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In honor of my favorite bisexual's birthday (and because I'm sick of being closeted) I'm coming out today


@thebluestmage sorry to lump your ask in with a bunch of anons but I felt it was only appropriate considering the content u___u

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from this thing: send me a character and expression!

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god, but you know what would really fuck up percy in a scenario where ripley and co got their hands on vox machina? factoring vex into the equation at all, especially with ripley. ripley having no interest in vex or keeping her until she realizes percy LOVES her, and that anything she does to vex hurts percy. ripley with three fingers in vex's cunt while percy's strapped down and made to watch as ripley fucks her and cuts her open, calls in some of the briarwoods' men or her own to assist. 1/2

or better yet, vex strapped down and forced to watch percy get fucked and cut up, not to hurt vex but because ripley knows how ASHAMED he’d be to let vex see him like that, all broken and shaking and coming even though his body and mind are screaming that he doesn’t want it, how ashamed he is that he gets hard so easily after he just came a little bit ago, how he begs after a while, how he’s too exhausted to fight back and just leans into ripley’s touch after a while despite his repulsion 2/2

AND ALRIGHT I KNOW THAT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE TWO PARTS BUT introducing vax into that equation is also awful and wonderful? the briarwoods lending ripley their good little pet so he can play with percy and vex and ripley using that to its full extent. percy watching vax blissfully but vacantly fuck vex even though she’s shaking and crying for it to stop because he’s her brother, percy getting hard at the sight even thought he’s repulsed, ripley getting herself off on percy’s reaction to it

anon this is literally my fetish, like… just. god. i am So Into percy being tortured with one of the twins watching / taking torture to protect one of the twins / being forced to watch one of the twins be tortured and screaming himself hoarse because he can’t stop it. it’s even better when it’s one of the twins hurting him because some form of mind control, and he won’t fight back because they’re more important than him, he can’t hurt them, but also it breaks him a little bit that they’re the ones doing this to him, just… hhhhhhh.

(also like, as fun as it is with ripley having conditioned percy to get hard in awkward situations, i’m much more of a fan of him having unwanted erections from pain more than anything? like. i kind of love the idea of him watching vax fuck vex, or being fucked by vax, and just being completely soft even as he snivels and cries and bleeds. but then ripley sticks a scalpel into the meat of his shoulder and twists, and oh look, there he is, all nice and ready for her to climb onto him and straddle his hips and sink down onto with a small sigh of delight…)

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What's a mutual?

It’s when you both follow each other!! Mutual following^^ Most people that are mutuals have this… quiet understanding that they both enjoy each other’s content even if they don’t talk and it’s beautiful :P 

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Giiiiirl I have to tell u the first time I watched the fire mv with blonde Jin, his solo scenes made me whisper daddy out loud and I've never called anyone daddy before like....he's

Anon, I feel you with my whole entire soul.  Jin happens anon, Jin happens and you just have to hold on and do whatever you can to keep yourself anchored to this earth - if you have to fervently whisper Daddy at your computer screen to keep yourself from imploding I say AMEN TO THAT.   

I mean……WOW…..IS RIGHT…..

And the dance version is almost MORE DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH?!?!?


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But does you husband know you're bi? Some people are nice and all but then are jerks about such things...

he does - it’s kind of a long and complicated story to get into, but he’s one of the first people i came out to (before we were married). he was the one that encouraged me that what i feel in that area is legitimate and he was 10000% accepting of it. :)

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here we go

@sweatae the biggest kinky dork that i love and y’all miss out if you’re not following her bc high quality tae and tooty blog and also….smut, horror and memes

@jingukz smol softie that says she’s pure and that may be a lie but what isn’t is that she’s a hoe for jeon jeongguk which she reminds me of every hour

@shiniism okay ayse may not be a bts blog but ive known her for exactly two years now !! wow !! and her blog is A+++

@protectaetae my favourite and precious koala. she’s so pure so sweet so adorable just like her love for taehyung

@hobsmxtape my language buddy that loves hoseok so much that you cant not ship hoggy ;) also i lit just realised she changed her url…

@itsjhope great person great blog and you should totally check her out, lots of vhope who doesnt want that.

@boyscoutstyle tall youngster that is cute and screams about everything also aesthetics

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I was the anon who asked about the Gaara requests and, my friend, if it's not too much trouble could I get some headcanons on what you think would make Gaara's jealous side kick in and what he would do about/how he would handle said jealousy. Idk why but I like hearing people's ideas on that topic haha. Anywho hope you have a wonderful day <3

Hope you have a wonderful day too, Anon.


