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Hi. Have you made a post of your thoughts about feysand in acowar? The more I think about the book the less I ship them and small things that didn't really bother me are building up and turning me off the ship. Not that it was bad... I guess after acomaf I had great expectations and I may be slightly biased because I liked both Feyre and Rhys (individually) less in acowar.

I think you’ll find some of this scattered about in the ‘feysand’ and ‘sarah reads acowar’ tags, but I can kind of sum it up here.

Ultimately, I started ACOWAR with Feysand as my OTP, and finished it with that no longer being true. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint why that is–perhaps part of it is simply me moving on as a person, but a lot of it had to do with how their relationship unfolded in ACOWAR.

There were a lot of little moments between them that I loved: Rhys checking on her over the bond, their first moment of seeing each other again, and some of their really good flirting moments. However, this was sadly overshadowed by some parts of their dynamic that I found troubling. I’ll try to sum it up, because it’s mostly centered on one thing.

There was no conflict between them. These two have such strong personalities, and as we saw in ACOTAR and ACOMAF, they don’t always mesh. I feel like, somehow, the mating bond was an excuse to get rid of that. Besides one moment when Feyre is mad at Rhys for criticizing Nesta, there’s next to no conflict between them. They’re constantly validating each other, even when one of them is making shitty decisions. This is such a tonal shift from ACOMAF, when virtually all Feyre and Rhys did was call each other out on their bullshit. That was almost totally absent here, and I really missed that dynamic. It also sends a poor message that once they’re “married”/mated, the conflict ends and everything’s all happy. That’s not how real relationships work. 

Also, the use of the term “unified front” really rubbed me the wrong way, because those are the words that Tamlin used as a weapon against Feyre. It seemed like a really poor narrative decision to use them in regard to Feysand.

I agree with you that I liked both characters as individuals less in ACOWAR, and this affected my perception of their relationship. Rhys’s character, even his shitty decisions, would have been fine if Feyre had stood up to him and called him out, and if he’d had to face consequences for his actions. But he never really did. And Feyre became diminished, somehow, whenever she was around Rhys. This isn’t to say she had no personality or no flaws or anything, but she seemed to revolve around Rhys more than she had in the past, and I noticed this. Again, their individual flaws would be good character traits if they dynamic between them had remained as strong and ripe for conflict as it was in ACOMAF, but again, they were just letting each other get away with everything. It didn’t seem in-character for them. 

Finally, the death bargain. This is so completely out of character for both of them, I can’t even. Other bloggers have written it so much more clearly, but basically, Rhys is the sort of person who has plans on plans on plans, and he would never leave his court’s future up to chance. He wouldn’t imperil his court for the sake of a dangerous romantic gesture, no matter how much he loves Feyre. And I don’t think it’s in character for Feyre to ask that of him. It’s almost exactly the opposite of how I expected them to behave, and given that this was in the very last chapter, it really ruined the appeal of Feysand for me.

I don’t hate Feysand by any stretch of the imagination. I still enjoy the fics I’ve written for them, as well as their dynamic in ACOMAF. But they’re no longer my OTP, and I no longer feel driven to write fic for them. I’m a little sad about this, but that’s the way things go sometimes. 

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Oh my god I couldn't watch the livestream what did he say

I need to watch it again, but I think the most startling thing was him showing a bunch of angles of his bedroom and being able to see Phil’s mirror (the white framed one that was always in the corner of Phil’s videos at their last place) and Phil’s shoes (probably?) on Dan’s shoe organizer and confirmation that the floor Phil showed in the centipede pic was that flooring (and he said he saw the centipede when he was in bed). 

So it’s not really that Dan said anything, it’s just that he casually showed a lot of stuff after months of specifically saying he wanted his bedroom to be private. 

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They put rogue one on Netflix and so obviously I'm watching it even though I have it on Blu-ray, and in the scene when Chirrut is about to fight the storm troopers I just noticed that after the fighting starts cassian like gets ahold of jyn and shoves her out of the line of fire and even shields her for a little bit. It's not a long moment but I just caught it!

Anon, thanks for the note–what a good reason for me to rewatch the whole Jedha marketplace sequence again (not that I need a reason). 

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You reply to another anon in answer to LF finding Jons weakness has breathed life back into my hope for jonsa. I am so happy with all these parallels and context, but it's the suspense and antis that are killing me. Thank you so much for keeping the ship afloat!!!

Hi Anon!

*bows* And that’s what I’m here for, to encourage and support, to keep pointing you guys whenever you feel discouraged - to our one true pair that is Jon and Sansa, besides writing crappy Jonsa fics. I am sorry to hear that you almost lost hope but hey welcome back! Don’t ever stop hoping, Jonsa is a good thing to hope for to end the series, believe me. 

“Our last best hope in the coming storm.” - Littlefinger (I hate him but he has some of the best fortune cookie lines I swear to god)

The crypt scene is just one of the best imo. Not the best for our Jon and Sansa because there will be complications and strife once LF clamps down on Jon’s weakness - his emotions with regards to Sansa - and uses it to destroy and manipulate to get what he wants. Remember, Jon has never dealt with LF before, especially in the show so Jon is practically clueless to what LF is capable of. And now, it seems that LF has got a wild card up his sleeve after the crypt incident. So let’s see how that plays out. ‘Nothing good comes easy’, I suppose this rings true.. sigh..

