anon doesnt say who it's from

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Look at the previews and you'll see a blond girl. From the video passing around on twitter you can see that when NCT Dream's exit path was obstructed, Haechan was stuck at the back with her. Some are still so angry that even the impeachment doesn't make them happy, one girl said she wanted to report it as a real molestation. I trust the ones who say she's a stylist because otherwise I'll live in a world where Haechan blocked from an exit, with a girl touching him.

Too bad I couldn’t find the video. Are these what you meant?

I can’t assume much from these two photos, but I think you’re right about the path was being obstructed. And whoa, reporting this? I think she didn’t seem like touching the dangerous part tho? And besides, the blonde girl does look like a stylist (to me)…. um, are these still in within the kfans only? I want to trust on the same side as you do, anon. Hopefully it’s not going to be something bad.