Originally posted by memories-of-a-kazekage

  • Gaara picks up on little touches or body language. He’ll notice when other men hug you or ruffle your hair affectionately. To you it may not be anything serious or meaningful but to Gaara it can make that green eyed monster appear.
  • Especially for certain ninja who just have a flirty nature within their personality. Kiba, for example. Or someone who may not realise what boundaries are or realise how their actions may be seen to other people, like Naruto. Any sort of teasing or joking would probably send his mind into over drive.
  • Gaara would definitely trust you, but he doesn’t trust other ninja who spend a lot of time around you.
  • At first he’s worried because his job as Kazekage does have him spending a lot more time away from you and he wonders whether this would make you possibly look for someone new.
  • Gaara would definitely internalise a lot of jealousy. The doubts and fears in his mind eating away at him from the inside. What if he isn’t good enough, what if the other person is better looking. Those kinds of thoughts mean he might be quieter towards you or may even shy away from you slightly. He knows he’s an extremely busy person, mostly due to his job but this would just add to his jealousy with a fear that he’s been neglecting you and that’s why you are talking to other people.
  • Gaara has always been somewhat of an insomniac so you may not even notice he’s jealous or fearful of losing you because you’re used to seeing him up at random hours, when in fact he’s still thinking about his jealous thoughts and doubting himself.
  • Gaara may eventually ask for help from Temari or Kankuro, who would definitely try to reassure him and try to convince him to talk to his s/o about it instead of internalising everything.
  • When Gaara did talk to you about his jealous feelings, you’d be shocked at first. The thought of him being jealous never crossed your mind. Also the fact that he should have no reason to be jealous and that you only had eyes for him. A lot of reassuring would put Gaara’s mind at ease.

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a way too popular blog that I'm too intimidated to make friends with ! but I love your account and you!

I’m so speechless! Where are you anon?! Please be my friend😭😭😭 I’m waiting for you to message me so I can smother you with my feels
You love my blog?!?! Idk why it’s a mess for BTOBAP, but thank you for taking your time to deal with my antics🙃🙃🙃
-knits a hat waiting for a response-

that anon asking about my accent brought back #flashbacks i legit remember my friends making fun of me because i had this weird half assed american british SA accent for a hot minute there in early elementary that i wanted to get rid of so bad lol

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Thank you so much for this blog. It sounds childish, but you and the 2017 fandom helped to rekindle my love of Twilight. So much so that I'm actually nearly finished with the first Twilight fic I've written in 5/6 years, and the first thing I've written at all in like a year and a half. Full disclosure, I was the anon on ask fm a while ago about Vestalis Sulpicia and I have a vague intention of writing a fic about that too if I can find the time for the research + the actual writing. Thank you!

This is such a lovely comment; thank you for sending it along! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the Twilight fandom in its current iteration and my blog as an aspect of that. Plus, you’re writing again after a hiatus? That’s pretty wonderful. Congratulations :3

I remember your Sulpicia ask, and I’d love to read a story with that premise if/when you finish it. Please feel free to send along a link to it, or any other stories you write. 

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It baffles me how normalized drug use is in the USA. Like that high school post you just reblogged said that it's completely normal too! It's hella weird to think about, here where I live people are strongly against drug use (unless for medication or smth) and I can't imagine someone just going "yeah, smoking weed is an everyday thing idk"!

well, I’m not from the US so I don’t really know about the situation there, but in Belgium (and i believe in a lot of places in europe,,, let’s not mention amsterdam :’) ) smoking weed is,, normal as teenagers? like, yeah, it’s technically illegal to buy/sell weed but it’s not to smoke it? (at least i dont think so i dont wanna be saying things that aren’t true) but ya know weed is not too harmful to ur health - at least compared to other drugs! so i guess, you know, it’s not the worst thing. teens gotta be edgy somehow? 

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the problem with riley's post is that shes hating on fanfic writers and saying we can't write things about binu

listen. riles post has brought up some controversy in aroha tumblr; which is honestly.. Dumb. we are all allowed our opinions. riles never said Once that she was against fanfic writers. she explained that her issue was with the “fake astro quotes” on tumblr after the boys took off their shirts. again, she Never mentioned any hate against fanfic writers. write your fanfics. go to town, but we dont need to make a big deal out of this. riles doesnt deserve to get hate because she made a post about something that made her Uncomfortable. people are trying to keep up this perfect aroha title for the fandom but news flash susan: people are going to have different opinions. the whole situation has been blown out of proportion on Both sides. 

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for the anon thing, tru confessions: I've never read any of your fics BUT I KEEP MEANING TO AND THEN LIFE GETS IN THE WAY ahsjsnhk. I also find your love for royai impressive and admirable, comparable to my own love for royai even. ;) Please know that I think you're p great and you will have a future reader of your fics soon!! Hope you have a good night!!

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I basically had this dream last night that I was somewhere with S&M James and we were trapped and couldn't get out and he turned to me smirking and said "well, why don't we make the most out of this situation, mmh?" and then he winked at me and I think that it was triggered by your awesome story and I want to thank you so much lol

AhhH! No problem at all, I’m happy that something I pulled out of my head appeared in yours 😉

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so now that louis has denied larry AGAIN are you finally going to stop this nonsense? What else does he have to do to get you to back off and just believe the fact that he's straight and not with harry?

I’m just here blogging about bty and dunkirk and you seem far more worked up about this than I am.. and i don’t really know why that is lmao