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Why do you say Rhaegar and Lyanna's relationship is abusive? We know next to nothing about them.

With what we do know, there’s no way their relationship could be anything but abusive. Rhaegar was a 24 year old married man with two children and a crown prince of the kingdoms, and Lyanna was 15 year old girl who just wanted to escape her impending marriage. That’s one hell of a power imbalance. Rhaegar may not have hurt her physically (that we know of), but that doesn’t mean he was good to her or for her. Lyanna may have very well gone with Rhaegar willingly, but that does not mean she agreed to be hidden away in a tower and impregnated at 15 to fulfill Rhaegar’s ridiculous prophecy. In all likelihood, Rhaegar didn’t love Lyanna, he was using her as a human incubator for his third head of the dragon. 

Going after Lyanna was the worst mistake Rhaegar ever made, and yet D&D are twisting it into some kind of tragic love story to make Jon Snow’s real daddy more likable. Any way you slice it, Lyanna’s death is on Rhaegar. And not just Lyanna’s: Elia’s, Rhaenys and Aegon’s, Arthur Dayne’s - Rhaegar’s own best friend - and thousands more in a completely pointless war that Rhaegar began. He was the heir to the Iron Throne, and Lyanna was just a girl; he was the adult, and she was the child. What happened to Lyanna was Rhaegar’s fault. And that’s not romantic, it’s not tragic - it’s inexcusable. 

You say we know next to nothing about Rhaegar and Lyanna, but what we do know works directly against them having a healthy relationship. Lyanna is described by more than one person as being “willful” and having “the wolf’s blood.” She wanted to be free; to live as she choosed; to explore, to fight, to be outside. She was impulsive, headstrong, and independent. Lyanna didn’t want to marry Robert Baratheon because she didn’t want to be trapped with a man she knew would be unfaithful to her. So by what logic would she consent to being confined to a tower under guard for over a year by a man who was unfaithful to his own wife? Isn’t that exactly what Lyanna was trying to avoid by escaping her marriage to Robert?

And then there is Elia Martell, a woman that should not and cannot be ignored just so the R+L ship can sail. Abandoning your sick wife and young children for a teenage girl is not romantic, and yet here everyone is, romanticizing it. Did Robert’s Rebellion not teach us anything? That actions have consequences? That when you act selfishly and impulsively at the expense of others, retribution will come? If Rhaegar and Lyanna’s “love” was so pure and beautiful and true, why did Westeros break out into a civil war for her honor? Why did both of them die as a result? What was the point?

Book!Rhaegar believed in something, at least. Even though he was wrong, he still truly believed that what he was doing was for the good of the realm - to save the world - which still doesn’t excuse his behavior. But show!Rhaegar? Prophecy who? He had no reason to steal Lyanna except the fact that he wanted her, fuck everyone else who got in the way, right? But it’s okay, because together they made Jon, right? Wrong. Jon Snow is a very important man, but his existence doesn’t somehow validate Rhaegar’s actions. “Who cares what Rhaegar did! Without him, we wouldn’t have Jon!” But what about Lyanna? What about Elia and her children? What about the realm? Is your favorite broody boy really so important to you that you’re willing to overlook every horrible thing that happened to give him to you? 

I don’t hate Jon, I love him, just as I love Lyanna. She deserved far better, and so did Elia, Rhaenys, Aegon, Arthur, Rickard, Brandon, and everyone else who died because of what Rhaegar Targaryen did. Why do I think R+L is abusive? Because Rhaegar destroyed Lyanna, and you don’t destroy the person that you love. 

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Y'know that part of "Kill Jacksepticeye" from 8:24 - 8:28? There's that deep static build up beneath Schneeplestein glitching and Anti messing with him; I dunno why, but I think that's a really Anti-esque thing/effect (???what am i saying???). like it represent his build-up to total control or smth, idk. :P what r some of ur fave anti effects that Robin's used? (from any videos Anti's been in)

I agree with you at that part is a brilliant showcase of Anti affecting/ influencing Doc’s actions and even his own mind. :D

My favorite Anti effects/ glitches done by Robin in videos?… Ho boy.

First thing first- those black demon eyes are AWESOME:

Every time Anti appeared deliberately close to the webcam was very creepy (none of these are cropped; they’re as you see them in their original videos):  

This face layer/ unique color effect/ “3rd eye” is pretty spoopy: 

The whole “double face thing” where we see both Anti and Jack in the webcam are probably some of my favorites ever.

