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What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you preach acceptance but then generalize the entire straight male community to fat, rude, hairy, porn watching, homophobic, entitled pigs? I don't know many men like that, but just as equally, I know some pretty shitty women. You are a disappointment and a hypocrite.

Mmm yes. Your ultra aggressive and completely unnecessary anonymous message has changed my mind. Thank you for helping me see the light! 🙌🏻

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Hello! I have a quick question: In HOF, when Rowan and Aelin have their "silent conversations", are they speaking mentally or do they just know how to read each other?

It’s not really made clear. It’s implied that it’s not literal telepathic communication, but their conversations get rather detailed. So I’m not really sure how to explain that one.

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I'm too shy to say anything on the forum or even off anon but like thank you so much for you live show time stamps/time stamps in general!!! It's extremely helpful and very fun to read as I don't always have the time to go back and rewatch a live show to see if I missed something!! ❤️

You’re so welcome, anon!! Rewatching the shows and writing my thoughts out always helps me process things, but it’s fantastic to know people like reading them and also find them helpful.

(If anyone’s curious what anon is talking about, I dropped about 3500 words worth of my thoughts on Dan’s liveshow onto IBD yesterday.)

Guys look!!!!! I just got my 70th follower!!! I’m super happy!!!!!!! Thank all you lovely people for following my trash blog 😊😊 In celebration of this milestone I’m gonna answer questions about myself AND have Sam and Dean answer questions! I’m just gonna borrow them for a little while. I’m gonna have them answering questions today and tomorrow (1/19/17-1/20/17). SEND ALL THE QUESTIONS!!😁😁

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 Some people I would like to shout out for just being amazing people: @babyimpala1967  @crowley-trash  @letsgetoutalive @supernatural-jackles  @sis-tafics  @l8nitl0vr  @nerdflash @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @kittenofdoomage @waywardlullabies

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Hi. So I'm supposed to do an essay on my favourite book, and I'd like to do it on ACOMAF. HOWEVER, I don't know how to give a brief summary of the book since I can't just skim over what happened with Rhys/Feyre/Tamlin UtM, but I also can't skip the part entirely because it's a huge part of the reason WHY ACOMAF is one of my favourite books ever. Should I choose another book, or should I stick it out with ACOMAF? If I DO stick it out, how should I go about giving the summary? :/ HELP HELP

*puts on teacher hat*

Oh, I definitely understand the struggle, anon. Thankfully I have a few pointers, having taught (and experienced) how to do this in a few different settings. The trick with most academic papers is to write as though your audience is already familiar with the book you’re covering (unless of course you’re instructed not to do this). If you approach it this way, you only have to give the barest details about the preceding book, such as: “Feyre must fulfill her bargain with Rhysand, a High Lord whom she initially considered her enemy when they were captive to the wicked queen Amarantha in the first book of the series, A Court of Thorns and Roses.” Depending on what you’re talking about in the essay, this is the only information you’ll really need to establish their existing relationship catch your readers up. 

Also, when summarizing ACOMAF (since it is HUGE), give yourself a single topic sentence for all the major scenes. One for the beginning in Spring Court/the wedding. One for Feyre’s initial trips to the Night Court and her PTSD. One for the Inner Circle. One for the Summer Court. It’s up to you whether smaller scenes like the Bone Carver, the Weaver, and the Illyrian camps are necessary for your summary. If they don’t contribute to the point you’re making, it doesn’t hurt to leave them out. Stick to the critical stuff that supports your point, which is why you love ACOMAF. While all the extra stuff is exciting, it will overwhelm you and weigh down your paper in the end. 

Hope you find this helpful! Hit me up if you need anything else!

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Why should I watch yuri on ice?

1. Amazing plot
2. Well written characters with backstory for most of them
3. Well paced
4. Beautiful soundtrack
5. Ice skating
6. Oh and it has a gay relationship without sexualization, stereotypes, and forced romance for views

Honestly, I’m not huge on watching anime, but this show is one worth checking out. It’s cute and funny and really hooks you to the story and characters.

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talk about one of your other OCs?

So this is Temporan, he’s a solid gold cyborg snake that can manipulate time, his appearance now has changed as his clock hand antennae are now on his snout, serving as a mustache of sorts. He’s Russian and speaks it mostly but is pretty fluent in English. 

He serves my OC Alexander, as an elite guard of the grand hoard, Alexander’s infinite hoard. He’s about 250ft long.

Temporan’s name is a combination of “Temporal” and “Time runner”.

Aside from being a huge snake he has mechanical hands in his hat that he uses to get around better, and a cuckoo bird that’s more so an alarm system. He also keeps two huge flint lock pistols in his hat because overkill is a concept I enjoy.

As far as his time powers go, they are pretty much on par with this guy’s abilities: 

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‘Time’ from ‘Alice through the looking glass’

How he manipulates it for Alexander’s needs, is a mystery.

I would also say he’s just as cold and impatient when it comes to his ‘time’ being wasted. He also really detests time puns.

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but will there be a part 2 to the shifter AU? The ending said updates but i just wanted to make sure since the title has no part 1 in it! Also jungkook is so cute omg! I loved the fic. i want to see more of their relationship blossoming, i want to know why jk was so drained that day to miss their library 'date', i want to KNOW MORE!! ITS SUCH A CUTE FIC! Thank you for writing it <3

Ah, I’m glad you liked the fic and had fun reading it!!! :) When I mentioned updates in the author’s note at the end, I was referring to my other stories and series, not for tell me your secret (I’m all ears). Sorry about the confusion! :) 

there will not be another part to this fic unless I get struck by a motherload of urges to write it. It was just meant to be a cute oneshot :3 I’ve realized I need to stop agreeing to write sequels for everything, bc I end up getting bogged down and it makes it not fun to work on things :/ It might be easier for me to write little drabbles of their relationship tho. We’ll see :)

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Do you think korra and Asami had sex in the spirit world?

