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I'm pretty sure that the video Phil is uploading tonight will be DITL of them in Singapore. Thoughts?

I think Dan’s wording is very strange if it’s a DITL of them in Singapore. He’s saying ‘find out why we haven’t had liveshows’ to a feed full of people that he’s spent the past week taking along vicariously to their entire trip to Singapore. It also wouldn’t explain why no liveshows until next week, because they don’t need ten days to recover from jetlag. 

On the other hand, sometimes Dan’s a little shit, and maybe just words things misleadingly. 

But if it’s not a moving vlog then I’m putting my money on it being a new project that they’ve been working on. 

Steve:- Yeah, where are we off to now?

Stan:- Somewhere…I haven’t been to in a long time. I think.

Steve:- You think? Where is it?

Stan:- I-I, er…ask…easier questions, Steve.

Steve:- Stanley!

Stan:- I’m not pulling the ‘mysterious man’ act again, I swear! I just, look, I don’t know the exact answers. All I know is…that it’s familiar. Or so I’ve been told.

The Morning After...

Awwww this was so supremely cute to write! I took the liberty of writing it in mini-fic form, if you don’t mind :3

Feel free to ask or request anything! Just… no explicit nsfw, alright?

~Admin Bloo

The Morning After… [Yoosung X MC(you)]

Sunlight peaks through the curtains, rousing you from your slumber. You open your eyes blearily, confused at where you have woken up. Flashes of last night come in piece by piece, and they leave you warm and soft all over. You turn around to see Yoosung sleeping away, his soft breaths making his bangs flutter up and down.

You fail to stop your giggling, and this causes him to stir as well. His eyes lay half open, and he sleepily smiles at you and runs his hand along your smooth hair. You put your own hand on top of his, and his smile grows even wider, complete with reddening cheeks and eyes shining with joy.

Suddenly, his face twists in alarm, and he quickly jumps out of bed. You sit up as well, albeit slowly. Before you can register it, he is hastily clothed and reaches out to kiss you on the side of your forehead. “Don’t move.” He whispers and rushes out of the room.

This leaves you very confused, but you aren’t worried. Instead, you gently rub the place where he kissed and can’t stop remembering last night. You just feel so fulfilled and content; really, you just wish time would stop.

Then, you can hear a ruckus from behind the door. You call out to him, but he yells “Wait! Just… don’t move from there!”

You grab your own tee that was on the floor and put it on. Yoosung then kicks open the door and comes in balancing a tray with omelets and orange juice.

The surprise on your face flusters Yoosung a little. He slowly makes his way to the bed, careful to not spill. If possible, your smile got even wider.

Silently, you set the tray on the bed and give him a quick peck. You thank him softly and the two of you begin.

When he takes the first bite, however, his face scrunches up and he spits it out immediately. You ask him what’s wrong, but he has covered his face with his palms, unable to face you. After a bit of prodding, he mumbles “I forgot to put seasoning on it. I’ve ruined everything.”

You coo at him, assuring him that everything is just fine. He carries on. “I wanted to make everything perfect for our first time. I wanted to show you that I can make you happy, and that you make me happy.”

“You make me feel so happy, Yoosung…” you whisper.

“But I’ve ruined it all. I wanted to prove that I am enough for you” He whines, but you absolutely cannot let him continue.

“You don’t need to prove anything, Yoosung. You hear me? Now come on. Why don’t we make something together instead.”

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Here are some differences between Comics Barry and Iris (Newsflash) and Show Barry and Iris (Westallen). Newflash's first date was at a park, a 4th of July picnic. Westallen's first date was at a restaurant. Comic Barry burned his and Iris' dinner. Show Barry cooked breakfast for Iris flawlessly. Comic Barry proposed to Iris on the Ferris Wheel. Show Barry proposed twice in the apartment. Comic Iris finds out he's the Flash on their wedding night. Show Iris finds out via SF spark.

I had heard some of these before, but not all of them.

Thanks for the fun facts, Anon!

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ok, so ian? all i knew about him up to right now was that he was friends with phil in like 2008 and he's in that florida vlog. BUT THEN i noticed at 1:40 in dvp kinect sports that he's the third xbox live account on their console, which implies a more recent relationship & possibly with dan as well. so do you know how phil & ian met? and if they're still friends?

Ian’s been a consistent known entity in Dan and Phil’s social circle. According to Dan in one of the vyou responses, Ian used to come over and watch horror movies with them when Dan and Phil lived in Manchester (link). There’s a liveshow from 2012 (link; relevant part around 50 minutes in) where Dan and Phil were visiting them and held Ian’s daughter, with Ian’s wife also there. You can also see the baby (at that point a toddler) in the corner of one of Dan’s photos on pancake day 2015 (link), which proves that Ian and his family do also visit Dan and Phil at least once in a while. 

