anon amarth

Get to know me

I was tagged by my friend @photographerh, aldo known as @occasionally-wooper.
Rules: tag 10 of your followers you wanna know better
Nicknames: Emoki, Floof, and Darcey by @photographerh
Height: 1,63 meters / 5'3"
Time right now: 09.42 am
Last thing I googled: zoroark on image search
Fave music artist: my chemical romance… I’m an 18 year old emo.
Song stuck in my head: heyeayeayea…
Last movie I watched: Up ; n ;
Last TV show I watched: one piece
What I’m wearing now: tight black jeans, a pikachu sweater with an anon amarth hoodie on top of it, socks, and black winter converse.
When I created this blog: I started it at my older cousin’s birthday, and finished the preparations the day after. It was around 18th February I think.
The kind of stuff I post: drawings of my team skull grunt oc, and some other Pokémon, and I answer asks. And at my other blog I post random drawings and reblog stuff.
Do I have other blogs: Yes: @emokibean is my main one.
Do I get asks regularly: yeah, a few.
Why did I choose my URL: I post team skull grunts every day. My other one is because my nickname that I want to be called, and bean because I like beans and I have an OC named Bean. BEANS
Gender: If it really matters, female, but you can call me whatever pronouns you want.
Hogwarts House: I think my friend put me as a ravenclaw or hufflepuff. I like the movies and books, but hogwarts house doesn’t matter too much to me.
Pokemon team: In my copy of Pokémon moon I had a Decidueye, Alolan Ninetales, Salazzle, Kommo-o, Golizopod, and a Togedemaru. I’m switching around a lot, and I have a shiny Crobat, and I had a Ribombee for a while, and I’m thinking about switching out Kommo-o.
Fave colors: black, purple, and also pastel palettes.
Average hours of sleep: 5 to 7, but I also have moments where I only sleep for 3 hours.
Lucky number: I don’t really have any, but I guess if I had one it would be 9.
Favorite characters: the entirety of team skull, Lily, and Cosmog from Pokémon sun and moon, and from other games I guess black doom’s tentacle eye from Shadow the Edgehog.
Dream job: I don’t really know, I like working with plants and stuff, so I might try and do something like that.
Number of blankets I sleep with: one. I’m like a sentient furnace anyways.
Following: I think it was over 100 people at least, I’m not sure.
Tag you’re it: @ask-nido-royalty, @houndoom-daily, @bladethezoroark and the rest I don’t really know, so do it if you want to.