The single black/ blue eye is so cool! :D 

This image that showed up for a single frame (in the PAX Intro) is just awesome to look at by itself. Love the contrast and nice glowy effects: 

Anti has a pattern of reaching out for us (an unnerving 4th wall break in itself)… 

Which we saw continued in “Kill Jacksepticeye”: 

And finally how cool was it to see both Anti and Jack in the same room together (maybe metaphorically speaking)? 

And… We also saw (again?) in “Kill Jacksepticeye”?? (that’s for a different time):

All in all; the colors, effects, and sheer variety of different edits with Anti is truly something to look at. It helps bring to life (along with Jack’s acting) this fictional character that looks and feels real. Every time Anti comes back it’s better than the last- and it’s awesome to see how far Robin has improved and how good he’s gotten at it.

Robin is an evil genius and beast.

He deserves all the praise for all his hard work and effort with these glitches. :D

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just wanted to give a quick heads up since you're pretty popular, there seems to be a Bethesda sale right now on steam. The doom games and even new vegas are pretty cheap so it's a good chance

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Did u see that pic of lance holding the red bayard whilst in its sword form????

yeah but it’s just from s1 ep2 when lance gets thrown into keith by the gladiator. it lasts for like… 1 frame lol just seems to be an animation error

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Something that really strikes me about 8.20 is how Dean is portrayed in Charlie's dream. Dean wakes up in a hospital. Charlie imagines herself a fighter. But how does she see Dean? A military doctor. A soldier, to be sure, and judging by the medals her dream decorates him with, an accomplished, brave soldier and protector. But above all he's a DOCTOR. Someone who heals, who helps people.

Isn’t that lovely? I love that Charlie knows Dean. And it makes sense, given the way they met and their interactions afterward. In fact, I think most people who meet Dean because he’s trying to save them from monsters would see him in the exact same way. It’s only John, and later the angels, who saw Dean as a soldier and a playing piece on a chess board. Unfortunately, John’s opinion formed Dean’s own opinion of himself, and it’s really a shame, because that’s just not who Dean is. 

When Charlie met Dean, he (and Sam) were trying to save the country from Leviathons, and Charlie was so inspired, she volunteered to put her own life at risk too. And then Dean helped her through the conversation with the guard and later, when she met him again, there he was, trying to save more people from being hurt at the LARPing event.  And when she meets up with him again at the bunker, he’s trying to help Sam recuperate, keep him safe from the trials, and so he brings Charlie along on his hunt. And on that hunt, she sees him figuring out the monster, interacts with him in a sort of student/mentor kind of way. And her subconscious mind obviously knows he’s there to save her so it’s not surprising at all that her mind would dream up a job for Dean that fits him so perfectly. 

Because, basically, all Charlie knows about Dean is that he’s dedicated his life to saving people. And that he takes care of the people he loves (the people in his unit, just like a military doctor), which now includes her. And honestly, I think that’s what most people who really know Dean would say about him. Because that’s who Dean is.  

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Story about dark getting extremly flustered about something?

He’s darkness and manipulation, the stab in the back no one’s expecting. He’s feared, he’s hated, loved and revered. He takes pride in his appearance, from his shiny black hair to his shiny black shoes, the warmth leaves any room he enters.

He’s… currently cradled in Wilford’s arms.

“Put me down, I can walk you bumbling buffon”, Dark grumbles, arms crossed tightly across his chest.

“Not on that leg you can’t”, Wilford retorts, ambling on, taking care not to jostle his cargo.

Dark scoffs, but his frown immediately turns into a wince when Wilford jerks a little to harshly and his injured leg is disturbed. It’s cold and Dark shivers in his suit, the pain in his stupid leg flaring.

“What made you think you could do a flip anyways”, Wilford asks when they finally reach home. Dark doesn’t look at him as he settling him on the couch.

“I thought if Mark could do it, so could I”, Dark admits. He feels like an idiot and he’s glad none of the others are around to see him so soundly humiliated. He’d have to smite them all if they were. Wilford, thankfully, doesn’t say anything.

“… Thank you. For picking me up that is”, he mutters quietly, refusing to look at the taller man. Wilford smiles, because for all that Dark tries to hide his fave, he can still see the blue blush on his cheeks.