Even more recent events indicate they’re still close, since that’s where Dan and Phil went over NYE 2016. At that point, Ian’s wife’s instagram was public and it was obvious that Dan and Phil were there based on Dan posting pics of the same activities as Ian’s wife and daughter. (But it circulated tumblr and she privated her IG account very quickly.)

(As far as how they met - school, I’m pretty sure!) 

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can u pls tell me the difference between 컴퓨터도 고 쳐요 and 컴퓨터를 고 치기도 해요, im super confused bc they're the same thing but different wording in English

I’m assuming you mean 고치다, not 고 치다?

Using the ~도 particle gives it a different meaning and using the ~기도 하다 grammar gives it a different meaning as well. I’m not sure which “same” phrase you’re referring to…

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if Dan does his liveshow tomorrow on his computer with his bedroom looking perfectly normal im gonna be shocked tbh

My advice: expect it!

Don’t expect tomorrow to be any different. 

If it is, you’re pleasantly surprised. 

If it’s not, you’re saving yourself some headache and you’ll be able to actually enjoy the liveshow. 

Aim low, avoid disappointment. 

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sending love and support from a kylux/reylo shipper, it seriously sucks for a ship to be shut down like that. i can only hope Poe is still gay and that we get to see that on screen in some way and I also hope KK sits down and stops treating gay people and poc like a joke.

Thank you for your support, Kathleen is a mess I hope she gets fired

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I just rewatched the WA parts of 3x01. I gushed at the part where Barry said his parents were stupid in love and he hopes he have what they have someday. One: Such a romantic. Two: He has that now with Iris. 😍

Ikkkk!!! 😭😭😭 They’re so beautiful, it hurts!!!

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Hi ! After knowing harry's meaning of SOTT what do you think of it? Honestly that's not what i was thinking... like i never thought it would be a perspective of a mother dying. all the interpretations everyone's made idk harry is so difficult to read what are your thoughts?


The Rolling Stone/ Cameron Crowe interview was quite a nice bit of theater this morning, wasn’t it?

On the one hand, we have Harry state in radio promo interview that SOTT was his most literal and personal song on the album. On the other hand, he offers an interpretation of a mother dying in childbirth and urging her child forward. He paints quite a dramatic tableau– but if it’s personal/ literal, which one was Harry? The mom? Or the child?

Was the dying mother the one shouting, “We’ve got to–away”? Because she, this dramatic character, wasn’t going to make it. Or was it the baby talking to– the neonatal intensive care unit staff?

Then we have contradicting versions of how the song was written. A prior interview had said Harry sat down at a piano, thrummed out some chords in the rented Jamaica house that ended up being the opening of the song.

The Rolling Stones interview says, “The song began as a seven-minute voice note on Styles’ phone, and ended up as a sweeping piano ballade.”

So which one was it? A spontaneous improvisation on a Jamaican piano, or a voice note?

I think the clue to these contradiction lies in the one true thing Harry said:

“Like, fuck, I don’t know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery … it’s just what I like.”

I was talking to @lawyerlarrie about the French deconstructionists, Foucault and Derrida. Deconstructionism is a movement of literary criticism which focuses on literary texts to the exclusion of authorial intent. “Pride and Prejudice” means something because of the words (the text) themselves, not because of what Jane Austen wanted them to mean. In this school, it doesn’t really matter what Austen wanted. What we have is the text.

Similarly, when songs are written, they acquire an existence of their own, regardless of what the songwriter wants them to mean.

You can carry this to an absurd end, of course. Other ways of interpreting are valid, including a psychosocial reading connecting the song to a songwriter’s biography. For example, we now know that Stevie Nicks wrote “Sara” about her abortion of the baby she conceived with Don Henley. That fact is relevant to the song, no matter what the literary interpretation is.

SOTT’s lyrics describe separation and oppression; a promised end that never comes; a relationship in which one person has been given reprieve/ freedom while the other person is left behind. It is about false reassurances, about someone giving comfort despite knowing that a situation is hopeless. It’s a song about an impossible escape. And about the guilt of the person (the singer) who has been given the freedom. The cost of his freedom was pain to the person he loves. That meaning is unarguable.

These words have meaning, no matter what the writers want them to mean. A mother dying is one way to express this situation. But a mother dying is a metaphoric representation of the situation. In other words, it can’t be literal– not for Harry. The literal meaning is hidden. Harry didn’t say it; he didn’t want to say it.

So much is left unsaid or obfuscated in this interview. I (with some discomfort) admire Harry the Escape Artist. He has left just a smoky outline of himself on the page. There’s an irony in his honesty. “I’m honest because I’ve told no lies”; this isn’t the same as “I’m honest because I’m telling the truth.”

