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My bi ass is totally into the underwear model au thank u ur doing the lords work 💕


Underwear model AU. Lord. Bwaha.

“That’s an interesting look.” Jyn Erso says this, cocked eyebrow, blue silk robe wrapped around her shoulders. 

They were supposed to be doing separate shoots for separate products. And then the ad agency had sent over one of their representatives and suddenly he and Jyn Erso were roped into doing one together. A first.

“It’s not my idea,” Cassian says, running the floral print polyester fabric of his shirt through his fingers. “It’s the ‘concept.’ There’s a hat and sunglasses with this getup, too.”

“I was talking about the hair.”

Cassian rubs his beard. “What’s wrong with my hair? I’ve always had this.”

Jyn gestures lower to his exposed abdomen. “I mean that.” Her tone is airy, feigning disdain or carelessness, but Cassian doesn’t miss the way her eyes dart even further south. He should be used to it–he’s a model–his job most days is to be ogled, but something about her penetrating gaze makes him flush hot.

“I repeat,” Cassian says, trying to maintain his cool, “what is wrong with my hair?”

“I’m used to underwear models being a little more … groomed.”

“I’m used to lingerie models being a little … taller, too.”

Jyn crosses her arms over her chest; juts her chin out at him just so. It strikes him then just how distinctive, how lovely she is. 

“Well,” she says, wryly, “don’t we make an interesting pair, then?”

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Ahhh why is everyone talking about dan and phil saying they are getting a dog? What did i miss? 😣

Someone did one of those m&g moves where they wrote a question in their copy of tabinof that said “Will you ever get a dog?” and Dan answered with ‘yes.’

Not entirely sure why this is groundbreaking news for anyone, since ‘Dan and Phil really want a dog.’ is not something they’ve ever been unclear on. 

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What's another word for bisexual? I hate having to use the word sexual just to identify myself, and just saying queer makes people think I'm a lesbian.

Oh man I had this problem so hard when I ID’d as bi!! I ended up just calling myself bi, without the -sexual part, bc I had the same issue where I looked and looked for a less uncomfortable word but never found one. Maybe someone will reblog this post with some thoughts?

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Oh gosh. Oh wow. 

I update everything in a specific order and squeeze in commissions and college and being a mom in between.

So it’s usually: Illuminate, Fool’s Gold, These aching bones (Which are all of my on-going fics) And I update them as soon as I clear a commission or homework out. 

I used to update every week, but whew, that gets rough now because my summer semester is accelerated. 

Thank you so much though. Like. I love hearing how much everyone loves my work. Makes my day. Motivates me to write more.

Thank you friend!

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Yeah. GG was talking about how the WA stuff was one of the "cliffhanger-y" things of the S1 finale. He also spoiled that Iris goes back to Eddie. So he hears screaming fangirls, looked over and asked who was it. The interviewer said it was Paul Wesley. But Paul was already making his way in camera view. So GG said "That's Joseph Morgan actually. Ohmigod!" He said "Ohmigod" really fast in a squeaky voice. Then he turned back over to the interviewer and acted as if it didn't happen. LOL!

Ah, Grant, always the spoiler. But I love seeing him excitable, so it’s a win. :P Thanks for the deets, Anon!

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Hi Mandy, I think you've mentioned that you work from home, and I was just wondering if you have any advice about how to manage your work day when you're on your own?

My biggest advice is make yourself a schedule as though you were in an office. Wake up at the same time every day. Have something that you do to start your morning that isn’t just immediately working, like making coffee or eating breakfast while you catch up on internet and then once your coffee is gone or your breakfast is done have a period where you don’t check anything else, you just get in the swing of working. I generally try to make my first hour or two the most productive of my day because it just makes me feel motivated to get up and get started and get shit done

And then my mind wanders and I end up checking tumblr and answering asks or checking twitter or talking to people but I try to keep to the general 30/10 rule, if I work productively for thirty minutes I can take five or ten minutes. That way I’m not constantly hopping back and forth. (For example, I started writing this response an hour ago but I hit the end of my break time so I stopped and came back to it when I hit another break time.) 

