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Why do you think Claire kept wearing Frank’s ring after she went back to Jamie after Frank’s passing.? Thanks.

Hello darling!!

Ok so this is purely my opinion—and my sentiments are primarily based on the show because I have only just started the first novel hehe ❤️

If I had to boil it down, I believe the reason behind Claire keeping Frank’s ring, even after he died, is two-fold.

Firstly, Frank was Claire’s first husband. He will always hold that title and that role in her life. Furthermore, out of respect to who he was as a father to Brianna, I believe she wears the ring.
She keeps it as a symbol of honor and a token of sentimentality.

Secondly, and most importantly, Jamie never asks Claire to take it off.
When Claire returns, Frank demands that Claire essentially die to herself—to forget and remove the last two years of her life that had irrevocably altered her. He took her back on a conditional basis.

And then there is James Fraser.
Unlike Frank, Jamie never asked Claire to strip any part of herself for him.
He took her, married her, and loved her EXACTLY as she was.
His love did not have ANY conditions.

So out of recognition to her past and security in her true love, both rings remain.

But only one rules them all (that is a nod to The Lord of the Rings because I could not help myself hehe)

Thanks for the ask, darling!!!

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Idk if you will agree, but sometimes it feels like dan&phil were MADE for fanfiction. Not only bc of their very romcom-like story or chemistry. For public personalities, we are lucky to have "knowledge" of very nuanced traits and habits of theirs, and the blanks can be creatively filled in so many wonderful ways. If one day they disappoint a little too much, we can always have those fictional guys. :')

I absolutely agree!

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Is by any chance Proserpine Park named that for a reason? Since the Roman equivalent of Persephone is Proserpina or Prosepine, and I can see some similarities between tom x Hermione and Hades x Persephone. So I was wondering if tom named his (ridiculously large) manor after hermione. Or is that just me going to far again.

Originally posted by dailyskyfox

I have been waiting for someone to call me out on that for over a year. 

Yes it’s a Hades & Persephone reference. Yes he renamed Gaunt Manor Proserpine Park to name it after Hermione. There are pomegranate trees on the property, but I haven’t taken Hermione to the gardens yet. 

But yeah, no Tom is absolutely naming things after a certain someone with full intent. The stupidly large manor. His 2nd owl. Hell, both of his owls are references to Hermione in some way. 

He’s pathetic, tbh. <3

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Heya, loving your blog so far. Here's a different request, sought of. Who do you think you would the biggest fan of big boobs and could you possibly write some head cannons with it. I'm honestly so self conscious with my breasts lol if I wear a tight shirt everyone stares or I'm an attention seeker for wearing it, if I wear a loose shirt I look fat. :') I can't win. You don't have to do this btw~

As a local trans guy trying to get enough cash to get top surgery I feel your pain. Embrace your boobs, they are a part of you and you should love them!


Soldier76: He feels undecided either way, his didn’t take you because of your breast size, he took you because of your loyalty and trust in him. But that doesn’t mean after a long day he won’t ask to get off in between them.

Reaper: He likes them, he likes espcially how sensitive they are. Since he’s often cold, he’ll use that to his advantage and make your nipples hard as he plays with them while you two are together. It makes you squirm and cry out, but that only makes him want to do it more. Outside of that time, when you are clothed he’ll still play with them, coming up behind you and putting his hands on them ever so casually, a sign that you’re his. 

Reinhardt: He’d love you no matter what! Even if you wore baggy shirts that made you look ‘fat’, whatever makes his princess happy! He’d also be there to tell you not be self conscious, that you are beautiful and he wouldn’t keep you safe from the public if he didn’t think you were the most precious gem that needed to be protected!

McCree: He is the same way, he loves your body no matter what! You’re his lovely darling that looks good in anything, even nothing so your big breasts are a turn on for him just because they’re a part of you! (He might love them the most out of all of them tbh)

Hanzo: He enjoys them, he isn’t lusting after them or anything. But he will find ways to dress you up nicely that doesn’t make you look like an ‘attention seeker’ or ‘fat’, he wants you to look nice and if that means making your large breasts look nice then so be it. He’ll fine appreciation in them, how they make you look both nude and clothed, and may even prey on your self consciousness about it in order to keep you closer to him, because well everyone thinks you an attention seeker, but not him, he thinks you’re beautiful. 

Genji: He has always been a fan of anime and manga growing up, hell he modified his suit for a while after Super Sentai, that means that he has seen his fair share of hentai over the years and has developed a bit of a kink for large breasts and yours are no exception. He’ll make you wear cute little outfits that are tight around the chest, but only at home.

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How do you read fic of real people? Just wondering because I feel like it would make me cringe so hard

oh man i hate to break it to you anon but i don’t just read it. 

i also write it. 

[pause for collective audience gasp] 

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we all know that the doctor had children, but that line in the witch's familiar made me think: did the master have children on gallifrey? what do you think?

I personally do think that both of them had children on Gallifrey, yeah. I always tend to think the Doctor had more, whereas maybe the Master only had one, or possibly two. 

I know some people like to headcanon that they had children together, and that can be a fun (or often angsty) premise for fics that I enjoy, but generally I tend to believe they married different people. 

There’s not a right or wrong answer for this though, it’s just whatever you choose to believe. 

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What is one custom that you think is overrated on mweor? Are there any customs you dislike? If so, why?