We say he’s “swerving,” but I don’t think that’s a great description either.

I think the whole solo promo has been about creating another theatrical persona for Harry– one who is a hip, down-to-earth, creative, sweet, genuine, charming, HONEST musician who doesn’t get many dates, and whose heart is broken over and over by intense (heterosexual) love affairs, which are then converted to art. And who, finally, gets to do exactly what he wants– so it’s all above ground and transparent, right?

Wrong. It’s all illusory.

Harry has created an iron curtain between his public and private lives, which no one but family are privy to. I’m not just talking about his sexuality, but the whole question of his privacy. The iron curtain deflects peskier personal questions and allows him to work. It separates his celebrity status from his artistic achievements. Not that he’s above using celebrity to promote his art– why else would he do the interview? Of course he’s going to use his celebrity when the occasion arises. But he’s treading a thin line.

The iron curtain lets him swim in the private cove of his Jamaican imagination without being under public scrutiny.

The ocean doesn’t care who he is. It doesn’t care whether he was in love with Taylor Swift. It is big enough for him to disappear in.

So if his whole album is filled with love songs dedicated to female pronouns, so be it. He has raised the wall.

“The mystery … it’s just what I like.”

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I don't understand how facists are Nazis (Nazis we're socialists) I don't understand how advocating free speech makes someone a fascist (basically the opposite of fascism) I don't understand how you can know someone's political leaning without having a conversation with them? I also don't understand why people stopped debating? That's how you get a point across. Violence creates more violence. This is just two different groups of people screaming "let us talk" while beating each other up. Wtf

what the ever loving fuck are you on about?

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So, if a gay man is pretending to be straight, the woman he's with is his "beard". If a bi man is pretending to only be interested in women, does that make the woman he's with his "mustache"? Is Mary John's mustache?


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Hi love! Off of MITAM, I'd say that 'Hey Angel' is the most polarizing song. People either love or hate it. It isn't about the lyrics (RIP Spaces for that reason.). What do you think makes Hey Angel different from other tracks to cause such a reaction? Do you like the song? Thanks for your opinion!



I love MITAM, MITAM promo, how the guys looked during MITAM, everything about it. 

Hey Angel has one of my favorite phrases in all of MITAM: a beautiful noise. It could be the title of my autobiography, if my life turns out as well as that phrase. 

The thing is, I think the reason some love Hey Angel and some hate it is because of the abstract poetics of the lyrics, and the relatively slow beat of the music. Too slow for dance or exercise, too abstract to sing along to, Hey Angel fits a certain mood. I don’t think I could listen to it all the time, but it fits a certain mood.

Remember these tweets?

If we look at the dates of the tweets, we can see that the lyrics were presented in the sequence in which they appear in the song (Harry has a finicky, type-A fastidiousness– a chocolate soufflé maker’s obsessive-compulsiveness– that I appreciate and adore). The fandom sort of lost it when Harry did these tweets. I think everyone was expecting a sad, acoustic song, not the song that showed up on MITAM, which was actually a Midnight Memories stadium-type anthem with big synth and amps. 

I think the impersonal nature of the lyrics, the fact that the “Angel” isn’t a romantic interest but a hypothetical, rhetorical addressee, confuses some listeners and turns them off. 

Hey Angel was written by Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott, John Ryan, and Ed Drewett. None of the boys wrote on the song. But I feel like Harry really liked this song. Julian had said that the final version was very different from the initial “danky little version with bad-attitude singing,” and I can’t help thinking that Louis might have manipulated the producer into the version today, with the heavy ‘90′s The Verve type sound. 

The only other thing I’ll say about Hey Angel is the absolute, kick ass bridge:

Yeah, I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed
Backseat of my car, in the back of my head
I come alive when I hear your voice
It’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise

So much to love here. The poetry of seeing you in all the familiar and sexually suggestive places: bar, bed, car. And then not being able to separate myself from you– you’re at the back of my head, inside my mind, in the deepest portion where all the old memories are. So far back, so deeply buried, that you’re impossible to exorcise. Your voice isn’t even made of words. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It could be a hum, a sigh, a groan, a breath. It’s a beautiful noise. It’s sublime and it’s evanescent at the same time. It’s perfection and it’s chaos. It’s an oxymoron and it’s uniquely you.

Then the harmony? Liam singing the melody, Louis hovering in an inverted triad a fourth above? It’s a sustained pedal on the V (dominant) chord, inverted so that the Liam sings the top triad note on the bottom, and Louis sings the bass note on top (in a fourth interval), then back to the I (tonic) chord, with Louis singing the same top note– only now the note is part of a completely different, tonic or home, key. Anyway, it’s great to hear Louis and Liam sing together, and to sing like this, it’s the very definition of heaven. 

Thank you for the ask!