...? I'd cry if this was written omg....

“Bucket—” Nico choked out, the plea interrupted by a harsh, throaty belch, leaving him gagging through his fingers.

With no small amount of urgency, Will handed him the nearest trash can, unspoken Greek curses lapping at his tongue as vomit poured from Nico’s mouth, each retch producing another wave of sick without so much as a second for Nico to catch his breath.

Will could only stand by helplessly, the camp’s head medic reduced to tying back Nico’s hair and rubbing his back as the sick boy’s body continued to try and purge itself.

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(fever b anon) since he /really/ wants to do it again, maybe this is how he discovers he's into overstimulation?

AHHHHHHHH YES he literally Doesnt wait at all a few seconds after he comes hes stroking himself again and its almost painful but that turns him on more and it takes a few minutes before he can get hard again but the whole time hes been overstimulated and its just so much and he comes hard again with a cry