anon do you have any idea of what you have done

Maknae Line Ideal Type

“I honestly have no idea if you take requests like this and I’m sorry if you don’t but in your opionon what type of girl do you see the maknae line with? Looks and personality wise please (:” 
Yes anon, I would take any request! So if y’all want something done just hmu!




  • someone smaller than him so i feel like someone 5′5 and under
  • i feel like he’ll prefer a brunette, length won’t matter
  • feel like he wouldn’t go with someone with more color than him. rip me
  • he would be the pickiest out of the three for features i feel
  • why is this so hard


  • someone either wildt like him or just really chill
  • has an amazing laugh just like him
  • someone who is more sensible than him
  • who gets along with almost anyone 
  • someone who isn’t really needy because he would get annoyed

Jungkook/ Jeongguk


  • he’s more taller than jimin so a girl 5′7 and under
  • someone with melanin!! 
  • brunette for sure
  • someone with nice legs


  • someone as quiet as him
  • someone as emotional as him
  • is down to do anything
  • someone as athletic as him 
  • a really nice person who wouldn’t hurt a fly

V/ Taehyung


  • he seems less picky so the tallest possibly 5′9
  • any skin color but i feel someone with color would high-key suit him better, any hair color
  • someone with nice lips 
  • would love a girl with nice legs and hands


  • someone calmer than him bc this little shit is something else.. not an ‘alien’, give him some justice and banish that nickname
  • who got some jokes
  • someone shy and friendly
  • must like kids c’mon
  • open to new ideas

this was really hard bc it’s coming off my opinion… got any requests? hmu!

Seeing You Do This // Anakin x Obi Wan

Anon Requested: Could you maybe do one where like anakin and obi wan are force ghosts and they are commenting on the stuff that happens in the force awakens and like anakin is disappointed in Kylo ren and obi wan is just like “ you honestly have no idea of what you were like do you” ? Thanks! Love ya!

this is so short omg im so sorry

Anakin and Obi Wan just witnessed the murder of Han Solo. The murder being done by his own son.

Anakin stood, watching, feeling shameful and guilty. He was disappointed in his grandson and what he was doing.

“It’s painful to see him take this path. I never wanted him to follow in my footsteps. I never meant for any of this to happen.” Anakin sighs, watching as the terror unfolds before his eyes.

Anakin and Obi Wan watch as the girl from Jakku and the storm trooper turned heroine run from the sight of the murder.

Obi Wan speaks, “You have no idea how painful it was to see you do the same.”

Anakin turns to his master. “Excuse me?”

“You turning to the dark side was the most painful experience of my life. Not because I felt bad for you or the danger you were putting yourself into. But to see how Padame was losing her husband, your children losing their father, and me losing my brother,” he stops to look at Anakin. “I loved you and I wanted to stop you before you could do anything you would regret. That’s why I disabled you. In an attempt to save you. I had to return Padame to Coruscant to deliver the children. The children who became fatherless moments before.”

Anakin starts to tear up at his words. “I had no idea you felt that way. I was to blinded too see the truth.”

Obi Wan smiles at him. “I know. But all we can do is hope that the man below us doesn’t make the same mistakes and repeats history.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm starting uni in two weeks and I'm slowly building a study strategy. I think I'll be good with the materials since a have a good idea of what I want and how I want to use it. However, I'm worried I won't be able to stay on track with my studying. So how do you manage your time? How do you mix studying, relaxation and social life? How do you get yourself to start studying when it's the last thing you want to do? Thank yoooouuuu xx

On how I manage and balance my time between social life and studying, I actually don’t. But here are somethings I wish to follow the coming semester:

I have set up a timetable for myself. I should follow that study schedule normally. If I have any appointments, or that I need to hang out that day, I would have to make sure I have completed what I should have done before going out.

I make sure that I get a little done every single day, even just doing a few pages of my readings. That keeps me going.

A to-do list (I use todoist) is always my best friend. It constantly reminds me that I still have to work and that I have a lot to get done. That motivates me to start working.

If I am really not in the mood, I would choose the easiest course to study, or the easiest thing to do. This gives me some sense of accomplishment.

Do not overestimate how much you can do in a day. That will give you huge pressure and you are most likely going to give up after a while. Try to time yourself studying a chapter, reading a set number of pages. Then you can have a better estimation of your time when planning your studying in the future.

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I'm not sure if your taking prompts, but I have one fro XX if you are and have seen the ep: They have to be missing each other like crazy, physically speaking. But Beckett has "rules" about what they are and are not allowed to do and say when Castle visits her. Castle doesn't like these rules.

‘She said it herself, it isn’t fair, it doesn’t erase what she’s done, the new scars she’s carving, but his love for her will always trump all else. His need to have her - in any way she will allow - will always win. It always has.’