I personally don’t, because though they’ve loved each other for years, and those feelings could surely feel overwhelmingly good, I also believe they’re people of great patience, and well, respect. The spirit world is a sacred place after all, and they mainly were out in the open I bet, so no I don’t think they did… do I think they had some epic make out sessions though in the spirit world? Hell yeah

How to stay calm during an anon ask:

1. Always assume that you deal with a different anon than before.

2. Always assume that they have formed an opinion on a certain topic because they haven’t seen another dimension of their aspect or considered another possibility.

3. Always try to see their side of things (because you would want the same).

4. “Nothing aggravates a trolling person as passive resistance.“ - freely adapted from Herman Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener

Also: a lot of training (which I had with my parents) and being in the fortunate (?) position that I did not have to deal with so many (unreasonable) anon asks before in contrast to some other fandom fighters ;)

However, don’t tempt the beast. I might be very calm, understanding and patient but the moment I am at the end of my tether, I can be very….passionate with my answers.

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I love your line sketches of the BBcsherlock characters and would love to learn how to draw this way. This style where you can see individual lines instead of other shading absolutely facinates me. Do you have any tips on how to start?

Hey thanks! I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about this sort of style, it’s basically just the same as crosshatching with a traditional pencil, except here with digital art I just used the pen tool in SAI so the lines don’t blend and they stand out more.

Essentially what you’re trying to do is express a plane with a series of lines, like this:

To express tone and shading, you can vary the density:



Or overlap lines (crosshatch):

This doesn’t mean that crosshatching always makes things darker, sometimes you can crosshatch lightly, it’ll just make the shading look finer:

So with a combination of line density, thickness, darkness, and overlap, you can create all sorts of different tones and textures depending on what you need for different parts of the picture:

To express turning faces, you can vary the direction or angle of your lines:

The rest is just a matter of deciding how you use those techniques to express the picture you want to draw, and that’s a matter of your own judgement and experience; it would be impossible to list every rule because there aren’t any rules. The stuff about thickness and crosshatching and density etc. I basically made up just now by looking back on my drawings and analysing the lines; I never actually consciously thought about those things when I drew them, so don’t treat them like commandments or something, play around with different lines and combinations to get a feel for yourself what works in what situations.

To illustrate that I’ll draw a picture of Sherlock and try to break down what I’m doing at each step:

Sorry my notes are a bit messy (I hope you can read my writing) but if anything I guess it reflects how messy my thought process is, I’m always adding things and changing things as I go along.

Always remember, you’re trying to use lines to represent planes, so even though you’re drawing in lines, you need to be looking at the reference and thinking in terms of planes, not lines. Also, make sure you keep your lines parallel so they don’t run into each other because that’ll make it look messy.

I think the best way to learn is always to try things yourself, so don’t just look at this tutorial, go play around with the lines yourself, whether you use my steps as a starting point or draw from a photo of your own, hopefully you’ll get a feel for how to use lines then. Also remember that you can go as detailed or as loose with your lines as you want, so long as you have the important shapes and facial features expressed.

Hope this was helpful! :)

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"Felicity" was a freaking ad-lib. How dead are you Matty?

Combined with the fact that the 1x03 script was basically flipped on its head by Stephen and Emily, improvised to give us that perfect first meeting we adore so much… and then this

Suffice it to say I’m very, very dead. (So dead that I’m urging you to join me in my graveyard.)

Because it just reinforces what we’ve always known :

No one ships Olicity like Amell ships Olicity 

And the two of them have improvised on the script to give us some of our most squeal-worthy Olicity moments.

Stephen and Emily - Destroying the Olicity Fandom, One Ad-Lib at a Time : A Saga

Keep reading


I’ve been receiving a few asks from people wanting to know how I do the doodles that I do so I thought I’d do a small tutorial… I hope it helps. 

Pic 1. general outline of the subject’s profile; main anatomy is sketched out. 

Pic 2. correcting anatomy & adding details. 

Pic 3. more details 

Pic 4. Ink

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Thank you for dragging that ridiculous confession. I've been seeing a lot of this anti-Yuna sentiment and it really makes no sense. It's one thing to not like her skating, but to make up straight up lies is truly terrible. I hate to be that person, but I can't take a lot of these new skating fans seriously lmao


I was very surprised that someone (whether a new or old fan, idk and it really doesn’t matter) made the claim that Yuna did nothing to advance the sport. She and Mao started a whole new era of international figure skating by upping both the artistic and technical levels during their years of competing with and against one another. 

Yuna regularly contributed (and still is) to Korean figure skating even as she was competing–with special emphasis on the juniors and rising seniors. It’s very, very strange that someone would just blatantly bulldoze right on over that like she hasn’t made contributions since her junior days. 

I want to know how the confessor assessed how “Yuna never seemed to care that much for her coach, the rest of the figure skating community or the advancement of the sport” and also how “she was just THAT good” justifies his/her weak argument. It continually annoys me when someone paints a negative portrait of someone who isn’t as extroverted or values their privacy. It’s just distasteful, closed-minded, and sometimes, even a little bit selfish.