And yes, the parallels are too in-your-face to ignore and this was done on purpose. GoT does not waste time on unneccessary scenes or editing because time is money and this TV show is a huge production with so many characters and story lines - basically a hell lot of work. So I suppose it can be one of these two things - to ease the general audience into the idea of Jonsa and have it as endgame or to tell the story as GRRM intended to. Or both.I really don’t know what goes through the writers’ minds when they wrote the episodes for this season or even the next. I wish I knew but that would take the fun out of speculating and tin foiling for sure. I mean, it seems that we are, right now off the books so there isn’t much from the books we can refer to so it’s anyone’s guess. Though, the leaks can shut up and f* off,  seriously.

Suspense is good, keeps you on your toes and makes watching this season exciting but can absolutely be a life ruiner sometimes and also bad for the heart lol.. And OMG don’t get me started on the antis, I can go all day.. but bear this in mind however, if something isn’t worth talking about, then they (antis/critics) wouldn’t bother right? Obviously, Jonsa has set tongues wagging and the antis are trying to hard to deflect others from it because 1) they want others to see their ship as better 2) they hate Sansa 3) they hate Sansa 4) they’re fiercely possessive of Jon Snow’s character and 5) they hate Sansa. 

Sooo.. don’t take it to heart, Anon, it’s not you they’re after though the words they use sometimes to slam Jonsa shippers - who by the way are AAAMMMAAAZIING people, are just vitriolic and downright offensive. The antis LIVE to see us Jonsa shippers whine, cry, get riled up every time they slam us with an unnecessary reblog or post. I can say the same for some people in the Jonsa fandom itself but they’re a small minority and practically irrelevant to mention.

So don’t lose hope, stay with us, we’re in it for the long haul looks like. Sorry this got a little long but I love your message and wanted to answer as best I can. Thank you for the ask and keeping your faith in Jonsa and feel free to drop a message any time Anon!

Take care of yourself and have a great day! xxx

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Class may not get a season two but at least it was never said Tanya was straight

that’s true, if we had got a season 2 and they tried to tell us that Tanya and/or Quill were straight, that would have been the worst thing ever (not as bad as if like… they’d ever had Dorothea show any interest in a man, but still pretty fucking bad)

as it is, people can pull pansexual Quill and lesbian Tanya from my cold dead hands

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Ok everybody seems to ignore that look Sansa gave LF when Jon let her in charge of Winterfell. I get bad vibes... what did that mean??? are S/LF plotting? what if this whole Sansa's good side actually means she's pretending to gain Jon's trust? what if the whole Ned/Cat parallel is just a red herring? I don't want this to happen but I admit it would be totaly unexpected! What I really want is Sansa finally beating LF, that'd be a payoff!! Last ep got me down towards Jonsa, sorry, IDK why.

It’s coming babe, I promise. Check out this meta I just wrote up - I think it will answer a lot of your questions and (hopefully) put your restless heart at ease.

(sorry - had to edit - forgot the link) lol

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Choose. Natsume Yuujinchou vs Voltron Legendary Defender

Oh, easy peasy! I love VLD, it’s interesting and the characters are awesome, but it doesn’t even hold a candle to Natsume Yuujinchou.

Natsume Yuujinchou, despite its premise, is very…down to Earth, I guess you could say. The characters are all beautiful and complicated and flawed, and perfect in their own ways. Natsume is one of my absolute favourite characters ever, and his past really gets to me, especially how he was able to overcome all the abuse and trauma and still come out a beautiful person.

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M!A You've turned into a Mermaid for five asks.

Luffyko: Well I’m okay besides the fact that I’m a mermaid now.
The crew is fine too.

(Mermaid m!a 1/5)

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So how much of the between-episodes stuff in the lead-up to The Doctor Falls was just Nardole yelling at the Doctor "STOP HAVING THREESOMES!" "...You know, technically there are just two of us-" "STOP MAKING EXCUSES."

how many times do you think Nardole went to enter a room, only to hear three distinct sets of sex noises, and immediately turned around and went to go find some systems to upgrade

thank god Bill was unconscious for all that honestly she would have been Scarred

but Twelve 100% would try and make excuses like that tbh

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My brother is homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racist, and basically everything that would make him a prick. I want to come out but I am deeply afraid that he's going to antagonize and hurt me for the rest of my life because of it. I know he'll find out eventually, but I don't know what to do?

Aye, my dude, my sweet baby boy, live your life for you and if he hurts you and your parents won’t do anything about it, file a police report on his bigoted ass and strut out of his life.
~Papa Ryan

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I’m flattered that you’re this interested in my nsfw, but I hope you don’t mind that I won’t link it to anon askers.

If you ask as anon i can’t check if you’re older than 18 and there’s some… pretty questionable stuff in there. I’m not kidding when i said the kitashu comic is baby vanilla thing…

Okay so I’m headed to bed. Thanks for everyone who reblogged my defense posts of Theon and anon responses today. You guys are the best, seriously. I’ve finished answering all the anons (except for two nice ones I just got- I’ll get you chums tomorrow- cool?🐙❤️) and I think I will move on with my life now. Anon will still be open, but I will have to be more selective and only answer the ones that don’t call me an stupid idiot from now on because TIME. I’m sure you understand. 😉