It helps for me personally to have something going in the background to zone out to while I work, but that probably depends on the kind of work you’re doing. My job can be a bit of a monotonous/repetitive task at times, so podcasts or youtube videos or even tv shows that I don’t feel compelled to to watch the screen for (like cooking shows or things I’ve seen before) help me resist the urge to go talk to people online. Music also definitely works, I just happen to be more of a tv show/podcast person than a music person. Other voices make me feel not quite so alone in my work space. 

I make lists and check things off as I do them. Breaking things down into a series of small tasks keeps me going. It’s easy with my job because I just have a series of newspapers to do, so I can mark each one off as I complete it. If your job is a little more fluid than that figure out a system to break it down. It’s a good way to work in the breaks; you get so much done then you take ten minutes. 

I suggest taking a designated lunch break and finish at a specific time. This is one I usually don’t have the luxury of, because my work day gets busiest around midday but when I can I do because it just helps keep the feeling of work not bleeding into every other hour of the day. Along the same vein, if you work on a computer I suggest the place you sit to work not being the place you sit to do fun stuff online. Even if you’re just using the same computer, make your work desk only for work and chill out in bed or in the living room when you aren’t working. It just gives you a general feeling when you sit down at your desk of that being Work Time, not play time. 

Hopefully something in there helped. :) 

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How can you know you're aro/ace? I've always wondered. I'm a 21yo virgin who's never been in a relationship and only kissed a guy once and idk if I'm just picky or if romance hasn't been a priority in my life so far or if I'm maybe aromantic or asexual. Tbh I think I still don't entirely understand what being aro/ace means. And I hope this doesn't come across as ignorant or offensive I'm just genuinely really confused...

No worries, I totally understand the confusion! I was 20 when I first realized that at least one of these labels fit me. Basically, it had never occurred to me that sexual attraction was A Thing. It was kind of shocking to learn that there was this whole aspect of human interaction that I’d never experienced. It took a lot of reading to figure exactly what sexual attraction even was and realize that I didn’t experience it, but eventually I realized it was the truth. I’m in a similar position experience-wise, but the thing is, experience doesn’t determine your orientation. I’ve heard of many married people who realize that they’re asexual! 

If you’re questioning, I’d just read about what sexual attraction feels like to allosexual people and figure out if you’ve ever experienced it. If not, or if rarely, you could be on the ace spectrum! (All of this applies for aromantics, too.) Good luck, and if you have any other questions, feel free to come and ask!

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What would happen to her if it rains? Or if she say, falls in a river?

Rain generally just makes her happier. She COULD use it to make herself bigger or more powerful, but she won’t if she doesn’t have to. 

as for falling in a river, she might have a hard time pulling herself together if she’s not careful. She might need you to help her find her top and shorts later though when she finally gets out. (there’s no way she’ll go back to being human without them at least.)

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Underwear AU! What are we even thinking!? I love it! So, which is it? Is Jyn a student who's working as model to make meets end or just a gal who models? Is Cassian modeling for as long as he can remember or is he new at this?

Anon 2: Cassian would totally check Jyn out in her underwear. She’d do the same too.

Let’s make them both professionals–but Cassian is a bit older. They’re both booked to be in an ad together, posing with one another, but Cassian has a set way of doing things while Jyn likes to improvise a little more, which leads to a bit of contention, but the chemistry is undeniable, and when the ad agency demands a certain presentation, they go rogue and work with the photography team to come up with something better. 

And Jyn, I think, would be the one checking out Cassian unapologetically, leveling him with her hard gaze. Cassian would do it too of course, but more inadvertently, which would make him unable to hide his heart eyes when he sees the spark in her eyes (which is what makes her a rising star in the industry–a beautiful face and body will sell almost anything, but the fire is what makes you a star).

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thank u for speaking out abt the h slur i hate it so much and its derivatives and memes abt it like fkn no h*m* or w/e

Yeah it makes me really uncomfortable & I think ppl just don’t realise, I feel like if ppl knew how it feels to a lot of gay ppl they probably wouldn’t use it but we gotta let em know that

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What do you think is what to this day attracts them to each other?

Comfort, compatibility, chemistry, shared experiences. 

A bone deep confidence both of them feel that this is their person, that this is the person who will always listen to what they have to say, who will challenge them, who will help them push their boundaries and hold them accountable, but also understand when they’re at their breaking point. 

