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Wow at Seb's Weibo selfie!! I never thought Seb would post something so revealing and personal. It just reminded me of Bucky's naughty selfies on Bucky's IG, hehe! ;) It's great that he's getting ready for Infinity War, but I do hope he grows out his hair. :)

Hi anon ^^

I’m not gonna lie, it’s your ask that made me browse the “Sebastian Stan” tag immediately and oh LoOOooOoOrd, I wasn’t disappointed. xD You were right, that’s a pretty revealing selfie compared to what he posts usually on Weibo or Instagram. I’m not gonna complain, though. ^^

It’s great that he’s getting ready for Infinity War, but I do hope he grows out his hair. :)

Me too, I really like him with his long hair…or maybe he is already ready for Infinity War and has short hair in this movie? I can’t wait! We saw some “in location” pics from the set of Infinity War and Black Panther (blurred paparazzi pics) but I don’t remember Sebastian was there.

It just reminded me of Bucky’s naughty selfies on Bucky’s IG, hehe! ;) 

IKR?! Life imitates art! I should do a Winter Soldier version today! :) But I agree, when I saw the pic I couldn’t help thinking of The Life of BB. I created a monster. OMG, 252 pics + the Instagram stories posted so far /o\

Thank you so much for your message anon, have a great day ♥

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“She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.” 🌗

Tagged by @simplyperception and some anons to post my face so here we go.

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i tag @jesusslutty-moustache, @saul-buttson, @anankinskywalker, @mattmurdick, @beautigrohl, @stmkos, @slawischermarsch (binch im in lov with that url), @gaymz-homofield, @starvewars, and @princess-consuela-bananahamock! only do if u wanna o/c! ♥

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Hi! I love your blog soooo much! Is it bad I check it atLEAST twice a day? Oops. Anyway, I feel like I don't know much about you personally. What other fandoms are you in? Do you have any other tumblrs? And do you/have you ever cosplayed? Have a nice day (:

awwww u sweet thing! U made me see bubbly hearts and stars so I danced in them <333

Hi! I love your blog soooo much! Is it bad I check it at LEAST twice a day? Oops. 

Awww that’s very sweet! I try to make it the blog I wanted to find when I first got into fandom and yeah, I would be checking such a blog at least twice a day, I’m sure ^______^

I’m posting less often bc I’m even more picky about what I post/reblog than when I started this thing. If I posted every meme I had an idea for, there would be a lot of crappy ones, y’know? I only make the ones that give me a physical reaction in concept. 

Same with rebageling. Only the posts that really hit that sweet spot of my particular sense of humor/taste. And if I posted every VC thing (fanart, fanfic, cosplay, article, aesthetic post, meta analysis, etc.) that comes across my dash, I’d be avalanching you guys with VC stuff and that’s not good either. I try to keep to my 10 post/day limit to keep this stuff curated, and keep it manageable for me, too bc there are only so many hours in the day and I can’t watch the dash 24/7. There will always be at least 1 thing posted from my queue tho ;) If that ever runs out, then you know there’s no one at the wheel here anymore ;A;

Anyway, I feel like I don’t know much about you personally. 

There’s a reason for that. I always felt like this blog should only be about, and for, VC! And I, myself, am not a VC thing :P Even though I do make fanworks, and encouraging fanworks is another aim of this blog. And it’s for promoting positivity in the VC fandom, bc positivity leads to fresh fanworks leads to fresh positivity… <333

BUT, there’s some stuff about me in my #being social tag, and I have my own selfies mixed into the #selfie tag, too. I keep my fandom life and Real Life as separate as I can. I don’t want to use this blog as a place to vent or brag about myself, not very much, admittedly, I do do that occasionally. OCCASIONALLY. Would you want that? I didn’t think you wanted that! DO YOU?!

^Here’s my faaaaace why does my wrist look huge?, selfie taken in Oct. 2014 for the PL booksigning, I’m kinda camera shy y’know? I look better in motion, not flattened out and frozen in a picture… it makes my fingers itch to photoshop it, but this one has no photoshoppin’, just decent lighting. My hair is actually wavy/curly and much shorter now bc getting it that straight ‘n tamed was always a chore. Even so, I kinda miss the long hair, which I’d kept long for YEARS. It got tangled every day. Every day was a choice between brushing out the tangles painfully or allowing them to get more tangled, putting off a worse brushing later. Maybe I’ll take a few selfies for you, anon. 

^normal sized wrists here see? I also kinda want to bleach/dye my hair blonde or silvery white like I had in this wig when I was Andy Warhol for one Halloween, but it wouldn’t be this silky bc MY HAIR IS CURSEDLY WAVY/CURLY. 

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