Honestly I’m just going to go with the first custom that came to mind, since a lot of overrated customs I really like and this is the first one I thought of that I quite dislike and don’t understand why people like them. I’ve also already mentioned this on mweor to the owner of the custom, since they asked about the design on my design appraisals thread before they created him.

Please note that I’m not doing this to start anything, like I said the user in question already knows how I feel about the custom and this post here is just probably going to be in a little less… mweor-appropriate terms.

Nero’s Andromeda. From the moment I saw it it was a design I just didn’t find attractive. Nero said that she posted it and got tons of praise so was legitimately shocked when I said I disliked it, which is why I count the design/custom as overrated. I think the red panda and holstein together frame the face in a way that’s entirely altogether ugly, especially with the super bright base and entirely 100% opacity design. Coupled with the fawn spots that just don’t fit the curvy look of the design with the marbled and the holstein and it’s just… Not a very nice design to me. I don’t really see the appeal at all and never have.

Not to mention the fact that when I voiced those flaws, Nero expressed complete shock and then proceeded to tell me that because they were an art student they knew objectively that their way of designing (light vs dark) was always better and considered blended designs (pretty much the entirety of my repertoire of designing) disgusting-looking. They later back-pedalled but honestly, while most of the time I’m willing to admit when I jumped on someone for something I misconstrued, she literally said
“As a college art student, I can tell you that a light contrasting dark ANYTHING (cat website designs included) are overall better than blended in markings or dark on dark”
“I personally believe that a design that blends together is disgusting looking”
Maybe I’m just reading too much into this though.

Anyways, if we’re talking actual super popular designs as well, I’ve never really understood La Mer. Maybe I’m just super desensitized to the marking combo now but it’s just a kinda boring design.

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What promise did Bryan make?

According to episode #356 “Better Late Than Never” of TESD, Bry had gotten a tattoo on his back several, several years ago of an “S” for Suzanne while he was dating her, and he made a promise to Sal that if he and Suzanne ever broke up, he would tattoo an “AL” underneath the “S” to make it “SAL”. Bry and Suzanne broke up not too long ago, and Bry kept his promise. He revealed to Sal, who was unaware that Bry remembered the promise let alone went though with it, the tattoo of his name on his back while they were doing the Space Monkeys show on the recent IJ cruise. Sal was so in shock and apparently in tears as well from the looks of that picture. Just another reason to love Bryan Johnson.

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DW Hogwarts AU where Slytherin Head Girl River Song is in a constant snark/prank war with Slytherin renegade Missy that she really didn't ask for but isn't going to take lying down, with Ravenclaw Twelve and Gryffindor prefect Clara as their exasperated significant others who just want the fighting to stop, please. Ooh and throw in an adorable third year Ravenclaw Bill who sneaks Missy midnight snacks to fuel her late night prank planning.

I support this except Clara is a Slytherin and I prefer Twelve as a Gryffindor even though he can theoretically go anywhere

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If you could hire anyone to be a mod, who would you hire?

Is myself an answer? I’d like to answer myself.

Joking aside, though, my top choice at the moment would probably be echelon. And if she’d be interested, of course Leafelora. Then perhaps Fyre/Sami as well. I’ve seen all of them be really mature in times of crisis and they’re the first people I thought of. 

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Wait in dans live show, did he say he hasn’t seen his therapist yet this year?? I swear he said “when I see my therapist this year”?? I find it so strange because everyone I know including myself goes at least once a week? I wonder if I’m misunderstanding what he’s saying? Ether way it’s interesting tbh?

If Dan has a busy schedule and feels like he’s in a good place weekly might have become overkill. Of my experience with friends who see therapists, it can be weekly or twice a month or monthly or just a ‘whenever I really feel like I need to work some stuff out’ kind of a situation.

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Can you please PLEASE respect the fact that many fic writers WANT unsolicited criticism on their fics and stop trying to force your own preferences on all of fandom. It's controlling and unfair.

…you’re coming into my askbox and trying to tell me what content I should and shouldn’t post to my own blog, and you’ve got the nerve to call ME controlling and unfair?? Okay, then.

Look. Fandom is not a writing workshop. And in my experience, most writers aren’t interested in receiving unsolicited criticism. For criticism to be effective, the writer needs to be receptive to it, both in general and also at that specific point in time, which Random Internet Stranger has no way of knowing. Especially since for fandom writers, it all comes straight to our email inbox and we don’t get a chance to opt out of it. For example, I’ve received unsolicited criticism right after coming out of anesthesia when I was still groggy and in pain. I’ve also gotten it on the same day I found out that one of my very close friends was killed by a drunk driver. Now, in general I’m pretty good about receiving criticism, even if I haven’t asked for it, but in both instances all it did for me was make a bad day even worse.

(And speaking of making a bad day worse, this message, came on the day I got home from visiting family for the holidays. It was an 18 hour drive each way, I had car trouble on the way back, and then finally got home only to discover that our boiler had blown. It’s 9 degrees (Fahrenheit) out and I have no heat, I’m stressed and exhausted, and I get to deal with this nonsense in my askbox.)

However, if you feel that receiving criticism at random is something that’s beneficial to you personally, all you have to do is add a note to your work that says “concrit welcome.” I promise it’s easier and takes far less time than trying to force your own preferences on other people.