The fact that they recharge each other. That their definition of being alone is being together, alone. The world is exhausting, their world especially with all of it’s mixed praise and critique, expectation, obligation. But their retreat is sitting on a sofa binge watching a television show and eating pizza. 

That they have the same ideology, essentially, but enough differences to still make for heated discussion. That they are the same, but also not

That they can reach each other so well; that they know each other so thoroughly, and yet somehow still seem fascinated when the other talks. Their endless capacity for wanting to hear what the other says. 

That they share each other’s interests even when the interests aren’t mutual. That Dan will let Phil goad him into the silliest of challenges, will sit through every movie that was formative to Phil as a child and be fully invested. That Phil will sit in the room while Dan watches racing, or go to an exhibit with him despite not caring the least bit about those things. 

That it’s been going on eight years and even visible to an audience of outside observers, they flirt. Cute and coy, little pokes and prods, grins meant only for each other, a finger twisting through a curl of hair, a shriek of delight at something the other suggests. The side of them that is kisses and touches and mornings in bed and nights under the covers isn’t a side we’re supposed to see, but enough of the suggestion is there. 

That they support each other. They voluntarily built this career together, and it’s almost a shame that we don’t see more of their individual pursuits because Dan and Phil being each other’s number one fan is a vital part of that confidence building between them. Phil gushing about Dan’s documentary, bringing Dan on stage for the BONCAS. But we see it most often lately on a smaller scale - minor victories celebrate in a way that is proud and pleased and radiating something intangible but beautiful.

That their goals in life have shifted seamlessly together. Once upon a time, Dan talked so excitedly about Phil getting his own place and Dan being able to dump all of his stuff there. That was the first stepping stone down a cobbled pathway that’s led to this: their goals set high, a forever house and a dog and whatever other plans they have that haven’t leaked through the cracks in the wall they place between us and them. 

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LOL! TC brought that on with the whole "celebrity crush" thing. There was also when CP talked about Barry trying to make the relationship between him and Iris work. TC in the back goes "You better. You better" even though I was already aware that he's a WA shipper.

Lol. I think I missed that one too, Anon. 😅 TC is hilarious though, so I’m not surprised.

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Bless you for this underwear model AU because Cassian/Diego Luna with no shirt is an amazing thing to see. Maybe you have better eyes than I do, is that a pack of cigarettes in his underwear? I seriously just sat at my computer staring at his crotch for like 5 minutes and thinking "I didn't know you could use that as a pocket." I think he stuffed the lighter in his waistband? ::puts face in hands:: omg

Looks like your eyes are as good as mine because that’s what i see, too!

Also, I think I woke up with some more ideas for the underwear AU, but I need coffee, first!

(gif by @runakvaed)

This was so sweet my teeth hurt~ Thanks for this! X3

-Admin Bloo~


  • After a long gaming session on LOLOL, both of you were shocked to see how late it had become.
  • “It’s really late.” “Yeah, it is.” “…” “Do you want to stay over…?” “Uh, yeah…sure”
  • Eventually, it is decided that you guys will have a sleepover in the living room!
  • There was about two feet distance when you both first settled in.
  • That shrunk to a few centimeters in the morning.
  • Apparently, you both hadn’t anticipated how cold it would be. So you unconsciously snuggled into each other overnight.
  • Morning comes in, and you are just unwilling to let go of the warmth, burying yourself deeper in.
  • Your hair tickles Yoosung’s nose, and it wakes him up.
  • He sleepily pats your head, trying to identify what it is.
  • And you look up to see what’s happening, and find his bright purple eyes staring back at you.
  • You can feel his breath fanning your cheeks; there is barely any distance between you two.
  • Then you both jump out and try to pretend that didn’t happen.
  • Both of you were a blushing, stammering mess everywhere for the rest of the morning.


  • He was so excited to have you sleep over for the night.
  • He insisted that you sleep next to him on his bed, it is more comfortable than either of them on the couch.
  • He knew that he couldn’t take it too far; you had only just met face-to-face.
  • When morning came, you noticed that he had an arm wrapped tightly around your waist.
  • You turned around to find him awake; smiling at you.
  • “Good morning, MC” He whispers as he pulls you closer to press a light kiss on the forehead.
  • While you were in the shower, Zen was congratulating himself while preparing a light breakfast.
  • He was feeling very smug.
  • Take that, trustfund kid. I am a real gentleman.
  • Only to drop whatever he was holding the minute he sees you in his spare clothes since you had nothing to change into.


  • You two were planning to binge-watch the entirety of any musical Zen has ever been in.
  • You were slightly skeptical of making it through ALL of them, but Jaehee was STOKED.
  • You both settled comfortably into the couch with some food within easy reach.
  • Of course, an ENTIRE NIGHT of binge watching is impossible.
  • So you both fell asleep at around 3 am, in the middle of Jalapenos no less.
  • Jaehee was the first to wake up at the crack of dawn with a horrible pain in her neck.
  • Rubbing it, she realized that you had curled up into her side, and she fell asleep while resting her head on yours
  • The drool on your face caused her to chuckle a bit, and she grabbed a tissue to wipe it off.
  • After preparing two mugs of coffee, she gently shakes you awake.
  • You could definitely get used to waking up to that smell every morning


  • You had come to his penthouse while he was at work to set up for your first month together.
  • When he had come home to you greeting him at the doorstep with Elizabeth 3rd in your hands, he felt so tender and content and so at home.
  • You both had a fine dinner date overlooking the view from the penthouse, and chatted the night away.
  • Jumin invited you to stay over, since the guest bedroom was always prepared for you.
  • But, maybe you both had a bit too much wine that night.
  • You couldn’t let go of each other.
  • When both of you had changed into something comfortable, you settled yourself under his covers while he slept on top.
  • Eventually, you got him to come under the covers as well.
  • When you woke up in the morning, you reached out to find the bed empty.
  • You couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he was not the first thing you saw in the morning.
  • You then trod to the kitchen to find him with his shirtsleeves rolled up and wearing a pink frilly apron, flipping pancakes.
  • “Good Morning, MC. I hope you slept well.” He smiled and brought a pile of pancakes to the table.


  • “Prepare yourselves for the ultimate sleepover held by your very own defender of justice, 707!”
  • Saeran just gave you a look and said “I’m going to my own room.” And pat your shoulder pitifully. savageSaeran
  • You both just lay on his bed and talked about anything and everything in the dark, under his collection of glow in the dark galaxies mapped across the bedroom ceiling.
  • Eventually, you drift off to sleep, and he drapes a comforter on top of both of you and is knocked out as well.
  • You’re the first one to rise in the morning, and are immediately greeted by the sight of a drooling and snoring tomato-head.
  • He has efficiently tangled you tightly though, so you have no way of immediate escape.
  • Instead, you just look at his sleeping face, commiting the image in front of you to memory.
  • You’re still not used to seeing him without his glasses on, so you lightly trace a vague outline of them on his face.
  • When you reach the bridge of his nose, his face scrunches up a bit.
  • The sight is too much; you start giggling softly.
  • This wakes him up, and he feel like he is flying.
  • Seeing your beautiful smile first thing in the morning is literally heaven.
  • He pulls you in tighter, jokingly threatening to never let you go. You play along, lightly shrieking as he tickles you a bit.
  • You are both interrupted by a loud knocking on the door.
  • Feed the hungry Edgelord™

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Do you have any info on the whether "homosexual" (and loan words very similar to it) is considered a slur in any non American or non English speaking communities? Because it definitely gets co-opted by straights in America to pathologize gayness, but I've heard people of other linguistic backgrounds push back hard on the idea that it's a slur, because it's one of the better terms they have for themselves.

It’s definitely not a slur in some other languages. I’m not a linguist tho & I couldn’t tell you much about which languages or what the connotations are there.

Just – in English, it hasn’t been co-opted, it’s always been a pathologizing word, that’s its literal origin and the reason there’s overwhelming use of “gay” instead. “Gay” is the self-identifier, the response to being primarily identified in this pathologizing way.

As an aside, I feel a need to point out that you are sending a message to a gay woman using a word you explicitly know is a slur. A slur that targets me. And you are not even censoring it.

And you probably just forgot and I’m not even annoyed with you specifically - but I am getting tired of the larger pattern of this happening every time I post/reblog something about how certain language is offensive - people pour into my inbox to ask questions about it, using uncensored slurs needlessly, and I’d really like people to think about how they interact with slurs and how using them affects the people they’re talking to.

Which is why I reblogged those posts in the first place.